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  1. It is more likely that their size and deep voice is unsettling to her. I heard this from someone awhile ago and it makes sense. It also depends on how people approach her. If they come barrelling down on her, she’s sure to be a little fearful.
  2. Our friends live in Amherstburg (the small town we’re moving to on the Detroit River) and they have a greyhound, we have friends moving there a month before us and they have 3 greyhounds, and then 2 other friends with 2 greyhounds are moving there in the spring. We’ll be a delightful looking group walking along the waterfront.
  3. I know Jan. She’s incredibly healthy, so I hope I don’t jinx it. No hind end weakness or meds yet. Her sire lived until he was 14.
  4. Emmy turned 8 on June 27th and enjoyed her 3rd Gotcha Day on July 31st. We celebrated Katie's 6th Gotcha Day and her 12.75 years birthday on Aug 13th. We preadopted her May, 2009, but had to wait 52 months before she was ready to come home. This pic is precious because she was so aloof when she arrived, but now she loves to lay near me. It was Simon's 3rd Gotcha Day on August 25th and his 6th Birthday on Sept 4th. He's still as sweet and quirky as ever And lastly...we are retiring and moving from a region with a pop of 569,000 to a small town with a pop of <30,000. We are finally downsizing the home and upsizing the yard, for the pups of course. We don't move until December 31st, but I'm not sure if we'll make it to Dewey this year. We gone the last 13 years in a row, but haven't attended any greyhound events this year. I know it will be Katie's last Dewey. Plus we'll be farther from GiG and Dewey next year. We're hoping Katie will be around to enjoy her new bungalow and backyard and attend some more greyhound events.
  5. I’m so sorry for your loss so young and so quickly.
  6. Every dog needs a Cletus because it must feel really good
  7. Cletus never fails to make me smile
  8. We’ve had 3 greyhounds since 2013, but I keep saying we’re going to stop at 2. However, I found my last group of 3 easier than our present group of 3 when walking. So I imagine we’ll stick with 2 when the time comes. I hate to write it, but Katie is 12.75 y/o and I know she’s in her twilight years and I hate to think about her passing. Adopting Emmy and Simon after losing Ben and Brooke did perk Katie up (she’s not good at being an only) and it’s great to have 2 at home when one needs to go to the vet. However, I do find a big difference between 2 and 3. All of our pups have all gotten along really well, no issues with guarding resources or any other issues that can lead to squabbles.They eat the same food at the same times, walk together, and travel really well together. So I don’t know exactly why I find a big difference, but I do and am probably in the minority. After Brooke died, we just had Katie for 6 weeks and I was ok with that, but Katie wasn’t, so I doubt if we’ll ever be a one greyhound family.
  9. I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you and hope for a peaceful passing.
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