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  1. Exactly But she refused the rice tonight. Which is fine - I don't love the idea of the Hill's but I'll go with it if it works. It sure is easier than the rice, because if I didn't cook the rice exactly right and have it the correct temperature, she would pick at it.
  2. I'm feeling like Bella is channelling just a little of Bill. Not sure exactly where this fits - a little H&M, a little F&D, a little C&F, a little EEG, a little SB. I called the vets office this morning because Bella got the big D last night in her crate. At 330 am. Keep in mind we have been dealing with gastrointestinal issues since March and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She's also 14. Me: Hi, I'm calling to let you know Bella has diarrhea again, what should I do? VO: Withhold breakfast, then you can give her the Hill's I/d tonight. Me: She won't eat the Hill's I/d or the Royal Canin gastrointestinal, dry or canned. She won't eat chicken. She'll only eat hamburger and rice. VO: (Pause) The hamburger is probably too rich, can you try chicken? Me: I rinse all of the fat off after cooking, chill it, and rinse it again before feeding. Dr. C said that was ok. VO: Well, if she gets hungry enough she will eat the kibble or canned. Me: No, this is what we went through a couple of weeks ago. She won't eat, she just drinks more water and then pees in the house. VO: Oh. Well, try and get her through the weekend and call us on Tuesday if she still has diarrhea. Me: ok, thanks! Tonight - Bella ate some Hill's i/d dry. I swear every time I give the vet info, Bella does the opposite.
  3. We can't wait! Already have our lodging, just bought our Grapehounds tickets!
  4. Love this, thank you for taking her in. Our Bella highly approves
  5. It's easy to use and pretty lightweight, much more so than I was expecting. Front/back motions work very well, no pivot but not an issue.
  6. Thanks! She's refusing all kibble so went back to hamburger and rice and other things that she will eat
  7. Ok, well, now we are at the point where if she will eat hamburger, she gets hamburger. That and treats are about all she will eat now, so let her have what she wants.
  8. And thanks to instruction from @FiveRoooooers (thanks Jan!!) more photos, these are all recent instead of 3+ years old The two below were from our first Grapehounds, July 2018 Funny girl
  9. Knot as a mother's day present (smart man) DH bought us a Bissell - the BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer model #1622. With Bella peeing in the house pretty frequently now, it was needed. I had an old, heavy Kirby (ridiculously expensive in 2012 and was given to me recently so I thought I should use it) and the Bissell cleans circles around it. I used the Oxy Urine Eliminator with pretreatment by the Bissell Oxy Stain Destroyer/Pet Stain Remover. I'm really impressed. No more $$$$ to have the rugs professionally cleaned. As Bella is getting older, she's forgetting her potty training so this is great timing. I'm not getting anything out of this, just wanted to share that OMG this works! I think there's a newer model so this one is on sale for $75 on Amazon.
  10. I've never seen anything quite like that - that was amazing!
  11. Thank you Yes, the I/D and Royal Canin are $$$$. Part of it is about what is manageable and sustainable for us as well. She had been taken off of her thyroid med and is now back on it and is doing so much better.
  12. Thanks all! I appreciate all of the thoughts and know I've been starting & abandoning threads on this lately, just trying to juggle Bella's health with what is sustainable from both a nutritional balance and ability to maintain perspective. Given that I'm working on starting a business, my husband travels for work, we've got a young child, aging parents, family health issues and, you know, life, it's not sustainable to come up with something too complicated that can't be easily passed on to a dogsitter or another person in the event of an emergency. The good news is that she's now off of all the meds relating to the pancreatitis attack and is down to her thyroid med & gabapentin. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about needing a thyroid med because of the notoriously low levels GHs have anyway but wow did that make a difference within 48 hours of restarting it. She's back to playbowing for walks and meals and is generally her bossy old lady self again, as she should be. Starting to pee in the house more frequently but we can manage that with paying more attention to her.
  13. Thanks Jan! I'm sure she would love it but given other factors, I'm trying to make feeding her as easy as possible. What kibble did you use? I asked my vet practice what "low fat" meant and received a prescription in response.
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