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  1. We have officially adopted Fay! Took her to the vet for a first checkup on Wednesday, Nov. 4 with a stool sample. So, now we know she does have hooks, scoring a "3" out of "5." Not sure if that is a universally accepted rating or just my vet's. We are going to be starting her on Advantage Multi. He suggests using Pepcid for stomach upset and NOT Pepto Bismal or Gas X. I am probably splitting hairs here but I wish there weren't so many choices!
  2. So glad I asked...black stool would have sent me to the vet asap. Is Gas-X a tablet?
  3. Currently on the 2nd step of Fencur...4 pills for 5 days total. During phase 1 last month Foster Girl Fay developed a very noisy stomach, squeaks and squeals on the last day. My GH group recommended Pepto Bismol and that settled it down (or maybe it settled down on its' own.) Wondering now if I should give her a Pepto with each daily dose of Fencur? BTW my group does the deworming with all the dogs coming up from the South.
  4. Finally throwing out some drugs from my late, greyt greys unless of course I shouldn't...when I think of the money spent on them and the fact that they may not have even worked, I could cry for my pups all over again. Anyhoo, is there any sense in keeping GABAPENTIN from Jan. 2019 (200 mg quad tabs), PREDNISONE from 2013 (10 mg), TRAMADOL from May, 2019 (50 mg), TRUPROFEN from Jan 2019, CEPHALEXIN from 2013 (500 mg) CLINDAMYCIN from 2013 (150 mg), CEFPODOXIME PROXETIL (200 MG) from 2015. APOQUEL from 2018, MURICIN OINTMENT from 2018? I know some stuff lasts a long time and others, not so much. But, when they are dispensed from a giant bottle in the vet's office and expiration dates are not noted on the little bottles sold to me, I tend to hold onto them and not just for sentimental reasons,. Any help much appreciated.
  5. This worked greyt for us when one of my dogs had a boo-boo on her leg. Use a boot sock for the extra length.
  6. Is anyone still collecting the weight circles as proof of purchase from Purina products? My group no longer does and I have a bunch.
  7. I am cleaning out some old meds but before I do I want to make sure I shouldn't just hold onto them...the dispensing vet did not put a "discard by" date on the bottles. 1. Clindamycin 150 mg. DISPENSED TO ME in April, 2013. 2, Cephalexin 500 mg DISPENSED TO ME in October, 2013. 3. Cefpodoxime Proxetil, 200 mg. DISPENSED TO ME in November, 2015. My gut tells me to toss them but in the event they still may be effective, figured I would check. Should mention the pups for whom these were prescribed are now at the Bridge. Thanks.
  8. Anniversaries are the the worst. I, too, never expected my girl to only be on this earth for 9 years and with me only 6. Yesterday was 6 weeks since I lost her.
  9. It is very discouraging to see posts of happy, interactive dogs enjoying life but keep in mind that those are the videos people LIKE to post...they don't post videos of depressed dogs! We had a very shy dog who we sometimes had to tip off her bed to get her up and out. If we took her in the car to the park she wouldn't get out of the car if we were parked next to noisy people or even quiet crowds. If anyone came to the house, even people she knew, we would have to gate the staircase off to prevent her from disappearing upstairs. She lived with us while we had two other dogs over the course of her life (one at a time, but she always had a roommate.) It was just her personality and she was the only one out of 5 that was so shy. We learned to live with it and had her for 8 years.
  10. My girl Cooper would go through cycles with me...getting me up to let her out...for years. Was not fun but I did it. She never did the inside stairs in the six years we had her and any attempts at retraining caused us both stress, so I let it go even though I am sure had she slept with us in the bedroom things would have been better. Once outside she would PLAY, run around digging holes and looking for squirrels, getting me to go out after her in my pajamas to get her back inside. It wasn't fun but I did it. We lost Cooper a month ago today to osteo at the age of nine. I wouldn't mind being woken up for a play session now.
  11. Yes! Her name is Robin Radlein...she is not a member of Greytalk but here is her response to my question on your behalf: I am not a member of Greytalk. You are welcome to pass my name on to them and tell them to contact me through Facebook, at robin.radlein@gmail.com, or by phone at 907 306 0874 (after noon). Now that Sheena Craig has moved back to Anchorage she can help with grey fixes as well.
  12. So sorry for your ordeal. I would have been (and still be) wrecked to not know what was going on.
  13. charbess


    Go with God, Felix, knowing you are, and always will be loved.
  14. So very sorry...beautiful, beautiful girl. Godspeed.
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