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  1. Hello you guys I once more need your honest opinion and maybe someone experienced this type of problem with their Greyhound as well Faye has been with us for a month now (whew, time really flies) and overall she´s a wonderful and easygoing girl, very calm and still anixous or scared at times but nothing like in the beginning - it´s already so much better and I can see her change everyday. She sleeps through the night and also got a hang of our daily routine or rather what´s left of it because of the pandemic She lies or sleeps in her crate all day...and this is where the not so fun par
  2. Hi all, I'm heartbroken and seeking advice (also new here.) My partner and I adopted Jumper 3 months ago. He's a 4 year old ex-racer. Everything has gone very smoothly -- we've both bonded with the dog, he's doing well with obedience training and we've spent a lot of quality time together. We love him to pieces, and he is very affectionate, cuddly and loving. He always wants to be right next to me (classic velcro dog.) Over the weekend, Jumper bit me (or rather, nipped me pretty good) in the face. I have a black eye and one puncture near my tear duct where his tooth made contact.
  3. Hello! I have had my greyhound for 2 months now. She is 6. She has had no accidents in the house until recently. We have been at my parents for two weeks now - the past two days she has peed inside. Once in the AM and once in the PM. I am wondering if this is cause to be concerned since it is something she has never done or if it is a new environment / more house (we live in an apt) . Also concerned maybe it is a UTI... I am a new greyhound owner so I am not sure!
  4. Hello everyone! I have never used this site before, but am looking for some advice! Two weeks ago I brought home my very first retired racer, and he's amazing. I know there is definitely an adjustment period that can last much longer than these 2 weeks, but as a first time greyhound (and dog in general) owner I just want to make sure my new bud is doing ok. As the title of this post states, he is pretty much scared of everything (I'm assuming because everything is new to him?). Other than myself, he is terrified of nearly everyone and tries to run and/or hides behind me, whines/yelps in
  5. First time grey owner here! Apologies for the long post but I'm a bit desperate... We've had Ivor for 3 months and he has been an absolute star throughout. Friendly with dogs and strangers, a gentleman at the vets and can't get enough of cuddles with us. But today, he managed to get hold of an avocado stone and I panicked about him choking on it so tried to grab it out of his mouth. He growled and I ran to get some treats to distract him (hoping he would drop it) but before then my husband also tried to get hold of it and Ivor snarled and lunged at him, biting him in the arm. It almost br
  6. New first-time grey owner and previous lurker on the forums (lots of great info from you folks!) I have been struggling with our new boy Tully having isolation distress/separation anxiety. Background: Tully came off a farm in TX as a failed racer, not quite 2 yrs old. Sweet disposition, the calmest 2 year old dog I've ever had. Big issues arose when I tried to leave him alone during the first week. Lot's of gentle, slow attempts at crate training. When I was able to get him crated, shut the door and leave the condo, Tully bent the steel crate bars with his teeth, destroyed an "indestructi
  7. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum a lot over the past 6 months and have already learned a lot from this community. I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having. I have a 2 1/2 year old female greyhound that LOVES people and other dogs. She has never shown aggression towards another human and very rarely with other dogs (always a clear reason why like trying to hump her or standing over her while she was dozing on the floor). However, something happened yesterday that I am hoping for some help with. My brother adopted a greyhound as well about a week ago and
  8. We adopted a two-year-old girl in January. She's been wonderful so far and we love her, but she's recently had a change in her sleep pattern that is causing difficulties. For the first month and a half, she slept soundly through the night. For the last two weeks, she's woken up once each night between 2 am and 5 am, whining or sticking her nose in your face to ask to go out. If you ignore her, she'll bark until someone takes her out. She sleeps in our upstairs bedroom, so when she wakes us up, we always take her straight downstairs and to the door, and she goes outside for 3-5 minutes, then al
  9. Hello. My wife and I recently adopted a 2 year old male greyhound about 6 weeks ago. Overall he has been settling in really great and seems comfortable and at ease most of the time. However, I am seeking advice whether there's anything we can be doing to help him not be so fearful or timid when meeting new people, particularly while in our home. Overall he is inherently shy and typically won't let strangers pet him. Even if he's met someone before it doesn't seem to matter. However, I wouldn't describe him as excessively fearful either - just guarded. He'll approach and sniff, but from a dista
  10. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and a brand new first time greyhound owner! My wife and I are extremely excited and love our new greyhound Arrow. She is 6, was a racer and was also mother to two litters of racing pups. We have had her about two weeks. 90% of everything is great, we are so happy! The one area that is becoming tough (besides stairs) is walking. She started off walking great, staying with us, not leading, etc. But in the last few days she has started freezing with increasing frequency and seems often not to really want to walk anywhere other than the backyard. There a
  11. Does anyone have thoughts on dog parks? We've taken our new grey Arrow twice. I could tell she loved it so much - getting to run free and be with other dogs. And she generally did great both times. At one though, there were separate spaces for big and little dogs, and she seemed a bit obsessed with a chihuahua on the other side of the fence. Chasing it back and forth and barking. I felt like it made the dog's owner a little uncomfortable. I know she couldn't get to the dog in this instance, but I worry about her being in a shared space with a small dog. Do you all muzzle your greys when in a
  12. Let me start by saying, that we have dreamed of having our grey for over 20 years. My family and I recently adopted a greyhound a little over a month ago. He was only for 2 weeks with a foster family (after retiring from racing) before he came home with us; and we learned that although lovely people, the foster parents, were very disorganized and didn't do anything to help him transition to family life. We have been very blessed and lucky that a gentleman who assisted with qualifying us for the adoption lives nearby and has been helping us through our training struggles. We haven't had
  13. Hi all. We recently adopted our boy about a week and a half ago. I know it's all still new, and he's never been left alone, but we're having issues. We first started to use the crate and did alone training, but he really hated it. It would be a real struggle to get him in the crate and when left for a longer period of time, he chewed on it and bent the metal. I decided to instead put up a gate outside the kitchen and keep him in there with his bed. We left him for about 10-15 minutes, and when we came back in, we found that he had chewed up the gate door, chewed on our counter top, and had jum
  14. My greyhound will stare at me, then whine or bark. I don't know what he wants. I have tried letting him out, petting him, playing with him to no avail. I wish I could figure out what is behind this as I feel bad not knowing. Any ideas? This is our first greyhound and he's been with us since November.
  15. We have had Genie for 6 months now and she has recently been very clear that she doesnt want to wear her coat or boots when going out. We live in MN and it regularly is only a few degrees, she refuses to poop unless she has been walked at least to the end of the block, no matter how hard we have tried to get her to do her business closer to the house. That means that we have to put on her boots and jacket to take her out. She used to be totally fine with the jacket (Slips over her head and velcros around the waist) and has been pretty good about boots (slip on and velcro), as good as you could
  16. Hi everybody! This is my first post, though I've been lurking the forums anonymously for a while now. This place has been such a great resource already - I love the community here! I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience with their greyhound and might be able to give me a little bit of insight to my hound's weird behavior. We adopted 3.5 year old Dewey in March - he's a huge goofball and pretty outgoing for a greyhound. He showed some pretty normal symptoms of anxiety for the first few months - he was scared of leaving the apartment at first, scared of cars and loud noises, scared
  17. My SO and I have had our greyhound for about 3 months. Every Monday-Friday, I take him out at 6:30 AM before I start getting ready for work. He was always totally fine with that, until about a week ago. He started softly growling, got louder, started barking, then snapping. I was always able to get the leash on him before any real snapping began, but today he snarled before I even got near him. I tried to pet him first, to show him it was okay, and he bit my hand. So I just reached in and grabbed his collar and pulled him up, thinking I was showing him who's boss. He showed all his teeth, his
  18. My greyhound has been going upstairs in my house for the past year with absolutely no problems. Last Wednesday evening, he followed me upstairs when I came home from work as he always does. However, that night, he would not go upstairs for bed. No amount of persuading on my part would get him to budge. I tried treats. I even tried using a leash, which has worked in the past when he had been nervous with new stairs. However, he just pulled back. Since then, he has not gone up the stairs once. I don't think there is anything physically wrong with him, as I had him at my mom's on the weekend and
  19. I've had Henry about 4 months. He is the sweetest dog ever. And generally completely well behaved. About three weeks ago, I went out of town for work and the pet sitter said he started refusing to come in the main door to my apartment building. She said it would take him about 10 minutes to walk through the door. He has done the same with me ever since as well. He is very hesitant to walk over the threshold of the door. Sometimes he comes in easier than others. The entryway floor is tile and then carpteted stairs. He is fine with every other door way. Its very strange! The door has never s
  20. We adopted our boy, Hank, in January. We started off with a very nervous dog, who had diarrhea for three months and finally has a negative fecal sample as of this past Monday. When we first got Hank, he whined anytime we left him home alone. We started with interval training and he couldn't even handle thirty seconds. Once we shut our condo door, he started yelling. We tried to let him work through it and recorded him, but it went on for three solid hours. We got home, he went to sleep and napped for 18 straight hours, mainly because he exhausted himself. He then started being destru
  21. I adopted 3.5-year-old Tanner a little more than a month ago, and he's been such a great addition to our family. I think he's figured out that he's now in his forever home because just last week he started barking. It's a tail-wagging playful bark, but it's a little intimidating nonetheless and I'm not sure what he needs. He's usually been walked, potty-ed and played with. Anyone else dealing with random bouts of barking? I try to keep my cool when he does it and not react with barking back at him!
  22. Hi, I've recently adopted a spooked female, Laila, she's 2.5yo. I didn't start the training yet, cause she is not even a month at home and it's hard to take her for a walk, I have to drag her, because I live in a apartment and she doesn't pee/poo inside. I've tried the pads, but she didn't get what they are for. Last week she started with a habit of taking things to her bed, like sandals, socks, yoga strap, anything that she has access. We hide everything, but she always find something. She doesn't eat or chew the things, just like to have them in her bed. I wasn't so bothered about
  23. I see a number of threads about leashed behavior, walking the dog, behavior issues, exercise needs etc. So many of these things and more, come together and are addressed in walking your dog on the leash. It seems terribly simplistic to say, but it is true (and it is that simple). At the risk of telling you all what you already know in one form or another: Many years ago, while involved with shepherd dogs, we used to really push the importance of walking your dog. Shepherd breeds, and most breeds to some extent, need physical and mental stimulation regularly or there will be serious con
  24. Hello. I'm new to this forum. I just adopted a small (~50 lb) red fawn greyhound, Freya, about four days ago. She's my first grey. So far the home introduction has been good, and she's remarkably well-behaved. One behavior quite puzzles me though, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions/has seen this before. Un-surprisingly, Freya gets up in the middle of the night to ask to go out (whimpers and pacing). I oblige her, and then she settles down. I assume eventually she'll be able to make it through the night. However, the last two nights she hops up at 4 am, wanders through the room onc
  25. Chai's favorite thing in the world is food. We usually feed her at 7AM (or whenever she wakes us up on the weekend) and 6PM. But lately, instead of gobbling up her food in the morning with her usual excitement, she won't eat it for hours and/or needs coaxing. I know she's hungry because I can literally hear her stomach growling loudly!! Nothing has changed about her food or our routines (other than storing the food in a can in the kitchen instead of basement but she started doing this before that). So what's up with her sudden lack of interest with breakfast? Do greyhound eating habits cha
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