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  1. Helpful to know about the Gatorade - thank you! And agreed as far as potentially just having to live with it; one seasoned greyhound owner advised me she might just have a mild, benign birth defect. One thought I had was to potentially try adding Thick-It to her water in the event she is experiencing some sort of dysphagia when it comes to fluids. I read that dogs can have it; don't know about greyhounds specifically so if anyone has thoughts about that, please feel free to share!
  2. Unfortunately this happens even when she drinks very slowly. She doesn’t typically gulp her water super fast. She is an enigma!
  3. Thanks for everyone’s responses so far! Water is room temperature, and yes, she has raised bowls.
  4. Hello - Looking for advice about my greyhound, who is 5 years old and has a hard time keeping water down. Here are the facts: She eats, poops, plays, exercises, sleeps, etc., all regularly. This ONLY thing remarkable about her is that after drinking water, she will usually heave it back up within a few seconds. She always keeps her food down without issue. She is also not dehydrated because (1) she still can keep water down about half the time and does so every day; and (2) I wet her food and she gets hydration via that route as well. I've taken her to the vet who has assu
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