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  1. Exactly 😄 She's doing exceptionally well, she's pretty amazing.
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 She's doing great - had a good dinner, went for a brief walk and is snuggled up with me on the sofa.
  3. She's out of surgery, waking up and doing fine. I'll pick her up this evening.
  4. Turns out that she has dislocated tailbones and a severe laceration. I'm feeling horrible because I have absolutely no idea how she did this. She's in surgery right now and is losing 2/3 of her tail. 😢
  5. Bella (14 1/2) came in from our morning walk dripping blood. I finally found a raw, bloody area on the underside of her tail. Not happy tail, it's about 2/3 of the way up her tail. There's also a small (1/4 of a pea) rock-hard lump at the edge of the raw area. I cleaned and bandaged it and it's fine for now, although still bleeding. She's not a wagger so I don't expect the bandage to be much of a problem. I'd think it's a cyst that ruptured except the location seems very strange. Any thoughts?
  6. Happy Birthday Sarabz!!!!:balloonparty:blowcandle:balloonparty

  7. I'm terribly sorry for your loss of Holly. You write the most beautiful tributes. Many hugs to you and Burke.
  8. I have two girls who get along perfectly fine, never a single snark in 2.5 years. One is totally laid back, goes with the flow, the other is a bit of a nervy creature, needs a leader so personalities do matter.
  9. You are asking this question among one of the most enabling groups around 😁 Generally, if you can afford the vet and food for a second, yes, a second grey is a good idea. We have an older girl and got a younger girl. I firmly believe that our younger has added years to our older girl's lifespan.
  10. Because I commented on it earlier today after I rushed Bella to the vet and it turned out to be this issue. I was looking for recent threads on the subject and instead of starting a whole new conversation on an existing topic, thought I'd resurrect this one in case anyone else was dealt with this problem.
  11. Reviving this as I rushed our 14.5 y.o. to the vet and turns out it's vestibular. Half hour after she got there she was perfectly fine but it scared the daylights out of us.
  12. sarabz


    I'll echo everyone else with my condolences.
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