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  1. Sounds like it's vet time again and perhaps some quality of life decision-making...
  2. Kaja and Potter look like fuzzy greyhounds. Adorable all!
  3. Sheba will be 12 in January. My vet, too, recommended the Dasuquin Advanced, which requires a prescription, and I had her on it for a while but later on decided to just order the Dasuquin with MSM soft chews joint health large dog supplement through Chewy.com instead because it's easier and less expensive. She also gets GlycoFlex joint support and Pet Tabs daily and is on Tramadol for arthritis. So far, she's doing quite well. I see no reason for you to change unless you want to.
  4. As long as the dog park is empty of other dogs, it would be fine to take yours, but as new dogs arrive, best to leave.
  5. I'm sure others will pipe in, but you're asking for trouble going to a dog park. Yours might stay by your side, but other greyhounds might want to run and chase and yours could join in the fun but it all could turn nasty in a heartbeat. A greyhound-only gathering in a private fenced area (all muzzled for safety) would be a great way to meet other hounds and have a play date.
  6. Others more knowledgeable than I will reply, but she probably wants to be near you, not downstairs, so keep working at stair-climbing.
  7. I have Embrace Pet Insurance, $500 deductible and 80% reimbursement over the $500 for accident or illness and prescriptions and there are options available for $250, $400, and $650 (or thereabouts) reimbursement coverage for wellness exams and procedures (vaccinations, dental cleaning and extraction, nail trimming, fecal check). Maximum of $5,000/year. Various options are available. Not inexpensive, though.
  8. If you have an Aldi grocery store in your area, pure pumpkin puree in my Florida city is only 79 cents per 15-1/2 ounce can and much more so at Publix and Winn-Dixie (not sure about Target or Walmart because don't shop there).
  9. Chain link fence? Now that one made me laugh!
  10. Something similar happened to me years ago but with a happier outcome. The bone got stuck way down in my great Dane's throat but the vet successfully operated and removed the bone. Never again did I give my dogs a bone..
  11. Sheba had great teeth when I got her at 22 months. Lucky me. Had really good luck with her teeth year to year and didn't start vet dentals until she was about 7. Now at 11 years old she gets dentals every year but still has all her teeth and doing well. She didn't like the Oravet chews but loves the large Virbac C.E.T. Hextra Premium Chews and gets one every day after breakfast. She also loves the regular Greenies and gets one every day after her dinner. I don't brush her teeth, but I put an additive to her water bowl twice a day. She also gets a bully stick every so often.
  12. I saw that one yesterday, too. Laughed out loud because oh so true.
  13. I used to have the septic tank disposal thing when I had a Great Dane but it didn't work very well. Too much poop. Scratched that and now use a 5-gallon lidded can with a plastic bag liner and keep it outside. I use biodegradable poop bags to pick up the poop real time (I don't let it sit because I, too, have a small yard) and on garbage pickup day put it in my regular trash. Granted the plastic bag liner in the can isn't biodegradable so rather counterproductive on that end. Guess I could just put the biodegradable bags directly into the can with no liner--just thought of that lol. Never heard of a magnetic chip dog door. I don't have cats so no issue there and have never had another animal come inside through mine. My dog door (a Magnadoor brand) is installed on the enclosed porch wall so I don't use one in the slider. In hindsight I should have had the installer raise the door up about 6-10 inches (or even more) so it's easier Sheba to get through it because she has to crouch down and as she is now 11 years old I worry it will become more difficult. Sheba's dog door opens to the side yard only so no access to the fenced-in front yard or back yard pool because there are gates at both ends.
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