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  1. Caramba! Love the Cindo de Mayo header!
  2. They all seem to be so flexible, like made of rubber. I certainly couldn't sleep like that!
  3. My Sheba has sleep startle and has had it since I got her 11 years ago when she was almost 2. She's mellowed out a bit but not totally. I never let her sleep on the bed with me because I learned the hard way that she gets snarky when I even move a little bit. She can be on my bed, just not when I'm in it. Follow the others' guidance and be sure to tell everyone who visits or is around Mac to do the same--give the dog space and never bother him when he is sleeping or dozong. Suggest not letting Mac sleep on the bed with you.
  4. Sheba gets a dental chew every morning after her meal. Her usual behavior is to lick the good-tasting coating off it (saves chewing it for later) and then place the slobbery gooey chew on my leather guest chair and wipe her mouth on the chair arm. I wondered why this chair that hardly ever gets sat upon has such a dirty-looking arm and seat!
  5. Still missing Cletus! If I ever get a rescue dog that looks like him, his/her name will be Cletus or Cleta.
  6. He's a beauty! Sounds like you're doing great with him.
  7. If a hound is allergic to fish oil, coconut oil could be used instead.
  8. I tried the dog park early on with Sheba and found out the hard way never to go to dog parks. Two costly vet visits from bites from other dogs she chased convinced me of that.
  9. I guess I just entered into the real world and my $650+ dental estimate is the norm and not the exception. At least my $450 Embrace wellness insurance reimbursement will cover a large part of the bill, but then I will have used up my wellness reimbursement alotment for the annual premium year, which becomes effective March 2, 2021-March 1, 2022. Thanks everyone for my enlightenment.
  10. Since hound owners on Greytalk are from all over the place, I'd like to get an idea as to how much your vet charges for a dental, to include sedation for anesthesia, IV catheterization, anesthesia, IV fluid, hospitalization, disposable materials, biohazard fee, chemical blood panel, I/H CBC panel, and I/H add-on Lyte 4 (all the things that are listed on my dental estimate). In other words, the total fee. My new vet bought my former vet's business recently (clients and building), so I expected prices to be a bit higher, but the estimate I got yesterday shocked me (over $650) because it is
  11. Maybe drinking the water too fast at times? If so, perhaps someone on this forum can give you some tips to slow the drinking down?
  12. Same with my Sheba. Her fur is soft and fluffy anyway, and boy does it come out this time of year. Although I vacuum a couple times a week, I often forget about under the bed. Was in the living room looking into the bedroom the other day and thought one of her toys was under the bed--not--it was a pile of fur! Must remember to vacuum under the bed more often.
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