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  1. Miss Elizabeth, how about you have YOUR BROTHER make the super since it's his house and apparently he eats on a daily basis with no stove! Just because you have boobies doesn't mean you have to cook by default. um...This my brother whom we removed from his house and put into memory care. Now, we're clearing out the house. It means sleeping in a dirty house, no use of the stove, one bathroom, no wi-fi, etc. etc. It's about 90 minutes south of where my mom is and where the funeral will be on Monday so it's our base of operations. The dumpster arrive Monday and my brother, brother in law, nephew and his wife will be there helping on Tuesday. I've attempted to freecycle as much stuff as possible to keep it in circulation and out of the dumpster but I'm not having much luck. While I'm whining, my husband has chosen the past three days to pick a fight, snark, and withhold any support. Could use some prayers for patience and courage. AndiPants! Skool is de bomb!!!! I go into de deen's sweet whilst Mummy gits hot wader fur tee. I make de rounds ob all de aunties dare fur pets and crackers and stuff. In the classrooom I make de rounds fur pets. And den, in hur offiss stoodints come in ad gib me more pets. And, de best... in de hallway I wok up to anee pritty gurl I see and she lubs on me!!!!!!!!
  2. who is Louis Riel? Misser Tony! I yam goin tu skool agin tuday. Mummy habs a short class and den, lots a groop meetins in hur tiny, tiny offise. I may hab to take muh pillow out in de hall! Butt, I shud git lotsa pets. Affer werk, Mummy is gonna and make a stoo tu take tu Mayne fur some ob dare suppers. Juss how I'm supposed to make any kind of supper on Saturday with no stove (at my brother's house) I have no idea.
  3. I wuz wunnerin de same fing... Happee Birfday Miss Lila's Mistress
  4. Lila, Yur mistress's painting is so gud it made muh mummy shibber frum de cold. I yam at werk at skool tuday. Mummy sez Regismastrashun can be nerb racking on ebereewun so dey need muh supuh calming presints.
  5. Mummy is a bit askeered because she habs to go back fur anudder boobysquish AND ultrasound and sum udder boob-related fing on Fried day because dewy found sumfink. We hope it's nuffink and it prolly is and she nos dissiz KNOT unusual at all butt she is still nerbuss and anckshuss. So iffen yoo cud keep her in yerown fawts... fank roo. Mummy says, "bin dare. done dat. hope it goes by hokay" I thot bull caff wuz de same as .... um.... (how do we make dose hidey fings so de vegementarians don't git upset????) umm..... veel caff So Mummy haddda long fone call wiff Miss Sherri and dey found me a noo home. Wut!? Oh wait, dey found a home fur me ware I kin do sum good. Miss Sheeri hazza fren wut has onlee wun houndie and wants tu no ifn hur houndie wants a bruvver. So, on SatinDay and SunnyDay, I'm gonna be de stand in bruvver whilst Mummy and Daddy go to bisit famblee and hab de rememoryal serbiss fur muh Grammy. Den, Mummy will collekt me and lub on me and I kin be around whilst muh unkuls and peepul-cuzzins werk on muh unkul Stebe's house. (ya no... helping ) I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to belong to the greyhound community. Sherry hooked me up with greyhound peeps only half an hour from my brother's house. I'll drop Merc off on Saturday on the way to Kittery and pick him up on Monday after the service. He's become a comfort dog to me and I cannot imagine being away from him for more than a day or two. Bless you, Sherry. Mummy sed Abby barked hello to me whilst hur mummy wuz on de fone wiff my mummy! Wuzn't dat soshable ob hur?? Beka, how's yur neck. Yu no we worree wiff anyfing dat isn't pergfeckto wiff yu.
  6. Mummy made me cold-wevver-kibbul fur brekkie. She puts de wader in de kibbul and puts it in de zapidator masheen. I git warm kibbul an gravy fur vrekkie. Now, I gotta go make yella snow!
  7. Heer we are in Bosston and Mummy won't let me pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, I'm trying to catch up with my classes (while I have internet) and wait for the sun to come up. Can't you wait 5 minutes? NO! And dose annoying liddle charlie cuzzins are out peein. O.K. I'll go get dressed Sir Wantsalot.
  8. Mummy camed and gotted me. Now we are at muh unkuls in Bosston and goin bakk to Maine tumoro. Pippin, Mummy needs a plase fur me negst Sunnyday toMoneyday wen she goes to de fyooneral butt she figgered yur mummy werks on Moneyday, Rats! We cudda had fun. Oh muh gosh! Habs yu seen Miss Doktors noo .... um... 🐄 I meen hoo goes on dareHunny Moon and brings home a cow?
  9. AndiPants Dats wuz I luk like wen I’m eggzited, tu. I yam in a strange plase. butt dare are fourleben houndies, free kittehs, and a fenced in bakk yard fur poopin. So dats hokay.
  10. Ivy, I yam so glad yur mummy didn't go d.e.d. AndiPants, we saw yu on de FB! Gess wut! It's
  11. Gess wut! Mummy prayed tu de gods ob internet and found me a greyhound home to stay in tomorrow nite! I am so grateful to the greyhound community on Facebook. I never thought this would work out. This morning, I just couldn't bear to leave him behind, not with all that's going on. Now, he's coming with us.
  12. I yam am the department chair! The MBA Director has not replied to my request. The deans says to wait it out. I've drawn the line and will ask the Associate Dean to remove the guy if he's not in this next round of grading.
  13. And Mutter told dem and when Mutter said dat I was only 5.5 months and dey said, "Are you outta yur mind!!" um... ARE yu outta yur mind? Y'no, juss askin. Mummy's outta hur mind. Sheez and werkin eberee minnit. She comes home frum work and duz more werk whilst Daddy makes dinner, den werks, den goes tu bed, den gits up and duz it agin. I have been lurking because I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer. Did I tell you my TA in one of my MBA classes had a heart attack? He won't quit. "Ill be back in the forums an catch up" but doesn't. I'm doing his work and mine, plus my other classes, plus it's registration. I'm at my very limit. We're leaving in the morning for a conferenece in Newport. I don't want to board Merc here. I want hi with me but the hotel won't take him and the local boarding place looks to be at least $150 for one night (holiday weekend, day and a half, maybe two night minimum, ad nuaseum). I'm going out of my mind right now. Oh wait, it's time to go back to work.
  14. Iffen I had been a girl, I wooda gotten "best of opposite sex." Butt I am KNOT. Snot troo. Yu still gots yur pee-shooter and fambly jools.
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