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  1. Hi! This past Winter, I launched the Greyhound Homecare Store. If you're looking for a greyhound-themed mug, hoodie, t-shirt, or sticker that is truly unique, please stop by! What you will find is so much better than the generic products found in dog boutiques, where they take same product and slap 100 different breeds on it. My goal is to create simple designs which celebrate the fun and quirkiness of our greyt dogs. https://greyhound-homecare-store.creator-spring.com Thanks for reading, and please stop by - You'll be glad you did. Gail
  2. I was really surprised at how much I learned from creating this video, especially the part about melatonin. Check it out; I hope you find it helpful Gail
  3. I wrote this helpful guide on raising children with greyhounds, that goes through every stage of childhood (the kids' childhood, that is!). It will give you a good overview. https://greyhoundhomecare.com/are-greyhounds-good-with-kids-complete-guide-by-age/ Gail
  4. Have you ever been able to resist smiling at the sight of a greyhound roaching? I know it gets me every time! ~~Gail~~
  5. Can you believe there are NO other videos on this topic?? Oh...OK...well, I made one, anyway; for anyone who can use it! According to the poll I found here on Greytalk, that would be most of us (our dogs, that is).
  6. Maybe a reaction to something she ingested? I compiled a huge list of foods and ingredients that are toxic to greyhounds, but I included info about why each one is bad for a dog (it's all-breed friendly). https://greyhoundhomecare.com/what-foods-are-bad-for-my-greyhound/. Hope she's feeling better. Gail
  7. My Lily, almost 8, has been doing this occasionally for years. We thought it was from having a bad dream or a leg cramp. We usually pet her, talk to her, massage any tightness out of her legs, and she goes back to bed. Also, a few months ago, she had - I think - some kind of vestibular episode. It started out like I described above, but she was much more upset, lost her balance momentarily, and her eyes were darting back and forth. It passed in about 10 minutes, like nothing happened She’s been ok for months, but she just had another incident, her more usual kind (no crazy eyes or
  8. Hi! I feel so bad, when I see bald greyhound "cheeks" out in the cold winter air! Hit me with your best tip! The video has a good breakdown of why it happens. Gail
  9. Hi, Matt, A lot of people swear by Olewo Carrots. I haven't used it, but I see the name come up all the time when I'm researching for my greyhound website. Here's a the link, plus a greyhound's owner review of it (I have found many health solutions for my dogs from fellow owners' comments at Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Olewo-Dehydrated-Carrots-Supplement-11-Pound/product-reviews/B0083QBVHY 5.0 out of 5 stars My IBS EPI dog is now 'regular' and healthy with Olewo carrots, Honest Kitchen Perfect Form, and Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes "Olewo Carrots, Honest Kitc
  10. Those UTI's can be tough on the doggie and on the wallet, so I put in lots of tips on prevention, clean-up, and how to nip them in the bud at the first symptom. I released this previously as 7 smaller videos. Just when I thought I knew it all, my Lily got a UTI! Turned out she STILL wasn't drinking enough water - She's the worst drinker I've ever had! Gail
  11. No, but I super-diluted it - I put a tablespoon into 6 oz water sometimes, to get Lily to drink more water. Questions like this are always a dilemma - How much is too much? Or none? And then some greys are more sensitive, and to different things, than others. I wrote a helpful article on foods that aren't good for greys, where I get specific about exactly what is the offending substance or problem with each food: https://greyhoundhomecare.com/what-foods-are-bad-for-my-greyhound/
  12. Any thoughts? I'm doing my next video on greys who eat too fast, and I'd love to hear some stories...
  13. Those are public domain clips. The one with the black dog is from the UK, and I think she's on her property. The one with the brindle, I'm not sure. Mine's the pokey white/red! As far as how many greyhound friends, the answer is "not enough!" I have to use public domain clips, because I can never seem to get enough footage for my videos. Good for you! I can never manage to get out a good zinger like that when somebody's rude to me. Gail (and Lily)
  14. ...and in my spare time, I herd cats. Occasionally, I try to put toothpaste back in the tube...
  15. I agree, stick with it. I had one grey who had become really crate-phobic. As he got older, though, he was slipping on the floor and hurting himself sometimes when we were out, so we needed to contain him (sometimes he was getting into things and chewing things up, too). We replaced his plastic crate with a larger, wire one. When we needed it, we would put his bed into it and set it up exactly where the bed had been. He went right in, and loved it. Gail
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