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  1. Has anyone used Durvet Triple Wormer? Is it safe for Greyhounds? Thanks
  2. We do pick up...not only healthy..but it's the right thing to do...we don't have a fence up yet...so we are right there when she poops. When we do fence the yard we will supervise. Also I want to get her on a preventative program...if she tolerates it. Thanks for the response!
  3. HEY! Sorry to hear about the stubborn Hookworm problem. I myself am going to ask my vet about a protocol that a breeder has suggested. We have an appointment for next week and I will ask him then. Here is a paste of what I want to try...maybe you can ask your vet about it also: " To start, make sure that, apart from Hookworms, your Greyhound is healthy. Ask your veterinarian to administer a subcutaneous injection of liquid Ivermectin between the shoulder blades. If your vet doesn’t carry it, they can certainly order it. Dosage: 1/10th cc per 10 pounds of body weight, or 1
  4. HI! Thanks for the tip on the carrots...I will take note of that...NORMALLY we find that Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin works good for our Emma. Also, Purina Pro Plan Skin and Stomach Salmon works too...but...she don't like the Purina and I hear its got some corn in there...so we are not gonna give her too much more of that. I found this article online about hooks in Greys...here: http://makepeacewithanimals.org/suggestions-for-eradicating-ho/ I myself am gonna ask the Vet about that protocol. Anyway, so, Emma was a racer...good? I dunno...but I was impressed b
  5. HI! Thanks for your response and concerns! The term "bubble gut" is one I use to express how I feel when my stomach area feels like it's bubbling. For my Emma(grey), I am expressing that I hear her stomach/intestines bubbling....no she does not seem to be bloated...I am always on the lookout for that one! She was not eating or drinking...because she was nauseated I think. So I gave her about 10cc of Kaolin Pectin. 4 hours later I still could hear her stomach area bubbling, so I gave her another 10cc of Kaolin Pectin. I am very restricted in using that stuff because I know it
  6. Will do that...in fact I will go to the same vet the adoption group initially took her to....will see to that on Monday...hopefully she gives me a nice stool to take in. Thanks!
  7. HI! This morning when she first woke up she was pacing....we took her out and she peed and did small poop. I heard her bubble gut and gave her the Kaolin...it is a doggie specific brand so no harmful stuff in there...used it before for her diarrhea. Dunno if it was the Kaolin..but now she is still noisy with the bubble gut..but she lays down...she seems fairly alert..growling when she hears dogs barking etc. She still has not eaten...not sure if she even drank much water....just took her out again to potty area...she is not interested. But she keeps trying to eat grass.
  8. Yes. She was adopted by us about 5 weeks ago. She has had her checks and shots and hookworm treatment. We do have her last dose of the series to give her, a syringe of oral med and two ampules of topical. Thus far this morning, she won't touch some yummy chicken and rice premium can food I went to get her...and no water yet. She is laying down now...still hear her intestines working. I gave her some Kaolin for dogs..just two teaspoons to help her with the nausea. Can't help but worry...keeping an eye on her and will take her to the vet tomorrow if she does not clear up.
  9. Hello- I am posting this on a Sunday. I tried to call several places and nobody is open for routine services. So before taking my Emma for an Emergency visit. I figured I would post my situation here and maybe someone can office advice or information. I have been feeding my Emma, a 2 1/2 year old female retired racer, the same food for sensitive stomach and skin(Hills). She is normally fine and really does not fart up the house or anything. Usually we budget in two cookies and a greenie in her daily diet. We did not stray from this...but last night she went to bed f
  10. So Emma's mommy was fawn...I think her daddy was black.....but none of these sisters are fawn and one is black brindle. Doggie genetics....lol
  11. So you call her Jenny? Or is it JRo? We kept Emma as Emma....or sometimes I call her Emmy...when baby talking her. Very smart doggie she is.
  12. Oh yes! Definitely some high performance cooling in them noses!
  13. A pointy needle nose that is irresistibly cold in the mornings! Here, to appease your curiosity, is a picture of the third sibling...Smoochie Face...thanks to Janet who helped us with Emma and is now fostering Smoochie!
  14. I have not noticed any nose curves? Here is a picture of her sleek nose.
  15. Got some news! Smoochie Face...another sister of Jenny Rocks and Emma Rocks....is currently being fostered by the same lady that assisted is in adopting Emma! Wow...so we can account for 3 pups! Yaaaaay!
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