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  1. It is sunny out and Mummy and Daddy are gonna gardin. Affer puttin on rubber boots. Dey are boff kinda sore affer gittin de traktur outta de mud. Mummy had hur boobie skwishin yesserday. I don't no why she wanted me tu menshun it butt she sed de Club laddee always posed about it tu remind de uvver ladees tu git it done. This was my first 3D job. A little ouchie but that's O.K. given the value. I saw the radiologist right away who said I was fine. I said, "thanks for the mammaries". Luks like a gud day fur sunshine naps.
  2. Miss PittsNancy, i yam knot a fan ob fad diets butt, in dis case, I fink I mite rekkomend a carpit-free diet fur poor Riley. Mam, we are glad yu got werd tu yur BIL.
  3. Daddy got de traktor stukk in de mud. And Mummy wented out to help an came in cuvvered in mud! Oh, uh, hi Mummy. Izn't it kibbule time?? uh... I lub yu.
  4. Dippy! Wow!! Gud fur yu! I hadda bizzy day catchin up on muh naps. Hadda be dun, tho. Mummy camed home erlee and chopped muh toes den she went outside and brot in roo-barb.
  5. Wow, did I habs fun yesserday. Dare were twelbeleben dogs dare and lots and lotsa stoodints. I had pritty gurls lubbing on me fur howers! Have to admit. Merc was the hampsumest houndie there. We saw the dean with his two little fluffies. I made pleasant small talk. No word from him on the Deirector's position. Not holding my breath. Mummy habs tu go tu skool tuday butt Daddy will be home wiff me. I gotta catch up on muh naps!
  6. I do knot drink whisky, butt I like it, ifn momma-bear iz knot careful I will start by sniffsniffing herbs drink and maybe a slurp ifn I yam lucky. Butt she habs taken dat bad habit obs putting herbs whisky glass on a high tabul. So I cannot sniffsniff it anymoor I no, Charlie. It's so frustratmating wen dey do fings like dat. Tuday will be a fun day at skool. Ebereebuddee is inbited tu bring dare dogs to skool fur de kidlets stoodints to de-stress. Wut's stress? If what you feel when there are fireworks. Oh! I bedder du a gud job wiff de calming effekks. I fink I will uze muh hampsum gud looks and soff brown eyes. I will lay dare onna blanket and dey will feel muh souperior hamsumness and calming virbramashuns. Dat shud du it. Wut? You're going to lay there, have a nap, and wait for pets? Yeah, dat's about rite. Oi vey! So, here's what I know. I sort of interviewed for the MBA Director position. I kept my appointment, said it wasn't an interview, and threw my support to a colleague. Now, I'm the pick. While I fully expect the dean to ignore the recommendation and to just go with the husband of one of his deans (don't get me started), I have to think about what if he actually offers it to me. Yeah, that about sums it up. Meanwhile, we're all packing up our offices as the building will be gutted and renovated [2 years]. The whole school goes to a biggish building across the road from campus. My department goes to another, smaller, older building, half a mile away. (Which is why I'm expecting the dean to choose the "husband" so that he can get a place with the rest of the school and his wife.) The big blow up I had with the dean months ago was over the "appearance of favoritism". He actually shouted at me THERE IS NO FAVORITISM! I said, "that's not what I said. I said we had to be careful to avoid the appearance of favoritism". Yeah... I've been on his list ever since. So.... should be an interesting week!
  7. I always gotta watch muh Daddyman. You never no when he mite make a sandwich!
  8. Wouldn't it be nifty ifn Miss Loosy wuz turning twelb, tu?? Butt Mummy sez tu nebber ask a old lady hur age so we'll nebber no. Sherman! Score! Isn't dat garlicky bred de bomb????
  9. Hahahah, there is a sign on the gym here at the apartment complex that says “Gym closed for remolding. We’re appreciate you’re patients.” I am KNOT kidding. Soooo hard not to write on it! Self control Susan, self control! M.”E”.C. *snort*
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