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  1. Morning! It's sunny butt Mummy sez it's gonna be supah windy. Mummy's leebing me to go to skool tuday butt sez mebbee tumoro I kin go.
  2. Same here! I won't embarass Merc by making him make the winky-report. Suffice to say that it's smaller and smooth (the owie not the winky ). I think he'll be fine. Ooh! Look at that lovely dug up dirt! I can just smell it! Swoon!
  3. Mister Merc, I don't think I'm old enuff for that deescripshun!!!!!! Dat's why I made Mummy tell yu. Hi Daphne and Bitzi Aneewun herd from Dammit Atomic latelee? Mite heer. Mite Butt Mummy's weking at home wiff me tuday so I don't care.
  4. Ducky That looks greyt. If I were in Florida, I'd drive up to St. Petersburg. Mummy! I gotta tell ebereewun about muh bet bisit and how I almost went d.e.d. Really? That's a bit much. You mean when he... You really want to tell that story. Um.. mebbee yu tell it. I had Merc checked for a few lumpies just to make sure they were all benign. I'd also noticed what looked to be a blood blister on the shaft of his pee shooter. Doc seemed concerned. Didn't look like a blood blister to him (he was thinking much more serious). He went to check it for hardness, mobility, etc. and "well!" he said and lifted up his bloody fingers. It was a blood blister and he popped it. I had a little chuckle at my actually being right (and it being innocuous). So, now I'm supposed to put some Bacitracin on it once a day. Uh... wouldn't he just lick it off?
  5. Let's see, we have had chicken nuggets, cheezburger, fries, milk shake, peanut butter cookies, cheese - cheddar AND swiss, roast turkey, bully sticks, oatmeal cookies, spaghetti, biscuits and creamed chipped beef, and I don't even remember what else. Obviously not big amounts, but enough yummy tastes. Our poops are still good, much to 's relief! We are getting pizza bones tomorrow! Guest needs to buy him a hot dog. Any other good ideas? Yeah! Steak!!!!!!!!!!! We don't git a hollyday. I hadda sleep stay froo twoleben classes tuday and hold offiss howers. Now, we're goin to de bet fur a checkup. Den, we're gonna git Mummy's car's oil changed.
  6. A noo club! I did knot no! I bin checking de old wun sints yesserday and yu wuz all heer and DID KNOT TELL ME! Mummy sez dat Noor is hampsum. Ahem, Mummy! Don't yu fink I'm hampusm? Speshally sints yu baffed me tuday? Eben muh giant Balentimes duzn't make up fur a baff.
  7. That was so cute! Skweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! THUD!
  8. Oh. My. Dawg. I cannot!!!! When they put in the water dish, was I the only one waiting for a pup to fall in it?
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