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  1. Hi Guys, I'm just looking for some advice to see if I'm doing the right thing. My greyhound Murphy, who is 5 and a half, has been having really bad breath the last few weeks. I thought it was something he was eating but took to the vet for a dental to be sure. The vet says it's probably periodontal (?) Disease. Murphy is booked in for a clean and possible removal of his affected teeth on Tuesday. The vet said he won't know for sure if they need to be removed or just cleaned. But I'm wondering if there's any alternatives to removal of the teeth? The vet was looking at his front teeth and one of his canines (the long pointy ones). Has anyone got any experience with this? Am I better just to let them remove the teeth or is there something else to be done? Thanks for any advice
  2. Mercury just had two teeth removed, premolars, one on each side. For the next two weeks, he's on a soft food diet. As he gets water in his kibble all I have to do is let it soak for a few minutes. Treats... on the other hand.... Merc gets "paid to poop". When he comes in from performing an act of elimination, he gets small biscuits. At bedtime he gets a big . The vet said "no crunching for two weeks". So, now what do I do? As we're talking about multiple little treats during the day, that's too much cheese. The only raw vegetable he likes is zucchini. Turns his nose up at fruit. I'm thinking of opening a can of cooked carrots but I'd like your ideas too, please.
  3. Just noticed purplish "bruise" non-tender on iggy's chest a day after dental. Vet did complete blood panel prior to dental. She is acting ok. I don't know if I should be off to ER or wait to hear from her vet in a.m. I did an online search for bruising following vet dental and the photo I saw was almost exact. I didn't specify Greyhound in my search yet this site came up. Dont know if this is common. I'm a wreck!
  4. Peggy, now 11, is scheduled for some dental work on Monday provided that her bloodwork first thing in the morning shows she can handle it. I expect there will be some extractions. So I'm wondering, after the anesthetic wears off, what is the right kind of food to give her to eat and for how long? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  5. My Maisie had two molars extracted 2 days ago, and after some motherly panic about swelling. all seems well. Our vet gave us an e-collar to keep Maisie from pawing at her sutures. Husband thinks we can leave it off of her now full-time, as she hasnt shown any interest in pawing at her sutures when the collar is off and were monitoring her. Im concerned theres still a risk. Thoughts???
  6. 9-year-old Sheba is having her dental today. We get them every other year. Her teeth traditionally have been in pretty good shape so I don't expect any issues, but since she's now a senior, please keep her in your thoughts today.
  7. So Violet is having her dental on Monday and we are trying to prevent a repeat of what happened last time, which was her urinating blood clots when they tried to get her up for the first time as she was coming out of anesthesia. I am still not sure whether this was not rhabdo at all (in which case they think stress likely caused irritation of her bladder/urinary tract), rhabdo only, or a combination, but of course we want to try to prevent a repeat. So the vet and I agreed that we should do something like Amicar and he was on board with Tranexamic Acid since Amicar is still so costly and hard to find. He is asking me to give 3/4 of a 650 mg tablet every 12 hours starting Friday or Saturday (to make sure she doesn't have a negative reaction) and keep her on it through the dental. I read over the old thread on this topic and saw most people were having the medication compounded, but also were talking about capsules. I found a GoodRx coupon that says it's for tablets and that's what the vet said we'd get so presuming that's true, splitting them should be fine, right? That would mean she'd be getting a dose of ~488 mg, which seems about right (she's 60#ish). They also asked me to start her on Yunnan Baiyao. This seems like a good idea to me, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with it's use. Waiting for my regular vet to call back just to run it by her because she uses chinese herbs, but is anyone familiar with it and has anyone used it in this type of situation? I just want to be careful not to overkill it here because she's not bleeding yet, and hopefully won't start. They recommended 1 pill twice daily starting tomorrow. I only see one product available through Amazon - it's in a green box - so I assume there's just one standard dose? Thanks!
  8. My fur kid is in for his first dental today (now, actually, so technically, I'm being an anxious hound mom at work...), and I wanted to ask this experienced crowd if you went to a soft diet for a few days afterward to help with any residual soreness. Our vet suggests at least a day of some softer food, then to wet his kibble down with water or broth for a few more days. Marvin lives to eat, so he'll eat whatever I give him, bleeding gums or not, so I'd like to protect him from himself and any potential for infection if he cuts his tender gums while eating. Marvin's 7 years old, and this is his first dental with us. His last one was 4.5 years ago, when he was right off the track, transitioning to us. We have been lucky with his teeth that near-daily brushing has worked very well and that today's procedure is just a regular prophy with no anticipated extractions. Has anyone used MaxiGuard, or a similar gel? Marvin is not a chewer - 20 seconds on a nylabone once a month or so is about as much as he'll do, and he can't do dental chews, as he won't chew them into small enough pieces to digest. We do brush his teeth anywhere from 4-6 days a week, but as he gets older, I'd like to see if there's anything we can supplement to keep his teeth and gums healthy. Thank you all, for all of the wisdom, experience, advice, and support you are always willing to share - I'm more of a lurker than a poster to this board, but I love it all the same!
  9. Hi, I'm a new in to this world of greyhounds, I've read lot of topics about dental issues in here. My dog was adopted and had a dental cleaning in the rescue I think 2 months before be with me, but her teeth were in really bad shape when I got her. I know it's not recommended but I scaled her tartar and now her teeth are pretty white and perfect outside. Her vet also said her teeth are in really god shape now, for a Greyhound. I brush her teeth with C.E.T Virbac poultry paste everyday, give her some Virbac enzymatic chews (this ones can be really dangerous, I always give and watch her cause she swallowed the whole thing and almost choke - Any other option of similar product? ), some Greenies chews as well. Her teeth are marvelous outside, but the inner side is quite messy and it's hard to clean inside. She loves so much the paste that sometimes is hard to brush her teeth while she is trying to eat all the toothpaste. In this forum I read about Healthy Mouth liquid, a product that you add in their water, but on Amazon I've read some really bad reviews about allergies and cases that the product almost killed the dog. I also read in this forum about one homeopathic product that makes the tartar soft, but couldn't find it online. I would like to know what brands do you use/recommend for a healthy breath and teeth? P.S.:Thanks all you guys, this forum is awesome and always gives me good tips how to care my sweet Laila.
  10. My 11 year old has to have dental work with 3 possible extractions. I have been quoted 1200-1500 dollars for this procedure. Is this too much? Should I get a second opinion?
  11. I recently adopted a beautiful 2 and a half year old named Tessa, and am wanting some advice/opinions on dental cleaning. The vet said she has quite good teeth (for a greyhound) but that they should be cleaned which they quoted at about $500. Her breath smells slightly bad and there is some yellowing at the tops of a few of her teeth. Would daily cleaning at this stage be any use, or does she really need to get a proper clean first? Thanks in advance for the advice, I'm just finding it a hard pill to swallow for the amount it will cost me.
  12. Our girls, Greta almost 9 and Stella 6, are going in for a dental tomorrow which I expect to be pretty brutal, unfortunately. Their teeth are in awful condition. I'm a bad dog mommy and admit I never brush their teeth. (I know. I feel bad about it.) After each dental I always swear I'm going to be better about it, and no excuses, I just never change. Ughghhh. Greta has tons of build up and eats poop (that's largely my excuse for not brushing-- I have no desire to reach in there and brush her poop mouth, though I know that's all the reason to do it!!!) and at her last dental a year and a half ago she had a couple of small extractions. 6 months ago she had her teeth scaled (non-anesthesia) and they're already terrible again. Stella also had scaling 6 months ago and they pointed out some abscessing going on though it was only on the paperwork and not verbal so I didn't notice it until recently The abscesses in her molar gums look awful and I'm afraid she may need those pulled. I'm afraid of the outcome -- extractions and $$$. We've spent thousands of dollars in the last 6 months on the dogs (ringworm testing and treatment, giardia testing and treatment, incessant paw licking for Stella and Greta's herniated disc) and here comes the whopper expense. And we have a 4.5 week old baby at home. We're turning into broke zombies!!! Please keep our good girls in your thoughts tomorrow that all goes smoothly. Lynne
  13. So our crazy destructo-dog Mika managed to destroy one of his own teeth on Monday night - he was chewing on a nylabone and I heard the tooth snap. Checked his mouth and sure enough, there's no tooth and 2 roots sticking out and a ton of blood. Called the vet and we got him on pain meds (Rimadyl, as he cannot tolerate opiates) and then got him in for an appointment on Tuesday. Antibiotic started on Tuesday (injection of Convenia, since it doesn't seem to cause GI upset for him, and he is the KING of diarrhea...). Our vet agreed to get him in for dental surgery Wednesday, and they did all the pre-op bloodwork. Everything looked good. The dental and extraction went well, and he came out of anesthesia well, but then apparently started urinating blood everywhere once he was awake. Continued to have blood in the urine for the next few hours, and the extraction area was also bleeding heavily. I arrived to pick him up, and he had just peed again and they caught the urine and the blood content had dropped off quite a bit. We found a local pharmacy that had some Amacar in stock, and I started him on that last night. We discontinued the Rimadyl. This morning, I caught the first urine of the day, and it's still a dark golden orangy brown. I took it in for urinalysis and haven't heard the results yet. The extraction site had a little blood oozing, but it wasn't too bad. Mika is 6 years old, male. His major other health problem is suspected IBD, which is controlled with a prescription food (Purina DCO). He was groggy last night, but this morning was his usual crazy self - doing zoomies in the living room with a stolen couch cushion because I took all the toys away.... (He eats soft ones and can't have chew toys because of the dental). Appetite normal for him, which is that he can eat anything at any time. Anybody got any ideas about what could be going on with the blood in the urine? We don't think UTI since there were no signs of infection in the blood or urine. Stress from being at the vet all day?
  14. I just read the following on greytarticles: While it is rare, greyhounds are the only breed that has been observed to have an unexplained increase in potassium level while anesthetized, especially after being under for about 1.5 – 2 hrs. In both Bailey’s case and the case last week, they discovered an extremely elevated level of potassium even though the level was normal just before the procedure. They gave calcium to counteract it in both cases, but were unable to reverse it in Bailey’s case. In the case last week, they had enough warning with heart rate gradually slowing that they ran a test and discovered it in time to reverse it; in Bailey’s case it was too sudden for the treatment to work (they only even tried it because of the incident the week before). This apparently has been observed in only greyhounds (rarely) but the mechanism of what is happening is not understood. My vet has decided that they are now going to start doing istat tests for electrolytes at one hour in and every half hour after that during a procedure whenever they have a greyhound anesthetized in order to try to catch this phenomenon early and reverse it before it causes a cardiac incident. http://greytarticles.wordpress.com/medical-first-aid/anesthesia-surgical/high-potassium-during-anesthesia-causes-greyhound-sudden-death/ This may be worth mentioning or asking about before your greyhound has a procedure that requires anesthesia.
  15. I just made a dental appointment for Jasper and Dr. Emily. Neither have had a dental before. I love and trust our vet, but know of someone who lost a greyhound immediately after a dental (I believe the dog became hyperthermic when coming out of anesthesia and wasn't being properly monitored). I'm wondering what questions I need to ask to make sure J and Em will have as safe an experience as possible. They have a pre-dental appointment to have blood work done, and, in Jasper's case, x-rays, as he has a mild heart murmur that needs to be investigated, so I'll have a chance to chat with the vet before the day of the dental. We don't know yet if either will need any extractions, but we are assuming it's a possibility for Em since she has worn the enamel off of many of her teeth (though they don't seem to bother her). What do I need to know? What questions do I need to ask? Thanks in advance for any advice. I am a bit of a nervous mom
  16. Poor Kimba. She is just six years old, and has been with me for a year or so. Her teeth are not good. The vet more or less insisted on doing a dental, which I had been resisting, saying that he thought two of her rear molars on one side would need to be removed. He showed me the receding gum and the rotting root. I was convinced. Also, Kimba has very bad dog breath, and I knew her teeth were involved in that as well. She had a dental at my vet's when she first arrived, a year ago, and no one thought she needed any extractions, or if they did, they didn't tell me, which you would imagine they would have done. Well, no one called me all day, so I called the office when I left work to come pick her up to ask if she would be ready at 4:30 as planned. Turns out they removed twenty teeth. All her molars and premolars. Poor baby dog. The vet explained what they had found at the gum line when I got there, showed me the teeth they had removed, and I guess I am more or less satisfied that what was done was proper. But, had I known such a radical procedure was going to happen, I would not have done it now, when I have to leave on Saturday for a weeklong trip; I would have taken her to a dog dentist; and when they decided that what they saw necessitated such enormous tooth loss, I think they should have called me. Now she is grogged out from her anesthesia, and a little while ago she moaned in her sleep. She got injected pain meds at the vet, and they sent her home wearing two fentanyl patches which they said will take about 24 hours to kick in. She will also get metacam. Sometimes I think that when I am 100 I will have experienced enough not to make errors in judgment.
  17. Some of you may recall that Sagan's dental was rescheduled due to his platelets being low. Well, it's 1.5 months later and we're going ahead with the dental finally, so I ordered Amicar from Walgreens. But now I'm worried about dosage. I know that it's supposed to be given 3x a day for 5 days following surgery. However, the recommended dosage in Dr. Couto's literature is 500mg on the low end to 1000mg at the high end, or between 15mg and 40mg per kg. I originally got a script for 15 tablets, but then I realized that Sagan is 84lbs and this article mentions the following: 55lbs to 79lbs: 500mg (1 tablet) 80lbs to 104lbs: 750 (1.5 tablets) >104lbs: 1000mg (2 tablets) (The article is about deerhounds, but I don't think that matters, since this information comes from the study conducted on greyhounds.) Does this look right? So am I ok to order 23 tablets? (i.e 1.5 x 3 = 4.5 tablets a day, for 5 days)? The vet tech I've been speaking to hasn't heard back from my vet (who is recovering from surgery herself), and I really want to pick up the Amicar today or tomorrow. Chances are I probably won't be hearing back from the vet today, so I needed to make a decision. The vet tech mentioned getting more if I wanted to (enough for a 1000mg dose 3x a day), but I don't think I want to give him such a big dose. Anyone here with an 80lb+ grey who has used Amicar? How much did you give? I need to know asap if I want the pharmacy to have the correct prescription for me and I need to let the vet tech know by 5pm. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me! This is my first time using Amicar, and I'm nervous enough about his impending dental...
  18. Dane has not really let me brush his teeth, and he has several brown spots on them. He loves to chew, and now that we know he is partial to rope toys, mom got him a sort of 'dental rope chew' It's the Booda Fresh n' Floss, and I suppose since it IS actual floss incorporated into the rope, it might be from that.. I'm just wondering how worried I should be? I have his first vet appointment scheduled for Wednesday, so I'm planning to ask the vet about the state of his teeth. (He's also eating kibble, so he's got that going for him, at least.) (you can click the pictures to look at them bigger) It's not a LOT of blood, I guess, but... Is it the same as with people? Do his gums just need time to become less sensitive?
  19. I haven't been on GT in SOOOOO long. After my Indigo died in 2011 (osteo), I was too shell-shocked to be involved in anything grey. Then, I had some human health problems. Then, I lost one of the Fab Feline Boys after a 3 month battle with liver disease. It hasn't been a fun ride. The household is still 4 humans but down to Maximilian (my 12 year old grey) and 2 Fab Feline Boys (ages 13 and 11). Max had a puffy snout last December. Vet seemed to think tooth abcess. We did antibiotics and it went away. This past Sunday, his snoot looked like an American Bull Terrier on one side. He yiped when I tried to probe around in there. Of course, he is prone to the grey drama gene. Went to see Doc on Monday. Seems to think tooth, again. He is on antibiotics and we are doubling his Wobenzyme for 5 days. His appetite is fine. This morning, he was rubbing at his face and yiped. When I looked there was some blood on his gums. Mind you...his teeth are AWFUL!! My docs and I are not crazy about the idea of putting an almost 13-year-old grey under for a dental. The bleeding has stopped and he seems fine. I am supposed to call doc tomorrow...just to let him know how Max is doing. Any thoughts? PS...I really missed you guys.
  20. I haven't been around much at all, and I'm sorry. Too much craziness in my life at the moment, it's been going on for a while and will continue at least until the end of summer. But I really need your advice, if you have any to give. Sagan was supposed to get dental surgery today, and we rescheduled out of concern that he might otherwise be at risk for post-operative bleeding, due to his platelets being unusually low (yes, even for a greyhound). I am so glad I requested pre-dental labwork. Anyway, without getting into it all, which would lengthen this post considerably, the point is that my vet mentioned that there is medication (aminocaproic acid) that can be administered just before surgery - and then following surgery for a few days - that will prevent bleeding, so if his platelets were still low next week, the dental could still be carried out. The problem is that they don't have this drug in injectable form (apparently it's been off the shelf in that form for some time, and no one locally seems to have it in tablet form either, so it would have to be special ordered. It is a very expensive drug - $200 for five pills. I am now faced with a decision as to whether to spend an extra $200 on medication that I may not even need to use, because it is not refundable. $200 is a LOT of money for me. Merlin's chronic health issues, apart from putting years on us in terms of stress and anxiety, have depleted our savings and we literally can only just barely afford to pay our bills at the moment. The vet tech I spoke to asked me if I wanted to look into possibly obtaining the meds from a Canadian online pharmacy to see if I could get them more cheaply that way. I wonder, has anyone done this before and can maybe recommend a good website that ships fast? You might be asking, Why the rush? Why not wait to see if his platelet count improves before a dental? It's a good point. There are two problems: 1. If we don't do his dental now, we're going to have to wait for quite some time. My vet is not going to be around until possibly well into August. If things don't go as planned, it might be even later. 2. If we wait that long, I may end up spending even more money because he may well require extractions at that point. His teeth are horrible and his breath is awful. The point here, though, is that we really can't afford to spend $200 for "just in case" medication. I also feel that this whole discussion overlooks the main issue, which is that his platelets are low and we need to find out why that is. And if we do, then the whole discussion about bleeding is redundant anyway. Although this all begs the question... what do vet offices do if a dog's labwork is fine and the surgery goes ahead and then all of a sudden the dog starts bleeding out? Do they seriously have to resign themselves to thinking "oh well, we're out of that particular medication that could stop the bleeding, tough luck"? I mean, I can't make sense of that at all. Am I missing something? What would you do?
  21. I would appreciate any good thoughts I can get for Robin. He has had a rough week. He has had some increased arthritis pain, and he hasn't been eating (which for this food hound says something!). We went to the vet, and we are certain he has at least one or two bad teeth, and one is broken. So after all of his misery this week, now he has to endure a dental on Tuesday. Thankfully, he seems to have been feeling better today and yesterday, and he's even eating his meals. But I'm still terribly nervous about the dental, even though I know he needs it, and I know he will feel better. He's going to Angell in Boston, and they will do everything possible for him. But he could use some seriously good thoughts and white light from all of you. Thanks! Cathy The patient:
  22. For 18 months it's all been about Lazer - lazer, lazer --- Today my Crazy girl Spirit goes in for a dental. She has never had one while in our home (3 year of bliss). So I have no idea how she will react to the anesthesia. She just had her 8th birthday in Oct. My Whirling-Dervish shouldn't need any extractions - I'm expecting a simple easy dental - but I'd love some extra good wishes while she is away today. My vet knows i'll be sitting by the phone expecting an update call - so I should know by mid-day how it all went. thanks! Lorinda-worried mom
  23. Both of my hounds are scheduled for their annual in January and I know our boy, Elliott, will probably need a dental - not so sure about our girl, Lea - her teeth and gums look pretty good. My question is, if they both need it, do you think I should schedule them both on the same day? Elliott had a dental a year ago and was fine afterwards. Lea was put under last year to have a corn removed (I am not sure why that was necessary, since Elliott has had them hulled w/o anesthesia several times, but I was not on GT at the time and had not had any experience with corns at that point)and had an erratic heartbeat coming out of the anesthesia that required a follow-up with a heart specialist, who said she was fine and it was likely from the anesthesia. So I am really hoping she doesn't need it ... I hate for either of them to have to go under and am already doing advance worrying. thoughts?
  24. Our girl Chauncey is nine and is scheduled for a dental, when we called to set up the appt. the vet stated that it would be a good idea for Chauncey to have an echo done along with her blood work before the dental. She told us Chauncey has a heart murmur which she has had since we got her at age three. They are not insisting that she have the echo they just thought it would be a good idea. What would you do. She has no issues. She is healthy, the heart murmur has never slowed her down, if in fact she has one. She had a dental when she was three and has not needed another until now. Since her last dental lasted so long I expect this to be her final dental. I don't want to risk her health but DH is off work right now and my salary was cut in half so money is tight. If everyone thinks it is the right thing to do we will figure something out. Thanks
  25. Hello, Iker is going in for a dental in a couple of weeks as he has a broken tooth. I'm a bit concerned about the anesthesia, as he is a galgo, not a greyhound. I think that anesthesia requirements are the same for galgos as for greyhounds, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know if they have the same requirement as greyhounds? Thanks
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