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  1. I've ordered the spook harness and a few other things from Hound Safe. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  2. My late and very much missed Mindy always walked behind me on our walks. While she loved her walks, I think she felt more protected that way--if a bigfoot should attack, it would get me first giving her more of a chance of getting away! Her sister had to always be out in front, leading the way. With her in front and Mindy in back leashes rarely got tangled!
  3. I recently adopted a beautiful, sweet boy I've named Reggie. He is very timid, not quite a spook, but almost. He is fine in the house and back yard but is terrified out in the big scary world. Unfortunately there are times when I need to take him places, such as the vet and maybe play group. I am terrified that he is going to slip out of his harness and be gone. I have seen pictures of hounds with a special harness that cannot be slipped out of--there is an extra strap around the tuck. Does any one know where I can purchase one?
  4. She has never in her life slept by herself. It is perfectly natural that she is scared and whining. You need to let her sleep near you either upstairs or you move downstairs. After a week or two she should be comfortable enough in her new home to sleep by herself. Congratulations on your new dog. In a few months you will think she is the most wonderful dog in the world.
  5. No advice, just a memory. Back in the early years of the Iraq war, a man posted that he had spent months in Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction and found none. Then he came home and found weapons of mass destruction in his home courtesy of his new greyhound!
  6. I drive a Camry--I got it because it had the widest backseat of any of the sedans in its class and I had 2 greys to transport. I bought the foam inserts from Orvis and they work great--very sturdy foam. I also got a net barrier to keep the dogs in the back seat, not visiting me. In addition I got a foam insert for the front passenger seat, so I can carry three dogs at once or if the 2 backseat dogs don't get along.
  7. My girl, Tess, taught herself to sit when she was 8. We spent some time at a house with a ramp going up to the back door near where we people sat and talked. One day I glanced over to her and saw she was sitting! evidently having her rump higher than her front made it more comfortable. She continued doing it more and more often, then moved to doing it on the grass. Now she does it everywhere whenever she feels like it. I've tried to get her to do it on command but she isn't interested.
  8. As long as there is no intense growling or blood, let them work it out.
  9. First, when my girl, Tess, rolls over on her back (cockroaches) she is wanting "tumtum rubs" more commonly know as tummy rubs. If she doesn't get them she sort of huffs about stupid humans and stands up. Your girl may not realize that those lovely new beds are actually beds for her. You might try putting a treat or two on the bed so she has to stand on it. Then she may or may not realize that it is soft and comfy. If that fails, I have led them to the bed and physically lifted their front legs and put them on the bed. If neither works, be patient. She knows she is allowed on it and someday a lightbulb will go off in her brain and she will realize it is a bed. Speaking of beds, I would not allow her to sleep with you on your bed at this time. She has never slept with anyone and may be startled and bite you if you move during the night. I'd just give her a bed on the floor beside your own bed. Later you can invite her up on your bed. Warning: My sweet Henry loved sleeping with me on my bed and I loved having him there. But one night he rolled over and fell into the crack between the bed and the wall. He was upside down and could not get out. It took sleepy me a couple of minutes to realize why he was screaming and how to move the bed and get him out. He was absolutely terrified and it took several days before he would go near my bedroom. He never slept on my bed again. Just a warning of something to be prepared for.
  10. Have you talked with your adoption group, or any greyhound adoption group in your area? They can help rehome her to a experienced home without stairs. I think that rehoming her is the best alternative as she can't continue to live on a third floor. Horrible for you, but probably best for your Magic. Where are you located? People here on Greytalk may be able to help.
  11. It seems like it is generally new members/new owners that have the questions where the answer varies based on country,, so maybe require new members to at least identify their country.
  12. is there anyone nearby with a greyhound or just a nice dog? Invite the dog over and let it pee and poop in your yard. If your dog seems to get along with them, you can have a quick play date. Otherwise, leave your dog in the house.
  13. Tess says "Good going, Felton!". I also admire Felton's skill while being thankful we don't have bunnies around here.
  14. I may get flamed, but I don't think a dog with that high of a prey drive should be living in an apartment complex where he will be seeing small dogs regularly. You would need to be constantly on alert and attacks may still happen. Even a muzzle will not totally protect small dogs. I don't believe a high prey drive can be trained away. I think the dog needs to be returned. Somewhere there is a home for him where he doesn't run the risk of constantly seeing small dogs and cats. The fact that you say he is incredibly sweet and has been house trained will help him find that home. t
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