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  1. You could try to desensitize him by getting a recording of the sounds that bother him most. Thunderstorms might be the easiest to find and play it in a very low almost so you can not hear it in the farthest room from where he is. Would be easier with two people. Have him do a few things (mini training session) look at you, sit, lay down etc. a minute or less a few times a day. As long as he does not react you can slowly increase the time/volume to desensitize him. If he is responding to air pressure atmospheric conditions you could try a thunder shirt too.
  2. Have you talked to your vet about this. Last greyhound gave me trouble getting in/out it turned out to be LS (back issues) missed it until she started to knuckle under. She also had SLO which is what vet and I thought it was related to. May want to check feet too. Hope you figure it out. Best to both of you.
  3. Just a thought could he be associating the leash with uncomfortable new things (being licked in the face, fireworks). Work on the leash being a good thing. You could also try letting him drag one around the house (under supervision) or making a short leash or piece of rope less than 12 inches so he gets used to it and sees that not every time he has one on something strange and random happens. Maybe feed him with it on or give special treats start indoors where you can control the environment then after he gets used to it move to the yard then graduate to the outside world. Hope this idea helps.
  4. You are so close just hang in there. I am currently about a year ahead of you. My Journey just turned 3 end of June. Around 2.5 yrs I could see the wheels of her mind thinking before she would do things. I love that stage she looks at something she should not have think twice then get her toy she praised highly every time this happened. Then around 3 so very recently she now gets how to great people on our walk and everyone is not there for her. She would swing her butt and block the whole trail trying to get people to stop. If I put a hand on her side by her tuck she would scream hoping that she could block the traffic. We have been working on it for a while. Then one day recently she just stopped trying to rush/block the trail. So hang on you are close to the young adult greyhound brain.
  5. Did something spook/scare him while he was at the cafe?
  6. It has been a long time ago I found stainless flat backed buckets at https://upco.com/ not sure if they still have them.
  7. Getting creative here could you make a waterproof patch to put on the shirt? Stick a waterproof gauze bandage to the outside of the shirt over the area and then attach a piece of cloth over the patch so the whole shirt is not heavier just the spot you need to keep dry? You could also spray some bitter apple or chew repellent too.
  8. Be sure to get one that is small animal “safe”. I have had several that would of been fine with an inside bunny. That said they all caught and killed outside bunnies. One of them was in a kitchen when the pet bunny hopped up and snuggled her hind leg and did not even give it a second thought. These are the same dogs that will wait for the cat to steal there food and or eat around a cat sitting in there food dish. Would never leave them unattended but with training it can be managed. You will have to teach appropriate play skills, and enforce them. Leave it will be invaluable. As will a highly structured routine with everyone following the rules. Absolutely no chasing allowed indoors. I tend to use muzzles for anytime the new animals are in the same area for at least six months or longer and until the cats do zoomies a few time and the dog leaves them on there own. I rotate who is out so the muzzle is off for most of the day. So it depends on your willingness to put in the work and management skills with them. Just know if the bunny would scream for any reason that might be enough to cause game on and a tragic end for bunny even with a muzzle on.
  9. Thank you both for the great information. Bar K sounds like a great place for a greyhound reunion anyone know if a Kansas City group has one there?
  10. She is really easy going at least so far, could care less if I am there or not as long as she has either a pillow, crate or someone she is fine. Not really a noise maker of any kind. Any tips for finding daycare out of town or do you just trust reviews? As I plan on a driving tour I may not have a hotel in the same area I am sightseeing at…. Did not think of a Rover.com at there house. Lol I am OLD School…..
  11. Thanks I will give that a try….
  12. I have done some cross country traveling with greyhounds to private homes and events. It was always with others and once we arrived were at a private house. My question is I want to take my greyhound on day or overnight car trips as a single traveler. I have hotels to stay at figured out, is there options for boarding for a few hours while I do non dog friendly things or is it just better to travel without my greyhound if doing some non dog friendly things. What have others done, tips for finding boarding on the road or ideas to keep them safe on the road for a few hours. RV would be nice but not practical for me. Would like to see the greyhound museum in Kansas, and stuff in Omaha that would not be dog friendly. But the rest of the trip would be dog friendly.
  13. Update: Today is a day to celebrate it is our first NO PARASITES seen in her fecal check. So happy looks like we found what works. Now just need two more in the next 8 months.
  14. When doing pet therapy at the hospital one of the perks was special liability insurance for the dogs, they also had it from the passing the certification test and being licensed therapy dogs.
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