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Found 20 results

  1. Although her official gotcha day is in February, we celebrate every occasion we can these days! Sweep joined us on Thanksgiving 2012, when we offered to dog-sit for her foster mom to try out the "dog thing." Needless to say, she never went back to her foster home. Happy Gotcha #9, Sweep! Some photos from this week. Caught her in rainbow sunbeam
  2. Thank you to our very speshul friend who sent this babushka bandana when Sweep didn't get one from the vet for finishing chemo last week.
  3. She made it! Minus one leg, but who's counting. Sweep is 12 today, and we are so grateful to hit this milestone. We kicked off the celebration with eggs for breakfast. Our forecast today is KNOT good, sadly, but the weekend looks beautiful so we'll find some outdoor adventures for her. For now, here are some photos from the past week: Her fairy godmother sent delicious treats! They were well received. We got some sunbathing in... And a pawdicure... Plusalso a R-I-D-E! (Alas, not a car wash.) We love this girl more than we can say and are so relieved cancer hasn't stolen her spirit. Every day with her is a gift, but today we celebrate extra.
  4. Sweep is 11 today! Here are a few recent photos of the birthday girl. In her birthday suit Snoozing on "her" new porch Outtake! (Momo of course thinks it's all about him) Happy birthday, Sweep. We love you!
  5. We finished a screened-in porch addition a couple of months ago, right as the heat and humidity set in. This week Her Highness has finally deemed it cool enough to join us out there. Look at that smile! Bonus pic with Momo the Guard Cat.
  6. Sweep has been hobbling badly since the humid summer weather hit a few weeks ago. This is her usual pattern: happy, frisky dog in the cooler months, when we get by with Previcox every third day, and sluggish dog in the heat who needs daily Previcox and still limps. I'm currently also giving her Gabapentin 100mg 3x daily, Joint Health and Fresh Factors, Zyrtec, and (when I remember) Assisi loop sessions. I was looking between her wonky toes last night and saw what looks like a pressure sore on the toe it rubs against, and some bumps on the toe in question. Are these blisters? I'm thinking the moist air is making the friction worse and causing her more discomfort. All this to say, I'm calling the vet tomorrow and planning to talk seriously about amputating the toe. We've been able to manage it for years, but now that she's 10.5 it's harder to make her comfortable as the arthritis worsens. Any thoughts? We have several more months of hot weather ahead and she can barely walk as it is. Forgive the long nails; they always look worse on this foot because her toes are so twisted! First, this is her weird foot (has always looked this way) with an arrow pointing to the bad toe: Sore on neighboring toe:
  7. Don't you hate it when you accidentally put your head on backwards? Here's hoping one day she'll figure out how bolster beds work...
  8. Case of the Fridays (noun) /kās əv t͟hə ˈfrī-'dāz/: When you've been working late every night and don't have anything left in the tank so you decide to take glamour shots of your dog... ...and a cat for good measure. Happy almost weekend, everyone!
  9. Sweep has been rather snarky for a few weeks now. We thought maybe she was out of sorts after I was in the hospital with flu/pneumonia in mid-January, since her daily routine was so disrupted, but the behavior has continued well beyond what we would expect from that. She's always had sleep startle but what we're seeing now is new: she doesn't seem to like being rubbed on her bed at all. She'll tolerate it for a minute but then snaps (nothing serious, just a stern warning that makes us jump), yet sometimes she'll paw at us to continue petting immediately afterward . I don't think it's pain related because she's happy to be petted while standing, and she loves being brushed all over with the Zoom Groom; there's no reactivity at all. She's still enthusiastic about walks and meals and rides, and still leans on us and seeks affection from us daily. This behavior seems especially directed toward my husband. It's a shame because literally until a couple of months ago their nightly ritual was for him to massage her feet for a half hour or so until she drifted off. And of course it makes us both a bit apprehensive about petting her in general, which I'm sure makes her nervous too. Obviously now we've instituted the "Rocket rule" of only petting her when she's standing, but I'm wondering if there's any hope of getting back to where we were. Any thoughts or advice? She's 8 now, so is she just becoming more curmudgeonly with age? She's on Previcox every other day for her chronic toe issue, and she gets a joint supplement and fish oil daily. Appetite is great as always.
  10. Sweep had an unfortunate rite of passage this weekend: first stitches since we adopted her. She had an attack of the zoomies in the back yard Saturday afternoon and tore the webbing between her middle toes on a back foot, so off to the e-vet we went. She got six stitches and will be on antibiotics for two weeks. She's been very good and doesn't seem to be in pain, but since getting her bandage removed this morning at our regular vet, she's definitely more interested in that foot. The massive plastic cone they sent her home with from the e-vet is a no-go since she can't see at all with it on. We bought her a soft cone but I'm not sure it's big enough to totally prevent access. Any brilliant DIY ideas for overnight and when we're not home, beyond just taping up her muzzle? Thanks!
  11. Sweep has a small pinkish bump on the rim of her lower eyelid. We first noticed it a few days ago, and although it remains quite small we think it has grown slightly. I tried researching here but the Photobucket gremlins are preventing me from seeing anyone's old pics for comparison. Could this be a stye developing? Meibomian gland adenoma? It doesn't seem to bother her (except when we touch it...but who's not weird about someone poking around their eye?!). Would you watch it for a while longer or get her to the vet asap? Thanks in advance.
  12. I went out of town for four days over Labor Day weekend, leaving Sweep with DH, and since then she's shown some reluctance to come down the stairs. DH says she took "a spill or two" on the basement stairs while I was gone. (Meaning she probably rushed, as she does, and stumbled down the last two or three.) Those stairs have carpet treads but are pretty steep. Typically she only goes down them during storms, but DH has his man cave in the basement so with my being gone she was down there with him quite a bit. The other set of stairs in the house leads to our bedroom and has a carpet runner; she only goes up those at bedtime and down in the mornings. This morning she freaked and slipped starting to come down, leaving gouges in the floor. We never had to do stair training with her; she figured them out immediately during our home visit and that's actually one of the reasons we chose her. Any tips for getting her over this setback? Cheese and hot dogs? Physically she seems fine and she has no problem coming up them. She's also fine with the outdoor steps, up or down. Thanks!
  13. Sweep had paint-peeling gas and a pudding-like poop early yesterday evening, and overnight and today she's had pure liquid poops. Her appetite's normal, and when she goes out, she's not urgent about it--she takes her time finding the perfect spot as usual--and she doesn't seem to feel nauseated or painful. She actually ran a couple of laps this morning after she pooped. By some miracle, in 3+ years I haven't dealt with Big D with her (the only time she had it was when she was staying with my sister when we were on vacation), so I'm looking for some advice. She's on Gabapentin 2x a day and Previcox every other day, so I am hesitant to fast her entirely. I do not think this is Previcox related since she's been on and off it for months now with no issues. Just now I gave her oatmeal with a spoonful of manuka honey and plain Greek yogurt (which I know she tolerates well), and a generic Metamucil capsule sprinkled into it. She's due for her Previcox today--should I give it? I always give Pepcid 30-45 min beforehand. We took her for a walk yesterday morning to a horse farm with a dog park (empty) where she did a fair bit of sniffing around, but neither DH nor I saw her ingest anything. I suppose she could have picked something up and licked it off, though. We also opened a new bag of FreshPet treats yesterday morning--we use them as pill pockets--and though they smell and look normal I wonder if they might be off. Those are really my only two guesses; nothing else diet-wise has changed. I'm keeping an eye on her water intake, which so far has been pretty good. How long do you give it before calling the vet?
  14. ...seems to be the culprit. The second toe (not counting dewclaw) on her left foot...in other words, one of the wonky toes I have wondered about all along. For those still following along at home, I thought I'd give a Sweep semi-update. Earlier this month her left front leg limp suddenly got worse; it was terrible when she first got up and no longer completely resolving when she'd been up for a while. She was very tentative with her left foot upon rising, though she would eventually put weight on it. I was totally freaked out, because she's had no off-leash activity or running since late January. Her walks have been nothing more than 10 minute stroll-and-sniffs around the block. We'd done 6 weeks of acupuncture and 4 minor chiro adjustments to her neck, and switched her to a harness in case it was a neck issue. She was always worse in the day or two after acupuncture, and we weren't seeing any significant improvements overall, so we couldn't justify the continued cost. We thought we'd been doing everything we could, so the sudden decline after 8 months was very troubling and pitiful to watch. We tried to make an appointment with the board-certified orthopedic surgeon we'd seen before at the specialty clinic, but he's not seeing patients for a few weeks (had his own surgery, I think). So we saw another vet there, which has turned out to be a blessing. She was able to get a repeated pain response from Sweep upon manipulating that second toe. The range of motion is okay, but any direct pressure elicits a reaction. Over the course of the past week Sweep had another set of full-leg x-rays, which thankfully were clear (confirmed by a radiologist). The original specialist examined Sweep too and both vets agree it's that toe. So we still don't know exactly what the issue is (no evidence of old fractures or anything) or what triggered the decline, but we seem to have finally isolated it where we can do some more targeted therapies. The new vet is doing some further research before recommending next steps, but things she's mentioned include a nerve block to be extra certain it's that toe (though she says it would be very tricky to isolate that toe and none of the surrounding area), a steroid injection into the joint, cold laser therapy, and--absolute last resort because it's weight-bearing--amputation. For now Sweep is walking normally again thanks to Previcox and Gabapentin. So, that's where we are. Baby steps. Anyone have any experience or advice as far as the possible courses of action, or anything I should ask in our next consultation with the vet?
  15. DH noticed this discoloration in Sweep's ear this morning. Seems an odd place for a bruise, but I suppose it's possible. Cause for concern? She hasn't been messing with it.
  16. Sweep started limping again on Halloween (background with video here). I wasn't home and DH went to an appointment for an hour and came home to a severely limping dog, so we're not sure if she did something to bring this on so suddenly. We had her on Meloxicam for three days before she developed diarrhea, so we stopped that on Tuesday and have just tried to restrict her activity in the days since, as I knew she'd need a washout period anyway if we try another NSAID. She has improved over the week, but she's still limping upon rising which resolves within a minute, plus she's been licking/scratching her right elbow a lot. We called the vet this morning and they want to take more x-rays (she got x-rays of her right front leg and lower spine on 8/31; no signs of osteo, arthritis, or LS). We'll be taking her in tomorrow morning; they have to sedate her to get the shots they need, so she'll be there a few hours. It has been a horrible several weeks; I am emotionally and physically fried from the death of my grandparents, being at their house every weekend to help clear it out, and now worrying about this. I hope and pray it is some sort of old racing injury or tendonitis that keeps flaring up because perhaps we have let her resume normal activity too soon after she apparently recovers. She is still being her goofy self otherwise. I could use some good thoughts and insights if anyone has any. P.S. Assuming more clear x-rays ( ), I will remember this time to ask the vet about chiropractic/acupuncture options.
  17. This is a random, purely out-of-curiosity question. All of Sweep's toes on her left foot are significantly twisted to the left. It does not affect her gait at all, but a few people have asked about or commented on it. The only thing listed in the medical records I have is a hernia repair and her spay and dental when she was right off the track. Is it possible she was born with them like this? If so, I wouldn't have thought she'd go on to race. Anyone else have a hound with similar wonky toes and no record of injury? Of course I think she's perfect.
  18. The weather was pretty mild here yesterday so Sweep ran a little harder and a little longer than usual yesterday afternoon, and then I think her evening walk on top of that *really* did her in. She's been limping badly since about 7 p.m. and when there was no noticeable improvement this morning, we took her to the vet. (She was due for her annual checkup anyway and with them being closed on Sundays, I thought better safe than sorry.) The vet checked her legs, toes, pads, spine, and neck and did not feel anything out of the ordinary. Sweep whined a bit when both front feet were being examined, and in fact it was difficult for the vet to assess which front leg has the problem; she seems to be alternating which one she puts pressure on. Anyway, we were sent home with Rimadyl and instructions to take it easy, and to return Monday or Tuesday for xrays if things do not improve. Having never given Sweep any NSAIDs or painkillers before, I am wondering when I should expect to see improvement if it is in fact a pulled muscle or similar. Her spirits are good (still roaching like a champ) and her appetite is fine, but she's pretty pitiful walking-wise. She got her first dose (100 mg) about two hours ago. Thanks!
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