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  1. I thought Fencetop the cat, best friend of Mary the greyhound had been missed but I see she passed in July, not August.
  2. I always loved reading your posts about the two of them. They were so sweet together. I had asked once how Fencetop was coping with the lost of his friend Mary, I can't remember if I ever got an answer. How did he do without Mary?
  3. Thank you so much for directing me to the video It was wonderful!
  4. I was hoping people would post photos from this years event for all of us who could not attend.
  5. I have had Carter almost 7 years. I doubt it is hookworms. I guess I need to check.
  6. Honest Kitchen makes a dehydrated food that is soft when rehydrated. Good, nutritious food. Worth checking out. You can get a small cup of it to try. Good luck.
  7. Well, I had a good test with Rootsies this morning. Carter had a squeaky tummy this morning and he does not eat when this happens. He wanted his cookie which he took a put it by a bed. Neko promptly ate it. I put some Rootsies on both their breakfast. He came up ,smelled the bowl and started eating. He ate the whole bowl! Then I gave him Neko's cookie which he ate. Will be curious to see what his next poop looks like, typically they are really soft like pudding. So far we are loving Rootsies.
  8. Carter has always had occasions where he gets the squeaky tummy in the morning and then won't eat breakfast and lunch. Neko rarely eats her kibble in the morning and sometimes doesnt finish her lunch. I have adjusted the quantity of food given in the morning and afternoon to smaller amounts for those meals and larger amounts for dinner and bedtime. I think with adding the topper it will make them more likely to eat all of their meals. With Carter turning 10 July 7th I don't want him to start dropping weight.
  9. Olewo has come out with a new product called Rootsies. It is dehydrated potatoes, carrots and alfalfa. The pellets are larger than the carrots. It is meant to used as a food topper. You can feed it in pellet form or rehydrate. I just bought my first bag. At first my greyhound Carter picked it out and dropped it on the floor. I thought "oh no, he won't eat it." He ate the whole bowl of food and wanted more Rootsies. I put a few more pellets in my hand and he gobbled them up. My girl Neko loved them too. It helps with digestion. Another great product from Olewo.
  10. Zukes Mimi treats were just recalled.
  11. I received notice about this from Dog Food Advisor. I contacted Chewy about my unopened bag and they said to throw out and they would credit me. I found another low calorie treat, a crunchy one my hounds love and it is $10 a bag cheaper.
  12. Wow, scary. You never know completely with a new dog. I am sure she will find the right home. I hope your girl heals quickly. Perhaps a male greyhound, one who is a bit shy and laid back would be a better fit.
  13. Some groups will not adopt out a puppy to someone without sight hound or greyhound experience. They are baby landsharks.
  14. You have found yourself the most perfect friend and family member. Greyhounds are amazing dogs and I have been blessed with 4 of them. Please come here if you need advice or just want to share stories and photos. Welcome to the greyhound cult. Your life will never be the same and I mean this in the best way possible.
  15. So sorry you had to say goodbye. He sure was a handsome boy. Run free sweet boy.
  16. I am so sorry you had to say goodbye. Broodies are amazing. I had one for 4 wonderful years. You gave her a beautiful ending to her life's story. Run free sweet Momma.
  17. You gave her a fabulous life, you can see the joy in her eyes. Run free sweet girl, run free of a body that was failing you. I am sorry you had to say goodbye.
  18. Winnie, I wouldn't say discouraged I would say banned from getting any dogs in the US.
  19. Which one of the products from here did you buy?
  20. i worked with the group that took in all of the Greymeadow hounds from the Butlers. Heard a lot of good things about their farm. My first two greyhounds were Grey's Island Mocha and Greys Pitch Black.
  21. Our group has helped bring in a number of galgos from Spain last year. We also have had some lurchers come into our group. I believe we are still working out the details to bring Irish and English retired racers to the US as well. Things in England and Ireland are pretty bad for the greyhounds. Many end up in other countries with no animal welfare laws. After they are used up they are sent to wild life parks to be killed by cheetahs and other big cats or to the dog meat trade.
  22. Maybe call or e-mail the distributer in the US and see if they have any suggestions. Hopefully Ina can help you.
  23. My current is about 77 pounds. My first boy Luka was always around 57. Never put on any weight no matter how many sandwich cookies he ate.
  24. I have been a huge fan of Olewo Carrots for over 5 years. My hounds love it and their poops are so much firmer and easier to pick up. Pumpkin never really worked with my hounds. I recommend Olewo so much that the company gave me 50 pounds to use as samples. It is great to suggest this for new adopters. New hounds always seem to have soft poop issues.
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