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  1. You gave her a fabulous life, you can see the joy in her eyes. Run free sweet girl, run free of a body that was failing you. I am sorry you had to say goodbye.
  2. Winnie, I wouldn't say discouraged I would say banned from getting any dogs in the US.
  3. Which one of the products from here did you buy?
  4. i worked with the group that took in all of the Greymeadow hounds from the Butlers. Heard a lot of good things about their farm. My first two greyhounds were Grey's Island Mocha and Greys Pitch Black.
  5. Our group has helped bring in a number of galgos from Spain last year. We also have had some lurchers come into our group. I believe we are still working out the details to bring Irish and English retired racers to the US as well. Things in England and Ireland are pretty bad for the greyhounds. Many end up in other countries with no animal welfare laws. After they are used up they are sent to wild life parks to be killed by cheetahs and other big cats or to the dog meat trade.
  6. Maybe call or e-mail the distributer in the US and see if they have any suggestions. Hopefully Ina can help you.
  7. My current is about 77 pounds. My first boy Luka was always around 57. Never put on any weight no matter how many sandwich cookies he ate.
  8. I have been a huge fan of Olewo Carrots for over 5 years. My hounds love it and their poops are so much firmer and easier to pick up. Pumpkin never really worked with my hounds. I recommend Olewo so much that the company gave me 50 pounds to use as samples. It is great to suggest this for new adopters. New hounds always seem to have soft poop issues.
  9. What a lovely tribute to a very special girl. She touched a lot of lives and that is a sign of a life well lived. To all who loved her and was touched by her loving heart I am sorry you had to say goodbye.
  10. Love to hear this and all the wonderful photos. What a special girl. Congratulations!
  11. Fantastic photo!!!! You are so talented!
  12. What a blessing she was to you and all of your other dogs. It was meant to be, she was the girl you needed. I know she had a full and fabulous life at your home. What a special girl. I know her loss will hurt your heart bad. May all the beautiful photos and memories give you some comfort at this sad time. Run free sweet girl and know that people all over the world are sad to hear you had to leave your family.
  13. They are lovely girls. Congratulations! My last girl I adopted at 2 years old.My boy was 6 at the time. She still tries to get him to play. He is like " girl you crazy". She twirls and spins like mad and throws the stuffies all over, they bounce off the ceiling. She is a lot of fun. She ran 23 races and her racing name was Diana Ross. She is now called Neko.
  14. You should not feel any guilt. You did right by him. You ended his pain and opened the door to your pain. You put him first. I think we all know the sorrow you feel. It is a horrible pain in your heart. Just remember, it doesnt get better, it gets different and you learn to live with it. Run free sweet boy and know you are loved.
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