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  1. Chocolate pound cake, with nuts. You'd never know it had zucchini in it. Trust me.
  2. Yeah... but.... The groom's cake at our wedding was Zucchini Chocolate Cake, a family recipe. It's essentially a pound cake, makes a moist bundt shaped cake that you'd never know has zucchini in it.
  3. I've had a thing for black licorice since visiting Hamburg last summer. I can sorta make a no sugar version with jello and Anise flavoring. Not the same though. A friend of mine had a beloved black lab by the name of Chuckles. She keeps a package of the candy in her office in his honor.
  4. I always feel better when I'm told I don't have to get naked. O.K. maybe I'm sometimes disappointed. shh!
  5. Mummy sez de same fing about me. Dat poopie is all kindsa cute. Hamish and Skirmish. About dem raccoons - Yu no dey are rite? Ifn yu rearrange de ledder yu git.............Corona!
  6. Wow! Fancy, dat raccoon is all kindsa Happee Almost Retiremint Miss Loosy!!!!! We await yur roaching pickshurs wiff bait on our breff. I hope yu pick it up faster dan Miss Kathy did. Happee Oh Canada Day!!! Mummy wants tu no wut's tradishunal fur Oh Canada Day dinner. Timbits? Gess wut. Mummy and I wented tu de dump tuday and tuk Daddy wiff us. I was worrit Mummy mite leeb him dare. Daddy needed sum "fresh air in his fur" so we tuk him wiff us.
  7. I thot Battle was coming on July 2 butt he's coming on Oh Canada Day! Gotta say, Miss Susan, yur tattoo luks.... ouchie. I yam glad I don't bemember habbing muh earses tattooed.
  8. If your hound is missing, and turns up in the shower stall, there's thunder, fireworks, or a construction site nearby.
  9. Daddy's home! He's kinda and . He's gonna take a nap now he's had sum luntch.
  10. Andipants, yu went running? Why? We are retired. I only run affer pooping. Dat's de bestest cuz yur lighter. Auntie Ducky, dat's awful. Oh and Mummy juss founded yur thred o COVID memes. We kin only see about 1 perzent ob dem butt dey are MIssPittsNancy, we are sorry yur hurting. MissOhCanadaNancy, is Charlie gonne be wiff yu fur OhCanada Day? How close are sum ob yu to Asheville? Wun of Mummy's fabrit colleegues is gibbing up on de Administrayshun doing de smart fing fur negst fall and moobing to Asheville. He habs PeeBeeGeeBees, not houndies. We're waitng fur Daddyman to call to see ifn Mummy kin ransome him today.
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