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  1. We’ve adopted 6 greyhounds over the years and only 1 had a tail injury, but she hit it on a brick wall. Personally, I wouldn’t be too concerned about happy tail. Our greyhounds hit walls and door frames, but never hard enough for an injury.
  2. You could use a belly band for the short time you are there. If the belly band continues to be dry, then you know he’s ok other places. If he lifts his leg, the belly band will soak it up.
  3. Don and Chris, I am so sorry to hear of Katie’s passing. Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Katie
  4. I just read this article by Patricia McConnell about SA and she admits some of her previous advice may not be correct. It’s common knowledge that behaviourists suggest not making a big fuss when leaving and coming home. However, research may not support this. In fact some studies found little correlation between making a fuss and not making a fuss and your dog’s SA behaviour after you leave. I found this article interesting enough to share here. article
  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. In time, you may also begin to smile at the memories. It may take a long time though.
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