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  1. Happy Anniversary. I missed you adopted a galgo.
  2. Isn’t a dime supposed to mean a visit from a departed loved one and a penny for good luck? Maybe Rocket is saying, “Good luck with this one!”
  3. This brings back so many good memories and laugh out loud moments, I read some of the old thread and wonder what happened to a lot of the old gang on here. Of course, I mean “old” in the nicest way possible. Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this thread, it truly brought a well needed chuckle this morning.
  4. Border closure will be extended until June 21st, so my decision has been made for me. Dewey is not totally off the table, but the US has to make lots of changes before I’ll venture across the border for any length of time. Here’s hoping MH is a success, and I hope to see my friends at greyhound events in 2021. Stay healthy everyone!
  5. I’m so sorry for your devastating news update. btw, we had our 13.25 y/o greyhound’s teeth cleaned in February. She was fine with proper anaesthetic management. We just want her to remain healthy for as long as possible and get them cleaned every year. And yes, we brush her teeth. Hoping you still have lots of good quality days.
  6. Hookworms are nasty and can take months to eradicate. Dr Jennifer Ng on Facebook has a great hookworm protocol. If you’re not on fb, I can copy and paste it for you. our greyhound, Katie, had a terrible case when we adopted her from Southland in AR. She was on meds for 7 months, mostly as a precaution from reoccurring. Hookworms can be fatal, so I’d keep on top of it. al
  7. Congratulations. What a great new beginning, mom and son.
  8. Well, he does looked very comfortable
  9. I use Nexgard Spectre and never had issues with heartworm, fleas or ticks. You probably know this, but now that I reread this, I laughed because I’m referring to our greyhounds.
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