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  1. Damn it, Dammit. You were such a sweet boy. If you'll excuse me, I have to go sob all over Mercury.
  2. Yeah... given PBL's personality, that might not be such a draw I remember Halise's description of her. Merc will be getting an x-ray tomorrow as he's still limping. It does, indeed seem to be his toe and he lets me wiggle him around with all his joints but doesn't want this toe touched. Our vet knows exactly my fear so he knows what must, and will, be ruled out.
  3. We wundered how April became Festus. Now we no. We hope Festus gonna be hokay. He sertinly habs de rite parents fur it. Now a liddle luck. Mummy's got a noo greyt grandbaby. Mummy wut about me!?!?!? No, sweetie. She's not a new grey, she's a new human baby. My granddaughter was scheduled for a C section on Tuesday. I had so many misgivings. I know that "missing" the birth can greatly increase the chances of post partum depression. I also didn't really want Heidi in the hospital but with her gestational diabetes, knew it was the better option. Baby Viola had other plans. She was born, naturally, around 3 a.m. She and her mother, Heidi are doing just fine. Now, if they can just her out of the hospital quickly, I'll feel better. I called Richard at 6:30 and woke him up with the good news.
  4. Chris, I am so envious of your raised beds (but way too lazy to install some). I was just thinking I should call "rototiller guy" and have him start the lawn tractor for me when he comes. That would force me to do the spring cleanup. The online show is over. The last "canned" question asked was, "Is it true the School of Management has its own therapy dog?" (I may have submitted that question myownself. ) Merc
  5. Momma's got 2 more episodes of that Picard show left. Then she'll probly watch that Discovery star trek series. Hopefully before her free month is over! That's exactly where I am. Trying to stretch them out yet keep an eye on the free subscription. Merc's limp got better last week and then.... Friday night, I was set to go to bed and Merc was on the couch. I stood by the kitchen door and said, "coming to bed?" He hopped off the couch and then stood there with the leg out to one side. Poor guy probably landed on it too hard. I've been trying to give him gentle "suggestions" not commands so he doesn't move too quickly. I"m guessing we're back to the vert for that x-ray after tomorrow's classes. DA, I'm so glad you have a diagnosis and a not-too-bad one at that. That's such a relief. Yesterday, I worked on Patsy's mitts. I ripped out the cuff 4 times and then gave up for the day. Sometimes, it's best to walk away. This afternoon is our Accepted Students Weekend (used to be called Open House). It's being done online of course but: between the smaller population of 18 year olds, plus getting rid of the law that says you can't poach other school's accepted students after May 1, and the refund of millions to our students (room & board), this is going to be very important. Gee no pressure there. Off to the grocery store and then a run to burn off the nerves.
  6. Yes, Charlie butt yu mite want to luk affter yur own girlhoundie frend, yes?
  7. Miss Kerry is eggzited bout kale? I, too, am excited about being able to watch Star Trek: Picard!
  8. Chris, PM or email me your address..... um.. yeah, I have your address from the Christmas list. I can have a few ready to go in a day or two. The only expense is mailing. Clarkie, you did a very good job reporting. Dammit O.K. Everyone want a feel good story? Gather round! I want to do a Neighbor Alert Program (voluntary). Each household puts a red, green, or yellow piece of paper in their window. Green = all fine Yellow=check on me Red= Send help I ordered packets of red, green, and yellow construction paper and big envelopes from Staples on Weds. Their website said some things were delayed due to hand sanitizer . Yesterday, they delivered the envelopes and the red paper only. I had 5 separate emails about delays. Finally, I called their service number. I explained the delay and how, as today is a Friday, if they don't ship it today, I won't get it until Monday, a whole weekend lost. April was so impressed by my project, first she called the vendor to have them find the box. They finally found it under a mountain of and said it wouldn't get out today. Meanwhile I was checking the local store. They had one big packet of construction paper (enough for all 188 households) for $9. April came back on the line and said, if I was going to the store, she'd send me a coupon for $10. She did. I did. And Merc got a car ride. Gotta say, going into a liquor store with a mask on is wrong on so many levels. I gotted a car ride!!
  9. Dammit has a swollen paw. Let's all hope fur a broked fut. Did I juss say dat?
  10. NO! Hammsammich! Do Knot break de kitteh! Oh wait, de noos is breaking, knot de kitteh? Oh. Well den. Carry on. Muh limp is more dan haff gone so Mummy's it's just an owie toe. Dammit, dat's wut we're hoping fur yu, tu. It'sjustatoe It'sjustatoe It'sjustatoe It'sjustatoe.
  11. Aw, Dammit. It must jussst be a sore paw, rite? rite? Juss a sore toe, like mine, rite? Please be a sore toe.
  12. Peepul from de Dakotas can't moob to de HOT states. Dey juss burst into flames.
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