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  1. I'm still with Embrace and have been relatively happy with them. Premium goes up every year (Sheba is 12+ years now), but I'll stick with Embrace until the end. From time to time I've had to dispute (via website chat or email) an item they first didn't reimburse but have been successful at getting reimbursed by quoting what the policy says.
  2. No helpful hints here but what a beautiful boy!
  3. A friend of mine here in Florida would wet her hounds with water before their walks to help keep them cooler.
  4. Sheba sheds about twice a year and definitely is shedding right now. I carefully use a Furminator grooming tool on her now and then when outside. Helps a lot.
  5. MUZZLE! Use it if you were given one or get one right away!
  6. I'm glad you chose pet insurance through your employer. The premium not going up as the pet ages is a huge advantage (although $90/month is high for a start) and 90% reimbursement is good, too. My Sheba is 12 now and my annual premium went up (again) and was $1,313 for this year: $500 deductible, $5,000 maximum annual, $1,000 maximum annual dental illness, 80% reimbursement, no lifetime maximum, and includes annual $450 100% reimbursement for wellness exams/vaccinations, bloodwork, dental cleanings, and some other procedures. My pet insurance is with Embrace. I got long-term care insurance through my employer at a reduced cost back in 1997, kept it when I retired in 2006, and it's still a good deal and I'm glad I got it.
  7. Agree with all and he should have been neutered.
  8. Just learned today that Embrace IS reimbursing me the required amount. They finally realized their mistake.
  9. Actually filing a complaint with a different state's BBB DID work for me. Different issue, though, because was a canceled riverboat cruise, not insurance related, where the company in a letter said I'd get a refund but then changed the policy and said no refund after all. Filing the complaint with the BBB got me my refund in that case.
  10. So, I stuck with Embrace for the upcoming year. Now I'm having a dispute with Embrace regarding Sheba's dental March 16, 2020, under the new coverage year. I paid $390 for a Wellness Plan covering $450 that covers among other things dental scale and polish and other costs required for the dental (IV catheter w/ fluids, anesthesia Sevoflo, penicillin injection, and antibiotic post-dental). For Sheba's 2019 dental, Embrace reimbursed me the total cost for the dental including the other costs; however, for this current dental they only reimbursed me $88 for only the dental scale and polish. Totally against what the Wellness Plan policy says ("It is a separate product from Embrace’s accident and illness insurance policy. Therefore, wellness claims do not have a copayment, nor do they count toward the insurance deductible"). I hope to get the Wellness Plan refund I am due and have threatened to file a complaint with the Ohio Better Business Bureau if I don't.
  11. What a lovely picture of Luna. She looks very much like my Sheba, who is 12 years old January 23. I am so sorry for your loss. Rest well sweet Luna.
  12. For those who are mandated to self-isolate or self-quarantine and those who are self-isolating as advised, it will be very interesting to learn how different hounds react when life goes back to normal and you're not staying home 24/7. For me, I stay at home a lot anyway, so for Sheba it will be business as usual, but I'll bet some of you will have to start alone training all over again.
  13. I'm so glad you'll have someone come to your house to ease Luna's passing. My heart goes out to you and Luna. Know that she is loved and you're doing the best for her.
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