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  1. Hi, Greyhound Friends, I finally finished this videoto shed light on what can be a disturbing issue with greyhounds. After doing the research for it, I think greys handle their speed-eating a lot better than other breeds! It's still good too know when to worry, though. Has eating too fast ever caused a problem for your greyhound? Gail
  2. No, but I super-diluted it - I put a tablespoon into 6 oz water sometimes, to get Lily to drink more water. Questions like this are always a dilemma - How much is too much? Or none? And then some greys are more sensitive, and to different things, than others. I wrote a helpful article on foods that aren't good for greys, where I get specific about exactly what is the offending substance or problem with each food: https://greyhoundhomecare.com/what-foods-are-bad-for-my-greyhound/
  3. Any thoughts? I'm doing my next video on greys who eat too fast, and I'd love to hear some stories...
  4. Those are public domain clips. The one with the black dog is from the UK, and I think she's on her property. The one with the brindle, I'm not sure. Mine's the pokey white/red! As far as how many greyhound friends, the answer is "not enough!" I have to use public domain clips, because I can never seem to get enough footage for my videos. Good for you! I can never manage to get out a good zinger like that when somebody's rude to me. Gail (and Lily)
  5. ...and in my spare time, I herd cats. Occasionally, I try to put toothpaste back in the tube...
  6. I agree, stick with it. I had one grey who had become really crate-phobic. As he got older, though, he was slipping on the floor and hurting himself sometimes when we were out, so we needed to contain him (sometimes he was getting into things and chewing things up, too). We replaced his plastic crate with a larger, wire one. When we needed it, we would put his bed into it and set it up exactly where the bed had been. He went right in, and loved it. Gail
  7. Good answers here - It's better if you can get her to move through training/bribery. Does she have a duvet of her own? Gail
  8. It might be both - That happened last year to my Lily. I know she stepped on something, because I saw it happen while we were out on a walk. I just couldn't get it out, though. The vet was stymied by it, too. She got better, but developed a corn in that spot about a month later. I ended up putting a TheraPaw boot on her (just for outdoors), and trying everything from Epsom soaks to corn medicine to draw it out. I pulled out 3 corns over the next 7 months, each progressively smaller, and now she's been OK for about 3 months. She still has a spot there, which I keep an eye on, in case I
  9. I wrote an article on this recently, which brings together the main causes and an organized list of strategies for beating The Dreaded Toxic Cloud. Hope this helps! https://greyhoundhomecare.com/my-greyhound-has-bad-gas/
  10. I'm thinking of adding more tips to this video. What do you think?
  11. I was going to recommend a Duckworth toy; but after looking at your pictures, it seems so inadequate...
  12. I rated the greyhound by 26 traits that are a concern of new dog owners - Lots of greyhound eye-candy, plus tips, graphs, facts, and more. Gail
  13. I always like answering questions. It's they way I've met most of my neighbors! I often am asked if she ever barks, but my fave is telling people how lazy she is, and seeing their eyes widen. What question do you hear the most? Gail
  14. Lily sits the regular way (kind of a perch/hover), and "side-saddle," as well.
  15. It took Miss Lily a while to come around to a good snuggle...OK, it took years...and she still gets kinda grumpy, sometimes. My other two came to like cuddling up a lot sooner. My last one would tire of it and move away after a while. I think that was because of his arthritis. I think it's good for new owners to know that it can take time, though. What's your experience with this?
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