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Found 8 results

  1. Sweep is 11 today! Here are a few recent photos of the birthday girl. In her birthday suit Snoozing on "her" new porch Outtake! (Momo of course thinks it's all about him) Happy birthday, Sweep. We love you!
  2. We finished a screened-in porch addition a couple of months ago, right as the heat and humidity set in. This week Her Highness has finally deemed it cool enough to join us out there. Look at that smile! Bonus pic with Momo the Guard Cat.
  3. Sweep has been hobbling badly since the humid summer weather hit a few weeks ago. This is her usual pattern: happy, frisky dog in the cooler months, when we get by with Previcox every third day, and sluggish dog in the heat who needs daily Previcox and still limps. I'm currently also giving her Gabapentin 100mg 3x daily, Joint Health and Fresh Factors, Zyrtec, and (when I remember) Assisi loop sessions. I was looking between her wonky toes last night and saw what looks like a pressure sore on the toe it rubs against, and some bumps on the toe in question. Are these blisters? I'm thinking
  4. Don't you hate it when you accidentally put your head on backwards? Here's hoping one day she'll figure out how bolster beds work...
  5. Case of the Fridays (noun) /kās əv t͟hə ˈfrī-'dāz/: When you've been working late every night and don't have anything left in the tank so you decide to take glamour shots of your dog... ...and a cat for good measure. Happy almost weekend, everyone!
  6. Sweep has been rather snarky for a few weeks now. We thought maybe she was out of sorts after I was in the hospital with flu/pneumonia in mid-January, since her daily routine was so disrupted, but the behavior has continued well beyond what we would expect from that. She's always had sleep startle but what we're seeing now is new: she doesn't seem to like being rubbed on her bed at all. She'll tolerate it for a minute but then snaps (nothing serious, just a stern warning that makes us jump), yet sometimes she'll paw at us to continue petting immediately afterward . I don't think it's pain rela
  7. Sweep had an unfortunate rite of passage this weekend: first stitches since we adopted her. She had an attack of the zoomies in the back yard Saturday afternoon and tore the webbing between her middle toes on a back foot, so off to the e-vet we went. She got six stitches and will be on antibiotics for two weeks. She's been very good and doesn't seem to be in pain, but since getting her bandage removed this morning at our regular vet, she's definitely more interested in that foot. The massive plastic cone they sent her home with from the e-vet is a no-go since she can't see at all with it on. W
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