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  1. The first grey my husband and I met in real life was 105 lbs. He was right off the track. DH thought i was insane for suggesting we have a greyhound in our tiny Manhattan apartment if that's how big they were. At that same meet and greet was a 46 pound female, plus every size in between, luckily.
  2. Cathy and Calvin, thank you so much!! So much fun - the girls keep stealing the bed where the new fuzzy, Calvin-approved blanket is laying I LOVE Lindt, and I LOVE fuzzy socks - great excuse to get rid of some of my old ones. Bella LOVES the treats. A proper thank you is in the mail but wanted to make sure you knew we appreciate your package! Happy New Year!
  3. I bought these a few years ago and they are great!!
  4. The banner is creepier than the day!!
  5. Now THIS black Friday I can enjoy! ♥️
  6. You soooo just jinxed yourself 😄
  7. Exactly 😄 She's doing exceptionally well, she's pretty amazing.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 She's doing great - had a good dinner, went for a brief walk and is snuggled up with me on the sofa.
  9. She's out of surgery, waking up and doing fine. I'll pick her up this evening.
  10. Turns out that she has dislocated tailbones and a severe laceration. I'm feeling horrible because I have absolutely no idea how she did this. She's in surgery right now and is losing 2/3 of her tail. 😢
  11. Bella (14 1/2) came in from our morning walk dripping blood. I finally found a raw, bloody area on the underside of her tail. Not happy tail, it's about 2/3 of the way up her tail. There's also a small (1/4 of a pea) rock-hard lump at the edge of the raw area. I cleaned and bandaged it and it's fine for now, although still bleeding. She's not a wagger so I don't expect the bandage to be much of a problem. I'd think it's a cyst that ruptured except the location seems very strange. Any thoughts?
  12. Happy Birthday Sarabz!!!!:balloonparty:blowcandle:balloonparty

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