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  1. When two of mine were donors they got free blood for life if they needed it for giving. Was a nice benefit that thankfully I never had to use.
  2. Thanks for the responses Picture is not her foot just for example why no bag balm? I had not thought of the smell being an issue. I will have to do a smell test and see what she has issues with before I buy something. Great tip! As we are on the slow bonding path. She was not happy with the dressing changes as our first bonding experience going on for three months. So still working on paw handling nice to know there is a reason she does not like her paw or nails touched.
  3. On the tip of the pad just under where the nail starts to curve down it is really dry. This is not her foot she got up when I tried to pick hers up. Where the purple is under the nail it is dry and pulling up towards the nail like a hang nail for us kinda. And a crack on the other purple line.
  4. Looking for paw pad protection. Poor Journey has had a rough start to retirement. Allergic to spay stitches, hookworms, the cone of shame that did not go away. Sensitive paws toes well I finally got a good look today and they are cracked hard by the nails and one has a dry crack across it. No wonder she gave me a black eye for trying to look at them. I am soaking in Epsom salts which she does not fight so must feel good 😌. I can not find the spray I used before to condition the pads. So what is your favorite or not product and why. Thanks for your advice
  5. I agree with greysmom, With my first greyhound I got 5 of a behavior a day did not matter if she did them on her own or if I asked for them. She was not food motivated at all I did behavior shaping at home and took her to obedience class 6 months later to proof her before her Therapy dog test. So she knew how to do everything. We were on the small dog mat as she did not get the concept of walking in a circle fast to go nowhere. The walk sit walk drill she would do the first then turn into a cow that had never been lead statue no amount of anything could move her until the last one was cal
  6. I am new to the hookworms too, have had greyhounds since 1990. So far have done three rounds of Panacur and went from a 3+ to a 1+ then changed vets (she has greyhounds) and did Advantage Multi twice. Will get a fecal check around the 17th. I picked up my dog end of September. The hookworms no only live in the intestine/colon but do a larva leak into the muscle sometimes then they can become active hatch and reinfect the dog. So it can take a long time to get over them. I was told that once they get to a low level almost gone then the heartworm combo meds can be used with good result
  7. It does happen the dog in the picture had to be taught how to interact with the cat. He wanted pounce on her so I taught him he could only interact with her while he was in a down. He was cat correctable. Lots of supervision and a muzzle. The cat has since lived with 9 dogs. Just make sure they each have an area/time when they can be alone and get used to each other in there own time.
  8. I am a strong believer in prevention I would suggest a muzzle on both for a while til they get used to each other. I had a female that had won races and was competitive. When I added my male 2-3 years younger and race school drop out. We thought he probably came out of the box and jumped into the arms of his trainer kind of drop out and a 2 time bounce. When they would play in the yard he kept getting T boned by her to the point where you could hear the air go out of him. Anytime he was next to or would try to pass her. It took a few days but they worked it out he just learned he was
  9. Have you checked for worms? You could look at the ingredients and find something with more fiber to fill up on.
  10. There is a greyhound out there that would be a good fit. Just make sure they are cat safe and give plenty of time for then to adjust to each other. If it gives you any hope back in 1990 I got a greyhound from a track vet said I wanted small animal safe. Move ahead a year later she was a therapy dog at the hospital and the resident bunny hopped over to the greyhound and cuddle up to her back leg. The director and I were shocked. We did move the bunny just to be safe. She just looked like it was an everyday occurrence. She did chase and kill a wild bunny in the yard it was all about the
  11. Remember your teenage years, we all knew or were the kid who just had to see what we could get away with? You foster is that version of a greyhound and what he wants most is to know exactly where his boundaries are. Howling at night is his protest or fit to get his way. Stay strong! He will learn or train you in his ways. He should have to work for everything that he gets. Since he is a bouncer and has gotten his way by in your words shown aggression and it worked he is going to keep it up to get his way until it no longer proves to work or someone gets hurts. It will get better
  12. She is beautiful, best wishes to many years together. Love the brindles
  13. Just saw this, wondering if it could be nerve pain from the SLO. My SLO hound would have pain even with no nail symptoms would lick leg and an occasional limp. She was on fish oil, niacin and an anti inflammatory when needed. Usually at the first sign of licking her leg by the dew claw.
  14. I have been using Borax in the turn out. Deck and attached 24x16 concrete run. Will save the yard for spring and hope for the best. Thank you for your information I feel more at ease that inside contamination is no as big a worry as I thought.
  15. Work really hard on leave it with Lulu. I have a cat that I added 14 years ago to two gh, One wanted to play with her and she was less than 2 lbs. he had to lay down to interact with her and it took awhile. Since then the cat has lived with nine dogs, leave it is the most important thing in my opinion. Anytime Lulu looks at the cat tell her to leave it and when she does give her some affection and tell her she is good. Keep a muzzle on Lulu and a leash so you can stop her if she is to interested. It takes time and patience. I had one foster that just was to interested and would cor
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