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  1. I’m sure you’ll get some good insight from more experienced folks, but our hound sleeps well til around 4am. If one of us gets up to the bathroom etc around that magic time he thinks it’s time to get up and is hard to get back to sleep. It appears that the racing kennels usually let the hounds out at 430. The hounds are very schedule oriented. Does she need to go out? Is there a scheduled noise like a garbage truck happening at the time she gets up? You mention neighbors, is it elevator noise? Sometimes it’s like a mystery novel trying to figure things out.
  2. Our boy likes country music so we leave it on while we’re out, a Kong keeps him occupied for the first 15-20 minutes while we leave. Our boy paced and panted, Roo’d and was pitiful while adjusting. We also used an old iPad to monitor while we were out. Setting up a schedule that he will recognize and find comfort/security in is what you should aim for.
  3. So I thought I would update this in case someone else has this issue and wants a success story. So we decided to take him on a ride. I put his muzzle on and he went out the door and down the steps then balked and statued. He got that wild eyed look again so I talked to him gently picked all 85lbs of him up and walked to the truck. I sat him back down opened the door and he jumped right up in the back seat of the truck. The ride was fine after that and he got back in the truck without issues when we came back home. So I guess that’s a win and hopefully he’ll calm down with repetition.
  4. Yes no injuries, and it doesn’t seem to be the jump itself but the vehicle.
  5. So I’ve been searching threads and seeing what folks have done to get their hound to get in the car, but mines a little different. Toffee is 85lbs and 7yrs, he retired and we’ve had him going on 3 years. When we got him from the foster he would get in a vehicle no problem. If he encountered an open car door he would get in it. About a year later he jumped into the back of a black suv cause he thought the lift gate was open and gave himself a pretty hard bump but no injuries. Since that time he is understandably anxious about vehicles. Generally we have to time a car ride to coincide with his routine walk. If he’s at the door and we open it he will reluctantly jump in. Ive tried cheese, a Kong, chicken, I’ve tried putting his favorite treats on the bumper so he could find them but nothing. If he thinks he’s being lead to the car he won’t take anything. Once in the car he’s fine no issues riding. I haven’t tried just picking him up and putting him in the vehicle, luckily we’ve never had an emergency car ride. Picking him up in that situation would require muzzling him as he would definitely snap at me. Otherwise he’s a real gent and a joy to have around. Any suggestions?
  6. When our grey first came to us he would pee on the floor as soon as he heard us return from being out. Whether excitement or a submissive response we weren’t sure. Luckily he got over it pretty quickly. We used a panty liner in a belly band which caught most of it. Realize that’s not much help for a lady grey.
  7. You might consider giving your dog something like compose (a treat that calms nerves it’s available at pet stores and on Amazon) about 30 minutes before you leave and establish a routine for leaving. Our dog knows when country music is turned on and a Kong is brought out we’ll be gone for a bit. Alone training is likely to help a lot. Greys are true creatures of habit and don’t like change. Good luck
  8. Our boy struggled with pudding poo for nearly a year. We give him olewo carrots and beets etc. switched him to farmers dog mixed with low protein kibble and fixed him right up. Also help with his weight and energy as well. Worm check first though.
  9. Our boy wanted to mark when he came to us. Belly bands and attentive house training soon stopped it. You can add a panty liner to the belly band so it will hold more if needed.
  10. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I’m just cautious as Toffey doesn’t adjust as easily as our previous pup (a rescue with a wide gene pool 🤡). We’re considering the vet because he’s familiar with the staff there as they do all his grooming as well. You’ve given some questions to ask when we discuss boarding and a test run of overnight or while we’re at work one day is a great idea.
  11. So we’ve had our 6 yo boy for nearly two years and he’s settled well. During this time we’ve not left him for longer than an average work day, and haven’t left him anywhere but here at home. He has the run of our house mostly and we have never crated him. My question is how do we begin getting him use to being left at a kennel overnight with the long term goal of being able to leave for a few days. We will likely use the vet he goes to regularly as they offer boarding. Any experience and advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. We used belly bands on our boy when we brought him home. He wouldn’t mark with it on. For the first few weeks we used a panty liner in his belly band for accidents. Are you letting him sleep in your room at night? Ours has a bed in the corner of our room where he sleeps. He may be having night accidents due to noise or something like a garbage truck etc that freaks him out. Also he might be cold and waking up. It’s still early days good advice about house training like a new puppy. Good luck
  13. We never crated our boy, like yours he was pretty distressed when we left and wanted to chew when he first came. We gated him into the utility room where his bowls are and there is a full view door to outside and no door into the great room which we gated. Put his bed, a Kong and a toy in with him and he learned to feel safe and that we’d return home. We used a belly band for marking, he occasionally had an accident but soon got into the routine. Mine is very much a creature of habit and soon adjusted and was comforted in the routine. Good luck
  14. Reading some of the responses has helped normalize my understanding of our guy. He’s a 85 lb cat. Comes over two or three times an evening for a scratch and a lean then sleeps, has a few minutes of zooms then sleeps, eats then sleeps...I think I detect a pattern.🤭
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