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  1. Wow. 195th edition! Holy smokes! It's been a long fun ride, eh? Dis is a club for everybuddy! Der is discussing of all things hound and hooman, and all are welcome here. You can rite in any language you like! Oh, I forgot to say dis is Wee Hamish, the Scottish Deerhound! I'm gonna keep this intro brief, cause y'all no by now what the rules are! Keep calm and hound on! Wee Hamish
  2. Lila is sweet Snow looks like sugar Merc is a Dude Striped like a tigger It that was a glacier I think It’d Be Bigger A Poem by Nikita
  3. I have Apple products and I have no idea what you're talking about! There are tons of ways to monitor your home these days. You need a camera of some sort, and some way to stream to broadcast. Most cameras have their own apps--for example I use Arlo cameras. I have determined after years of monitoring that my dog sleeps all day, every day, and knowing this makes me feel 100% comfortable NOT paying a dog walker to wake him up and walk him mid day!
  4. Neither of my greyhounds has had even faint interest in "meeting" other dogs that aren't greyhounds. Eating maybe. Don't assume your dog wants to be social with other dogs just because her pack mate is gone. If she didn't like other dogs before, no reason to think she will now.
  5. All day in the crate and all night? It's most likely the crate causing her anxiety.
  6. Personally I think it's the "gated into our utility room" bit that's making him poo, and I bet if you stick him in a crate now, it'll get worse. He's an adult. Dog proof the house, give him more exercise in the morning, and let him loose. If it fails, you can always go back to what you're doing, but that's not really working so... Have had two greyhounds so far. They both hated their crates. One immediately, and one tolerated it for a whole day before he said "enough!" Best wishes!
  7. What Greysmom said! Consider his vocalizations (better than growling, no?) as communication. He can't talk. He's saying, "That was awesome, human. Enough please." As Chris (Greysmom) said, that's not aggression. You need to learn to speak dog.
  8. Not sure if your user name is meant to be funny, or descriptive. But greyhounds can be decidedly NOT low budget (as can any dog who is probably cared for with monthly treatments, etc.), so if money is honestly an issue, consider very carefully.
  9. Are you sure it's even a hound mix? Could be just about anything.
  10. On the plus side, moving helped my SA dog a lot! I had gotten him to a place where he could cope with my daily departure. But moving to an entirely new neighborhood really helped old George. And he miraculously decided he COULD in fact walk up the stairs without my help the very morning we moved in. He just followed his new pals, the movers, right up the stairs as if he hadn't nearly killed me trying to teach him steps!!!
  11. Yikes. A lot of reinforcing of the behavior you DON'T want to reinforce, like making a picky eater. I would start by getting this dog comfortable walking up and down the stairs. You're lucky you can physically carry a dog down the stairs, but it's likely a very unpleasant experience for him, and if I had a choice between being carried down the stairs or peeing in the house...I think I know which one I'd chose. I know how difficult it can be, believe me. It took me weeks to teach my first greyhound how to use the stairs at my old building. I could NOT lift him, so for me it was moving each paw up each step (three flights) over and over and over. Eventually he just...walked down the stairs! Problem solved, but it wasn't easy. I feel like if he's not afraid to go down the stairs, the other matters will, one by one, start to resolve.
  12. Sounds like a fairly unpleasant life change for the cat! Having said that, I have had greyhound + cats for many years now. In my admittedly limited experience, if the dog isn't chasing the cat now, he's not going to do it when you aren't home either. The cat will most likely hide and sleep all day, and the dog will probably crash on the couch! As long as the cat has an escape route, you should be ok.
  13. . If you're talking about the fruit and veggie bags from the produce department, they are gas permeable. Meaning they are poo-gas permeable too.
  14. Happy birthday Lexie!!!! Although I must say it was rood of the typist to tell us your age!
  15. OK, how many of us over 50s will admit when they read this thread title they thought, "Me either!"
  16. I'd go sooner rather than later. It's a bit late at this point, but my mutt had a surgical bone trauma and ended up with a bone infection that almost killed him a year after the surgery. She could have a festering infection, although it's not terribly likely at this stage. But my dog's ONLY symptom was that the surgical site didn't seem to heal on schedule. The vet kept making excuses, eventually calling my dog a "wimp" for his ever ending limp. 12 months later his fever spiked so high he screamed when I touched him. Raced him off to my vet who admitted him immediately. Long story shorter, three months of two types of antibiotics is what it took to FINALLY cure his limp!
  17. 1.5 miles isn't very far, so I'm sure that's cool, but do watch out for the humidity and heat.
  18. Just remember this: food is not love. Speaking to you from a country literally bloated with fat people and equally fat dogs! The very fact that you're even concerned tells me that you must be overfeeding. Love your dogs with pets and walks and cuddles. Feed them a healthy, appropriate diet and keep the THIN. They're not meant to be labradors on stilts!
  19. Dear Rick: I agree. Pitty has to be rehomed. I'm sure she is a wonderful dog, but it is SO not fair to have an 8 and a half year old readjust her entire life right now. I had a gorgeous cat I paid for and had flown up from Washington. He started beating up my adult female cat when he hit maturity, and believe me, I would have much rather kept him, but that would not have been fair, so I reluctantly gave the big bully cat to a friend who had MUCH bigger cats, and they all got along just fine and peace was restored to my animal kingdom. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.
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