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  1. Luk at Ivy!!!!!!! She habs a noo toy!!! And hur earses! And dose eyes!
  2. Eggzackly. We bin finking ob yu and wut are goin froo.
  3. Both. Direct assessment looks at their work. Indirect assessment could be exit interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc. When I ran down to make a cup of cinnamon tea during the break, Richard and Merc were sharing the couch for nap time. I was jealous.
  4. That's what I was going to say, Rocket would be so proud.
  5. No, we usually use existing assignments, exams, or presentations. The students aren't aware that we're doing it.
  6. Assessment = Assurance of Learning Think of it this way - What do we want students to know when they graduate? Then, you have to figure out how, when, and where to measure this. It is not a \n evaluation of teaching, only of learning. I've been working on this in my School since 2004.
  7. Yes. Although something with straight seams would be easier. I got Mummy up at 6 agin tuday. I habs desided ifn it's lite out, I wanna be up. Ifn Mummy duzn't wanna be up dat erlee she git me intu bed and rubs muh earses fur a while. Den, I make hur git up. Ugh. It's cold out. Big Day today. It's Assessment Day at Marist. As Co-Chair of our school's Assessment Committee, I've organized our afternoon, given everyone their speaking parts and will be running the breakout rooms behind the scene. That means, I can sit here and rub Merc's ears the whole time.
  8. Fancywiffnopants FancyToo - Yu gots a a gud Daddyman. Mummy makes sumfing called bone roff She freezes it in muffin cups den takes wun out and puts on muh kibbul. She hazn't dun dat in a while. I shud remind hur ob it. It's old and rainy today. I did just get a frozen chicken soup out to heat for lunch.
  9. Wiki, are yu hokay? I hope yu didn't scratch yur eyeballs on de dastardly boosh. Ivy, I had kwite de morning. Mummy stayed up late finishing hur buk so I made shure she wuz up eggstra erlee dis morning. Juss a a seriss I provided. Wuz I presheeyated? I wuz knot. I had muh outs and muh brekkie and sum affer brekkie outs. Affer she did hur emails and 1st , Mummy wented bakk tu bed. I wuz on de couch and got tangled up in de cord fur de drapes (after the flood, the people doing the restoration were good at some things and not at others, the traverse rod being one of them).
  10. I pooped on Norf Carolina!! Tonite I kin per in muh own backyard and dis affernun I kin text wiff Ivy! I wish ebereewun cud had such a gud day as me. I lubs muh frens.
  11. I pooped on Souf Carolina! Ivy, I hope it was onlee platonikal.
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