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  1. If he checks negative for Hookworns, you might want to consider Olewo dehydrated carrots. I had a similar problem with my Grey. Did extensive research (including this forum) and found out that a lot of people give their dogs this for loose stools/diarrhea. My Grey’s stool firmed up within 24 hours. I give it to him with every meal and haven’t had a problem since.
  2. Have had my 2+ year old red male Greyhound for about 4 months now. Love him to death. Virtually no issues, can leave him alone to roam the house for hours without a problem. Zero heath concerns. Zero stress issues. When I first got him, I would brush him every couple of days and get a small amount of hair, nothing unusual. Lately, when I brush him, nothing, nada, no hair. His coat is pristine. I should note that I live in Northeast Ohio and the weather the last 6 weeks has been extremely cold. Im probably OCD, but is there any reason for concern?
  3. “I’m going to tell you ONE MORE TIME”
  4. New to site, first post. Have had my 2.5 year old male Greyhound for 3 months. When I got him he was about 3 weeks off the track and weighed 67 pounds. His ribs were prominent. The adoption agency said he was lean and could use another 3 to 5 pounds. I have been feeding him 2 cups of Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice with a little baked skinless chicken breast twice a day, about 1/3 cup. He loves it and it agrees with him. Solid stool,etc. He now weighs 70 pounds and I can only see an outline of his last couple ribs. Just right to my untrained eye. He gets 3 good walks a day, 20-40 minutes a walk. Should I cut back on the Purina to 1 and 1/2 cups twice a day to maintain his weight at 70 pounds? I want to continue with the skinless chicken breast. It helps maintain his coat. Thanks
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