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  1. Thank you, he's doing really well, his recall is really improving, which means he can have a run around a couple of local enclosed fields now :-) He loves it, even though he's tired after about three ball chases. I can't believe how anaerobic they are. I knew they were built for sprinting but he literally flops on the floor when he's had enough - I had a doberman growing up who was still raring to go after two hours of solid running!
  2. Oh, Adam's adorable, such an inquisitive face!
  3. Oh I know, it looks like he's wearing someone else's dentures!
  4. Haha, my vet commented the standard "he's a little bit skinny" when I took him for his check up. Though she did say she was aware the greyhounds have less body fat. I very nearly said "have you SEEN those thighs?!"
  5. He's mellowed out a little where the counter surfing is concerned - he now knows what "go away" means, which is useful! He had another pee inside at the weekend :-( I think we misread the signs - he was whining when I went into his food cupboard (it wasn't dinner time) so i just assumed he was excited about eating, as this is his usual behaviour. He then went into the spare room and started weeing. I managed to stop him and take him outside, where he finished the job. He doesn't really have much to do with the spare room so hopefully he just didn't know he couldn't go there - until now. W
  6. Haha! I was sitting at the dining room table doing some work, looked round, and there he was! How on earth is that comfortable?! I remember checking on him A LOT for the first couple of weeks - he'd sometimes only take a breath every 10 seconds or so! I guess that's what those big lungs are for... ...and I'm constantly in awe of those legs - they're so insanely muscly and he's not even stopped growing yet
  7. #ThickThighsSaveLives IMG_6206 by AlisonAnn, on Flickr
  8. I've tried so hard to research the right amount of food to give Frazer, but never find anything concrete. His rescue centre were giving him 200g of Arden Grange thinking he weighed 55lb, I weighed him at the vet a couple of weeks ago and he was 69lb! So I upped it to 220-230g of kibble and top up with veg and some meat, reducing the kibble amount if he gets more meat. He still has a little hunt around for food, even after he's eaten, but I think he's just greedy! Or getting more brave and assertive, as others have said. I think as long as the dog is in good shape, their poos are fine (an
  9. I use Arden Grange as it's what Frazer was fed while he was in kennels and he seems to like it. I top up with either fish or a chicken mince which I buy from the butchers, plus some veg. I like to mix it up a little for him! My vet just told me to give him a "balanced" diet, though wasn't too specific otherwise. She did say that she isn't too keen on a wholly wet diet because of the risk of bacteria in the food. I'm trying not to stress too much about what I feed him (as long as it's not toxic to him, of course!), I think as long as he seems healthy, as decent poops and is in good shape
  10. He went for a REALLY fast run today and is now having a snooze on the sofa! It's so wonderful to see them at (almost) full speed. Annoyingly, though, he did a little pee in house on Sunday :-( He was on his own for about 15 minutes and my husband found it when he got back. He's been so good where that's concerned, so we think he must've seen something which either spooked or excited him while looking out the window. We do have the dreaded squirrels running around outside our house! We've managed to leave him for up to an hour so I don't think it was separation anxiety. It hasn't happened
  11. Congrats! Like others have said, I've found this site so helpful. I don't have any stairs so can't offer advice there. I've got a pretty calm, confident boy too (he never raced and we don't think he was even trialled), but he still froze quite a bit in the first few weeks. Be prepared for him to get braver quite quickly as my Frazer became a lot more assertive, trying to steal things off counters, clothes etc. It can be quite funny but we still need to keep on top of it! If he can handle, it, I'd start to slowly introduce him to other dogs while out (without pushing him too hard, of
  12. Sorry for the slow reply, it's been a busy couple of days! Thanks again for all your comments, I've loved reading them :-) Our kitchen/lounge/dining room is all open plan... good for wheelchairs, not so good for training dogs! He's getting better, though. He generally gives up after a couple of minutes before laying on his bed with the hump! If he starts to get up again, my husband usually does some lay dow/stay/wait training with him. We've been very strict about not feeding him from our dining table while we're eating, which has helped. It doesn't stop him sniffing around there after we
  13. Thank you, he is a beaut - his coat's got so glossy in the last couple of weeks. I think he looks like a French painter - my husband wants to buy him a beret! We've been very lucky, really. He settled in very quickly aside form a couple of toilet accidents in the first few days. He's confident, cuddly (on his own terms) loves people and is largely fine with other dogs. The fact he never raced must play such a huge part. His prey drive is very strong but only with squirrels, and he doesn't stare at them for what seems like hours anymore. He still almost rips my arm off occasionally, t
  14. One more! IMG_6099 by AlisonAnn, on Flickr
  15. Thanks so much for your replies, it's so nice to chat to fellow greyhound owners, and wonderful to know Frazer and I are getting along ok! If I could just train him out of being my shadow while I'm cooking dinner I'll be golden! He has started to approach things and think before trying to pick them up already, he tends to give us a little look to see if we're going to say "no" or not! I also tried to post an image using Flickr but it's still not working! I'll keep trying. IMG_6185 by AlisonAnn, on Flickr
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