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Found 10 results

  1. Wasn't sure if I should post this here or on the Health and Medical forum but it's here now Grace decided she no longer wanted one of her rear toenails and so tore it off when chasing a squirrel in the enclosed paddock at my local park. I didn't realise she had done this until we got home and there were spots of blood on the blanket in the back of the car. I had a look when we got inside and noticed one of her toenails was missing and bleeding slightly (notice I said slightly) so out with the cotton wool, medical tape and and old sock. Grace now patched up lay on her bed waiting for break
  2. As you may know Grace suffers with corns. She has three on three different toes of one front foot and two on one toe of the other and we have tried different remedies for the last two years since they appeared. For the last six or seven months I have been taking her to one of the various the parks near me in the car so she doesn't walk on any hard ground, and using a dog nail grinder I've been grinding the corns and her nails down when she jumps into the back of the car before we go to the park. (It saves me bending down ) If she has to walk on hard ground I've been putting a baby sock ov
  3. Grace has a bald patch on her tail about 3 inches long but only on the side away from her body. The vet, who is experienced with greyhounds as she used to work as a vet at the greyhound tracks, said it is probably where she has been rubbing against something as the hairs are broken and have not dropped out, but she is not crated and sleeps either on her bed or the sofa. (I'll let you guess where she spends most of her time) My question is, although it's purely a cosmetic condition like her bald butt, and it doesn't bother her or me, can anything be rubbed in to her tail to stop the hairs
  4. Grace has never been one of those greyhounds that demands a lot of fuss. If she's laying on the sofa she'll only only let me sit at the tail end and stroke her. If I sat at the head end she'd get up and go and lie on her bed. Until today.....after 18 months she let me sit at the pointy end and make a fuss of her
  5. I'd run out of marmalade for my toast this morning so I used some of Grace's peanut butter. Grace, who usually stays on her bed while I'm eating, got up and stood next to me giving me the hard stare as if saying "That's my peanut butter." Only going back to her bed after I'd finished it. And they say greyhounds sense of smell is less than other dogs... So number one chore for today is to get some more marmalade.
  6. Spring has arrived. After our early morning walk Grace has taken herself back outside and is lying down on the lawn for the first time this year.
  7. How can such a beautiful and nobel looking hound.... ...then look so goofy?
  8. I've been let down by my Grace again. And again it was when we were visiting my mother. She, Grace not my mother, decided that the pale coloured carpet needed a little extra something and thought that emptying her bladder on it was just the ticket. This is only the second time she has gone inside and both times at my mother's. I don't think she has anything against my mother as she gets given a couple of pieces of ginger biscuit, or the shade of carpet. I think it was the cold weather that caused the bladder failure. I'm going to have to take the price of a bunch of flowers for my mother f
  9. Grace and I went on our first greyhound walk on Sunday organised by Nottingham Greyhound Trust at Elvaston Country Park. After a nervous start Grace soon settled down when a couple of the other hounds came up and said hello. At 10:30ish off we went in a sort of crocodile around the edge of the park, and what a strange site it must have been to the owners of other breeds of dogs, this group of 30+ greyhounds all walking beautifully on their leads with no barking and whining, no shouts of come here ,stop that, or no!, just the sound of their owners chatting. We will definitely go again a
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