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  1. The most loving thing we can do is ease their pain. It’s like transferring their pain into your heart. Time doesn’t heal the pain, it just let’s you get used to life without them. To me grief is like a terrible storm. Some days it feels like a tsunami while other days you can go with the flow and survive the waves.
  2. I noticed the muscles too...and their own sandy track
  3. Wishing Phog all the best possible results. Our vet has shown a lot of interest in learning this surgery and is going to contact the vet who performed the surgery on Emmy. She continues to do well and we’re still pleased with our decision. Jan
  4. Rocket was larger than life and will always be missed but never forgotten.
  5. I started watching and waiting for her in May 2009, so she was on the original thread.
  6. We still have Katie (Crazykatiebug) and our claim to fame is that I waited for her for 51 months. Thankfully, she is still happy and healthy at 13 yrs and 10.6 months.
  7. Emmy is doing amazingly well. she went from not putting any weight on her paw to a slight limp right after surgery.
  8. Emmy had the surgery and is doing really well. Prior to the surgery she couldn’t put any weight on her paw, but now, 2 days later, just a a very slight limp which I expect will go away once she’s fully healed.
  9. We are going the flexor tenotomy route. There are only 2 vets here in Ontario and luckily, one is about 1/2 hour from us. We based our decision on a few factors 1) Emmy is limping a lot, she’s obviously in a lot of pain 2) we’ve had it hulled by our vet and it grew back very quickly both times 3) if we don’t get rid of the source, it will always bother her 4) she’s only Nine 5) the vet is close by and knows a lot about Dr. Guilliard and has great success with previous tendonectomies. I will let you know how it goes. It’s not cheap here, but I hate seeing Emmy in pain. Hope you find
  10. Hi Nadine. I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis and loss of Andy. Abu is very handsome and I’m glad to see another Irish greyhound found a great home. on another note - your English is great.
  11. I'm so sorry for your sudden and unexpected loss of Danny
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