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  1. Boston is freakin freezing! On the positive side, my brother and I killed a bottle of mango saki. Now, I’m getting into bed to watch videos... with noMerc to keep me warm!
  2. Worry not, little one. Merc has a Daddyman and a schedule of every "out" treat, meal and biscuit of his day.
  3. Anyone know of a therapy dog in or near Portsmouth, NH? Marlane's mother is in the hospital and needs "distraction". Marlane is the lady Sherry introduced me to and where Merc spent the weekend with Blue.
  4. Mummy's leebing me! And Sheez dribing rite into a blizzerd!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, yes, I'm driving to Boston an Maine to see my brothers. I drive a SubaRoo and we're taking precautions. Don't you think you're more upset that I won't be here for on-demand ear rubbies? Mummy's shudn't leeb.
  5. He didn’t do well cause he had sumting called a ‘gay tail’. Dat is when you run around da ring wif your tail waving at people! I am home! Yesseday morning I pooed in Norf Carolina and last nite I pooped in muh own back yard! Butt, I gotta tell ya, sumfing weerd is happening. I wuz popin in warm fog eech morning, and lying in de sunby de pool Dis morning I'm wayring a cote!!! Dis is knot rite, I tell ya. Haymish - wayt til yu eggspereeyence tabbeling. It's greyt. Yu git to Pee Acrosst De YueEssAy. And don't fugit, stop at Arrrrrrby's in Baldwin cuz I lefte dyu sumfing. Auntie Jenny - how's yur dad doin?
  6. Haymish! Habs yu dribben froo Flowerida yet? Git yur Mummy to stop at Arby's in Baldwin. I leff yu sumfing in de grass. 😉💩
  7. I pooped on Florida fourleben times today. I fink i shudda sabed sum fur ccx Georgia.
  8. Mummy’s and Daddy been packin. I hadda follo dem all day to make sure no wun got away. I followed dem from de libbin rum to de bedrum to debaffrum to do kitchin All Day Long. I yam eggzostficated. Mummy sez dat muh bag is alreddy packed and in de garatch. Now, I juss gotta watch dem tonite and we kin all git in de car and hed norf!
  9. spend a long weekend with Kevin! He moved into his new condo and asked if Guest could help him get it decorated and find a new couch and whatnot. He has never asked before, so she is looking forward to it. Mummy sez sheed abowt keep ober wiff enfuziasm and joy inf somuwun asked her tu help dekorate a condominnyum.
  10. What about a Carolina Wren with some bright red berries (like bittersweet or holly) or with a bright green leaf, or blue or orange flower?
  11. We lub vultures! In Noo York, we got twoleben kinds, black and turnkey. We got lots at de Floriduh house, tu. Dey hang out at de golf corse and wait fur de to go d.e.d. Merc, you don't think they're hanging around the lake waiting to smell dead fish? Mebbee butt knot as gudda storee. I wented tu cherch yesserday. Pastor Tim got down on de floor wiff me tu gib me rubbies. Muh pickshur is on de FB. I habs NO IDEER wy Mummy habsn't bort it ober yet. Rellee gotta go back tu trayning her. Oh for Pete's sake! You're such a diva! Hoo's Pete?
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