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  1. I agree with everything above, but also think you should work on conditioning him to get used to being handled more. Gently stroke his legs and tail and immediately give him a treat. Until you know if it's pain related I wouldn't bend or manipulate him though. If you know it's not pain related start bending his joints, but only into comfortable positions. Don't force it. Keep giving him treats while you're doing this so he starts to think it's great
  2. The smell of raw and cooking lamb makes me too close to vomiting for comfort, so I don't blame him. As for someone's dog being afraid of the smell of ferrets, Bu has met 2 ferrets and he was terrified!! They cornered him in a chair and I had to rescue him from them. Of course they thought he was their friend and wouldn't have hurt him if the could. And he could kill them in 1 snap or even stomp if he wanted to, but that didn't matter to him.
  3. Sometimes they have trouble drawing from a leg and they use the jugular. It's relatively normal and actually tell my vets to do it if they need to as some people are Squamish about. Personally, I'd rather is be a jugular draw than their legs getting poked over and over if the vein is hiding. My boys have never had any blood draw wrapped that I can recall. Mine have never had hematomas from it, but I brought in a Newfoundland once and she ended up with one on her leg. They seem to happen occasionally.
  4. Yes, he needs more exercise. Walks are an important part of a dogs life. They tire the body and mind. As a dog walker, I find that most dogs that don't get at least one decent walk a day are under stimulated physically and mentally. Marking outside is fine. On a decent walk, he should empty out.
  5. Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon and you figure out what's going on.
  6. I don't have experience with dogs, but I'm on gabapentin. I know I was prescribed 900mg 3x a day. I now only take 600 1x a day. So you can go pretty high. As for side effects, the only one I've had is that when taken with my sleeping meds it helps me sleep a bit better. On it's own though I had no side effects. My father was on it to help with palliative care for fibrosarcoma. It was the only thing that helped, even morphine and other high power stuff weren'thelping him. It is really only good for nerve pain, if he isn't having nerve pain, I wouldn't bother giving it to him.
  7. Claudia, my offer to drop the dogs off at my place once you get to New England is still open if you need it. Karen

  8. I'm a pet sitter in the Hartford, CT area. I can sometimes board dogs, but mainly sleep at clients houses when they go out of town. Contact me for availability and prices. Karen
  9. I have Bu vaccinated for everything. I'm a pet sitter and he comes to work with me. I also go to parks and down wooded trails with him. Even my indoor only cats get everything because I don't know what I'm going to come home with. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  10. I'm 26 and single. I adopted my boy in october.
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