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  1. Yes, Drontal with food. Will discuss this with our vet. Our girl is 4.5 and fairly active on a normal day, with the additional Drontal-related hyperactivity it can be a bit much.
  2. Yes, I agree with you that this protocol will work. I should have clarified that we gave only the Drontal Plus - 2 weeks later we applied the Advantage Multi. Our hound got back to “normal” the next day after Drontal but her appetite was off for a couple days. At least knowing your hound was a little more hyper makes me think it’s just a limited reaction.
  3. No other reactions to anything else (so far) - very strange. I plan to discuss with our vet. Drontal with Adv Multi is very effective for hookworms so I hope we can work something out.
  4. We have no problem getting our girl to eat the Drontal Plus tablet - BUT - it makes her really hyper, pacing, nervous for approx 24 hrs. And for a couple days afterward she has a weird body odor. Any others have this happen, any reactions to Drontal?
  5. Congrats on your new fur baby! We sprinkled PlaqueOff directly on our girls food. Apparently it tastes good because no one has ever refused to eat. It does help, we believe. It is not cheap but we felt it was worth it. For now, however, we are not giving it to our dogs. We are seeking answers as to why the product looks & smells very different than it has over the past 2 years. Still no corporate response from Proden. Im also concerned that the company does not allow returns or refunds of their product. A company that doesnt stand behind its product is concerning.
  6. We have been buying PlaqueOff via Amazon for a while and have been generally happy with the results. Lately, Amazon user comments have noted a change in the material composition of the product. We agree, it does not look or smell the same. There is no product info indicating a change in formula. Our correspondence to the manufacturer has gone unanswered. Any Greytalkers have knowledge or recent experience with this product?
  7. Thanks for the information links, very interesting and helpful. As info, for several months now, Ive also been giving our girl, Wilma, Proviable DC. When her symptoms first presented, the vet gave her B12 shot and pills. She stopped them when she felt Wilma had stabilized. I plan to inquire about the possibly/or need of resuming that on our next visit.
  8. Hi Maryjane- I am very interested in what your grey savvy Vet had to say about the correlation between hookworms and PLE and IBD! Our girl is being treated for PLE. She has had serious hooks for past 2.5 years despite Herculean efforts to eradicate them. Last Nov, she rapidly declined to a very weakened state: low Protein & Albumin levels, lethargy, diarrhea, swollen belly, pain. From vibrant & active to full. Rather suddenly. We were referred to an Internist who, following blood tests/exams, put her on low-fat Hills or Royal Csnin prescription diet, prednisone, and later Azat
  9. CGS If you can SEE worms, then they are NOT hookworms. Probably tapeworms, roundworms. Take a stool sample to vet and get it checked out. Its not unusual for hounds to have worms & parasites there are many types. Good luck.
  10. Also... want to thank everyone for contributing their personal hookworm experiences. Sharing info is the best way to learn. I am now wondering if HG+ is no longer effective. Our girl, Wilma 5 yrs old, is now on both HG+ and Advantage Multi - she has had hooks off/onsince we got her 2.5 yrs ago - and we are very careful with her potties. New Question: Could hookworms be the cause of low protein levels? Wilma has been riding the low end for greyhounds since November when protein & albumin dropped very low and she was lethargic & gassy. Her vet is treating her for PLE: prednisone, im
  11. You can also use the poop bag like a glove - wait for your greyhound to get into position, then place your glove hand under and catch it all. Unless it is liquidy diarrhea, it is easy to catch even soft poos. Nothing hits the ground! Also less conspicuous (than a paper plate) if you must walk your dogs away from home, like I do.
  12. Want to clarify the Panacur repeat timing - I am getting conflicting info. Do the subsequent treatments start 3 weeks after the last dose, or from the first dose? Always told the last dose but now Im questioning it. Thanks!!!
  13. Just received refill from our vet at $2.64/tablet because we needed it immediately. I have seen it available from online suppliers for less and plan to go that route. It appears to really be a miracle drug for our girl - no more chewing & licking her feet. How expensive is "a bit expensive" ?
  14. THANKS everyone for sharing your experiences with APOQUEL. Our vet prescribed our Wilma 16mg twice/day for 2 weeks - then recheck appointment. Already I am amazed that after only 1 day Wilma has stopped licking her inflamed paws! It truly is a miracle drug! Happy New Yesr greyhound friends!
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