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  1. It took Miss Lily a while to come around to a good snuggle...OK, it took years...and she still gets kinda grumpy, sometimes. My other two came to like cuddling up a lot sooner. My last one would tire of it and move away after a while. I think that was because of his arthritis. I think it's good for new owners to know that it can take time, though. What's your experience with this?
  2. I loved reading through these answers, especially the list!!! It's so funny, with Lily, she's like a little kid - If I ONCE do something she likes, it must become a tradition. Gail
  3. After getting knocked over by my grey, I switched her from a collar to a Gentle Leader. I *think* it would work with a muzzle. It stopped her from pulling on walks. Good luck! Gail
  4. That's what I call Lily, because she is soooo much more touch-sensitive than my previous greys. The others had a spot or two where they were sensitive. Lily doesn't; she's just generally more sensitive, due to her extremely thin coat. Anybody else? Full-blown Fingertip, or just one spot? Gail
  5. How do you get the duct tape to stay on? I can't get it to stay on for more than a few steps!
  6. I use a Gentle Leader, instead of a collar. It looks like a little pony harness, and works by putting the pressure on the back of the dog's neck, if he pulls. There's no choking, and it doesn't hurt; they just dislike the feeling. I wrote an article about training and pet greyhounds, which has helpful info for new owners: https://greyhoundhomecare.com/are-greyhounds-easy-to-train-the-truth-about-training-your-greyhound/ Between this, and the wealth of advice on this forum, you two will be skimming along before you know it Gail
  7. So, why does your greyhound whine? Or does he? I thought this would be a fun video topic...I think I got most of the biggies, but I can't help but feel that there are much more, including some really weird ones. What do you think, did I miss any? Thanks, Gail
  8. Don't feel bad - I think of years worth of stupid with my first grey, and a break-in period of stupidity with the subsequent ones You got great advice here. I would add to be mindful of keeping your head above his. It'll help establish you as pack leader.
  9. Usually I do info videos, but this one is just a bit of greyhound fun, for anyone who might need a big, toothy smile (Greys and Whippet Playing for 6 Minutes Straight)
  10. Hi! I just published this video, outlining all the costs of adopting a greyhound. It also tells what you get from the adoption group, what you need to buy for the big Gotcha Day, and what you can expect to pay annually after that. Of course, vet bills can be a wild card with any pet, but I hope it'll be helpful to first time greyhound adopters. I didn't see any other videos like it, so I made one! Please share, if you know anybody ready to adopt, or an adoption group that might find it useful for new inquiries.
  11. Hi, Once in a while, I get questions about this, but it took a while to dig up enough basic, sensible info to really put anything together that would be helpful. Gail
  12. That's a great idea about the GasX. I give Lily Pepto ( although I'd think twice, if she was on any meds). It does make her feel better, but I'll try the GasX next time, because I don't like the way it binds her up. BTW, GasX comes in drops, too, generically called Infant Gas Drops.
  13. @Mercsmom Try again - The squeaky toys are about halfway through the video.
  14. I wanted to know, so I made this short video. If you want to try it yourself, let me know, and I'll be glad to make another video that you can use to interact with your pups!
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