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  1. The year after this happened, Joey discovered a better way to cool down all on his own. We live next to a small river, where Joey enjoyed lying on little sandy beaches; he started with digging a huge hole until he hit wet sand, then he'd lie in the hole and scoop the cool, wet sand up over his hindquarters and belly. Spend an hour like that, listening to the sounds of the river, watching the ducks, and snoozing like a hound. Then one day he discovered, he could actually wade in the water. And if he was wading, well, might as well lie down! So he'd get the cool water for a while, and when
  2. I love that you have a garden grotesque instead of a garden g-nome, and Cletus doesn't seem to mind at all. Thanks for showing!
  3. Ah. I see my Mary posted here. My apologies for taking so long to respond, thank you all for your kind words and advice. Yea, who would understand better, than Greytalkers. Thank you and thank you again. We want a greyhound. No doubt of it. !st choice. Now Mary is doing a bit better, has been investigating shelters nearby. Sadly, we lost our car in 2016 and ran into some difficulties, so no replacement car yet. Oh yes, a Grey, because Greys are the best. I'm afraid the dog Tipper that Mary mentioned, has found his home. Both sad and happy. Mostly happy, he looked a good boi. Other ho
  4. Sorry for the all caps... that's what (and how) the lady said... The upcoming heat wave has brought this story to mind. It happened in 2014, our 3rd year with Joey, but first a little background. You may recall Joey came to us through the kind assistance of the Connecticut Greyhound Rescue group and the fine grey-talkers here. I thank you all. He had raced in Florida, and his foster family* told us he did not like the hot weather, and didn't care for walkies. (My goodness, I love this spell-checker with suggested speelings!) Turns out Joey soon loved walkies in our little neighborhoo
  5. Mary here. It had been four months and four days since we lost our beloved Joey and the pain has not gone away. In fact it has gotten worse, no doubt because our current circumstances might prevent us from ever getting another greyhound. In another post Ray mentioned us maybe getting a cat. Honestly I don't want a cat or other animal.I'm not sure if I could form the same bond. I don't know. Maybe i am just being selfish. But I am a lifelong dog person. Always I have relied on my canine friends for support and yes, unconditional love. And now I don't have that. We don't have th
  6. Thank you. I think that is especially bad, losing someone on a holiday. I was afraid Joey wouldn't make it past Christmas, since he came to us near Christmas, which would've ruined the entire holiday season for poor Mary. I am very sorry to hear of Mazy's passing. Right now we are just hoping another fine hound will show up needing a home. Mary has investigated a few shelters near us, and she has even considered a cat despite not being much of a cat person. I haven't been able to feel much enthusiasm. I can't imagine anything other than another greyhound. But I fully support her, a
  7. My dear Macoduck, Again with the apologies. I truly am sorry, I don't know what is wrong with me. Thank you for your kind words, and what you say about us all, everyone, having gone through (or are going through) rough times, and experiencing such losses, is so very true. I felt there wasn't a gathering of people anywhere that would understand better than the Greytalkers here. That, I think, was what gave me the courage to login. I do not care to hear the phrase "It was just a dog." Folk here know better. (Sorry, allergies or something, trouble seeing keyboard...) I am so truly
  8. My dear Macoduck, please accept our apologies for my incredible incompetence in responding so late with our grateful thanks for including my poor Joey in this remembrance list. I fear I am not very good at this forum stuff, and I remember you from those many aeons ago, so you probably recall I wasn't very good at it then as well. Your kind words here are a comfort to us all. Thank you.
  9. Well. It is Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have gone before. A moment of silence... Thank you. And here I am again, needing to apologize. And I am truly sorry for being so rude. I guess I am just no good at this sort of thing. A bit of background may help with understanding, as we do not mean to be rude. Some of you old-timers remember me from years past, and last I was here regarding our lovely boy Joey /AKA/ DK's Sweet Treat. Apparently, part of the reason for taking so long to return, is our difficulty in dealing with his having to leave us. And now I'm back to being
  10. It is done. Joey Greyhound has left us. Thank you all so much for all your kindness and patience. I will try very hard to get videos on Youtube.
  11. This will take a few minutes (please, hands, please arms, don't fail me now.) Thank you everyone, for caring, and sharing. Always a sad time for anyone who has been owned by a dog. Thus, the title of this thread. We had many variables that had to be factored in, for the best possible solution for Joey. It is after all, for all of us Grey owners, the thing and the whole of the thing. We have had a very rough several years that leave us in a poor financial situation. I had to junk my car. We are both disabled, and apparently much older than when Joey came to stay. Mary is having grea
  12. Hi all. Sweetiesmum (and now Joeysmum too) here. I am posting under Ray's account because my own account is long gone. Like Ray, I am sorry I haven't posted before now but I know you wonderful people will understand. I am heartbroken over Joey's illness and the decision we will have to make, probably sooner than we want or can cope with. Right now I can't imagine our lives without Joey. I know it has to be done. But it is hard, so hard. He is such a sweet dog. Except when the vet felt the leg tumor our boy has never growled in all the time we've been fortunate enough to have him in o
  13. Hello everyone, very pleased you enjoyed that little tail tale. Heh. Yes, I have pics. Probably vids, too. And I do wish to share them. But I are slow. Slower than molasses flowing uphill in a polar vortex. One too many knocks to the noggin, I fear. I used to use Photobucket, but have been advised that they now want significant dollars to link or share photos. Someone recommended Flikr or Imgur. Don't know what Flikr is. Went to check out Imgur and came to six months later with 1, 368,221 bookmarks of puppies, dogs, cats, animals, and a load of other stuff. Never did create an
  14. Thank you again, all, for your kind words and concern. I knew most, if not all, would understand from going through it yourselves. Now, I ask your patience as I am completely lost now when it comes to how to do this forum stuff. Reply to each response separately, or just a general response to all? Seems like less bandwidth/space with just one reply. If I need correcting, please let me know. Been a long time. We have been going to this particular vet for some 18 years now. They have always, always been very kind and helpful, even helping us out when money was really tight with free samp
  15. It's so fluffy!!! (This is to distract me a bit.) Years ago, Joey got into the habit of nosing through the grocery bags as they sat on the couch before sorting and storing things. This was because often there would be a squeeky toy among the groceries. And he's a hound. I am pleased to be the great-uncle to two beautiful wee sprogs, named Finley and Keegan. We were going up to visit my brother for Easter with the kids, so Mary got a huge fluffy toy for each of them. The kind that are as big or bigger then the kid themselves. Well, she brought them home and plopped the bags on t
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