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  1. Live - Love - Learn - all with a full and grateful heart.
  2. LOL - love the "threat" of jail, as well as the physical barrier. Well done. Thanks for sharing. My greys are gone - the stories of their misadventures - I now tell with a smile and laugh.
  3. Meh... live and learn. Sorry about the records - I hope they weren't valuable ones, I know records are quite a "thing" now, especially if they were old ones. We never muzzled or crated (except for a short time when acclimating a new foster). Some people do, some people don't. For those of us that don't, there may be the occasional issue, especially - as you stated in your initial post - when there's a change in routine. We just learned, as I'm sure you have, that if there's a blip in the routine, there might be a blip in behavior. So after a vacation, job change, bringing in a new foster, etc, you just be extra careful not to leave anything out anything that might get chewed or peed on that you can't replace until they get back to normal. And good luck figuring out what that might be .... records????? I'd have never guessed a dog would go after them. But then again I lost a pair of prescription eyeglasses to a weirdo chewing incident that I'd never have expected. And that was from a dog that had lived with us for YEARS. Side note - I'm with Amelia. I was also on vacation for 2 weeks, and when I went back to work yesterday I was not at all myself. It was the most "Monday-ish" Monday ever! By noon I'd have probably chewed up something if I thought I could get away with it. I hope your Tuesday was better. -
  4. I was a mostly kibble feeder with occasional raw for years. Raw 100% didn't fit into our lifestyle, but I liked to give a bit of it when I could. No issues. Raw might be 2-4 meals per week, more in the summer because I preferred to feed raw outdoors. If the raw was sparse, like a chicken bone from a meal I was preparing, I'd give kibble not long after, with no ill effects. If raw was a true meaty meal, I'd feed kibble the next meal, no issues. If there was a fabulous sale, more meaty meals than normal. It was a very mixed bag over the years. I didn't have a schedule for it, the dogs always ate their kibble and relished the times they got raw. I'm certainly NO expert on the topic, just speaking from personal experience.
  5. Congrats! You are being smart and thoughtful! I'm so happy that you're continuing fostering! Not every dog fits every home and that's OK!!!
  6. I think it sounds like a wonderful fostering situation! So many that foster have other greys in the home, but many dogs get adopted out to homes without other greys. Of course, work with your group to try to get the right dog - obviously not all will work - but that's OK! LOTS of dogs WILL work fine in that situation! And - your experience will make them much better pets than a newbie getting one to be an "only" that wasn't fostered. Did that my first time lol. I've never fostered without another grey in the house, but when DH and I are ready for dogs again - it'll be an "only". Looking forward to hearing your tips!
  7. When I got worried at first - my DH said "Dogs are dogs - you think they're "greyhounds" - but they are dogs."
  8. smt - Sounds like a solid plan. I don't think you need to spray each poo spot with bleach as long as you scoop it up fairly quickly - within a day. If you miss a day of picking up poo, dig a scoop of soil along with the poo and dispose of that, too. When I had a foster with hook - I cleaned up the yard if I was out and saw it. Otherwise, it was daily, and I dug my shovel into the dirt and I took up what was under it and inch or so. It worked. Hooks are a PITA - but not THAT bad.
  9. I don't have any data, so I'm sure others can give you better info. IMHO - I'd bag it until the hooks are gone from the poo. Hooks are NASTY, and very hard to get rid of. The problem I've found is that if dog poo (with hooks) hits the ground and remains there, the hooks live for a long time, and grab onto any animal that touches them. Just not worth the risk. I don't think they'll burrow and migrate into your yard, but I just wouldn't want them that close if it could be avoided. DonnaBehr - I'm surprised your vet said that. Maybe he/she meant anywhere that is commonly used by animals that may carry them.
  10. Diana never raced because she played/bumped the other dogs in her maiden races, and didn't focus on the lure, so she was petted out at 2. I think it's called "Interfering". Sobe, our first grey, was a somewhat seasoned racer. So..... when they ran in the fenced yard together, Sobe always did perfect laps around the edge, and Diana ran, bumped, jumped, and annoyed him. When she fell too far behind (which is always did), she'd crouch in one corner and jump out at him when he passed by. When it was just the 2 of them, it was fine. Some noise, but no issues. I was pretty careful to keep nails short because there would be "pouncing" sometimes, and a nail can accidentally cut. When we'd have a foster in the house, we didn't let all 3 out together to run, because invariably the newbie wouldn't understand their odd play style, and it wasn't that big a deal to let them run in shifts, and not worth bothering with them getting to get used to it all together because the foster would be gone soon. A couple of the long-term fosters were let in on it, and that was fine, too. Sobe and Di did this for years, and it was fine. Nobody ever got hurt, and I believe they both thoroughly enjoyed it. It did scare the heck outta me at first.
  11. He's beautiful, and looks so happy!!!! Congrats! I only had one young one, and she was 2. Diana came as a foster, and I quickly told my foster rep that I'd never take another that young. Just SO MUCH ENERGY!!! That said, we ended up keeping her for her entire life, and she was a joy. But the first couple of years she was hell on wheels!! We referred to her as "the lab puppy with stripes" lol. I never conquered the zoomies, and no terrible injuries happened. I put away the fine china for a couple years..... ok that's a lie, I don't have fine china. But I did put up anything I didn't want knocked over. We had to go to 100% no food unattended anywhere ever. Mostly because of my other grey, Sobe, but Diana got in on the bad habits quickly. Good luck - have FUN! Enjoy the crazy - it doesn't last forever.
  12. You call that a WIN and do a happy dance! It was just a quirk, as you suspected from your initial post. Fun though isn't it? When we were fostering and one would throw us a curve-ball - I'd post and ask about it. Every time someone had been there, done that, seen it. I LOVED seeing their quirks, and then their personalities develop. I truly miss fostering, or having a new addition to the house, because it was always such an adventure.
  13. One of my own, and a couple of the fosters wouldn't take treats from the hand for a while. They just seemed confused at the idea. After a couple weeks they figured it out. No biggie. I didn't really think much of it, as they'd just come off the track, and maybe they didn't get hand-fed treats. My Sobe's race owner contacted me as soon as I adopted him and told me of his love of marshmallows - so NO ISSUE giving him anything from hand - say "marshmallow!" and he was THERE lol! We did have one skittish foster that took a bit longer to take a treat from hand, but she took a bit longer to get OK with a lot of things. I wouldn't worry about it. it'll come. Just a quirk.
  14. They DO have a second sense, that's so true. OMG - if my dogs could've talked - they could've told stuff NOBODY knows. Including how weak I can be when no humans are around to witness. Thank you for your prayers - the sentiment is appreciated.
  15. We've been grey-less and dog-less for quite a while now. It's just where we are in life. We'll have greys again, just not right now. We've gotten used to not having dogs in the house. In a lot of ways, it's so much easier. But sometimes - it really strikes me. I'm going through some family stuff right now that's hard. There's nothing I'd like more than Sobe or Diana following me around the house, lying on top on me trying to smother me when I sit or lie down. They ALWAYS knew when something was going on that upset me and they turned into velcro dogs. Even if I was dealing with something "just fine". They always KNEW. They always gave me extra attention and "hovered" when anything was bothering me. They became very protective, and "watched over" me. When I lie down tonight, I'll sorely regret that I don't have a greyhound that's too big for the bed snoring in my ear, messing up my blankets, sticking a foot in my ribs, and maybe letting me cry in their fur a little bit when nobody knows but them Dogs get it. .
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