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    Guedra, reading, crossword puzzles, quiet times in the mountains. Being with our furry friends.

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  1. My dogs dont seem to have a problem with any protein...Yeah
  2. Kibble does seem large but have always put water on my Greyhounds food. My Saluki handles it dry with no problem. Of course there are add on toppings to moisten some....Maybe yoghurt, o;ewo beets, etc.
  3. I dont like the thought of Hills or Purina either. I am in a quandry like a lot of others. Trying a bag of large breed royal canin on my Grey and my Saluki on this rotation.
  4. Started feeding Royal Canin adult large yesterday as a alternate change. Dogs both seem to like it.
  5. Any thoughts about Royal Canin Adult. My vet feeds it to his dogs. I have been feeding Zignature. I am freaked about the DCM.
  6. For those who feed Purina Pro Plan, which type do you feed?
  7. Anyone notice that canned pumpkin keeps going up in price?
  8. What a pleasant way to start my day after seeing this post. Thank you. The big fallen tree would make a great picture for the living room. Happy all enjoyed the walk.
  9. Love this action shot. Thanks for making a dark and rainy morning a little brighter..
  10. beledi


    I am so very sorry Robin. Iker was such a treasure.
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