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  1. Hello. We are here! Nothing much to report. Battle has show class every day, and he's doing well. Something bit/stung me yesterday in many places and I have huge, itchy bites. It's going to be a sleepy day 'cause I had to take Benadryl this morning because the itch is so bad. I also put up metal gates! One blocking off the front door/dining room, and two blocking off the kitchen since deerhounds don't even have to try to counter surf. My bluebird couple successfully raised a second clutch! It's so weird--they go from babies chirping in the box to...just gone! The babies fledge and move out all in one day, and I never even got to see them!
  2. Happy birthday Nancy!! Ice cream does sound like a wonderful birthday. Jerilyn, I think you will know when Lila is done. I know I did with Kramer 'cause he told me. He laid down in front of his food, sighed, and looked at me. It was as clear as could be--"Mom, I've tried, but I'm SOOOOO tired," so I took him in that morning. Remember, they say that if you stress about food, the animal feels that. If she doesn't want to eat--that's OK. Perhaps, like with old people with dementia, somehow she knows the end is gradually approaching and she knows eating isn't that important? Canned cat food was all we could get our dogs to eat when we moved from CA to MA! They love that stuff.
  3. I saw on Facebook that our old pal Tripp fell and broke his hip, and they let him go since he only has the one hind leg these days. Run free Tripp. Miss Susan P.S. LILA! Don't scare us like that. I thought you were leading up to "so I'm..." never mind. Nothing to see here. Keep eating good girl. Tell Mistress to feed you anything you want!
  4. Dis me, Wee Battle! I yam street legal now onaccounta I got my rain bees shot! Da vet lady says I way 47 pounds. Mom gasped onaccount when Ham Bone was my age, he wayed about 28 pounds! Hahahahahahaha! Watch out skwirt, da Battle is coming for you!
  5. I think that very bright star is actually either Saturn or Jupiter! Because I can see it too!
  6. Awww Sherrie, how sad. But you'll always have Jim in your heart and memories. I'm sure you have photos, maybe letters or cards, gifts he gave you. Those are links to him! I'm so sorry you've had to say goodbye to your girl. We all know how painful it is to say goodbye.
  7. Oh, cornstarch is good in a pinch, but this stuff is the bomb: https://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Care-Kwik-Styptic-Powder/dp/B0002H3RBU/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=quick+stop&qid=1596394245&sr=8-5 My father used to use his styptic pencil from his shaving kit on the dogs, but now you can buy it in a handy dandy little plastic container. That's one of my must-have items for my doggy first aid kit. Oh Lucy, I'm sorry about your diarrhea issue, but YEAH EASY TO CLEAN FLOORING!!!
  8. Yes, Rob and Sarah live in Wilmington right near Wrightsville beach. Good idea, buy a house in hurricane alley! So glad I chose a place called "the upstate." I'm so sorry about Abby Sherrie. I hope she has a peaceful crossing.
  9. Oh Hai! Dis Battle! Da game is callt "stand." It's kinda boring. Like, yu line up your front pawsies, and den yur a reel gud boy while da hooman lady moves yur back pawsies so yur all stretched out funny, and den yu DONT MOVE. Iffen yu play it reel gud yu get callt "GUD BOY!" and yu get a chikken jerky!! Battle
  10. HI ITS ME BATTLE. Yam learning a game. It's borink but I getta nom nom! BATTLE
  11. Rob and Sarah DID look at some lakes, including Lake Anna. It seems that many large lakes are in fact man made and of course in very close proximity to power plants. That's why they eliminated Lake Anna. The nuclear power plant. As I told them, if you're within 150 miles of a plant and they have a melt down, you're toast anyway, so there is no reason not to live NEAR one. And MOST of the nuclear plants in our country seem to be dotted up and down the eastern seaboard! Meaning we're all dead if there is a major accident or a terrorist attack anyway, so why not enjoy the lake? Rob is in the same position as me tax wise--no income. So what we really need to be careful about is capital gains on investments since we have to pay tax as our assets are doled out to us based on the capital gain in the account. In Massachusetts, that tax is almost 13%. In SC it's around 4%. Score!!!
  12. Auntie Jennie, my sister in law also FELL OFF A LADDER and broke her arm! I swear she has brittle bones. She broke her hand two years ago. Did I tell y'all that they are going to start looking for a new place to live, having tried Wilmington, NC for a couple of years now and still not liking it? They've decided to look at LAKE towns now, since they've already ruled out all the ocean side places in the south. Oy! Have I mentioned Battle is 12 weeks old? I think the occasional accident is to be expected. The poo the other day was actually his very first indoor poo. We are working hard on our dog show training. We have about a month to get ready, and I'd like to dazzle his breeder. I have a paw-by-paw plan for a week-by-week lesson schedule culminating in the show in Ohio. He will be prancing around with, at minimum, two of his litter mates. There may be other 4-6 month deerhounds entered--not sure--but it sure will be a cute class with all those clobber paws smashing their way around the ring! Our routine includes: weekly baths, weekly Dremeling, twice daily stacking lessons, and of course socialization. Waiting to hear from my cousin if I can bring him over to hear tiny home community this afternoon to meet someone people.
  13. SIGH. Shouldn't Battle be housebroken by now? I just found a deerhound poop in my bathroom!
  14. Well the big dog show is over for my friends--Laze and Robin are going to VA for a visit with their granddaughter and Lynne and her pack are going home. Lynne's "Stirling" won best of breed all three days, and her girl "Roslyn" won best of breed/owner handled all three days. It was pretty exciting. The show was very professionally run, absolutely EVERYONE was wearing a mask (well, not everyone because the crazy parents who dragged their small children around with them did not put masks on most of them). They had marked exit and entrance ways, and people standing by to make sure you used the right door. People holding the doors for the exhibitors, and cleaning the door handles constantly. The bathrooms were immaculate, and there were no spectators allowed (although those who were participating did sit down to watch when they were not showing). It would be fascinating if they had a way to check in with everyone who was there in two weeks to see if anyone got the virus. Next stop: Ohio at the end of August where Battle and two of his sisters will be in the 4-6 month puppy class! We'll be going in Laze's RV. Hamish will stay home with either our friend LInda, who is moving her from Rhode Island in August with Hamish's tiny little sister Tolkien (4 of Hamish's litter were normal deerhound sized, and 4 were very small, and they have not caught up to normal deerhound size). I'm sorry for your scare Carol Ann. If it's any consolation at all, Robin spent hours in her mother's room at a nursing home (her mother came down with Covid at 95 years old) holding her hand, kissing her cheek, etc., and then was given a test two weeks later and it was negative. Her mother did die, but...she had been frail and failing when she was infected by a staff member. While the positive test numbers are indeed alarming, have y'all noticed that the death rate has gone WAY down? They don't seem to want to talk about that much on the news.
  15. Hi y'all! The dog show is going great. My friend Lynne's (who is staying with me) dog Stirling has won best of breed both days so far. Today Laze had me handle Junior. He was AWFUL. See, his "sister" Diana is in heat. I mean full on, ready to breed heat. And Junior is out of his mind horny. So Junior made an ass of himself in the open dogs class, but as he was the only entry, we won! Yeah! The judge was so cute. He had to give me the ribbon, and he just kind of said "Well, all that earns him a ribbon!" I mean he would not stand for me, he did not want the judge to touch him, etc. Then when we went in for best of breed, Diana was right behind Junior and I spent the entire time simply trying to get him pointed in the right direction. I was mortified, and it was merciful when the judge naturally picked the other three entries for best of breed, best of opposite sex, and best of winners. He smiled and me and waved me out of the ring. Junior also has a nasty sore on his chest because he and Fletcher (his and Hamish's father) got into a fight, and Fletcher bit him. Tomorrow will be the last day because Laze and Robin are going on a vacation, and Lynne is not entered because with only her two dogs, neither would get any points for winning so it's a waste of money. Hermione was too afraid to get to the cat room this morning with a sea of deerhounds and she tinkled on my new couch--thank goodness there was a blanket on it--a polyester one so the pee stayed on the blanket. I tried to find/catch her all day and could not. Then just now, when I put the dogs to bed, I heard Hamish crunching his night night biscuit (which he normally hides the next day because he almost never eats it) so I looked up. And there, locked in his XXL crate with Hamish, was Hermione, absolutely motionless as if she thought he might not see her if she didn't move. I quietly moved over there to extract her, thinking she might bolt out, but the silly girl BACKED UP to get away from me further in. Hamish totally ignored her, and I managed to scruff her and get her into the cat room where she will remain until my company leaves. Poundage of the houndage? Let's see: Stirling weighs 140 pounds (he is the biggest deerhound I've ever seen). Roslyn probably weighs about 90 pounds. Hamish weighs about 100 pounds. Battle probably weighs 35 pounds, and Basil and Isolde probably weigh about 25 pounds. Battle was the biggest of the litter, and will be a very big deerhound. Maybe not as big as Stirling, but you never know. They are 3/4 brothers! Not sure when my company is leaving--either tomorrow after the show, or Sunday morning. Battle is going to be sad to see his brother and sister leave. Happy, happy 10th gotcha day Lila!!
  16. I hope your cat recovers Vanessa. I was fired by my vet today for having the audacity to suggest the only reason for demanding annual rabies shots instead of offering 3 year intervals was to make more money. I had also refused the FelV vaccine (which they toss in as "kitten shots #4") for my FelV negative indoor-only cats, and for objecting to them REQUIRING two different blood panels on a 5 month kitten before they'll neuter him. Sigh. I had a good vet here already, but they're 30 minutes away and this place was only 10. But...seriously? Forcing clients to over vaccinate and refusing to allow me to waive the bloodwork "Because it's confusing to the staff if we change our routine procedures." Battle caught a bird today! But lucky bird--he got away. It was a young house finch, if you're wondering! I thought the dog shows in Greenville were next week, but no, my houseguest arrives tomorrow with her two show dog adults and two of Battle's siblings--the one she kept as pick of litter, and the one that is going to be living with a vet in Greenville. Sooooo, two people, three cats, three 11 week old puppies, and three 14 month old deerhounds! For five days. yippee! Actually it should be fun and very educational. She is going to show me how to groom a deerhound for show, and also let me show one of her dogs in the Best of Breed class so I can practice. The only other two deerhounds going to the show at this point are Laze's two! Lynne (my guest) and Laze have been good friends for a few years. Someone is going to have to show Laze's second dog. Lucy, I can't wait to see your new floors! I'm sorry you had to do all that work, but it will be worth it. It's a major sauna down here this week. Today was just brutal, followed my a tremendous thunder storm!
  17. Happy gotcha day Misser Merc! Miss Ivy, no spektaters are allowed at the dog show doo too Covid 19. Only the people presently showing their dog can be in the ring building, and the judge. And Wee Battle is too young to go anywhere unnecessary on account he needs some more shots. Today Mutter took him for a walk in da back yard. It was hilarious!! Dat little goober was grabbing da strangle string, and she just kept taking it outta his mouth. They did 2 laps around da fence. Sooper hot and hoomid here too. I don't like it. Wee Hamish, not baffed
  18. Hello, dis is me, Wee Battle. I been assaulted and violated! Thrown in da tub and washed! Washed!!! And den ma pawsies were attacked wiff sumpin tickley and ma nails were made short. Then a rope was put around ma neck, and we did sumpin' called " walkers." It was horrible. Den I napped for four hours, and dat was great! Wee Battle, clean and sweet smelling
  19. Happy burfdey Miss Chris!! Dat silly postie was my noo baby brudder Battle! He's silly.
  20. So you have to be a community supporter (donor) to be able to edit your post at any time. Auntie Jennie, you no longer are it says. We have a friend here visiting planning on moving here from Rhode Island. She has one of Hamish and Junior's litter mates, Tolkien. Half of the litter is normal deerhound size, and half is tiny--Tolk is tiny. Hamish tried to hump his very own sister! And Battle sniffed her hoo hoo and started air humping! She must be irresistible. We are going to go to a darling little town, Landrum, that's about 15 miles away and is just like a postcard town of "the south." We hope to have lunch somewhere. I'm so sorry some of you are so terrified. Miss Carol Ann, isn't your school private? Can't they do whatever they want? Sorry if that's a dumb question. Greenville is also having an uptick since the end of isolation. We went to downtown Greenville yesterday for a little while and virtually no one was wearing a mask. So crazy! We all did. I must say in 90 degree heat and high humidity, it was indeed very unpleasant, but we did it anyway, as we will today. We wore masks looking at houses for our friend yesterday too. She only saw two, but put a lowball offer on one. Don't think she's heard yet. It's half way between Laze and me, so that would be great!!! Running out of excuses for why I don't want to bring Battle over to Laze's house to be MAULED by her dogs. I've tried to be tactfully honest (not my forte as most of you would agree!) and they just aren't hearing me. First it was "he's on giardia meds." Then it was "he's too young and too small." Now it's "Hamish and Battle are bonding and we are forming our own pack and I don't want to confuse them." The truth is my dear friends think it's normal and inevitable that adult dogs beat up puppies. Now, I know for a FACT that's crap, and the one time our adult male (the father of our pups) tried to beat them up, my father intervened and let's just say Jeb never once even went near the puppies again until they were grown. Battle's breeder and co-owner has told me "He's your dog, but I would NOT take him over there, ever." And she says it's utter horse poop to suggest deerhounds "need" to be beat up (which is what Laze and Robin believe and were told by someone--we don't know who). She said a baby being beat up by adults is the antithesis of good puppy parenting. Remember how upset it used to make me when Hamish got beaten up? What was I thinking???? I know better. Miss Cindy? I think I might call the shipper of the boots and complain, and ask them to FedEx you a new set, and you will return the originals when and if they show up.
  21. Rainy day here in the Upstate. Molly, I like the orangey collar to match with your furs!
  22. Fireworks are legal here, and I personally enjoyed the free show very much. In any direction I can see, there were fireworks! We (my family) have never had a dog afraid of fireworks or storms, and my two are not. I put them to bed at 8:30 and the real noise started at 9 or so and continued for hours, but it was fun for me (except the mosquitos). There were even people in my subdivision shooting off some pretty impressive ones! Doing nothing today. My tattoo started the (normal) peeling stage and it's gross! Plus I'm not supposed to get sun on it, and it's way to hot for pants here...so I stayed inside. If any of you need any quirky entertainment, "Warrior Nuns" on Netflix was pretty good!
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