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  1. thank you for all the advice! before i read it all, i had started to do the training in the book. (command, attention, treat...) she took to it right away, and it made her very excited to go on walks now! we live in a small condo neighborhood that allows 2 dogs each, so it's impossible to go on walks without running into several dogs. her demeanor around other dogs seems much more mellow that it used to be. maybe it's due to a different pack dynamic. don't know. but giving treats doesn't hurt. you guys are right though, i should not force her into any interaction she doesn't want. i will take my cue from her. again, much thanks for advice and condolences. tracy
  2. thanks, I downloaded feisty fido to my kindle.
  3. My greyhound Connie lived in peace and harmony with Lola, our other greyhound. Lola was much older, and unfortunately crossed over the bridge 2 weeks ago. On our daily walks, Connie would growl at any dog that came near her. I never let it go any further than that; I would make her step back. Now that she's alone, I would like to try again to teach her to like hanging out with other dogs, or at least greeting them on walks without an issue. She is very sweet with people. Like I said, I never let it get past the growling, so I don't know what would happen next. Would you recommend a muzzle for her if I plan on trying to interact with another dog? I was wondering if a muzzle makes them more fearful because they can't defend themselves?? We have nice dog parks and beaches here, and it seems like life for her could be much more fun if she could go. Thanks for reading this and I welcome any replies. PS. I am not someone who takes risks, so I would undertake this very carefully.
  4. what a beautiful boy. you can see he is such a kind soul. so sorry for your loss.
  5. I just saw your post because unfortunately today I had to write a post about Lola. I totally remember Merlin....he was very memorable on GT for me. I think you posted a picture of the "stink eye" once and it really cracked me up. it was really cute. i just wanted to wish you peace and i understand and relate to your intense sorrow. I'm glad Lola has a guy like Merlin waiting for her across the bridge.
  6. Our dear Lola peacefully passed over the bridge last night. Her sister Connie will miss her a lot, along with her best friend Lulu the cat. And we will miss her greatly. She started out being afraid of everything (I adopted her when she was 5), and year by year, blossomed into a very happy, loving dog. Even though I am sad today, I am so happy she had a good life. Love you so much, Lola.
  7. I searched past topics here (should have done that first!) and found one on etsy that looks good. https://www.etsy.com/listing/225448995/greyhound-assistance-harness
  8. Hello, I think one of those slings with handles would be helpful for lola's weak hips/back legs. Have you found one that works particularly well? thank you for any advice! tracy
  9. thank you for sharing your thoughts. maybe i misrepresented Lola's condition, she can get up MOST of the time. but, her back end is weak and it does happen. not every day, for sure. she loves to eat, and is very spunky at times. she loves lying out in the sun, on the grass. however, i will heed your advice and do my best to make sure nothing bad happens!
  10. rubber yoga mats work well, too. you can find pretty big, long ones. i got some at walmart for very cheap, and spread them all over the place.
  11. Hi, I have two greyhounds, connie and lola. lola is almost 14 and connie is 6. So, sometimes Lola really struggles to get up. Or she loses her balance or slips, and then can't get up. I know this is a problem in itself, but I am posting about the behavior of the other dog when this happens. When lola is trying to get up, connie runs over to her and starts barking, nipping, and making it impossible for lola to get herself up. I don't understand this. Anyone had this happen, or know what connie's behavior means? I can see if she's upset seeing lola in distress. I just worry, is she trying to hurt her, because of some instinctive dog thing "to get rid of" a dog in the pack that is hurt or old???? I'm probably being overly worried, but when it happens it's distressing. Any clues?? Thank you for reading this. tracy
  12. Yes definitely not her fault. As time has gone on, she has become increasingly less aware that she has to poop, until it's too late. During the day, I am mostly there to catch it! Thanks for the good ideas.
  13. Oh my gosh, so sorry for your sudden loss. Very hard to cope with.
  14. Hi, it's been quite awhile since i've posted. i apologize for being one of those people who only posts when she needs something. wondering if others have been through this. Lola is 13 1/2. Her back end is very weak, but otherwise she's pretty happy. Every night for the last 2 years, she's been waking me up in the middle of the night to take her out to pee and poop. I got used to it, and it was better than waking up to a mess. But now, she seems to be too weak or old or tired to get out of her bed to come get me. So now, she just poops in the bed and lays in it, so in the morning i have a big cleanup of the bed and her back end. You get the idea. Is this just par for the course? I have never had one live long enough to be in this situation. It is getting out of hand...i have to go to work, not to mention the $$ I've spent on dog beds. And I'm sure it makes her uncomfortable and bummed out. I already tried a Molly Mutt bed, with the waterproof liner on the inside. She didn't like it and wouldn't sleep on it. I would really appreciate if you'd share any ideas or things that have worked for you. much thanks, tracy
  15. just for a laugh, here's a youtube i posted years ago right after i got jackie.
  16. First, congrats on adopting Stanley, and for your commitment to sticking with it during the adjustment period. When we first got Lola 8 years ago, she was very distant, didn't like anyone or anything, and was petrified of most everyday things. It was a very gradual process, and sometimes things happened that set us back. But today she is a totally different dog. It has been rewarding to watch her come out of her shell and connect with the world, one day at a time. My newer dog, Connie Francis, has a few of the same issues as Stanley, and I too get concerned around other dogs and kids with her. She is the sweetest thing on earth and is the most devoted and obedient greyhound I have had. BUT, she does exhibit some weird, defensive behavior at times, and I just exercise caution in those situations. I can only imagine what she had to deal with in her first 3 years of life, at the track and then in an adoption place with too many other dogs. Sometimes it takes them a while to unwind. I definitely wouldn't expect Stanley to be "all the way settled in" after 3 months. Like others have said, it can take a year or more. Good luck and post some pics of stanley when you can!
  17. so sorry for your loss! and what a shock that you could not possibly prepare for. when you lose your greyhound it's the saddest thing ever.
  18. when we first got connie, she HATED it when you touched her paws. i knew i wanted to dremel, so i gradually got her used to her paws being handled. I started with just brushing them with my hand and slowly progressed over the months. (meanwhile, her nails got pretty long!) But it worked and now she doesn't mind the dremel. I hope you have success with whatever method you use!
  19. I've had 4, and the 2 that are gone were always fine until they got sick and passed away. What I mean is, they were not constantly going to the vet for this and that, and racking up big bills during their lifetime. It was just near the end, which is the case with any breed. Good luck! Hope you get a hound.
  20. great to read that things are going better! may the surgery go well, and i hope coco recovers quickly!
  21. Of course I will post a picture! She has started to enjoy lying in the grass again. This was today.
  22. I will check these things out. On our trip home from the vet last week, Lola managed to get herself wedged between the back of the driver's seat, and the folded-down back seat. It took the 2 of us, plus a neighbor, to get her out. That was not good. And, I almost crashed the car while trying to make sure she was okay. I had put both of us in danger and felt terrible about it.
  23. I was wondering what you guys do about vet visits when you have a weak, wobbly senior grey. As they age, more health problems tend to occur, which means more trips to the vet. When I take Lola to the vet, it really takes its toll on her. The car ride, the stress, not being able to stand very long...you know what I mean. I bring a bed with us, but the whole experience is very taxing for her. Sometimes I think I should just keep her at home until she's no longer comfortable, at which point I can decide what is necessary for her. What do you do? Right now, to continue a topic from last week, the update is that she's doing better and is closer to her old self. thanks!
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