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  1. They each have their own personality. As long as Pablo is eating well drinking well pooping well and walking daily I would not worry too much about it.
  2. We have all been there. Hoping you have some answers soon.
  3. Have you spoken to anyone at the adoption group? Do you have a crate? Are the stairs carpeted? If he is destroying things he needs to be crated when you can't be with him. I used food on the stairs to get mine to go up and then guided them down gently by the collar. Once they are up and down a few times they figure if out. Stay calm everything you are describing is normal. Also you should get a harness to walk him so he does not get away if he slips a collar.
  4. I'm sure after your enthusiastic welcome home they took a nice long nap!!
  5. I am so sorry you are going through this. Such a hard situation. The adoption group now has this valuable information that the next owners will be aware of. He will find a home I am certain. There are a lot of experienced greyhound owners out there that can deal with a variety of difficult things. Hugs
  6. My first 2 greyhounds love squeaky & stuffed toys. When I brought Maya home I assumed the same. Forget it. I tossed a stuffy over to where she was laying & scared the poor thing. She got up cowering and shaking. Have never tried it again. Just not her thing. Now I have a bag full of toeys that are waiting for the next grey to my home!!
  7. Robaxin -muscle relaxer. Tramadol - opioid but no GI side effects. Don't necessarily need anti- inflammatory for pain.
  8. I would call the vet. Just because he did not have a urinary tract infection 4 weeks ago does not mean he does not have one now. My 12 1/2 brood has started the same thing. I purchased pull ups for her; just could not keep up with the laundry. Again I would consider calling the vet.
  9. If your buying extra bags think about the local shelter & maybe get an extra bag for them also! I dropped off one last week at local greyhound rescue.
  10. Any chance they would rebook this for a fall event?
  11. Am I missing something? what anti inflammatory meds? Don't they cause GI bleeds? Is it prednisone?
  12. Honestly if your dog is growling and you have a toddler in the house I would be a wreck. My first was a growler & even supervised she almost bit my friends daughters face. They can be unpredictable. I would get a behaviorist in the house ASAP. I would also keep them separated. I know its hard but you don't want to have Max bite your baby and the growling is his way of warning you. I'm sure others will chime in. I wish you luck.
  13. Holy smokes that is one big dog for a female. She is just stunning!!!
  14. Ha!! I've had Maya since she was 8 I still have to lift her in the car. She just will not move; treats & all. She got me trained.
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