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  1. You won't have to do something as drastic but in 2013 when I had almost every area of my house remodeled, I rented a nearby place through VRBO for 3 months. I'm having my en suite bathroom redone starting Feb 10 and plan to close off both doors to my enclosed porch (door from the kitchen and door from my bedroom) for Sheba and I to hang out for the duration, 1-2 weeks max I hope. There's a dog door to the fenced side yard and I'll tell the contractor and workers to not enter the enclosed porch or open the gate to the side yard under any circumstances. Good luck with your remodel and acclimating Charming to the new routine.
  2. Sheba's had a bald spot on the upper part of her tail ever since I adopted her in 2010. She'll be 12 next week. It's just there and it doesn't bother her. I never worried about it.
  3. I just checked Prudent Pet against what Embrace just sent me for renewal, and Prudent Pet quote is more (about $1,500 vs. Embrace's $1,313). Prudent Pet also doesn't cover wellness annual exams, vaccinations, and such, so I guess I'll either stick with Embrace or cancel altogether and go with nothing.
  4. Yes, boo Embrace! I just got my upcoming March renewal annual premium quote. Premium went from $683.65 last year ($5,000 annual max, $500 deductible, 80% reimbursement) to $923.21 this year (35% increase). Wellness add-on of $390 didn't change ($450 max reimbursement for vaccinations, dental, nail trimming, flea/heartworm preventives, and some other things). So total was $1,073.65 last year ($683.65 + $390) and total now is $1,313.21 this year ($923.21 + $390), about 23% overall increase. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do, retain it or drop it. Sheba will be 12 January 23 and in relatively good health but she's almost 12 and the hips are getting weaker....
  5. Sheba will be 12 January 23, thus 70.8. I'm 75. We're both having minor hip problems--ha ha! She's on Tramadol50 mg twice a day, I'm on a 500-mg NSAID Rx. I've often considered taking her med but control myself (even though it's a human med).
  6. And use a short lead vs. one of those 6-foot long leads.
  7. Bit adjustment that needs time to resolve. Perhaps have the other person stay overnight at your place?
  8. Try www.bestvaluepetsupplies.biz Drontal Allwormer 6 pack $72.00, $5 shipping or www.petsuppliesnet.com Drontal Plus Flavor Tabs 6 pack $75.95, $5 shipping I use both sites for Heartguard Plus and Comfortis (one for the Heartguard and the other for Comfortis because no longer can get both from one place. Yes, less expensive.
  9. Sheba still has sleep startle and space issues after 11 years. Everyone of my friends and family knows to leave her alone when she's on her beds. Leave your foster hound alone when she's on her bed. Get her to another foster home if necessary if boundaries can't be controlled.
  10. I've been happy with Embrace, but it does go up every year. Sheba was just under 2 years old when I first started with Embrace Pet Insurance in 2010. The annual premium in 2010 was $405 ($500 deductible, 80% reimbursement accident/illness, $250 wellness reimbursement, $5,000 max per year). I would change my wellness reimbursement between $250 and $450 each year (which added to the cost of the premium) depending on whether she would need a dental, but she's been needing a dental every year for a few of years now. The annual premium went up every year: 2010 $405; 2011 $423; 2012 $708; 2013 $429; 2014 $608; 2015 $556; 2016 $764; 2017 $626; $2018 $896; 2019 $1073. I expect the 2020 premium to be even higher since she will be 12 years old,
  11. I am so very sorry for your sudden loss. Run free Betty.
  12. You also could buy some of that indoor/outdoor carpeting to put on the deck in the area of concern. Can get it at Home Depot, Lowe's, and the like.
  13. Sounds like it's vet time again and perhaps some quality of life decision-making...
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