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  1. Search spook here and there is a treasure of good information. Here is a link to something I wrote several years ago. We are currently on our 5th spook.
  2. Yup. I think I'll move to Australia next week and start typing with an Aussie accent.
  3. Follow your instincts. If you think it should not be used, don't. Google should tell you why it was discontinued.
  4. Just for follow-up information, I received my order from PetsMegaStore today. I placed the order om July 2nd. I am very pleased with the shipping time, especially considering the crap happening now. I knew it might take longer, but still placed the order. As usual, excellent service and a happy customer.
  5. Yes they do! All my FTH dogs totally remembered everyone!
  6. I have always had excellent service from PetMegaStore in AU. And I just ordered last week and had no issues and have already received a message saying my order was shipped. Now how long it takes to get here will depend on all of the other crap that is happening. But that is just life now. :)
  7. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bella.
  8. Got this tonight at work: Error code: 2S119/1
  9. Yes to seeing a couple of ribs. Remember that you have a greyhound, not a Labbie. ;) :) Hookworms is a distinct possibility. The thread I linked you to is long, but very relevant. Enjoy your new pupper. :)
  10. Have him checked for a UTI. Do not withhold water. Make sure he has access to you so he can wake you up to let him pee outside.
  11. Getting the error message tonight at work for the first time.
  12. Danny's jumped up by 25.00 this year. HealthyPaws. :(
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