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  1. We are enablers by nature! Tell us all about it Miss Sherrie!
  2. When Momma wuz still working, she used to habs 6:30 am meetings and they were an hour away! It is icy and snowy here this morning. Our morning potty break wuz interesting, just getting down the sidewalk to the grass! Slippy slidey! Miss Soosan habs another kitteh! Whot does Miss Sherrie habs to say? Pippin, whot happened to you yesserday afternoon? So many mysteries! Ivy, waiting wif bait on my bref to find out answers!
  3. Merc, I lubs your helicopter tail! Mam, I’m glad that Widget’s tests are coming back normal and he’s eating!
  4. Hi everywon! It is a cloudy day here in Mary Land today and it is knot too cold at all! It is 36 pedigrees wif no wind. We are going to get some rain and ice later today tho and Momma is glad that she does knot habs to dribe to or from werk! Miss Mam, habs you heard any noos about Widget? We are backandforfandbackandforf for him! Merc- you habs 80 pedigrees and sunnyshine?!? Wow! Wiki, I do knot like carrots either, but Cherry lubs them. I lubs banananas. Plusalso I lubs cucumbers too. Happy Gotcha Day Chancey! It's gud that some ob the peeps her
  5. Good morning! Happy Gotcha Day Chancey! Hope you had a Happy Birthday too! Pony Widget and Mam (((hugs))) It's me, Cherry! It is cold and dark AGAIN this morning and we are supposed to get ICE later today! Heading off to Cherry
  6. Daddy is watching the Packer game and we are just being pesto asking for pets. AndiPants- you figured it out! Miss RE Carol, Momma wanted to be creatibe by trying to knit a sweater during their 2020 cruise. So she bought everything for the sweater and decided she shuld start wif a praktice scarf. So she bought the yarn for the scarf and started it and then the cruise and all ob their other vacations for 2020 were canceled cuz ob the virus. So she slowed down and has knot picked up the praktice scarf for a while........ We did a fambly walk this afternoon and it is still c
  7. Good Morning! It's me, Cherry! It is dark and cold this morning but we went outside and I made sure there were no deer or foxes out there. Then I came in and had my brekkie. Now I am waiting to see if I get peanut butter again! AndiPants, if you look at the pikkie, there is a teaPOT and a KETTLE and notice the color? Think about it. Miss Jennie! Off to wait for peanut butter...... Cherry
  8. I'm back! We just got back from our fambly walk. It is sunny and bloo sky beautimous but still cold. We didn't see any other dogs or peeple eggsept for one man that Momma and Dady know cuz he goes to their church. Eberywon else is staying inside where it is warm! Wiki, you look sooooo comfy in that bed! Momma lubs your shiny black furs! Miss Kerry, if you look on FB today you can see the pikkies that Momma posted ob our playgroop this morning! AndiPants, I hab neber tasted blooberries, are they gud? I do like strawberries and banananas and apples though! Oooh
  9. Gud morning. We had playgroop today and it wuz COLD! The windy chills were in the teens and twentylebens and we had snow flurries too. We ran and played and had lots ob fun! The hoomans stood around in their down coats and mittens and hats and petted us lots! Merc, a possum hiding inside the grill?!? Pleese be careful ob that allimagator in the fog! Uh oh, Miss Carol Ann got chomped on the leg by a possum? Yikes! I guess we will be staying inside most ob the day today since it is cold and windy. But Momma promised me we will be getting our fambly walk
  10. Good morning! Hi! It's me- Cherry! It is dark and very cold outside and today is playgroop day! Plusalso Momma gave me peanut butter! Habs a gud day! Miss Chris, Momma says thank you for telling us about Miss Jean. We will send a card Cherry
  11. Pippin! We mailed the Crispmix cards in early December! It just arribed???? Well, Momma mailed a package to my Auntie Linda on December 17 and it arribed on January 19!!! Your Momma is right, they are REALLY oberburdened. Hopefully they will get caught up soon. Merc, when my Momma and Daddy first got married his werkjob had him trabeling all ober the country, eben to Hawaii! Back then he wuld leabe for the airport on Monday morning and come home on Friday night-ebery week! Since they mobed to Mary Land he did knot habs to trabel as much and now he habs been retired f
  12. Miss Ducky, we will look forward to seeing before and after pikkies when the shed is done! Ivy, curious houndie
  13. Good Morning! It's me! Cherry! This morning I took Momma for a walk in the dark. Usually I potty right away so I can go back and eat my brekkie but today I decided to go for a walk instead. It wuz dark and cold and clear and we got to see lots ob stars. Then we came back to the house and I had my brekkie PLUS I got to lick some peanut butter! Time for my before Ivy wakes up! Cherry
  14. Sigh. Our county just doesn't have enough vaccine to go around. People over 75 were supposed to start this past Monday but now they are just allowing pre-registration with a wait for a phone call/email. Jim is now pre-registered and waiting for his call. Starting Monday, 65-74 year olds can pre-register, so I'll get on the list then. I never thought I would be looking forward to a shot so much!
  15. Daphne and Bitzi, that wuz the Powerball that somebuddy in Mary Land won. Daddy habs tickets for the Mega ball. The winner wuz in Allegheny County, which is in the northern part ob Mary Land. I habs my paws crossed for our mega ball tickets! I don't understand either AndiPants We did our 3/4 fambly walk this afternoon - it is sunny and there are bloo skys and there is no wind and the temprachurs are now up into the low fortylebens! It wuz a nice winter day for walking! Ooooh, there is Daddy's garage door opener making noise! I habs to go say hello! Ivy
  16. Hi Cap'n Jack! Are you going to tic tic to us while you are there? It is cold and sunny here in Mary Land today and Daddy is going to hit the leetle white ball around anyway! His golf frend called him this morning to see if he wanted to play, and Momma sed "yes, go!" So Momma will be doing our 3/4 fambly walk this afternoon by herownself! Miss Ducky - good luck wif the shed! We habs a noo member ob the early morning club! MIss Celeste! I am always sleeping when Momma and Cherry go out in the morning. I do knot like going out in the dark if it's morning, only at night
  17. Wiki is an owl hunter! You are bery tricksy! Happy Birthday Hada! It wuz a bloo sky day today here in Mary Land after the morning clouds and the snow flurries went away. It wuz cold and windy though. We went for a fambly walk this afternoon and got to do lots and lots and lots ob sniffing! Most ob the day Momma and Daddy were watching Tee Bee. Momma almost NEBER watches TeeBee! But she did snuggle and pet me, so that's OK. I am bery bery gentle wif stuffies and toys, but anything I habs Cherry tears apart. One ob the first stuffies she destroyed when sh
  18. Good morning! It's me! Cherry! I am depribed! I did knot know there wuz anything like a Honky Pig! I lubs lubs lubs to make noise! Wot Momma? I wuld destroy it in 10 minutes? It's a trabesty eberywon- Momma won't gibs me a Honky Pig! My fuds are that sensitibe stomach fuds too. Knot becuz I habs a sensitibe stomach, but that's whot Beka used to eat and Momma just put me on the same kibble and I like it! It wuz cloudy this morning so we culd KNOT see any stars, but my ears were on alert and I wuz staring at things in the darkness just so Momma knew I wuz protekting
  19. Guess wot! Guess wot! We had TWO eggsiting things happen on our walk! First, we were walking down the street and the mail truck stopped across the street. It wuz our mail lady, Lily. She had a package for somebody, and she got out ob her truck to deliber it but she also brought Milkbones for us and gave them to us! Then we walked down the street further and we saw whot looked like a stick standing straight up in the middle ob our street. When we got closer we realized it wuz a Great Bloo Heron, just standing in the middle ob the street! When we got eben closer he spread
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