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  1. lukasmom


    It is incredible to think of how many lives your sweet girl touched. She was a favorite hound to so many people. Thank you for sharing her with the world. She was a very special girl. I miss her photos. Just a thought, how about re-running her photos starting with the first one you took of her. I think everyone here would love that. One a day or week. Run free sweet Lexie and know that you are loved.
  2. I have used their Fresh Factors and Joint Health for years. Let me tell you a story about them. I had received my order but did not really pay attention to the bottles. I went to get a new bottle and the seal was broken. I knew I only brought up a new bottle once the old one was empty so I didn't think I had opened it and realized I didn't need a new bottle at the time and returned it to the cabinet where I keep them. I e-mailed their customer service and they replied immediately. They apologized and shipped a new bottle Next Day Air. I told the rep how at my greyhound meet and greet I over heard a store employee recommend giving their dog joint supplements but she did not recommend a brand. After the employee left I approached the couple and told them about Springtime Naturals. They were happy for the recommendation. The rep was really tickled that I was recommending their products. I told them anytime someone asks about joint supplements I recommend their company. I sent her photos of my greyhounds. Two days later I get a letter from the company. It was from the president of the company. He thanked me profusely for the recommendation. He asked if he could use my greyhounds photo that I sent to the rep in their catalog along with some of the e-mail I sent to the rep. I said sure, that would be cool He then told me he put $500 on my account as a thank you for being such a loyal customer. I was blown away! That was amazing customer service. Luka and Peace's photo is still on their web site. Made me happy to see my now Bridge angels on their site.
  3. The reason why the work and raw carrots don't is that dogs teeth are designed to tear at meat, not grind food like cows do. The carrots just pass thru them with no benefit. Olewo is great. I wanted to get them to have a booth at GIG but they couldn't spare the time.
  4. I highly recommend Olewo Carrots. They calm the digestive system and firm up the poop. Completely natural and organic. Just add hot water and some good oil like coconut oil and let it soak. Can make it as dry or soupy as you like. I have been using them for 5 years with great results. My hounds love them. When I first used them I posted on Greytalk about it. I got a call from one of the owners of Olewo USA. She wanted to let me know that she suddenly was getting a lot of phone calls and orders from greyhound people. We talked for an hour. Lovely woman named Ina. I have recommended them so much they sent me 50 pounds to use a samples. You can get them from Chewy or Amazon. My Carter is on their testimonial page and a video I made of my hounds eating them is on their Facebook page. I love this product!
  5. The teeth cleaning without being put under only cleans what you can see. It is under the gums that hides all the real issues.If your vet is greyhound savy I would not hesitate to do a real dental cleaning. Yes, you do hear about hounds passing away during/after dentals but most of us have never had any problems. One of my hounds had a dental and the tooth was absesed and it didn't even show up on the x-ray. My hound lost that tooth and I bet he felt so much better with it gone. Clean teeth are very important to heart health.
  6. I love your photos of her. She is amazing with all the stuff you put on her or by her. She is a perfect model! Happy belated birthday!
  7. Have you tried Honest Kitchen's food? You add water to rehydrate it. Easy on the mouth if having dental issues. Also, look into bone broth. Honest Kitchen has that as well if you do not want to make it yourself.
  8. You might want to look into Olewo Carrots. All natural, organic carrots from Germany. Company has been around for like 30 years, used by breeders and rescues. They calm the digestive track and firm up the poops. A lot of greyhound people use it. I have used for about 5 years with great success. My hounds love it. I have recommended it so much (at least twice a week on Facebook) that the company gave me 40 pounds to use as samples.
  9. U Pet makes one that says Oh no,I'm lost. Call my Mom.
  10. I keep all of them in binders. I look thru it on occasion, it is part of their life's story. I won't part with them.
  11. So sorry to hear this. Between her injuries the loss of her job and the loss of Patch , it is a lot for one person to handle. I know her heart hurts. For whatever reason it was his time to leave this earth. I hope your friend has a uneventful recovery and feels better soon.
  12. I love your event but I will have to miss it again this year. My Mom needs more care than my brother can provide by himself. If you have never been to this event I highly recommend it. Beautiful part of the country and Sydney James always welcomes the greyhounds with open arms.
  13. An article on their local paper said their office was closing and everyone was out of their jobs.
  14. lukasmom


    I am heartbroken. I loved your sweet boy. He was the first galgo I met. You understood Iker and gave him the life he deserved. He flourished with your care and love.Run free sweet boy. You will be missed more than you know.
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