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  1. Beautiful girls! Carmen face is so cute! 😍😍
  2. NevadasMom


    There will never be another hound like Lexie. She was one of those "once in a lifetime dogs". And you were the lucky folks to have her. Love you Lexie! 💕💕💕
  3. So glad you decided to give Katie a home! I knew she was staying! LOL BTW....I LOVE her collar!
  4. Oh my is right. Beautiful pup.
  5. Trolley wonders why she wasn't invited! ☹🙁
  6. I've been told that Trolley is Irish marked. So I need to check her pedigree for Irish lines.
  7. Yup. Trolley has one that starts at the top of her head & goes down to her shoulders. It's darling! 💕💕
  8. That's my girl...first one at the trough! 🐷🐷
  9. You didn't buy him an alternate pillow for such a time?? 😲😲
  10. Happy Birthday! Glad she got to taste the GH Sundae. 😘😘
  11. Trolley was so tired from all the excitement. She slept all day Friday & until 6am today. 😂😁
  12. Don makes her stay on that bed so that he gets good TV reception.
  13. It seems impossible that the cute little blue brindle 2 year old that I brought home is now 12. She's been my best friend & my support while I fought breast cancer. Stay tuned for pictures from the July 4th hound birthday party! We'll be celebrating the July birthday girls Trolley, Petunia & Bella.
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