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Do Your Dogs Chew Their Food?


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Nope, Bella never chews. We put water in her food so that she laps it up versus chewing. Before we put water in she would still inhale it but choke and gag and worry the heck out of us.


Large enough treats she chews but nothing she doesn't have to.

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Lila is a lapper too for her meals because I put water in it. She doesn't chew her kibble (and chokes and coughs without the water) but she chews everything else quite carefully. She is very funny with a piece of carrot and tried really hard to chew one fresh green pea. :P Dog teeth are just not made for that.

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Guest KennelMom

Most dogs don't chew, just swallow. In humans, the digestive process starts in our mouth with enzymes in saliva + the chewing action. Dogs don't have these same enzymes and their digestion starts in their tummies, so as long as it fits down the gullet there is no "need" to chew....saliva is more of just a lubricant.


We have had a couple crunchers or chewers over the years, but most of them gulp.

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Oscar inhales it. We put a cup in the bowl to prevent him from going too fast, but before we did that he would inhale half the bowl and then stop, cough it back up, and eat it again! :o I thought he was going to choke.

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