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  1. Muzzle? Maya is 13 6/12 I still cannot get her nails trimmed via dremel or clippers. I have to bring her to local pet store and it takes 2 people to get this done.
  2. I have a good friend with lots of greyhound experience who lives in NYC. If you would like to contact her PM me. She has lots of experience with CBD also.
  3. I had to return my first greyhound over 15 years ago. Just could not handle her prey drive. I was overwhelmed. I now have owned 4 greyhounds and feels so much more experienced. An older dog may suit you better. Best of luck. Your a responsible dog owner
  4. You will get good advice here but I would get a trainer involved. Call your adoption group & they can probably give you the names of some with greyhound experience.
  5. HA HA! The world of a young greyhound. My 1st was 23 months; never again .. The Kong was the only thing that got me through. Frozen peanut butter yogurt pumpkin. Kept her busy for awhile & lots of exercise. You will be fine.
  6. Did they provide the tramadol? It appears my vet will not prescribe narcotics for these issues any longer.
  7. I've been going through this with Maya my 13 1/2 year old. Limping & yelping in pain. 1st vet had to sedate her. Nothing to report on xray. Bring her to different vet (1 hour away & more experience with greyhounds). They want updated xrays. I ask do you need to sedate her they did not. Said they very rarely need to sedate a greyhound especially a senior. So frustrating. Hoping this turn out negative & pain meds help.
  8. I want to adopt one so bad. Most of my greyhounds have made it to teenagers and I stop doing dentals (as well as vaccines except rabies) . As long as they are eating & drinking well. No signs of an abscess. I just want them to enjoy life. Not miss a few days due to a dental cleaning.
  9. So happy to read this. My vaccine will be completed by this time!! Now for the Matchbox twenty to reschedule & I'm a happy girl.
  10. When I was sick many years ago & needed to sit in the tub Pathces would lay down outside the bathroom door every single time and wait for me. Zim & Maya not so much
  11. Another vote for Houndtime light weight coats. They are pefect.
  12. Does not sound like you have done anything wrong. It takes time to have their personality show. I would never allow a pet on the bed or furniture. Google Nothing in life is free. I used this for my 1st who was very bossy & it helped a lot. Diarrhea is common in greyhounds. You should have pumpkin & Imodium on hand. The dog just needs more time.
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