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  1. Thread is pretty old. I don't believe there is a supplement nor medication that can lower a CPK. The question is why is it so high??
  2. Sounds normal to me. Zim used to nest like crazy a few times per night. Maya used to moan loudly whenever she got up or laid down. Used to make me laugh.
  3. You will get some good advice here I'm sure but if I were you I would have a behaviorist come to the house. Things in the house have changed with Covid but you don't want your husband to get hurt.
  4. I'm sorry no has responded. I guess you have got us stumped Has it gotten any better?? Maybe a kong to occupy the pup during the night?
  5. Do you think they would adopt out of state? I lost my Maya a few weeks ago and am having no luck finding another greyhound I'm getting sad.
  6. My first (who growled at everything) was like this in the beginning. Would not come down stairs to be walked so dog walker would go upstairs and she would snap. I had to stop with this dog walker. I went without one for a time she settled in more than found another dog walker & all was good. She may just need more time to settle in. Can you come home to let him out on the days you are not working from home?
  7. I have tent camped with Maya and had no issues. Then switched to a pop up camper & again no issues. She was 11-13 1/2 during this time with some mobility issues so a little less worry that she could get away. Hoping to adopt again so an expen is going to be a must have.
  8. Please add Starz Maya to the list My brood who raced a lot & had 22 puppies. Rest easy my love
  9. DES user here for 13 1/2 year old; twice weekly works really well. I declined the proin from all I read on here.
  10. Muzzle? Maya is 13 6/12 I still cannot get her nails trimmed via dremel or clippers. I have to bring her to local pet store and it takes 2 people to get this done.
  11. I have a good friend with lots of greyhound experience who lives in NYC. If you would like to contact her PM me. She has lots of experience with CBD also.
  12. I had to return my first greyhound over 15 years ago. Just could not handle her prey drive. I was overwhelmed. I now have owned 4 greyhounds and feels so much more experienced. An older dog may suit you better. Best of luck. Your a responsible dog owner
  13. You will get good advice here but I would get a trainer involved. Call your adoption group & they can probably give you the names of some with greyhound experience.
  14. HA HA! The world of a young greyhound. My 1st was 23 months; never again .. The Kong was the only thing that got me through. Frozen peanut butter yogurt pumpkin. Kept her busy for awhile & lots of exercise. You will be fine.
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