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What Do This Symptoms Indicate?

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one eye won't close

mouth drooly

right rear leg slightly stiff, knuckling under a little bit, gradual onset, (no sinking of hind end)

a little wobbly, gradual onset

not in pain

vet has a lot of greyhound experience



This is a friend's 10 y.o. dog and I have not seen this in person.

The person who relayed the info to me said the owner's vet told her it was bells palsy.

I don't know the name of the medicine that they were given.


The leg makes me think LS.

The eye and mouth make me think stroke/neurological.


I may have more info tomorrow but in the meantime, what do you think?

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If that eye won't close, you'll at the very least want drops for it, like now, to avoid damage to the cornea. Human drops for dry eyes would be fine until a vet can see the dog (again?).

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I thought Bells Palsy only affected the face in humans? which wouldn't address the rest of the symptoms... they all sound neurological to me, especially if they all appeared at the same time. Which eye is stuck open, and is the dog drooly only out of one side of his/her mouth (lips droopy on that side). Of course, I'm no vet.. At least it doesn't appear that the dog is in pain :heart

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A friends greyhound had some of these same symptoms, after much testing, it was determined she has Cushings.

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A stroke or a vestibular event.

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Guest GreytgroupLeader

Some of the symptoms sound very similar to Fionn. After an MRI and Spinal tap results were inconclusive so they have termed it a vescular event. With physical therapy, medication and a lot of determination on Fionn's part he has progress to 85% of his old self. The PT and medication have only been for 7 days now so I think he's doing outstanding.


Prayers that they find out what's going on with your friends canine.

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Are all the symptoms on the same side of the body - right eye, right side of the mouth, right leg(s)? Then I would think more a stroke. If it involved both sides, then some other kind of neuro involvement.

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Diamond had similar symptoms, minus the gradual onset, with her herninated disc. Her eye on that side wasn't staying open, but it wasn't reacting to light or the neurologist's hand. The neurologist STRONGLY suspected a stroke or brain tumor, but when he did the MRI to confirm (actually two MRIs), he saw the damaged disc (and no stroke/tumor evidence). He determined that the bulging disc was pressing on a nerve that affected that entire side of her body.

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From a human medicine standpoint - it is not Bells. The facial symptoms sound like Bells but in peeps it doesn't affect the limbs. I agree that it sounds more like a neuro event though. The knuckling is because he either can't feel or can't control the limb. Could be from one of the upper cranial nerves or in the brain itself.

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