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Found 3 results

  1. Trevor 06/07/05 - 11/08/18 Our friend was (is) very wise when she said to me "You NEED this dog." I still do, and am missing Trevor who left us suddenly one year ago today. Left us suddenly, in the afternoon of the day that another senior had arrived in the morning. For so many years I have understood and been living with the greyhound banner, the Circle of Love, that One Must Leave So We Can Love Another. But really Trev, the same day? Dogs are healthy and fine and all is right ... until the day they are not. Still, for those few hours when you and she overlapped, you welcomed our new camper as best you were able. Trevor. Just the best darned dog. From February 16, 2018. Before the osteo ... Before the mass ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs_kghbFIuU Still, always, missing Trevor
  2. Trevor Double-Heart was simply the best dog. He left suddenly in November and I (all of us) miss him terribly. Today is Trevor's 14th birthday. We will celebrate your joyous life, Trev, with whippy cream and snuggles in the grass, some of the things you most enjoyed. Trevor 06/07/05-11/08/18
  3. 13.5 - Osteo. Trevor When your time came you were supposed to leave on a good day, at home, surrounded by your fellow campers. While today was a beautiful and brilliant autumn day, just as it was the day we met, instead of from home surrounded by campers, I had to help you leave from the clinic, surrounded by our other friends. I understand the Greyhound Circle of Love but seriously, today? One must leave us so we can love another ... You have been just the best darned dog. I miss my friend. Trevor Double-Heart. My co-pilot while driving, standing up the entire way no matter how short or far we traveled with your trademark insistent nudge to maneuver your head under my hand. You loved doing that! And I love when you did it! Your head rested on my shoulder Every.Single.Night. Your soft woof when you thought I took too long to prepare your noms. How you loped across the yard first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon, smiling on each lap as you passed by me. You had such a silly gait – front end this way, back end that way – but you owned it! You put up with so much mayhem here, and created your own – the day you ran into the lawn chair and nicked the same spot on your head where you had run into the wheelbarrow! Having no teeth other than your canines and a few random toofers didn’t stop you from trying everything I offered. You were suspicious at first but grew to love whippy cream, mini-mooshies., even mini-milk bones broken in half. How you loved your walks, no matter the weather. Lately we’ve been walking only to Seamie’s Lane and back and more recently just around the back yard but still you woofed to go and were impatient as I adjusted your collar. Trevor, you have been just the best darned dog these past three years. How lucky was I that our friend saw you were looking for a home and said to me “You NEED this dog!!” Indeed. Godspeed Trevor Double-Heart. This camp will not be the same without you. The next morning: three goldfish. Oh Trevor
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