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  1. I hadda speshul dinner in JJ's onnor tonite. Mummy put homemade beefstoo on muh kibbuls. Sheez still pritty leeky butt she kin shure cook.
  2. JJ, I yam glad muh mummy met yu in de furs. She sed yu wuz a reglar gennelman. I wish yu well on yur journey tonite. Robin, you've done right by him as he's always done right by you. You are very smart to have Kevin there for the final goodbye. JJ needs to know you're safe and you need someone to sob on (and with). Jerilyn, at least I got home from work before I read this and cried. I only teared up at work (about work issues) but was able to leave then.
  3. We are backandforfandbackandforf fur Zorro del Galgo. Will he need a noo hat tu hide hiz butt stapuled ear? Miss Kath, Mummy's werking on de FB teezer rite now. She wuz takin pickshurs ob hur own hands dis mornin.
  4. Sum snax fur de party. Weel start wiff sum cheez And den habs sum roste beast dinner And, den, sum cake
  5. Much as I lublublub de club, maybe the other GTers might want to participate. Of course, we'll mop the floor with our ingenuity and good snacks but.. the more the merrier! Finished two pair of fingerless mitts for the auction. These are wool, though, so I don't know how popular they'll be.
  6. I did knot see anee pickshurs ob Zorro's ear (or his butt) in greytalk on de FB. Dey are gonna stapul it to hiz butt AND remoob it? Poor puppy. Miss PittsNancy, Mummy sez yu shud hab all de fun in Spayn dat yu can. We nebber no wut tumorro brings so injoy tuday (Sumfing anne houndie nose. ) Feel bedder, Balti and Molly and Zorro and Misser Richard.
  7. I'm demanding breakfast and she thinks it's unreasonable, but feeds me anyway because I refuse to stop barking until she does. This means I get about three breakfasts when Velvet is asleep. Gud fur yu! I gotted tu go tu skool tuday. And I got lbbed on by all sortsa studints and wun ob muh aunties gabe me cheeeeeeeeeez Butt I miss muh Daddyman and am worrit Mummy will disappeer tu! Mummy wuz finkin a few weeks ago bout hur old doggies. My Daisy lived to 14 years and one month. Liberty lived to 14 years and one month. When I calculated this, I also realized my marriage was 14 years and one month. Butt But, we made it through. Wednesday is 14 years and two months so I think I've survived.
  8. oh, beree nise. Beree nise. Luks like a good peein tree. (Knot dat I pee on trees. Hoo cud be bovvered wen dare's an ise low bush, or eben de grass?) Ah, Miss REC, dat's sad. We hope all werks out best fur Misser Richard. We tukked Daddy tu de trayn stayshun. I gotta car ride and wen we got home, I gotta frozed chikkin nekk. Now, Mummy's grading assinemints and I'm gonna hold down de couch. Den, I kin sunbaff whilst Mummy
  9. Mummy's bin lukkin at poopoe pickshurs ob Hamsammich and hiz bruvver instedda rubbin muh ears. On de plus side, she furgotted tu cop muh toes. shhh!
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