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  1. Sheba has the same thing from time to time. I consider it some sort of mucus and just wipe it off. Others might have different advice or concerns.
  2. I agree with all posters' advice. My Sheba bit my then 3-year-old niece when I had Sheba for about 9 months. It was my fault for not paying enough attention, not Sheba's fault, not my niece's fault, my fault. Sheba has sleep startle, is a resource guarder, does not like to be cuddled at any time, especially when on her beds, and in general is a snarky lady. Everyone in my immediate friend/family chain knows this and follows my rules. You have asked for advice. Advice and suggestions have been given. If you and your family choose not to follow this advice, I suggest you rehome Alfie to ano
  3. Nothing doing for me this year. Will be putting up Christmas decorations and sorting gifts to begin the process of wrapping and mailing (early).
  4. Sheba once ate a half tub of butter at one of my lunch parties and had all the ladies hysterically laughing at how quick she was. They still laugh about it. No ill effects.
  5. My Sheba growls and snarls at me somewhat frequently, but typically only when her sleep is interrupted. She doesn't sleep with me (thank goodness!), but when on her bed on the floor at the foot of my bed, she will growl and snarl when I unintentionally interrupt her sleep--coming back to bed from the bathroom in the middle of the night is typically when it happens. I just tell her to be quiet and all goes back to normal. She does have sleep startle so everyone knows to leave her alone when she's on one of her various beds.
  6. My dogsitter friend with two greyhounds has a Kia Soul, and her two travel quite well in her car. The back seats fold down for plenty of room. It's also less expensive than SUVs. I have a Nissan Cube (no longer available), and my one hound rides quite well in the far back, leaving the back seat available for people or other items. The Cube back seats also fold down but I don't need to do that for one hound.
  7. In the first year of my having Sheba, she bit my then 3-year-old great-neice near her eyebrow. Apparently the wee one either got too close to Sheba or tried to take a toy or treat away. My fault, wasn't paying attention. All ended well but it was really scary at the time. I think the kids need to be older.
  8. I finished entering all the required info about Sheba recently but didn't choose to do any related substudies.
  9. We change a week later here. Sheba is on tummy time, too. I'm typically visiting Spain when their time changes. Not this year, sigh...
  10. Maybe a short ear and neck scratch request about once a day from Sheba, but that's it in 11 years.
  11. Gross but since I have a health issue, I often wonder who will poop first, me or Sheba!
  12. The Iams green bag minichunks helped Sheba get firmer poops.
  13. Sheba has had sleep startle for all of the 12 years I've had her. Fortunately she doesn't like to sleep with me on the bed and sleeps on her own bed at the foot of my bed. When I sometimes get up at night to go to the bathroom, she snarls and grouses because I disturbed her. Everyone has learned to leave her alone when she's on her various beds throughout the house, sleeping or not, as she reacts negatively. I suggest you not allow him to sleep in the bed with you. You probably will get bitten at some point. You can train him to sleep on his own bed near you, just not on your bed.
  14. So sorry for your loss. Andy reminds me a lot like my Sheba in looks and spirit.
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