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  1. Charlie, wut did yu o to yur pawpaw? Happee birfday Miss Kathy!!! Glad liddle Rita's eye is bedder.
  2. Heers our commodashun. We are Starwood and Laila, Kiva, Angie and dare rents were in Zinger. and heers ME!
  3. Oh muh Gudniss. It's gonna take m furebbber to Butt I will. Lessee Nate gots guff. Henry gots a noo home. and tentacles testicles Wiki is.... Wiki Rita is a liddle bedder. Fuzzy is protecting hur mama. Miss Halise is air frying ebereefing she kin git hur paws on. How'd I do? hmmm I just no I furgot somewun. I pologize in adbance ifn I left yu out. Miss Pitts Nancy and Misser Doug dribe home to de Berg tuday. Mummy sez dey are a lotta fun to spend de day wiff. We hads a reeelle gud time. I got along wiff de girls hokay. Mummy juss don't show dem. NO! Don't!!! Before yu all try to git me in trubbul. Ivy alreddee nose dat Kiva used me as a pillow and she nose I onlee habs eyes fur hur. And, den, on Sunnyday, we wented to bisit sum ob Daddy's cuzzins and I wented onna boat! Dat's Daddy and his cuzzin's wife and.... ME!
  4. Weer goin home soon. Mummy habs pickshurs she’ll post frum home. Fuzzy, dare is a traylor her called de Fuzion. De furst time Mummy red it she read fuzzy! Gess wut shed bin drinking. Excuse me, mister. I’d had half a glass. I looked at it this morning and it still looks like Fuzzy.
  5. Pleez don’t fink I habs neglecked muh Ivy. I made Mummy tegxt Miss Kathy all day to make sure she wuz hokay. We are off wiff the Pittsburger galgas tuday whilst Daddy goes tu luk fur anuvver semetary. I am so looking forward to wine tasting with others who actually drink wine. 😉
  6. Shure, juss spring dis on me wen I'm all bout leebing fur Grapehounds. Be well, muh lubs. I shall backandforfandbackandforf in de bak seet until Daddy yells at me to lay down.
  7. A coyote eetin yur chickins!!!! No no no no no! Dat is KNOT rite. Mebbe we shud sic de Wiki on it! She'd take care ob him fur shure!!
  8. Pippin, it shure sounds like yu gots a greyt nayborhood. We lib on a d.e.d. end street onna hill. It's so kwiet out heer dat Daddy luks out de windo eberee time we heer a car dribe by. I only luk out de windo wen I heer Mummy's car. He stands on the couch and I can see his head and wonky ears in the big window. I went to de tortunarian yesserday. I hadda greyt car ride! Den, I laid on de wayting rum floor, nise and cool, whilst peepul came in wiff kittehs in bogxes. It was funny to see people look at 80 pound Mercury on the floor and worry about their cats. He couldn't care less. He was so placid during a blood draw and multiple vaccines. We joked that he was their for hyperactivity meds. Butt, he's all set for Grapehounds. I'm relatively sure this will be our last one with the move next summer but never say never. Miss Jenny, weer hopin yu feel a liddle bedder each day. Ackshuwally, I'm hopin yu feel a lot bedder each day butt Mummy sez it duzn't usually work dat way.
  9. The fact that the garden has been practically under water for weeks might have something to do with it.
  10. Were you the ones who told us about the bowl of meatballs at the brewery? I know it's one of the few places the hounds can go indoors. And the beer tasting was fun. I wonder if they take lunch reservations as I'm sure they'd be booked up on a Saturday.
  11. Yep, sweet girl. Just tell Mommy anything you want. Anything at all. Homemade meatloaf. Sure. Humming bird tongues? Coming right up.
  12. Mummy sez we're goin tu de tortunarian tuday to git muh vakzines. Butt I can't git COVID. Oh, fur rainbees and kennil coff and..... waita minnit I'm goi inna kennil?? Oh, it' juss tu be around ovver houndies at Grapehounds and Dewey. Phew! Why hoomins gott a be so confuzzling? AndiPants, yu shure gotta nise gardin. Mummy sez our zukaninnis habs blossom end rot Luks Like Mario is settlin in juss fine. Dat's so nise tu see. Miss Jenny, we hope yur feelin bedder tuday.
  13. Miss PittsNancy and Misser Doug and de gurls habs arribed at de campsite at Grapehunds. Dare trailer is berry close tu ours. We're gonna be trailerite naybors and share fuds anna fire and fuds. Mummy's gonna make a macarnoiandcheez and mebbe a Stromberyy Pretzil Pie!
  14. I finally did it! I go the greyhound pattern to work. I think this will make a wonderful scarf. But, I'm also thinking about a pillow cover with about three hounds. I also think I can work this so they're wearing sweaters! Now, the challenge will be what colors to make the pillows and hounds. I don't have any spooled brown yarn or even dark grey. And, what colors might people be looking for in a living room or bedroom pillow?
  15. Let's juss say dat Mummy and me wanna LOOK butt Daddy duzn't want us tu FIND. Off to early morning PT for my foot. Cautiously jogging a bit during my walk.
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