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  1. Fairly new greyhound owner (9 months) and wondering about the best option for care when I leave for vacation. My greyhound has adapted beautifully to home life and loves her routine. But she's also quite social and loves meeting new people and new dogs. Anyone have thoughts on the best option for her as far as overnight care? Specifically, I would like to know if it's okay to leave her over night but have someone come check on her several times a day and walk her and feed her at her normal times? My sense is that she would do best in a situation where she gets to keep her routine, but I have never left her alone overnight.
  2. Soliciting the opinions of the experts . . . I adopted Flower in September. Since then, she has had three bouts of bloody diarrhea, all preceded by loud tummy gurgles and temporary loss of appetite. All bouts lasted about a day or so. I suspected parasites of course, especially hooks, but three fecals came back negative (four fecals, actually, if you count the one she had right before I adopted her), including one that was sent to an off-site lab for more sophisticated examination. During the most recent bout, I saw worms moving around in her stool, and--in what I consider one of the lower points of my life--I videotaped it for the vet, who diagnosed tapeworm and prescribed Droncit and a five-day course of Panacur. Since then, she's passed worms in her stool and is doing much better. My question is: should I still be worried? She's doing great now, but I'm aware of the hookworm issues that are out there and terrified she will just relapse again in a few weeks. Has anyone had experience with tapeworm and, if so, can it cause the symptoms described above? Crossing my fingers this has resolved the issue, but still concerned. For context, she got the ProHeart 12 injection in October. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Update for anyone interested and/or experiencing the same issue. Flower's cough is not 100% cured, but is currently so much better than it was several weeks ago. She's gone from hacking hard and spitting up multiple times a day to just light huffing and puffing when she takes a drink and almost no more spitting up! I am not 100% sure of why she has improved, but here are some things I've tried in recent days/weeks that could be the cause for her improvement: 1. The vet thought perhaps she was experiencing some inflammation in her larynx, so she gave her a dexamethasone shot and a round of prednisone. 2. I've started her on a probiotic (she has a sensitive tummy). In the event she is puking up the water because she's got GI issues, maybe this is helping/will help. 3. A humidifier by her bed (the things we do for them!). If her throat is irritated due to dryness, maybe this will help. I have noticed that when I adopted her in September 2020, her cough was not bad, but then got much worse over the drier winter months. Perhaps it's getting better now because the weather is getting warmer and more humid? I hope this is helpful to anyone experiencing the same issues! If I learn anything else, I will share.
  4. Helpful to know about the Gatorade - thank you! And agreed as far as potentially just having to live with it; one seasoned greyhound owner advised me she might just have a mild, benign birth defect. One thought I had was to potentially try adding Thick-It to her water in the event she is experiencing some sort of dysphagia when it comes to fluids. I read that dogs can have it; don't know about greyhounds specifically so if anyone has thoughts about that, please feel free to share!
  5. Unfortunately this happens even when she drinks very slowly. She doesn’t typically gulp her water super fast. She is an enigma!
  6. Thanks for everyone’s responses so far! Water is room temperature, and yes, she has raised bowls.
  7. Hello - Looking for advice about my greyhound, who is 5 years old and has a hard time keeping water down. Here are the facts: She eats, poops, plays, exercises, sleeps, etc., all regularly. This ONLY thing remarkable about her is that after drinking water, she will usually heave it back up within a few seconds. She always keeps her food down without issue. She is also not dehydrated because (1) she still can keep water down about half the time and does so every day; and (2) I wet her food and she gets hydration via that route as well. I've taken her to the vet who has assured me this is not an emergency situation or cause for alarm. The vet has also ruled out tracheal collapse, pharyngeal laryngitis, and mega-esophagus. Heart size is normal, etc., etc. There is no obvious medical reason for this according to the vet. I have tried adjusting the height of her bowls at all different levels. No height has fixed the issue, but having her water bowl on the floor seems to work best for her and lessen the frequency of spitting up. I have researched the issue on this forum and it seems others have experienced it too, but there never seems to be a clear answer, and much of the conversation about his issue is several years old. Was wondering if maybe anyone has any more recent solutions/suggestions? I've seen posts about trying Gatorade instead of water, trying a Cerenia injection, etc., but have not tried any of that yet . . . Thanks in advance for your input!
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