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  1. Bella is 14 5/12 😆 and is all of the above - shakey hind end, white face, can't always remember to go pee outside or whether she ate (or that she should eat). She's our first grey. I'll figure out how to add photos one of these days. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QXuYfyF2W8zcN4Xm7
  2. One of our girls recently finished a 2- week course of antibiotics which has left her with a loose stool. We've generally had ridiculously healthy dogs, so I've totally lost track of how long this might last. Obviously taking steps to resolve but what has been your general experience? Thanks!
  3. We have a 14 year old who used to eat everything in sight and now is very picky. She also has pancreatitis so we have to be careful with what we give her. She goes back and forth between needing several sessions to finish a small meal and horking down 2+ cups of kibble plus 2 cup of cooked ground beef + handful of cooked mixed veggies + sprinkling of shakey cheese (generic parmesan). Hang in there
  4. Well, who DOESN'T talk to their dog?!? Recently, "Gracie, knock it off!" when I'm in my basement office and can hear her scratching the rug above my head.
  5. There was one day that was challenging but generally ok, especially as there was so much AC or fans.
  6. Absolutely stunning as always Tricia!!! Would you send me that photo of Bella when you get a chance?
  7. I have no idea what Bella's name was - DH chose it and for years I teased him about being a closet "Twilight" fan. Gracie we kept as it was not only her kennel name but what she was called in her first home. Never mind that she is the least graceful greyhound I've ever met and a next door neighbor's daughter is "Grace".....
  8. I had read that a couple of days ago. What gets me is this sentence - "The kennel was placed next to a rear window and the vehicle was parked in full sun." Um....yeah. Full sun will heat the car even with ac.
  9. I'm apparently in training for next week as I realized I drank a bottle of wine last night. By myself.
  10. Love it! My dad has a couple of Golden's that will go to the end of the driveway with him and carry the papers and mail. One will shred and bury things so she gets the junk mail - the others bring it all back to the house and put it down.
  11. There was an email yesterday saying that the booklet should be out on Thursday or Friday.
  12. The first thing we taught Bella was "leave it" and to not eat anything until we said "ok", because of all of the chicken bones and other garbage on NYC'S streets. Ugh, the chicken bones!
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