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  1. Hello from a fellow SoCal resident! My buddy Aston (featured in my avatar) passed away in 2014, but I still lurk and occasionally contribute because GT is great Aston's weight held steady at about 72lbs, and he was a tallish guy. He had a high prey drive, resulting in the occasional false-start lunge after a squirrel or darting feral cat, but he never pulled hard enough to hurt my shoulder or pull me over. I did slipknot the leash around my wrist to avoid dropping it, so the risk of dislocation was there, but I favored that risk over the risk of Aston taking off. Aside from the mini-lung
  2. That looks almost exactly like what Aston had on his rump years ago. I initially thought it was a hotspot/lick wound, even though Aston was never prone to them. It scabbed up heavily and then puckered up, yanking the healthy tissue in around it. It then burst, revealing necrotic tissue that had to be removed via surgery, with antibiotics afterward. The wound showed evidence of pseudomonas infection (greenish discharge around the edges). In retrospect, the vet thought it was likely a necrotic spider bite. Check out the second photo here: http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/293763-as
  3. Such a beautiful tribute. In tears over here, too. I am so sorry for your loss. Daisy was, and is, so very loved.
  4. I am so very sorry. In tears with you. It's just so hard. There are no words. I'm sure my buddy Aston greeted Lou at the Bridge. I miss him dearly.
  5. I wish I had known about this treatment for Aston. He had one awful recurrent corn on one toe that rendered him with an "idiopathic" limp until a grey-savvy vet finally figured out what was happening, when Aston was nearly eleven years old. I'm so glad that this treatment is working for these poor hounds!! Also, <hijack> HI ADRIANNE </hijack>.
  6. How is Lou doing? Thinking of all of you.
  7. From your mention of Irvine, I'm guessing that you're in Southern CA? I am, too, but in Los Angeles County. I am so sorry. It is so, very, hard. I made the decision for my Aston. He was on something like nine prescription meds and a bunch of supplements when I called it. And running (awkwardly) and playing for a minute or two each day, as he usually did, and eating like a champ. And he had no idea what was going on when the thought crossed my mind -- his hind end was sunk to the ground in the middle of our walk, but his front end was busy drooling over a squirrel across the park. He
  8. Oh, no, no, no. No. . There are no words. I know my guy Aston was there to greet her, though. So sudden, too, too soon. I am so sorry.
  9. Welcome!! Yes, photos please!!
  10. I am so very sorry to see Charley's name in a Remembrance thread. He was absolutely stunning, and I always loved seeing his photos. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I am so sorry for your loss. Charley is so loved.
  11. There are no words. I am so very sorry...
  12. I'm pretty sure I went through a few courses of Amoxicillin with Aston's UTIs. I don't recall having him on cephalexin. Amox was usually the first one given to him, and if it didn't work, a culture/sensitivity was run on his urine to determine the right abx to use. Or -- Amox was given while the culture was being run at the lab, and then the abx was switched once the right abx was determined. I think he was put on Baytril initially for UTI symptoms another time, but it was also not the correct med. Depends on the bug(s) involved.
  13. I have not been there because of osteo, but I have been where you are. There are no words. I am so, very, sorry.
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