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  1. I agree with everything above, but also think you should work on conditioning him to get used to being handled more. Gently stroke his legs and tail and immediately give him a treat. Until you know if it's pain related I wouldn't bend or manipulate him though. If you know it's not pain related start bending his joints, but only into comfortable positions. Don't force it. Keep giving him treats while you're doing this so he starts to think it's great
  2. Tell the kids to knock on the door if they want to pet the dogs. That you can't guarantee you'll be available every time and that some visits may be short. But that climbing the fence is unacceptable and if you catch them doing that you'll put the dogs in the house and not let them say hi. Or make a weekly "date" with the kids where they can come say hi to the dogs. Then they won't bother you at ransom times.
  3. I bring my dogs into stores all the time. It's often either that, leave them in the car, or make an extra trip home since my dogs come to work and friends house with me and are already with me. Sometimes I bring them because they could use an outing. I was in Charming Charlie once and a woman with 3 obnoxious kids walked by and told me she wished her kids were as well behaved as my dogs. My dogs are so well behaved that most people don't even realize I have them until they're right next to us. If I notice someone is afraid, I'll get between them and my dogs and give them lots of space. Sailor usually doesn't even bother sniffing people as he's not a huge fan of strangers, so he never bothers anyone. My biggest issue is keeping people away from Sailor. (He has no aggressive tendencies, but prefers not to be handled by strangers. He will tolerate it, but I don't like to force him into it. Treats are helpful though!) I'd rather ban children from public places than dogs. At least dogs are leashed. I agree that dogs don't belong in grocery stores though!!
  4. Mine say "reward" instead of their name. I also have our address and phone number. I may put "needs meds" on Bu's instead of "reward" or possibly in addition to it since he was diagnosed with Pannus.
  5. Make sure that whatever trainer you use uses positive reinforcement methods and not dominance theory. My dogs are great with everyone, but I'm a dog walker and some the dogs I walk can be questionable. When I bring my dogs to meet these questionable dogs, I position my dogs facing away from the other dog. The other dogs get a chance to sniff my dogs and get to know them without eye contact and they feel less threatened. After a minute or 2 I let my dogs greet them. They usually barely sniff the dog then ignore them. I'm always super careful and I know my dogs extremely well and they're very reactive and I usually also know the other dogs pretty well. As for your pup not growling, growling is only one of many signs a dog gives before biting. Also, if he's been corrected for growling, he may not growl because he's been told growling is unacceptable. Growling is actually a gift. It's the dog telling us that he's uncomfortable. It gives us time to help the dog before he gets to the point where he feels biting is his only option.
  6. I'm a pet sitter. My job is writing those notes!! I have 1 client who keeps losing the notebook because she hides it when she has dates over so they don't think she's crazy. I say she should leave it out. The sooner they realize the dogs are a priority the better!
  7. I also apologize for making a dog growl. I shared this on Facebook.
  8. We keep walks short if it's really hot. When I want a long walk we go to our favorite park that's along a river and they can go in whenever they want. If it's insanely hot, we just stay close to the water and I go in with them.
  9. I live in CT. I also have 2 cats though. I do know people who may be willing to help if there's a problem. Why don't you just make the room you're staying in a cat free zone and have your pup stay there? You can hand out with him in there and make sure to take lots of walks. As long as you're extra careful coming and going, you should be as to make that work for a bit. But, feel free to PM me if that's not an option. I'm near Hartford, but have friends all over.
  10. Combine it with a dental if possible. It will add to the cost, but overall be cheaper and safer than 2 separate procedures.
  11. Mine joined in rooing when they howling was freakishly close to the house. I don't think they've seen any though.
  12. Call the dog warden. Unless these people face consequences, they'll never change. Bad things happen to loose dogs. They can be hit by a car or stolen. Keep an eye on it. If it's not picked up by it's owners, bail him out and find him a new home.
  13. Start training her to go on command. When she goes, give her a treat. The treat will give her incentive to go faster!
  14. It sounds like you're doing everything right. Unfortunately these things take A LOT of time. Hopefully day care helps.
  15. The smell of raw and cooking lamb makes me too close to vomiting for comfort, so I don't blame him. As for someone's dog being afraid of the smell of ferrets, Bu has met 2 ferrets and he was terrified!! They cornered him in a chair and I had to rescue him from them. Of course they thought he was their friend and wouldn't have hurt him if the could. And he could kill them in 1 snap or even stomp if he wanted to, but that didn't matter to him.
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