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  1. Mummy finally got froo Misser Jeff's ProtoCall Eggstrordinaire and gotted de ockshun posted to GT See it heer And Mummy sez we habs a NonnyMoose donor hoo will help pay postage fur dose hoo donate.
  2. Yes, darling Clarkie. Each item I donate is from the WFUBCC in memory of one or our own (though I'm sure Cletus counts, too, right?)
  3. And DAT is qut happins wen de mummies all fall wiff Cap'n Jack. Feel bedder soonest
  4. It's a pickshur in de ockshun Mummy is running. Click here fur muh awesumness We habs items frum Miss Kathy, tu! Yep. Mummy felled hed ober heels fur Cap'n Jack de furst time she saw him. It wuz embare-assing I tell ya. Pippin, yu are brabe tu go to werk wiff yur mummy and ride de elebator. I likes de elebator. Why wok up long stairs wen yu don't habs tu? Merc still wayting on brekkie
  5. Tiller You're doing fine. Nice to hear from you. Molly, no greyhound ornymints? Daddy's gittin on de trayn tu come home tomorro. He'll be here MoneyDay. So.... Mummy is
  6. Yes, I wuz pressed intu serbiss as a male model wayring a brite peenk Thundershirt. Mummy sez it shows how confident in muh maskyulinity I am.
  7. Speekin ob donayshuns, send Mummy any donayshuns yu hab fur hur ockshun. Sheez spending too much time on it, and knot enuff time on me. Did you or did you not get a gratuitous car rides yesterday. Well. yeah..... Oh yeah! Yu'r knot allowed heer it's No Hoomans Club!
  8. As opposed to Mercury. His litter went on to race. He took a nap during his maiden season.
  9. It iz brrrr cold heer, still. Mummy's supah bizzy wiff werk and nittin and de auction. Sheez tryin tu lern Misser Jeff's rules fur postin abowt de ockshun. She did pritty gud butt he sed he founded a broken link but she can't find it. Ifn yu didn't git a invite, heer is de linkie She sez she is waitin fur de donayshuns to come in so she kin make de site more inneresting. Sheez using hur geemail account fur it
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