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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, We are new first time adopters of a beautiful female grey (6 yrs old). We've had her just six weeks and she is wonderful. She started limping 3-4 days ago. She's very energetic and loves doing zoomies and sprints in the back yard, and after one of these sessions the limping started. Today, we took her to the vet for the first time and he identified the pain in her back left hip. We have her on anti-inflamatories, but he said if it doesn't improve in 3-4 days we need to do x-rays to look for bone cancer. We are obviously very worried and a bit freaked out having only had her six weeks.
  2. Hello! We've had our Maisie girl for right at a month. She was only off the track a few weeks when we brought her home from the adoption place - she will turn two in April. She's settled in really nicely - loves to snuggle, goes outside on a schedule, and has even gotten some tricks down! We had a weird experience tonight though: We had just given her a bath and she was doing her zoomies to finish drying off. We decided to give her a rawhide bone, something we had never done before. Man, did she go after it. She took it and went immediately to the farthest couch. When I si
  3. To see pictures go to this link please: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/drn22svwfrhhtz4/TD3PH9F3eU#/ Hello, We need some advice with our 5-year-old greyhound. He started to limp sometimes at the beginning of last year (front right leg). We initially thought he injured himself when running or something like that. He stopped limping after maybe 2 weeks. Then he started to limp again approximately 6 months or so later. This limping went on and off. Sometimes it was better sometimes worse, sometimes it stopped etc. In January this year we went to see our vet because he started to limp again and it
  4. Hi everyone, After 5 months, Sam finally started playing with toys, and has unfortunately taken an interest in biting other things... We have a pine wooden bookshelf and he took two good bites out of it! He seems like he wants to use his teeth more and more... Our worry now is that he does not know what he can and cannot bite, so what's next? Does anyone have any tips or how to train Sam on what to NOT eat? Also, any preventive measures we can take (for example, we only give him his bone twice a week for about 15 minutes at a time, how often do you let him have it)? Any tips are app
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