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  1. So terribly sorry. This is devastating. I’ve been in your shoes. My deepest condolences. 🥺💕
  2. Plant stands and stainless steel bowls with rubberized bottoms work well.
  3. Oh, Grace! Next time you want a manicure consult with mama first. 😘 Good thoughts for quick healing.
  4. He’s a resource guarder and he’s only been with you four days. Give him lots of space. Let him come to you for affection. No getting on your bed or on furniture. No toys, chews etc. for the time being. Read “Mine!” by Jean Donaldson.
  5. I’ve owned Greyhounds for about 12 years. I still am amused and amazed when they roach and contort into all manner of shapes that defy the laws of physics. 🥰😂
  6. Teeny bites of boiled chicken. He’ll probably just swallow it without chewing. Bits of raw ground beef. Smooshed bits of hot dog. Meat baby food.
  7. When Jenny gets a chew, like a bully stick, she paces throughout the house with the thing hanging out of her mouth like a cigar. This can continue for several minutes and over the course of several days. She will ‘bury’ the chew behind the couch cushions and under her beds sometimes skinning her nose with the effort. She will switch hiding places several times a day. In our house, you must be very careful where you sit so as not to be impaled by a bully stick. 😱 Do your Greys hide their food or toys?
  8. Jenny is a ‘fake poo-er’. She’ll assume the position then...”Nope, nope, not here”. “Maybe over there?”.
  9. By any chance, are his tags clattering against the sides of the bowl? Or does the bowl clatter or spin against the sides of the feeder? That might be scaring him.
  10. My vet told me that he was a young man in veterinary school the first time he examined a Greyhound. He thought the dog’s muscles were tumors! 😱
  11. This is especially true when their eyes are rolled back so far into their heads all you see is zombie white and their tongues are dangling two feet out of their mouths. 🤪
  12. They can also lie on their sides and completely deflate themselves. 🥴
  13. You could try a saline eye wash if it’s irritation from allergies or debris.
  14. On the recommendation of my vet, I’ve been feeding Jenny a grain-inclusive kibble. Fromm is an excellent brand. You can find it online at gofromm.com. Check it out.
  15. This reminds me a bit of ‘cherry eye’. I wonder if that eyelid isn’t irritating his eye and causing the discharge. Best consult your vet. Your boy might be uncomfortable.
  16. Just a thought...maybe the frequent changes in diet are contributing to the gastric upset?
  17. So sorry for your loss. Run with the angels dear Sophie. 😢
  18. I forgot to add earlier that a good, mild shampoo and conditioner work wonders, too. My vet recommended HyLyte brand. It’s good stuff. You can get it on Amazon.
  19. Try adding fish oil to his diet. I give Jenny Grizzly Omega Health, 3 pumps with each meal (twice a day). It took about a year to get her coat looking good and flake- free.
  20. In my opinion, dog parks are tragedies waiting to happen.
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