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  1. Your post gave me cause to think about how I lost my first hound at about the same young age in 2009. Her (possible) stroke happened on a Tuesday afternoon and by Friday I let her go. In hindsight perhaps I shlould have given it more time and if I'd seen a post like yours back then, perhaps I might have. The (inexperienced?) emergency vet service didn't give me a diagnosis or prognosis and didn't encourage me to give it more time. I wish I had... I'm so glad things are going so well for you and your hound.
  2. We had thunderstorms AND illegal neighborhood fireworks last night and previously on July 3 (and probably again tonight). I got Trazadone anti-anxiety Rx from my vet several years ago and it helps a bit. Sheba also heads to my small bathroom, so now I move one of her beds in there in preparation for the ordeal. I turned on all three TVs in an attempt to soften the sounds. I will do the same tonight as it seems to help a bit. It's so sad to see my trembling, panting hound in such stress. She's 13-1/2 years old so it worries me even more.
  3. I lost my first greyhound Windy at 4-1/2 under similar circumstances. My heart goes out to you.
  4. Sheba does this too. Just changing positions like we do then back to sleep. The shaking is totally normal. I just go with the flow because that's the way it is.
  5. In hindsight I probably should have done as others have suggested--set up a separate savings account for pet medical issues or be disciplined enough to set aside so much each month. I've had Embrace Pet Insurance since getting Sheba at almost 2 years old in 2009. She's now 13-1/2 and my insurance premium is now through the roof. I keep it because of her age but probably won't get the insurance for my next dog.
  6. Yes, try to see if there are local greyhound owners near you willing to trade off taking care of yours and you theirs. I've been doing that with my greyhound owner friend since 2013. The best part is that she brings her two hounds to my house and stays there, thus taking care of my house as well. I typically travel more than she does (exception being these Covid months/years) so sometimes I give her some money to even the load. The dogs love it and so do I.
  7. She looks a lot like my Sheba who is going on 13-1/2. Congratulations!
  8. You could cook about 2 pounds chicken necks, 1/2 cup brown rice, package of baby carrots, package of frozen cut green beans, and 2 cups water for 24 hours in a slow cooker, then mash it all up with an imersion blender. Ends up looking like pate'. Add some warm water at feeding time to make it sloppy. She might love it. I cook the above but add kibble since Sheba's teeth are still good.
  9. I think I once had pet liability insurance for my Great Dane on my homeowners policy but I don't remember if it only covered when at home. Check with your insurance policy company.
  10. Caramba! Love the Cindo de Mayo header!
  11. They all seem to be so flexible, like made of rubber. I certainly couldn't sleep like that!
  12. My Sheba has sleep startle and has had it since I got her 11 years ago when she was almost 2. She's mellowed out a bit but not totally. I never let her sleep on the bed with me because I learned the hard way that she gets snarky when I even move a little bit. She can be on my bed, just not when I'm in it. Follow the others' guidance and be sure to tell everyone who visits or is around Mac to do the same--give the dog space and never bother him when he is sleeping or dozong. Suggest not letting Mac sleep on the bed with you.
  13. Sheba gets a dental chew every morning after her meal. Her usual behavior is to lick the good-tasting coating off it (saves chewing it for later) and then place the slobbery gooey chew on my leather guest chair and wipe her mouth on the chair arm. I wondered why this chair that hardly ever gets sat upon has such a dirty-looking arm and seat!
  14. Still missing Cletus! If I ever get a rescue dog that looks like him, his/her name will be Cletus or Cleta.
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