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  1. Good morning! we are going to playgroop for a short time and then off to GiG! Ivy
  2. Hi Eberywon! We just got back from GiG! We did knot stay as long as ushual because Momma's eye started hurty hurting again. We saw LOTS ob other houndies, plusalso we saw Miss Nichole and Miss Fawn! We also saw a kewt leetle Windsprite named Ellie who wuz 11 weeks old and abailable for adoptshun, but there are 60 applicants!!! Momma of course did knot think to take a ob her. In fact, she did knot take ANY !!!!! I will remind her tomorrow when we go back to be sure to take some Momma bought each ob us a noo collar (like either one of them even need yet another collar!) She also bought a T-shirt from Greyhound Health Initiative plusalso the GiG T-shirt from this year for herownself and for Daddy. Plusalso houndie decals for the car and she is really eggsited cuz she bought the Richard Skipworth Lockdown Doodles Portfolio. She bought some treats for us and gabe us treats from a vendor tables too. Now we are home and relaksing cuz she told us we are going back tomorrow! It is a beautimous bloo sky day today wif NO hoomidity and it's nice and cool. I hope all ob my frends are habin a gud day! Ivy
  3. Happy Birthday Miss Halise! We had LOTS ob rainy rains this morning but it stopped in time for our Morning Wiki Walkie. Miss Tracey walked us this morning and is coming back this afternoon. Momma's eye is feeling a leetle better today. She is able to open it normally and it is knot as hurty hurty. That probably means we will be able to go to GiG tomorrow if she is feeling better! Miss Ducky, whot kind ob things do they want for the Miss Nellie aucshun? Only houndie things or can other things be sent? Miss Elizabeth is being crowned! Ooooh! The rainy rains habs stopped and the sun is shining! Ivy happy to see sunshine again!
  4. Momma is a ! Eggsept it is her left eye. She is hurty hurty and sitting around wif a cold compress on her eye and putting antibioticals in her eye too. Miss Tracey did our walkies today and she is coming back tomorrow. Momma is hoping that her eye feels better by Friday cuz we are going to GiG! Thank you eberywon for all ob your concern about Momma! Ivy
  5. Momma just came home from a place called an Urgent Care Center. She says she habs something called a corneal abrasion. She sed it is bery hurty. The doctor gabe her eyedrops wif antibioticals and sed that her eye hurts so much now because her cornea is swelled up. He sed the pain should go away in 48 hours! Ivy playing nurse hound for her Momma
  6. Miss Elizabeth, I did knot read it that way so maybe it is just you! I am glad to be home wif Momma and Daddy! We are back to our ushual rootine. I wuz on a hunger strike at Misser Cameron and Miss Amanda's house, and this morning I wuz fussy about my brekkie too. But Momma put yogurt on my kibble and I ate it all up' Momma had a leetle accident this morning. She got stuck in the eye wif a wooden stick and her eye looks funny and it is leeking A LOT! She did a video visit wif a doctor and the doctor is going to check back with her this afternoon to see if it feels any better. If knot, she will be ordering eye drops for her. Momma says I habs to get off now cuz she is habing trubble wif her eye hurting. Whot does that habs to do wif me? Ivy
  7. I'm home ! I am bery happy to be home! But I did habs lots ob fun wif my frends Duncan, Kraken and Winnie plusalso meetiing Gemma the foster. She is only two years old and knows how to " sit" and "down"! Oh Zorro del Galgo, I am sorry that your medicine is knot working for you and that you are doing poorly. It's hard when your rootine changes but your Momma bear lubs you and wants you to feel better! Miss Lucy! I hope you feel better too! Hi Miss Patsy1 Welcome home! Sumbuddy asked to see a ob Momma and Daddy in their dress-up clothes at the wedding. Here they are: That's all for now! Ivy happy to be home!
  8. Good morning! Yes Ducky, I actually slept until 6:00! Two glasses of wine and not going to bed until 11:00 will do that! Kathy
  9. We just got back to our hotel from the wedding. It was lovely! Both bride and groom are widowed so it was a second marriage for both of the m. The bride is my sister-in-law, my brother’s widow. (He died suddenly in 2013), so it was a little emotional for me. The groom’s wife died of cancer a while ago. He is Jewish, she is Catholic, and they had a Jewish ceremony-it was lovely and very interesting. The ceremony was at the Pearl S.Buck house overlooking the wildflower garden and the reception was in an outdoor tent. The weather was spectacular, clear blue sky with temps in the 70’s and no humidity. She looked lovely in a silver sequined gown, he wore a suit. There was a cocktail hour outside, then dinner and dancing in the tent. It was a perfect day for sn outdoor wedding! I will post a couple of pictures when I get home to my desktop computer- it’s easier than my phone for pictures! Miss Kathy
  10. Good morning! Halise, I’m so sorry your Dad is doing so poorly. AndiPants, Sorry about your sprain- at least it’s not broken! Now behave and rest that leg!
  11. Ivy and Cherry are happily (!?!) ensconced at their dog sitter's house with four other greyhounds (one is a foster, the other three are theirs). Our picnic was very nice and the girls enjoyed all the petting and ear rubs from all the people! They also enjoyed meeting LOTS of greyhounds - about 50 or more in attendance! There were at least 70 people, including some kids too. It was in a county park with picnic pavilions so we were shaded from the sun. There were greyhound games, a raffle with raffle tickets, and an area with gently used greyhound paraphernalia as well. We bought an almost new dog bed for $15! Everyone brought their own picnic lunch, so I did a charcuterie board for me and for Jim, with cheeses, grapes, meats, crackers and some wonderful artisan olive bread. No alcohol allowed in the County's parks though, so no wine, only iced tea and diet coke for us. The girls had their treats, plus treats that other people gave them too! We won a basket of toys from Loyal Companion in the raffle, so our girls will be happy! Tomorrow we leave for the wedding and will check into our hotel first to get dressed for the wedding, which is from 5pm to 10 pm. Then we will leave Monday morning after breakfast at the hotel and will pick up the girls around 3:30 when Amanda gets home from work. We really miss our girls tonight! Miss Kathy
  12. I'm back from playgroop! It wuz a small groop today cuz the pic-a-nic is happening later and I guess eberywon else can't handle two things in one day! There were only 7 houndies at playgroop (6 fawns and a brindle) plusalso a German Shorthaired Pointer and we were all bery curious about her. She wuz bery nice and we sniffed her and walked around wif her. She wuz a rescue from a bad sichuashun in Alabama and she only weighed 40 pounds when she wuz rescued. She had a litter ob 7 puppies before being rescued and they all went DED cuz she wuz too malnourished to be able to feed them. But now she weighs 60 pounds and is a bery happy girl! Momma is BERY interested in the recipe for pistachio-cranberry-chocolate bark! Wait- does it bark? Mam, I am bery sorry that Pap is doing poorly. I hope he is OK! Your poor beloved Inn, nobody wants to work anymore! Hope you can get through the negst 23 days OK! Ivy getting ready to go to the pic-a-nic later
  13. Hi! We are habing a quiet day here today. Well, Cherry and I stayed home and Momma had a dental and Daddy had a doctor's appointment so Miss Tracey did our Morning Wiki Walkie. But then Momma came home and went out again to I got lunch today! Well, it wuz really leftover brekkie cuz I wouldn't eat all my brekkie, so Momma sabed it for me and put shaky cheese on it so I ate it for lunch! Then we went for a fambly walk. Guess whot! We are going on a pic-a-nic tomorrow! It's for the Greyhound Welfare adoptshun groop, which wuz Breeze and Beka's groop. We get invited anyway eben tho Cherry and I were haul fails from Pocono Greyhound Adoptshun! A lot ob our playgroop frends will be there too! Plusalso we will be going to playgroop earlier in the morning too! Then Momma says we will be going to Misser Cameron's house for a sleepover wif our frends Duncan, Kracken and Winnie, plus a foster girlie too! Momma and Daddy are driving to Phillydelphia for a wedding on Sunday ebening. Why on Sunday you ask? Well, the wedding wuz originally skeduled for last year, but then that Corona came and they had to cancel. A Sunday wuz the only day they culd get this year! Then Momma and Daddy will be staying obernight at a hotel and come to pick us up on Monday afternoon. Merc! We are going to Dewey! Plusalso to Gettysburger! Nate, I hope your Momma's Souparooooo gets fixed riteawayquik! Ivy
  14. Miss Halise, we are going on Friday and Saturday. Momma’s knot sure about Thursday or Sunday yet. Ivy
  15. Miss Jenbo and Summer- thanks for all the yummy treats!
  16. Miss Patsy, my Daddy's name is Misser Jim, knot Misser Bill!
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