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  1. Ernest T, Ernesto Fiesto Del Fuego, Ernie died suddenly on Oct 3rd after a recent osteosarcoma diagnosis. Ernie was 10 years old. Ernie jumped and leaped around the backyard, he was a goofy, snuggley doofus. He liked to poke things around the house and watch them move. When he poked the tissues or other light objects and they fell down, he was always so surprised that happened and would jump away. He liked looking out windows, laying in sun spots and playing and snuggling with his favorite toy Mr Giraffe. Ernie had about 4 brain cells that helped him stay alive because he liked to dig holes, eat grass, throw up in the house and if he felt like we weren't trying our best to get home on time, poop/pee in the house for fun. Ernie had the best ears, they were always doing something different. When I would put his collar on, I would move them around and gently rearrange as they were before. He could stand them up but it seemed like it took one too many brain cells to do that. In so many ways, Ernie was a 75lb child that liked to nap. He liked getting his belly rubbed and would often roll onto his back so you could get full access to the whole belly.
  2. we were trying to make it to an oct 11th CT scan to make a more informed decision. Sunday Oct 3rd, we were all doing our normal stuff, and my husband and I had just come home from food shopping. Ernie greeted me at the door like he always does (he gives you his nose to kiss and then runs away) he ran back to his slumberball to get mr giraffe when he broke his leg. he screamed, it was **ing terrible. he was in so much pain and that has really bothered me so i'm trying not to focus on it. we lost Walter Sept 2020 and now Ernie a year later. The house is way too quiet. mornings and evenings are the hardest because no one is poking me to go out or eat dinner or cough up something. last night (friday) i took my husband to a knit night so that neither of us would have to be home alone
  3. thank you. i've been trying to read it but it is beyond overwhelming. i'm overwhelmed. i'm a teacher, we're back in school 5 days a week and i dont know how i would amp his leg and take two weeks off, or more if he needs it. i don't have vacation time and i can't work from home. i was reading through Sweep's journey, she's a love. i'm glad she's doing okay. thank you for sharing your WFH situation, that's been my main question about amp. it feels like a door is shutting on him and that feels so sad.
  4. I have a lot of questions and I need help. Ernie had xrays and it was determined he has osteo in his left wrist area. He turned 10 in June. He's currently being managed on 75 mg x2 a day of rimadyl. No visible pain, very minimal limping. Walks are being capped at 10 minutes and no zoomies in the backyard. Background info: Ernie has a slight limp at the beginning of September that I assumed was because he did zoomies too hard (this has happened a few times before) as I went back to work Sept 2/3. He spent the weekend of Sept 11 with a friend who pointed out his lumpy wrist, and we couldn't get in to see the vet for x rays until 9/20. Vet and radiologist confirmed its osteo. My questions have no order: If you had your hound amputated, how did that work post op? Who stayed home with your hound, for how long? Did you use sick time? personal time? has anyone who teaches done this before? If you didn't amputate, what did you do? How do I figure out how much time I have? How do I know when its time for him to go? I know a few things very clearly: I don't want him to be in pain or as minimally as possible. I want his death and passing to be peaceful and calm (if possible at home where he is most comfortable).
  5. i had to take a break from reading your responses but i did want to thank everyone. i read them all & appreciate it.
  6. Walter, Racing name Windy Walker passed away on September 9th 2020 after slowly losing function in his back paws and legs. He would have been 13 on November 28. Walter J Wallerson, Wal, Walter J, WalTAR, Tar Tar, Walt, Bubba, Baby Boy We spent 9 years together. 3 years just the two of us, the last 6 with Ernie and then my husband/Mr. Mahm. I used to joke that Walter was my boyfriend and my husband would have to talk to Walter to get permission to take me out. I spoke to Wal like he was a person and he listened to me like he knew exactly what I was saying. The days after he passed, my husband described our relationship as spiritual. It seems like the closest word to explain it. We checked in on each other, we kept track of what the other was doing. He was a constant presence in my day to day life and he kept me grounded. I kissed him at midnight on New Years Eve and the morning I was married. Walter loved to run, like really really run. He liked adventures and walks and parks. He loved food. The day before he passed, he had the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal was better than the last. 9 years was not enough. It'll never be enough. I am trying so hard to be grateful for everyday we had. ---- Walter was my first greyhound. I adopted him June 10 2011 as I was finishing my first year teaching. I picked him up from the GFNJ prison program. We basically became inseparable. Walter loved to go places, and it didn't have to be a production. He wanted to go get gas with you or wait in the car when I picked up bagels. He loved walks and hikes and adventures. He loved food, in the last 9 years I only ate without a snoot in my face if I ate at a restaurant. A few years ago, I started baking bread and I thought he was going to lose his mind. He LOVED bread. He stole at least 3 loaves through his muzzle and got them out of the plastic. He literally hounded me, huffed and puffed if I made homemade bread and DID NOT share. I joked with my husband and said if Walter ever got off leash, I'd have to make bread to get him to come home. (he was never far from me, even at dog parks, he was always close by). I hand fed him every meal when I first brought him home. I think I did it for a month! ------ I want to tell a couple stories here because I know you'll get it. (at the time)I lived in a 1 bedroom, 2nd story apartment. Every morning before school, I would take Walter out on the same path. One morning it was so so cold, we could see our breath and Walter poops in his normal spot and I guess he lost his balance a bit, and he stepped backwards, one paw into his poop. He audibly groaned and I laughed so hard. He never stepped in his poop again. I was visiting my (at the time) boyfriend's house, he lived with his mom. We went out to run a couple errands and left Walter home with my boyfriend's dog (they were fast friends). When we came home...bird seed was **ing EVERYWHERE. I mean, the entire living room was COVERED in bird seed. I don't know what inspired him, but Walter tore a hole into a very large (maybe 15 lbs) bag of bird seed and ate it and spread it all over their house. He pooped bird seed for nearly 3 days. I met a friend & another greyhound (Blossie) at the park. We walked our regular route and then, when we were as far away as we could be, the sky OPENED and it POURED rain on us. We were soaked, right down to our underwear. I don't think Walter ever forgave me for that. We ended up starting a greyhound walk and Walter had more friends than I did. I bought Walter a K9 voyager jacket. When I put it on him to try it out, he leaped around the backyard like a little kid. When we walked, he was always on my left side. If I asked him if he was happy or enjoying himself, he would do this little hop and snark me. I have a picture of it, it's one of my favorites. When Walter was feeling silly, I called it sharky because he would snap his teeth at me. I found it hilarious. He was always trying to chomp my fingertips. He only missed and got my hand once, we were both very surprised. He would lay on his side and I would "play" Walter's ribs like a piano. He would get sharky and then I'd cover him in kisses. He hated when I kissed him, and let me kiss him because he knew I liked it. Or he just gave up "shaking my kisses off". After the boyfriend & I broke up, Walter & I would go to Wendy's on Friday nights and split a meal. He got some cheeseburger and fries and we would eat in the car and watch the traffic drive by. I was sad for a while after that breakup and Walter kept me on track, telling me when it was time to eat, when it was time for potty, when it was time to go to bed. Walter always woke me up by gently breathing on my face or putting his nose against my face. I heard Walter's voice in my head. He would look at me, and I'd hear him say, "really again" or "let's go for a walk mahmmm" or "Give me your pizzaaaaaa!" When we bought our house in 2017, we couldn't fence the yard in fast enough. He used to RUN CIRCLES around Ernie. When he was younger and I lived in the apartment, I took him to the dog park where he RAN CIRCLES around every other dog. It was great to watch. Walter taught Ernie how to use the stairs when Ernie came home. I kissed Walter goodnight, every night with a very small number of exceptions (less than 30 days) Walter has been around to visit. It's hard to talk about because deep down, I want him to stay. I want him to be here forever. I ended up telling his spirit that I missed him so much but I didn't want him to worry about me. I wanted him to go be in doggy heaven where he can run the way he really loved to and eat all the food he wanted without getting sick. I'm not religious, but whatever comes next, I hope I get reunited with him. I'd like to know what his voice sounds like.
  7. Walter will be 12 in November and my vet suggested that I put him on Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health. He's already on Springtime Joint Health which was recommended from GTers. He's also on Fresh Factors. I like both supplements for Walter (&Ernie, too) so I am not inclined to change it. He's on pain medication for arthritis as well. Getting old sucks. thanks!
  8. I got an email yesterday saying my policy with Walter & Ernie will go up 52.7%. @Riverhound got the same email but her percentage was 36ish% I've filed before, she has not. My greys are several years older than Jefferson. I think this sucks overall and I'm going to call & complain. We're both in NJ so it's not even a blanket state thing.
  9. seven years on greytalk today!

  10. can you actually tell me about the human garlic? you don't get bit by ticks, fleas..? do you release an odor when you sweat? i've tried the garlic for walter & ernie with extreme reservation and then kind of stopped. you use it on your greys?
  11. This will probably not help you at all. I have two greyhounds, Walter and Ernie. Walter LOVES walkies, he will do anything and go anywhere. Ernie....doesn't. Ernie gets SO EXCITED to leave for walkies and halfway through just drags. I have pulled him down the street. When we lived in our apartment, I would do a loop with all 3 of us, drop Ernie off and do another loop with Walter and I. Ernie accepted this but did not like it. But he also doesn't want to walk more either so..? We live in a house with a yard now which is great, Ernie loves it, but how do you say to a very excited hound that he should stay home because this is a 2 mile walk and I don't want to drag him home? If were in a pack with friends, there is no issue at all. Just the 3 of us. As long as your houndie is pooping and peeing, I think your dog is just as weird as Ernie. Congratulations!
  12. i see the excessive drinking too. we seem to go through cycles. sometimes prozac works great and he's happy and whatever. other times (like today) we came home to poop, pee, vomit after poop eating. i think poop eating is part of his anxiety. he doesn't eat poop in the backyard or on walkies. i came home a couple weeks ago and i took his muzzle off and he ran back to the poop to eat it muzzle free. as if, "she'll never know it was me!" there are more ebbs in the late fall/early winter than any other time of the year. we're looking into having someone let him & Walter out during the day but our concern is having a stranger in the house so who knows. my fiance is not interested in a dog door.
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