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  1. Hi Everyone! When I picked up Greyson, he had a ton of flakes on his fur. I asked the adoption rep if he had a skin condition and she told me that he flakes a bit when he's nervous but that it would go away once he calmed down (I adopted him shortly after his last race and he was in a foster home before me). It's since not gone anywhere, and it seems to be flaking off constantly. I can't even brush him in the room because there's so much of it. We went to the vet and she let me know that he has a slight yeast infection. He's been so itchy and scratchy, and the vet gave me some a
  2. Thanks for your reply! I adopted him from Forever Home Greyhound Adoption in NY. The rep that met with me when we picked him up told me to give 10mL 3 days in a row for three weeks, and then three days in a row once a month, but they didn't mention how I should be giving it to him or if I should expect any side effects. He's been lethargic all day since coming home from our morning walk at 6:30, and I just took him out and his stool was very mucus-y and several colors. Brown, red, and yellow (but I don't know if it was blood or just the coloring of the mucus). I chatted into the vet a
  3. My Greyson also started eating at the grass yesterday. I initially thought it was just because he's in a new place and getting to know the area, but this morning he had a very grumbly and gurgly tummy (lasted about an hour, uninterrupted) and he seems to be lethargic. He's been on his bed the entire morning, and he didn't so much as move his head when I came in the room with food on my plate. I did feed him at 8 and the gurgling has stopped, but that's when he decided he didn't want to move anymore. I chatted in with an online vet and they let me know that it's likely because of the ch
  4. Hi Everyone! To get right to the point, I picked up my retired racer yesterday and was told by the adoption rep that I should buy pyrantel pamoate on Amazon because of hookworms. I've never heard of this and didn't know what it was until she briefly explained it to me, and I want to make sure I start to address it right away since it sounds like it can take the better part of a year to (hopefully) treat. I have a vet appointment scheduled for the 6th of May (earliest I could get it). I was told by the adoption group to give him 10mL/day for 3 days in a row, for three weeks. After
  5. Thanks, everyone, for the tips! He's already eaten breakfast so I'll try the mealtime in the crate this evening, as well as the Kong with PB. He seems to love his toys that squeak, but I'm nervous about putting them in there with him overnight in case he rips it open and swallows the squeaker -- at least for now while we're still settling in. I may try and move my bedroom around as well if the crying doesn't seem to stop after a few days. I don't mind where he sleeps as long as he's sleeping, ha! So if this will do the trick, I'm all for a bit of rearrangement. How do you know
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be able to finally post a picture of my adopted retired racer, Greyson Frankie! Greyson turned four in January and comes from Florida by way of Albany, NY. Last night was the first night in the house and it went better than expected. He cried a bit when we went to bed (crate is in the living room because there's not much space in the bedroom with me), and although I had a hard time with it, he calmed down after a little while and seems to have slept through the night. I woke up and made a point to brush my teeth and get ready for the day a little bit
  7. Thank you, all, for your words of encouragement! I did end up choosing to go through my employer -- the lifetime price guarantee is too good to pass up, and as some of you mentioned, putting the additional money that I would've spent on the policy without the discount into an emergency fund is a great idea. It sounds so simple now that you all have said it, ha! About to head out and make the 3-hour drive to Albany to pick up the doggo -- feeling very nervous and excited! Will definitely keep everyone updated!
  8. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on the forum and I'm excited to be picking up my retired racer (Don, to be renamed Greyson Frankie) on Sunday! Among everything else that's got me anxious lately, I wanted to get some opinions on pet insurance and your experiences with vet visits in the past to make sure I'm properly set up for anything that may come up and require attention. I work for a company that partners with Nationwide and provides a great discount on their complete insurance package, at just under $90 per month with a 90% reimbursement. The caveat to this is that the annua
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