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  1. He had his balls cut off, offer him a couple shots of whiskey.
  2. You're putting way too much thought into this. You own the dog, do a PAL registration and have fun with your dog.
  3. Looks like freckles or age stops. Not a big deal. Add to the list of things to ask the Vet next time you have a routine visit.
  4. I am looking for a couple of ManU martingale collars.
  5. I don't see the "surf naked" option when I sign in.
  6. Danny- BTFrontalAssault 09/19/13-08/25/19 Words fail me. Tears and heartbreak and sorrow barely scratch the surface of my soul tonight. Danny was diagnosed with Osteo last Tuesday. Based on x-rays, his overall health, and his young age, we made the decision to amputate his leg. Emptiness filled the house this morning as Danny slipped away at the Vet’s office. Danny and I first met when I was helping out BluToo Kennels at Palm Beach. His sometimes flippy-forward ears caught my attention and it was love at first sight. And perhaps the fact the I accidently gave him a snack meant for another dog who was racing that day. It was our secret and we never shared it. Danny didn’t race, but he did go to racing school in Iowa, the winter of the blizzard, and got stuck there for an extra month. He let it be known that he preferred the sunshine and warmth of Florida over the frozen and icy tundra of Iowa. After some communication and testing glitches with another group, I contacted his owner directly. Kevin and I drove to Ocala the day after Thanksgiving and brought his home in 2015. It was a perfect fit. Kind best sums up Danny. He was always a very kind dog. While not afraid to put another dog in their place if needed, he also took a lot of guff before he did it. He was always kind to the cats and little dogs. Freddie Mercury regularly tried to gum his toes off and Danny just ignored it. Sally Ride constantly threatened bodily harm if he tried to get on the couch and Danny climbed up anyway. Yet, five minutes later, Danny, Freddie, Sally, and a cat would be sleeping interwoven in a heap on the couch. I never heard more than a soft growl from Danny for any reason. Catsby and Quinn both loved to rub against his face and he would kindly sniff them and enjoy their love. Nicknames run amok in our home and Danny had plenty. I think the two that stuck were Dan The Man the Dog and BigManDog. And he loved both. Danny would snarfle with glee when I greeted him with either name. He was proudly BigManDog to Freddie Mercury’s LittleManDog. As a male, he was a bottom crate dog, so he had to learn how to get on both the bed or the couch. But it was a lesson he learned quickly and a feat he was proud of. He didn’t really jump, more like he climbed, but he was committed to watching TV with us and to sleeping on our bed. Every night, I fell to sleep across the bed as my head rested next to his. Danny had a quick smile. It was hard to catch as he was so fast with it. I started getting him to slow down with it by reaching for him and giving him a quick kiss. And it worked because he would hold his smile until his kiss on this front toofers. He shared his grin freely with those he loved. Every morning Danny greeted me with his toothy quickly-flashed grin. 2017 Danny and I embarked on an epic road trip. We drove to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts to visit my family. It was the first all seven of us had been together in 29 years. And Danny was the best traveling companion a gal could wish for. Jen was generous enough to offer us a place to stay and we ended up there for two nights. She hosted a small GT gathering and Danny was kind to all who attended. The trip home, Maureen opened her home and we stayed there too. And Danny proved he was indeed a greyhound, having never seen stairs. I think Tim ended up having to carry him down. Nancy hosted Danny for the day, so I could bucket-list a visit to Saratoga Springs race track and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. No clue how he survived the back seat of a caddy with my sister the truck driver at the wheel. It was a harrowing experience, at best. I made up for it by visiting Mount Greylock the next day and he liked the vista of the mountains and the peaceful cool breeze. Everyone who met Danny fell in love with my handsome boyfriend. He was polite and kind to everyone he encountered on our vacation. We had much conversation and shared many secrets during our journey. But I wouldn’t take him to the Ava Gardner Museum in North Carolina on the way home. He forgave me, and I never told anyone that he liked to older women. He confided to me that he wanted both Violet and Harper’s phone numbers, the handsome scamp that he was. His loss is devastating and my heart to crushed. Both Daphne and Dexter, along with Catsby and Quinn are missing him, as are both of us. With racing done in Florida, I don’t know if there will be a 12th greyhound in our home. I hope so. However, Danny is in my heart forever. Run free Big Man Dog and take care of Little Man Dog.
  7. Why import a dog when there are greyhounds and many other dogs in the country that need homes?
  8. Search spook here and there is a treasure of good information. Here is a link to something I wrote several years ago. We are currently on our 5th spook.
  9. Yup. I think I'll move to Australia next week and start typing with an Aussie accent.
  10. Follow your instincts. If you think it should not be used, don't. Google should tell you why it was discontinued.
  11. Just for follow-up information, I received my order from PetsMegaStore today. I placed the order om July 2nd. I am very pleased with the shipping time, especially considering the crap happening now. I knew it might take longer, but still placed the order. As usual, excellent service and a happy customer.
  12. Yes they do! All my FTH dogs totally remembered everyone!
  13. I have always had excellent service from PetMegaStore in AU. And I just ordered last week and had no issues and have already received a message saying my order was shipped. Now how long it takes to get here will depend on all of the other crap that is happening. But that is just life now. :)
  14. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bella.
  15. Got this tonight at work: Error code: 2S119/1
  16. Yes to seeing a couple of ribs. Remember that you have a greyhound, not a Labbie. ;) :) Hookworms is a distinct possibility. The thread I linked you to is long, but very relevant. Enjoy your new pupper. :)
  17. Have him checked for a UTI. Do not withhold water. Make sure he has access to you so he can wake you up to let him pee outside.
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