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  1. Walter will be 12 in November and my vet suggested that I put him on Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health. He's already on Springtime Joint Health which was recommended from GTers. He's also on Fresh Factors. I like both supplements for Walter (&Ernie, too) so I am not inclined to change it. He's on pain medication for arthritis as well. Getting old sucks. thanks!
  2. I got an email yesterday saying my policy with Walter & Ernie will go up 52.7%. @Riverhound got the same email but her percentage was 36ish% I've filed before, she has not. My greys are several years older than Jefferson. I think this sucks overall and I'm going to call & complain. We're both in NJ so it's not even a blanket state thing.
  3. seven years on greytalk today!

  4. can you actually tell me about the human garlic? you don't get bit by ticks, fleas..? do you release an odor when you sweat? i've tried the garlic for walter & ernie with extreme reservation and then kind of stopped. you use it on your greys?
  5. This will probably not help you at all. I have two greyhounds, Walter and Ernie. Walter LOVES walkies, he will do anything and go anywhere. Ernie....doesn't. Ernie gets SO EXCITED to leave for walkies and halfway through just drags. I have pulled him down the street. When we lived in our apartment, I would do a loop with all 3 of us, drop Ernie off and do another loop with Walter and I. Ernie accepted this but did not like it. But he also doesn't want to walk more either so..? We live in a house with a yard now which is great, Ernie loves it, but how do you say to a very excited hound
  6. i see the excessive drinking too. we seem to go through cycles. sometimes prozac works great and he's happy and whatever. other times (like today) we came home to poop, pee, vomit after poop eating. i think poop eating is part of his anxiety. he doesn't eat poop in the backyard or on walkies. i came home a couple weeks ago and i took his muzzle off and he ran back to the poop to eat it muzzle free. as if, "she'll never know it was me!" there are more ebbs in the late fall/early winter than any other time of the year. we're looking into having someone let him & Walter out du
  7. hold on, sorry. he went to the vet & there were no medical issues that they could find. they determined that it was anxiety and he gets people prozac from walmart. i have also come to the conclusion that his bladder may be smaller than average (without any testing) when compared to Walter. Or maybe Walter is bigger than average? it's unclear. i hope things have improved for you, sorry for my delayed responses, i don't visit here like i used to.
  8. It's still ongoing. It varies week to week but is ongoing. Have not found a reason and to be honest, haven't taken him to the vet.
  9. Walter (Windy Walker) has HB Commander as his great-grandpaw. Ernie (PG Ernest) has both HB and Wigwam as great-grandpaws, one the moms side, one on the dad's side. and Gable Dodge is his grandpaw. I hope you aren't right
  10. I use prozac with Ernie and it helps a lot. I picked up Sileo for fireworks this weekend/next week. You can get prozac filled at Walmart for $11, FYI. I cannot recommend prozac enough.
  11. any chance someone could recommend belly bands? I'm looking at this brand: https://smile.amazon.com/Wegreeco-Washable-Male-Belly-Wrap/dp/B0183H0Z10/ref=sr_1_6?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1530371603&sr=1-6&keywords=belly%2Bbands%2Bfor%2Bmale%2Bdogs&th=1 but I find that when I ask for greytalk recommendations, they are spot on.
  12. I called them before I placed my order & she said the same thing! considering i'm buying for 2 hounds that's really great. they had free shipping & i got my order the NEXT DAY. i dont even get amazon prime stuff next day! i'm really pleased, i can't thank you (GT) enough.
  13. thank you!!! so no one mentioned that they have a buy 2 get 2 free, wow what a deal! I got fresh factor and joint health, 8 total jars for $84. very impressive. thanks again, this was very helpful
  14. hi, i'm looking for specific suggestions for joint supplements for Walter. It would be easiest in pill form because we already have an established routine. thanks
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