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  1. Yes Yes it iz. De sun isn't eben up heer and we're in Eesturn time zone. Nancy, repeat after me: No matter how much I love a house, I will have a home inspection done. I will have a home inspection done. I will have a home inspection (by an engineer) done.
  2. I do dat tu! Wen I go tu de park and I see a groop ob doggs carryin on I barkbarkBARK at dem to behave! Yep, he's the boy scout of he dog park. I stopped taking him because the only other thing he does is sniffandpoop. I swear, he can spread it out over 8 poops. Auntie Ducky, no more peenuts fur yur fren. Dat sent Daddy tu de ER mennee yeers ago wiff de divers ticklitis.
  3. It's fordyleben pedigrees dis morning! I lubs it! Mummy sez it akes me friskee.
  4. Is yu gonna stand dare lukkin at yur poop to see ifn it stays?
  5. Auntie Jenny, habs yu found de "fountain" in de house listing we left yet? I habs sat, well, laid down, froo sigx group meetigs tuday. Now, Mummy is proktoring an egzam fur a colleeg. Den we git our car ride home. Gud times. Off tu luk at Miss Pitts Nancy's noo house.
  6. I am goinn to skool agin tuday! I wented on Tootsday, tu. De stoodints did presentayshuns and I staye in de frunt ob de class wiff dem whilst Mummy sat in de bakk. Den, I mist hur and went tu hur fur pats. It wuz gud. Nancy, like life partners, finding "the one" while house hunting, can take a while. And, it takes as long as it takes.
  7. It showed up in my Nightmare on Zillow page. I do like the kitchen though. Has anyone scrolled through to the bathroom "surprise"?
  8. Kibbuls and fish! Miss PittsNancy, Mummy founded a Pitssburger home fur yu Ooh! Lukkit dat kitchin!
  9. Dey habs dose instedda trubble puffs. Happee Annimaversary Miss Kathy and Misser Jim. We saw dat picshure ob Dude on de Schnozbuk. He lukked like a beree nise houndie.
  10. When you find yourself asking the butcher why there aren't any chicken feet!
  11. Wait! What??! Where?? Where??? Merc has been.. enjoying having me to himself in bed at night. This is the way I woke up this morning.
  12. We hadda fir in de fireplase yesserday whilst Mummy watched a blak & wite moobie.
  13. Just like super lean beef. That's why it's so good in sauces where it will take up the flavors. Useless as steaks or roast. Our favorite was a version of Sloppy Joes we called "loose moose". No, of course, it wasn't like Murphy. It was a big old bull who had lived his life.
  14. Miss Elizabeth, in this house we use plastic storage containers from the Container Store and then worry about it later! First, moose is delicious. It's very lean and make marvelous chili, stew, and pasta sauce. Regarding the box method: We are moving next year. I'm afraid it's "later" now.
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