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  1. If your buying extra bags think about the local shelter & maybe get an extra bag for them also! I dropped off one last week at local greyhound rescue.
  2. Any chance they would rebook this for a fall event?
  3. Am I missing something? what anti inflammatory meds? Don't they cause GI bleeds? Is it prednisone?
  4. Honestly if your dog is growling and you have a toddler in the house I would be a wreck. My first was a growler & even supervised she almost bit my friends daughters face. They can be unpredictable. I would get a behaviorist in the house ASAP. I would also keep them separated. I know its hard but you don't want to have Max bite your baby and the growling is his way of warning you. I'm sure others will chime in. I wish you luck.
  5. Holy smokes that is one big dog for a female. She is just stunning!!!
  6. Ha!! I've had Maya since she was 8 I still have to lift her in the car. She just will not move; treats & all. She got me trained.
  7. Zim was a huge nester. Could not have dog beds; she would destroy them. I just used comforters for her. No scratching just her fluffing things up. Also I think they are easier to wash then beds.
  8. Adopted by 1st Zim at 22 months. All I can say is batten down the hatches!!! She was a crazy fool dog. Never again this young for me. I'll take the seniors. Don't get me wrong I loved her to pieces & had a good 10 years with her but she was a challenge.
  9. I gave Greenies to my first greyhound. She used to barf full chunks of them several hours later. Contacted adoption group said to stop. Very difficult to digest.
  10. Has anybody seen the Realtor.com commercial with the spectacular looking greyhound? I just moved and it was the 1st time settling down to watch TV & there it was!!
  11. Do you know other greyhound owners? Maybe have a play date & see how she responds. My Patches was scared of everything. She would drink water looking over her shoulder when I first got her but I had a 2nd female at the time to show her the ropes. She blossomed into the best dog I could have asked for. Be patient which I know you have been.
  12. My first grey would do this but would lay down & not move!! For a good 15-20 minutes. One time the dog walker called the police because she did not know what to do All behavioral in nature. I learned to carry high value treats (think Bill Jacks liver treats) to get her up & going again!!
  13. ?cost of PRP? I know in humans it is very expensive. No insurance company will pay because there is limited studies if it works.
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