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  1. Once a day, have for years, and not problems.
  2. Sounds normal for a greyhound. Some have bald butts and some don't. Buy her a butt wig.
  3. If you don't talk to your dog, why have one? Amoung a variety of normal chatter we have every day with our animals, I always kiss them good night and tell them I love them.
  4. Danger was a very severe spook. It took almost a year to get him to take treats from our hand. Kevin would set them on the island counter and he would creep up and get it. I am the jackass and if he didn't take it from me, he didn't get it. :lol. Between the two of us, eventually he learned to take them from our hand.
  5. Hookworms. There is no reason for a dog to be relegated to a lifetime of hookworms. Do the reading and the work to get rid of the hookworms. Dental disease will cause heart disease and needs to be addressed. As stated above, most greyhounds do not have issues with being under. Talk to the Vet about your concerns and then get the dental done. There are a variety of dental chews available, so I would pick a couple of different brands that you can afford and give the dog one a day. We use OraVet, Pedigree Dental Sticks, VirBac C.E.T. Chews, and Sam's brand. Most of them I order from Amazon. Good luck.
  6. Freddie Mercury is the worst in the world. I call it the ADD Circle of Poop. He will start on one side of our lot and end up 80 feet to the side and 40 feet to the rear before he finds it right place, all the time doing circles, practice squatting,and changing his mind. It is pretty impressive to watch.
  7. It is not a big deal. We have changed many names over they years with no problems. I am paying the bills, I will name my dog.
  8. Let us know how they work out. I have been thinking about trying the dogs on an elevated bed when we have a younger pack again. Sadly Dessie's time is coming faster than we realized.
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