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  1. Hookworms are nasty and can take months to eradicate. Dr Jennifer Ng on Facebook has a great hookworm protocol. If you’re not on fb, I can copy and paste it for you. our greyhound, Katie, had a terrible case when we adopted her from Southland in AR. She was on meds for 7 months, mostly as a precaution from reoccurring. Hookworms can be fatal, so I’d keep on top of it. al
  2. Congratulations. What a great new beginning, mom and son.
  3. Well, he does looked very comfortable
  4. I use Nexgard Spectre and never had issues with heartworm, fleas or ticks. You probably know this, but now that I reread this, I laughed because I’m referring to our greyhounds.
  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know she was loved a lot wherever she stayed.
  6. Simon is afraid of trailers, horses and motorcycles. Ben was terrified of hot air balloons. No idea how these fears manifested, but most are easy to alleviate if we see them first.
  7. Special treat around here...the stinkier, the better.
  8. Happy 13.5! After 13 years old, we celebrate quarterly.
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