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  1. I found a roofing nail in the back yard a few days ago and it's been two years since they put on the new roof. Glad to see Doug enjoying himself. That fall sounded nasty. It's cold! (Angie, dat meens, hace frio) It's so cold Mummy warmed muh kibbul in de microvwave fur me. Ivy, yur play group sounds like de bomb!
  2. I'm only eating one that I've picked out myownself. When I get ready to put on in the pot, I pick it up, look it square in the eye, and thank it. I, too, love to be up before anyone else. I have the whole world to myself for a little while. Though, Merc gets up with me. Ivy, dat wuz a lubbly pickchur ob de lubbly Breeze. I no she wuz yur own belubbed sisster butt yur prettier.
  3. Miss Chris, we will be glad when it gets kolder, mebbe Mom will put on sum pants! Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. Did you not get the whole point of quarantine??? We don't have to wear pants! Unless we want to. I did carpet zoomies and broke open muh sore paw. Mummy got me all wrapped up and Lila, glad yur feelin bedder and habs a betmarian hoo appresheyates matchur houndies like yourownself.
  4. AndiPants, dat is a beree cute pickshur ob yu napping. Mummy sez sheed like to be de ize creem inna Flizzie/AndiPants parfay. I hab no ideer wut dat meens butt it duzn't sound like sumfing a matchur mummy otta be doin.
  5. Especially if it was next door to a bakery for fresh bread. Gess wut muh Mummy did dis morning. She starbed herownself. I had fasting blood work this morning. Then, took advantage of the "trauma" of late breakfast to indulge in a bagel with cream cheese. It was fabulous but now I want a nap. Lila hope you feel better soonest.
  6. Yep, I'm gud. er..... I meen.... ooooooooooooooh! I hert!!! Mummy, kin I hab a cookie?????
  7. I thought the "weed police" in Florida were strict but to call a SWAT team because someone walks a houndie in their nightgown?! Sheesharoni!
  8. Mummy patched me up with a cottun ball and some Saran Wrap! I got the idea on Facebook to use Press n Seal to cover a paw bandage. It really worked! When I got home the wrap was still on and it was all good. I'll keep checking the webbing, put on some bacitracin and keep an eye on it. It wuz bad enuff she lefted me home alone! Being back on campus without my colleagues (saw two people) wasn't the same. I'm getting myownself ready to retire after this year or next year. Yikes! Then, what will I do?! I'm not the sort of person to be trusted without deadlines and accounta
  9. oh yay a liverwurst soup recipe Today was busy. I held my class on campus, in my office, because I had to film my video at 2. At 10:00, I got a phone call, came downstairs, and saw bloody paw prints all over the first floor. Mercury cut himself in the webbing of a paw. My poor baby But it didn't help me getting ready and out the door on time.
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