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  1. Hoping you get a few more good quality days with CC
  2. I’m really really hoping the US has the pandemic under control by then. It’s more likely the border will be open. Plus I want to be vaccinated first. Hoping things will be very different by Sept. I really miss GiG and my greyhound friends.
  3. GiG has lots of activities such as battlefield walks, pet sitting area, social, guest speakers, auctions and lots of vendors. Gettysburg has some dog friendly places to eat and you can do things on your own such a ghost walks. Here’s a couple of links for further info. GiG Gettysburg - What to do
  4. Congratulations. I think her head tilt makes her even cuter.
  5. I suspect she is doing it because she needs food. Odd as it sounds, many of us have to feed a bit of kibble or some small amount of food before bedtime to get them through the night. Eating grass and gurgly stomach are all part of this. Try this to see if it helps because it happens to other greys and this solution seems to work.
  6. It seems you have 2 problems. I would take her to a corner or somewhere away from the other owners. When the dogs come running over I would hold them by their collar and ask their owner to keep them away because they are annoying your dog who clearly doesn’t like their behaviour. however, if they are sniffing each other in a social way, I.e. sniffing from the side, not meeting face-to-face, and NOT jumping up, your girl may like interacting with them. If she’s turning her head away, licking her lips, tongue flicks, etc. she’s clearly uncomfortable with their behaviour. If a
  7. I’m so sorry for your loss of Lila. She will be missed here on GT. Your tribute is beautiful.
  8. Jan, I’m so sorry. I’m just reading this now. Thank you for sharing this special guy with us. I’m tearing up because this is both heartbreaking but also heartwarming knowing his last year and a half we’re filled with nothing but love. I may never look at chikkens the same way again. Take care sweet Jan...I know it never gets any easier.
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