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  1. Thanks! There hasn't been an FNA, just antibiotics. It seems to me, admittedly not a vet, that there's pus and blood coming out that looks more like an infection and looks less like a traditional cyst. We have our next check in this week.
  2. Hi everyone - Our Gracie (now 8) has arthritis in her left front wrist which we are managing, but she has now developed a cyst between the two middle toes on that foot. Our vet knows about it and has prescribed oral and topical antibiotics and I've been going back every 10 days for a check. The cyst will get bigger, rupture, drain, be almost gone for a few hours, and then it grows again. This has been going on for more than a month. I asked the vet fairly early on if surgical removal was needed and she said no, the antibiotics will eventually take care of it. Can you share your cyst experiences? Thanks so much!
  3. Booklets are being emailed tomorrow per one of Larry's earlier emails 😊
  4. I'm following with interest. Have a hookworm positive boy and have been advised about the Drontal Plus/Advantage Multi combination.
  5. Have you done x-rays? Our girl is limping and she has some arthritis issues in her wrist and calcification in her shoulder, which we wouldn't have found without images.
  6. We just adopted David, although we've been fostering for a couple of weeks. I suspect he has hookworms which I know will affect his stool. Getting him tested shortly and I know it can be 3-6 months to eradicate. I've given him a bland diet after each of the two deworming tablets, and his stool was pretty great with hamburger and rice, not great with chicken and rice. Currently on Purina Pro Plan Salmon Sensitive stomach kibble or whatever the title is, recommended by both of our greyhound groups. Our other grey, Gracie, isn't great on this food so I'm debating switching. I was thinking of trying the Purina Pro Plan beef and rice but there seems to be a supply issue. I can get some at our local Petco but Chewy and Petflow are out. So - options. Try a small bag now and hope one of the online retailers gets restocked soon? Try another food? Which one?
  7. 🤣 "in your face fuss junkies" omg, that describes our last foster perfectly. Our Gracie is more of a background dog, until it's time for walks. Our new "foster" David is working on deciding what he's going to be.
  8. Thanks! I was looking at other options but have no idea of the quantity of additional polyfill or foam - 10 lbs? 5 lbs?
  9. I know many of you have done this - can you post suggestions and/or links? Many thanks!
  10. I don't think the travel time would be the the stressor for the dog - remember, many of them have traveled quite a bit from their farms to the track, to maybe another track or multiple, to the adoption group. It's more whether the group will adopt out of their normal area. The hesitation is often that if there's a problem, how would they get the dog back, and there's no one nearby to help with problems by observing the dog. Nothing insurmountable.
  11. I never saw that one either and I've been hearing about it since about 2010; I'm still curious 😁
  12. With our first grey, we made absolutely sure to prioritize training the child to stay away from the dog's beds and leave her alone. It was so important to us that this was respected for the hound's happiness. Our son is now 6, we have had 4 hounds come into the house over the years and only one didn't work well with the kiddo - the high-prey, high-energy male and the one year old kid running through the house screaming were not a good combo.
  13. Our girl had a similar experience and it turned out to be pancreatitis. Not sure if you've tested for that. She refused to eat the Hills I/D food so we mixed it half and half with a "diet" dog food and she'd eat that. Became a balancing act in terms of keeping weight on her versus triggering her pancreatitis but she was also 14.
  14. Our new foster, Josie, has hookworms. The grey savvy-vet prescribed a monster size pill of Drontal Plus. She was given this a little over 24 hours ago and has liquid poo. How long can I expect the diarrhea to last? Taking the normal steps for diarrhea in regards to bland diet but hoping this is a brief episode. Have you used Drontal Plus? What has been your experience?
  15. Soutsmom, I'm going to agree with you. We adopted our first grey when we lived in Manhattan and while we didn't need a cat-safe dog for our own personal lives, the group was VERY quick to say that we absolutely did need a cat-safe dog because of all of the small fluffies we'd encounter daily. To the OP - I'm sorry that whomever you adopted him from didn't guide you better on this. You're going to constantly have to be on high alert and muzzle your dog. We now have a non-cat safe greyhound but it matters less because we're in the suburbs and can stay a safe distance away from the few small fluffies that live around us. Living in an apartment building means that you are constantly going to be on alert for small dogs in the hallways, going around a corner, walking down the street, etc. It's also likely to be a source of stress for your boy, too. You'd be doing him a kindness to allow him to find a home better suited to his prey drive, I"m so sorry. I know how heartbreaking it can be - we had to return one of ours after several months because as he came out of his shell, it became apparent that he had a higher prey drive than worked for our family - especially, at the time, with a one year old baby. That hound found a much better home than ours after only 2 weeks in foster care. Hugs to you - this isn't easy.
  16. She did pee on the walk. She's in the crate periodically - for a half hour here and there when we can't watch her for some reason or if we have to leave the house and for meals. This is her first home experience. She was spayed on March 26, so she's actually only been here 1.5 weeks - I REALLY can't keep track of days. 🙄 I'm guessing she doesn't see the crate as "her" space but I still think it's odd she peed there.
  17. So we've had a foster for about 2.5 weeks. She has 2 crates - one downstairs for when we leave the house and for feedings and one upstairs for sleeping. She just had a big walk an hour ago and went into her care and peed. Any thoughts?
  18. I can't WAIT for this to come out as an email update for everyone not on Greytalk!! please send so that I can forward. We are planning on being there unless we are unable to due to ongoing restrictions that mean the tasting rooms aren't open.
  19. I'm so sorry but only about a week. Bella was almost 15 and struggling anyway before this, and there were some pretty big pockets of cancer, not just some little spots.
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