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  1. Sheba has had sleep startle for all of the 12 years I've had her. Fortunately she doesn't like to sleep with me on the bed and sleeps on her own bed at the foot of my bed. When I sometimes get up at night to go to the bathroom, she snarls and grouses because I disturbed her. Everyone has learned to leave her alone when she's on her various beds throughout the house, sleeping or not, as she reacts negatively. I suggest you not allow him to sleep in the bed with you. You probably will get bitten at some point. You can train him to sleep on his own bed near you, just not on your bed.
  2. So sorry for your loss. Andy reminds me a lot like my Sheba in looks and spirit.
  3. I'm following this topic because Sheba will be 13 in January and is starting to show similar signs of weakening. She's still doing pretty darn well, but I anticipate increased weakening as the next year passes. I will invest in the Ruffwear Webmaster harness in the near future. Best of luck in being able to assist your hound as needed and making her as comfortable as possible. My vet is only four blocks away, and a new vet just bought the clinic, so I will find out if he will come to the house if needed.
  4. How about hardhats for next Labor Day?
  5. So sorry that this happened. It is the other dogs' owner who is at fault for having off-lead dogs. I hope that owner doesn't cause problems for you. I also hope your wife will calm down and accept and trust Sully again. Good luck.
  6. Today is Labor Day, so where is the patriotic header for the day?
  7. I have a 4-foot wooden fence in my front yard with gaps similar to those. Sheba has never jumped the fence (maybe because there's no grass and only stepping stones and river rock so she can't get in a good sprint). What has happened, though, is she has from time to time put her head through a gap and lost her collar backing out. Has happened to other greys I've had as guests too. I doubt if a hound could squeeze through a gap but the head will fit so be careful of choking if it gets stuck.
  8. I have the reverse--Sheba barks at all other breeds passing by, plus skateboarders, bicyclists, people walking by, motorcycles, you name it. My front yard is fenced in so anything going by when she's there gets barked at. She's not out there alone so I just get her to stop and bring her inside. She's a barker by nature, mostly at me for attention.
  9. I love the black hounds! He's so handsome. Congratulations!
  10. I'm so very sorry that it has come to this decision, but it's the right one. Having the vet come to the house is going to make it a bit easier on both you and Nova. My heart goes out to both of you.
  11. Maybe get the gabapentin from the vet while fighting for the refill? Or is the problem at the vet's?
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