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  1. My dog, Tony, has been suffering from lameness for over three weeks now in his front left paw. It all started with a slight limp that turned into a high fever, all in the span of one afternoon. Bloodwork and X-rays came back normal. Ultrasound revealed an enlarged spleen. Infection of his toe is what was suspected, as his toe was swelling up at this point. He was put on antibiotics (clavamos) and steroids (prednisone). By day 3, his entire foot was swollen and by day 4, his back foot started to swell and he had red skin on his front right leg. I took him back to the vet and they changed antibi
  2. 9 year old male who is now limping on right rear leg...a little swollen..limps on soft material(bed carpeting etc) after a couple of steps on hard surface seems better. Stiff when he first stands up. Is notin pain..still wants to go for walks jumps around and gets excited and plays. we know he had injuries when he raced but could not find out what. He only raced 1 race and we got him at 2 years of age. He did have a punture wound on that foot a few months ago that vet took care of and then had to have a cancerous growth removed from same leg .
  3. Hi, We are new first time adopters of a beautiful female grey (6 yrs old). We've had her just six weeks and she is wonderful. She started limping 3-4 days ago. She's very energetic and loves doing zoomies and sprints in the back yard, and after one of these sessions the limping started. Today, we took her to the vet for the first time and he identified the pain in her back left hip. We have her on anti-inflamatories, but he said if it doesn't improve in 3-4 days we need to do x-rays to look for bone cancer. We are obviously very worried and a bit freaked out having only had her six weeks.
  4. Hi All, New owner of Arrow (six weeks) with new question about limping: Ours had a nice run of circles and zoomies in our small back yard yesterday. She took a walk last night and did great. Then this morning she had a slight limp. It seemed to go away after a few minutes so we thought it might just be that her leg was asleep or a cramp, etc. But she froze worse than every before on her walk this morning, then when we got home she started limping again. It seems to kind of go away after a while of walking, but it's been persisting all day, particularly right when she gets up. We suspect i
  5. I am having a panic attack. My 8 year old Jasper, whom I adopted when he was 1 & 1/2 years old and was always 100% sound was running off leash this morning with my 10 year old greyhound. Nothing out of the ordinary, they run and play frequently. We walked home from the park, no lameness nothing off all day. At around 5:30pm as I was taking both boys out for their evening walk, Jasper came into the kitchen completely not putting weight on his left back leg. The area around the hock looks swollen and warm to the touch and looks considerably bigger then his right back leg. I gave him a 50 mg
  6. Our greyhound has just had blood work done. She is 6 years old and has been limping for a few weeks – right front leg. The vet examined her and nothing shows up. Her blood values look normal, I think, except the Basophils are high at 0.21 (normal would be 0-015). I am really concerned that this could relate to cancer as I understand it relates to the bone marrow. Is anyone familiar with Basophils? Thank you for any response.
  7. Jack is our first grey, and we were so excited to celebrate his 6th birthday two weeks ago! We've had him for four years, but in the past 8 months he has started limping. I panicked and did as much research as I could and eventually found a corn on his right front leg. However, our previous vet diagnosed him with arthritis (without any tests and without looking at his feet) and put him on Rimadyl. Jack had a very nasty reaction to the Rimadyl, so we took him off and after more wasted time and money at the vet's we tried to treat the corn by ourselves. Although Jack seems healthy and happy
  8. Hello! I have a limping hound again This time it's not weekend warrior syndrome though This morning he started limping on one of his front paws- throughout the day it seems to have got much worse and he now holds it up when standing still. He is quite stoic, so it's a bit hard to see where the problem is, but he sometimes winces a little when I put pressure on one of his toes - when I looked, there's a small mark on it. I heard that greys can suffer from corns - and that it can be made worse if they do a lot of pavement walking (which he does) Does the below image look like it
  9. Sweep just saw the orthopedic specialist for her limping upon rising, which has been going on since August. She responds to NSAIDs, but the limp always returns--this last round, within just a few days of stopping them. Unlike our regular vet, the specialist was able to actually see the limp briefly in the office, and he watched the videos we've taken. Though my DH and I have sometimes had trouble determining which leg was affected and our regular vet felt strongly that it was the right front, the specialist was 100% sure it's her left front. He did an exam from nose to tail and took x-rays of
  10. Last week, Jack started favoring his right front foot while walking, and grooming his toes intently when he settled in his bed. I looked at his foot, and it looked like there was some skin thickening on the pad consistent with pictures of corns I'd seen. So I stuck duct tape on it, and he did favor it much less over the next few days (I've changed the duct tape each day). Then I took him to the park yesterday, and last night he was back to the limping and grooming in a big way and his foot still seems to be bothering him this morning. Does anyone have insight or experiences with this?
  11. My boy Seamus is 10 years old and has been on pain meds for three years for hind end pain. He takes 300 MG gabapentin and 50 mg tramadol twice a day. About three weeks ago, he started limping on his front right leg. It was the worst when he got up off his bed, but after walking a bit, it was not as bad. It still looked like he was hurting, but he didn't limp so severely. Since he could walk it off somewhat, the vet thought he had pulled something and that we should watch it for a bit. Unfortunately, it didn't improve so we went back to the vet, who thought the pain was in the shoulder. Xrays w
  12. Hi Pongo has been limping right front leg swinging out like a swimmer for about 3 months. We have had clean x-rays twice, good bloodwork and he's been on prednisone with no results. It seemed to get better for a bit then he got worse again. Hind end weakness too but strangely he doesn't seem to be in pain. Could it be tendonitis? Vet thinks soft tissue injury but it just doesn't let up. Any thoughts? Pongo is 12 next month!
  13. Hi Fellow greyhound friends, Last Friday while walking my two boys, Onyx stepped on something sharp and ended up with a cut on his back toe. The cut was rather deep and bleeding. I have been soaking his foot three times daily in Epsom salt but he was still a little lame on it, but nothing serious. We were going for our regular walks and he was fine. However as of last night, Tuesday he has not been putting any weight on that foot at all and has been pretty much hoping on three legs since yesterday. I took a closer look at his toe and it is badly swollen. The bottom part of the toe is much big
  14. I'll try to make this as succinct as possible A year ago, my four year old Greyhound broke his toe (right front paw, "ring" toe) while running. My vet recommended a partial amputation. The break was at the closest joint to the claw. Surgery went smoothly, "Keith" recovered nicely. However, beginning a month or so ago, Keith began limping badly when walking on rough surfaces. He's fine on grass, carpet and other soft surfaces. He's even OK on smooth-ish concrete. In the back yard, he has no problem reaching full-speed. At first I thought it might be a corn, as these are classi
  15. My 6 year-old grey, Scarlet has developed a limp. The vet thought it was shoulder pain/arthritis, and recommended glucosomine supplements. ]It's been a few months that she's been on the supplements and the limping is getting worse. We began to notice crustiness and discoloration on her outer toenail on her limping leg. Took her to the vet today, and he is perplexed, as Scarlet shows no painful reactions when he pushes on the toenail, and he doesn't detect the odor that accompanies an infection. I've attached a picture of her toenail...does this look familiar to anyone? Uploaded with Image
  16. Could I ask for prayers, good thoughts, and healing vibes for Penny? She is at the vet today because in the last week she has developed quite a limp on her left hind. Last week the vet shot some radiographs of her knee, because it seemed painful, and saw no evidence of the evil C. However, she was also painful on hip extension and he needs her out in order to take those films. So she's in the office today, getting a dental and more radiographs. Looking back, it seems like this has been coming on gradually. I'd say the past month her energy level has been lower than usual. We attrib
  17. Jack has been favouring his front left foot/leg for the past few days. It was just occasional for the last day or so (observable for less than a minute at a time), and I wasn't sure if I was seeing things (especially with us walking on uneven surfaces). Today though he was obviously favouring the foot, and I'm trying to get some input on how potentially urgent it is to get him to the vet (and also because I'm a paranoid hound-parent who thinks the worst). The limp is most prominent when he's either changing gaits (speeding up), or walking on an incline. It's noticibly improved indoors (and h
  18. Pixie is limping this morning and we can't work out why. My husband says she was OK when she went out in the garden earlier, then when she jumped off her bed to say good morning to me the limp started. It's on the front right and she is lifting the paw. Thinking it might be cramp I have massaged the leg and shoulder. She has had a 50mg Rimadyl. She still had a little run in the garden (a few strides) despite the limp! It's beginning to look like it might be one of her toes. She whimpers when I touch the inner toe and webbing, and pulls it away. Yet I have examined it with a torch a
  19. Adam Sunshine, who will be turning 12 in a few weeks, has been slightly 'off' for the past few days Moving differently if you know what I mean. . . yesterday his limp got more pronounced and progressively worse. He began slipping and having trouble doing the stairs, despite being on pain medication. His appointment is at 12:30, so if you could please spare a few good thought for this goofy boy And for Deb and Ed as well, they just lost Eric two weeks ago . . . . . .
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