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  1. So..... duz dat meen dat ifn Mummy runs outta muniez in TiesLand, she kin pump gas ⛽️ to make munniez? She nose how cuz she hadda Jon in collidge doin dat.
  2. she also learned that they don't pump their own gas in Thailand. Also, in Oregun! Or Noo Jersey! Hey Miss Lucy? Ma Mama says dat we gots a Kia Sorento EX in a midnight blue color. Da gas gauge is almost on empty, and she is knot sure what to do. Could you please take care of dat for her? Ok?
  3. yeah... it's both The theory is that by mowing wet grass you'll dull the mower blades and do a poor job. The early part is about your own personal comfort. Howie, did the vet gib you a rebate 'cuz your loose teef made it an extra easy denta? Ink Wiring minds wanna no!
  4. No, not skunk. That stinks. Ya fink? So, it luks like YELLBOY is now SMELLBOY! Mummy came back frum hur run. She sez it is so hoomid out she didn't no ifn she uz runnin or swimmin!
  5. Seriously, I saw the photo before I read the caption and I thought to myself "two years".
  6. Aw.... Darn, those allergies are bad today.
  7. N0, It's knot reelee funnee ... Yes it is! Miss REC, we are sad fur yu. Dese remembry dizeezes are so diffikult on lubbed wuns (hoo are still beree lubbed) Miss Chikkin Arms, Gud noos on yur moobe. Dat big mattriss camed frum dat wun long bag?? Auntie Ducky - how is Howie doin affer his dentul? Still gud? And our HadaNanaParsnip? Will yu guys stop reminding Mummy of doin muh nails? Sheez so bizzy, she keep furgittin. I juss gotta git tu MunnyDay nite and I'm home free! No nails!!
  8. A hunneredlebenty pounds! I'll bet YELLBOY kin take up a lotta de big bed! Mebbee de hole fing!
  9. Ivy, Daddy makes muh dinner eberee nite he cooks so he's used tu it. He add wader and luks fur a Merc Meat container fur add-ins. He makes gud kibbul!! um.... so du yu Mummy. I lub yu. Both Liberty and Mercury hate(d) having nails done. Lib would let me demel but Merc will not. I've always relied on as little clipping as possible followed by filing which neither minds. I big ol' Black Diamond file from the beauty supply store is best. They're big in your hand, thick, and quite coarse. That reminds me... we're behind in nail maintenance....
  10. Uh oh, Merc! Being left alone with the Daddyman isn't always perfect, but at least mine gives out oodles of cookies! Hopefully, yours steps up and does the same. Where is your mummy escaping to? Monday night I leave for Thailand! It occurred to me today that I really should spend some time rehearing my keynote address....
  11. Miss Sherrie, Wutta horror show! Miss PittsNancy, we are finking ob yu and will hold Misser Doug in ower prayers. Aw, Mam. Dis a tuff time fur yu. We are finking ob Sweet Ruby gittin hur wings, wiff ruby dust on dem. De big, big, big fabric bogx on weels is out and Mummy duz a lotta upstairs downstairs upstairs downstairs rinse repeet. I bin worrit and habs bin followinghur all ober de house tu make shure she duzn't diskapeer. Mummy wented out lass nite to a dance class and left me wiff Daddyman tu make muh supper. She said it wuz gud practiss.
  12. I soooooooooooo want an air fryer but don't really want one more appliance.
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