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  1. Hi... thanks for responding. This sure sounds like the same thing. And as you said, she’s still our sweet girl!
  2. Thanks for your insight. Yes she does act exactly the same as usual when she’s standing...wants cuddles and pets. She was SO excited when she knew I was talking her for her long walk again this morning. Only second time since my surgery 2 weeks ago. Maybe she just wants her routine back? Like you said, this may be a temporary issue or just how it will be now. But she will always be my sweet girl
  3. Hi... thanks for responding. I don’t think that’s it, because she’s staring at me when she does it. I had surgery 2 weeks ago (slept all day in bed, and my husband said she laid in the bedroom door all day. She came over to me a few times and gently put her nose on me, she is SO sweet and we love her so much) so I haven’t taken her on her long walks in the morning which she loves. Could that routine change cause this? I started her on her long walks today, so maybe a return to her schedule will make a difference? I just can’t figure out what is causing this behavior. So many of you are so experienced with greyhounds so I hope someone has some ideas.Sorry this is so long
  4. Hi, thanks for responding. No, I don’t think it’s just air snapping, because she “yipped” when she did it, and hit my hand with her head. She’s never growled at us. I just want to stop this behavior before it gets worse. Or stop whatever I’m doing to cause it.
  5. We adopted our sweet girl just over a year ago. She adjusted very well, slept in her crate with an open door in our bedroom from the beginning. She is so loving, and follows me around the house. She has never gone on the furniture, and we prefer that. She has a bed in the great room and I have always sat on the floor next to her bed for short periods of time, and she has always liked that. She puts her head or paw on my lap, always liking the contact. Rolled over for belly rubs, and enjoyed being petted every where on her body. Approximately a month ago she snapped at me, while I was next to her. She didn’t bite, but this has happened a few times now. I have touched her all over her body, thinking maybe something was hurting her, but she never even flinched. She still comes up to me with kisses, when I’m sitting on the couch, but on her terms. She has never exhibited sleep startle. I don’t know what has changed, and don’t want to lose the close bond I have with her. She has never liked my husband to sit next to her bed, but we thought that maybe it was because that was “my place” She goes up to him for pets and playing and is great with him. I moved her bed away from the couch, and sat where I always do, and she has come over and laid on the floor next to me, but not very often. When I go in the den where my husband is watching TV, she has always come in there too, and lays on the floor with her head next to my feet, and wants to be petted. But the other day when she wasn’t right next to me I reached over to pet her and she snapped. Is she just showing me she wants her own space? But why now after having her for a year? I want to get back to where we were, but don’t know what to do. Any ideas? Or do I just have to realize that this is how it’s going to be now?🤣🥲
  6. Do you think retired racers remember their lives before LOVE and snuggles and having servants?
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