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  1. Robin, as lonely as I am getting without a dog, I’m not interested in a dog without a yard. No way in heck do I want to be walking five times a day in the heat. Just talked to McSoosan. She had a cornea transplant and is doing pretty well. I told her to let me know when her dead person’s eye starts remembering things from its former owner. That happens in movies ALL.THE.TIME She gave me some wise counsel, which I needed, because the bank is going to be charging us, ready, brace yourselves...$70,000 (edited to say he corrected that amount to “only” 57,000) to settle mother’s estate. This is so overinflated an amount I am so angry I could scream. And I don’t think there is a damn thing I can do, as my mother made the bank the trustee and thus they hold all the cards, so to speak. I feel like I let Dad down, not fighting Mom on this. But it was at the beginning of Mom’s poor decision making and she got irate at me when I suggested she not mess with Dad’s plans. But they lured her in with a discount in management fees. There is very little to do. The absolute most I expected was $20,000. I literally want to throw up. Speaking of Netflix, anyone watched Haven? It’s a TV series based on a Stephen King story. It’s pretty good. Anyone else like to drink half sweet tea? If you mix the sweet and the plain, it’s less sweet but still yummy.
  2. Good morning. Nothing to do, so I guess I will go shopping for a new bird feeder. Mine is too hard to fill. I’m sorry about Pap’s brother. Oh! A brave squirrel just dropped out of a tree and landed on my bird feeder stand.
  3. Great news, but how is that possible? Dog legs don’t just break. Did you see see what happened?
  4. That is good news Mam. I tried to watch golf today but it was so boring without a Tiger, although you heard a LOT of “Go Tiger!” shouts when the leader hit. I was lonely today. Cats are fun but they just aren’t dogs.
  5. Oh Jen, how awful. Ducky knows how to reach Dr. C. Make sure when you email him you mention that you are a friend of Janet Shaffer and the WFUBCC because he knows how generously we have all donated.
  6. Good or I y’all. Ok, this iPad is the biggest piece of crap. I typed “good morning” and what did I get? You can see. And it is a huge problem with millions of people. Grrrrr. My weekend plans were squashed yesterday when Tiger missed the cut. I am up, dressed, and in my summer play clothes...with nothin’ to do! I guess I’ll wash the cat. Yes, cat. Not car! Has anyone had their car windows tinted? It seems to be a popular option here and quite sensible. Lucy! That peach tea I got for you is so tasty I might end up drinking it all before I can offer you any. Yum. Mister B. just scared away my cardinal and now feels very manly and tough.
  7. Well happy day!! first of all, I drove right into downtown Greenville like a big girl, found the realtor, and loved her! I signed an agreement, but she agreed there is really no point in looking until I am ready to buy because the cute properties in my range go fast. And what appeared today, via UPS Express? A letter from the estate settlement team saying the preliminary stuff has been done and soon we should be hearing more! Yeah!! Of could they seem to have forgottenMom’s IRA was left to the three of us as well, so I had to nudge them on that. But at least things are moving now. Very exciting! I got Clifford back and the poor fellow was missing a floor mat, so I made the dealership replace it. Happy gotcha day Dippy!
  8. Ohh, Hi Molly McCurly! We missed you. And I gather in about 109 days your parents are back on the high seas! I got my remote start installed. I haven’t driven a compact car in many years (I have nothing against them!) and it was a little bit terrifying driving the loaner Corolla. Also, it was brutally difficult to get out of. I hope Clifford II and I enjoy many safe years together because he is pretty awesome. And I was shocked at the price—the car has 32,000 miles on it, nothing fancy inside, and they want almost $19,000 for it. When did Corollas get so expensive? I can't wait to show you my new glasses next week. I got a very traditional shape (all my glasses are basically the same) in PURKLE! Why not? What good has a conservative look done? And I got a gorgeous pair of Kate Spade frames for my new sunglasses that are not polarized. Part of my problem has been that my current sunniest are polarized and it is all but impossible to read the screen on the nav system or the phone with polarized lenses. Not sure the science of it, but it is true. The eye doctors was awesome. I feel like a I am in a dream state. Everything is going so well it’s a bit unnerving. It’s like the universe, or God, or whoever flipped the dial on my life and turned it from “Max Suck” to “Peaceful, easy feeling.” If only Unca Rob and Andy Sarah could just be happy for me, but as people keep pointing out, they seem unable to be happy right now. Bless their hearts!
  9. Good morning. Today’s adventure is an eye exam. I can’t read the street signs and that is making it even harder to learn my way around. Also, I can’t really open my eyes outside when it is sunny if I don’t have my prescription sunglasses on. My eyes hurt and burn and water. It started after a big snow storm and the white white white blinded me. Isnt it funny that the only birds using mom’s birdbath are the male house finches? The girls won’t go in.
  10. Miss Ducky, is it your birthday too? Happy birthday!!! Elizabeth, did you get a strange email from me? I don’t know how or why, but I appear to have emailed you the letter “e” and nothing else, so I apologize for that, it was unintentional. Chilly this morning, in the 40s. Ducky! I did indeed get a bunch of Mt. Hounds emails. I am coming to Mt. hounds to see you, Ducky, Miss Sherrie, and Miss Vanessa, and who else do we know that is going?? And I can’t wait to see Gaitlinburgh, and I hope to see a BEAR 🐻. I am going to bring my very best “Sure, that sounds like fun” attitude, and we shall hope for decent weather. I thought the sign thing looked kind of fun, but then I remembered I don’t have a dog or a greyhound...and I got a sad. Welcome back Bikini!!
  11. Miss Loosy! It’s your birthday?? Happy birthday!! I would have insisted on buying your ice cream at Dillard’s if I had known. I had a good time and drove to Duncan, SC this morning to a placed called Wilson Farms which is a new subdivision. It was quite nice. The houses are not as close together as most of the new places. They have one floor plan that is just perfect. Not too big, not too small. I think the older homes might actually be a better value. Hahahah, there is a sign on the gym here at the apartment complex that says “Gym closed for remolding. We’re appreciate you’re patients.” I am KNOT kidding. Soooo hard not to write on it!
  12. Oh, poor Lizabeff! Ivy! I know this is sacrilege but Ivy just might be the prettiest greyhound ever, stealing the title from her sister Breeze. What a nice birthday you had. Sherrie, if your funds were wired, not ACH’d, they should arrive on Saturday, as banks are open on Saturday so wires can go. My wire showed up within hours! How exciting to live in a paid for house!! I hope to be there soon. I have applied for a couple of jobs. We shall see if anyone looks at my resume down here.
  13. Grammar nazi strikes again!!! Urban titanium sounds like gray to me.
  14. Oh, Auntie Patsy, how wonderful, and new to you car!! You will love the back up camera. What color is it? Can you drive with the cone of goodness on? I hope all of you ladies who are mothers, or even mother substitutes, have a special day. Nate, you can help Mss Loosy in the yard. When she is pulling a weed, you just grab right on al pull too. Then maybe run around with a weed in your mouth cause that will make her laugh and laugh. Honest! A house finch used my mother’s birdbath yesterday. It was so cute the way he kind of stuck one foot in to test it out, then slowly waded in, the. He relaxed and had a heck of a splash. Its a gray day so I am going to explore the capabilities of my new TV while watching new bird friends.
  15. I thought Gino ate a roach too!! I have spent the afternoon with Lucy and Ann! We all signed up for new cell service from the cable company. I kept my same phone so I am good to go. They got pretty new phones that will ship to them. Then we had a late lunch, went cake shopping, and then got some ice cream. It was nice to spend time with them. Not sure what I’m going to do tonight but I sure don’t need to eat.
  16. Happy birthday Ivy! Miss Patsy! Are you part Labrador? They get a lot of lipomas. Oh, Jen, I hope your Mom gets lots of money for her home. You are correct that the bank is keeping track of what they dole out to me and that it doesn’t change my brother’s outcomes at all. Even Bill understands that. All I said to Rob when he asked about the bank statement was, “That is from my share so I don’t know why you give a s#&$.” I have no plans for the weekend. It’s going to be rainy. oh! The horrible cough I have had for a year and a half? Is gone. Completely gone. I must have been allergic to something in my condo.
  17. Thank you Kathy. Miss Lucy, we can go to Costco and get you some! The boys haven’t gotten anything from the trust yet BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T ASKED. How is that my issue, eh? Rob expects me to spend my retirement money since I have no job. I guess he is kvetching at spending his money. Neither Bill nor I have ever asked, or cared, where Rob gets his money from (they are both not working by choice). Bill certainly doesn’t care if I get money from Dad. Gracious, if my Dad was alive, seeing what my former company did to me and how hard I tried to do the right things for Mom (and most of you know that the paperwork continues long after death) he would 100% support my decision to take a break and just enjoy life a little bit. I did tell him tonight that I am sorry he is upset (again) but that I felt happy and free for the first time in many years. How sad that the only one worrying about dollars and cents is the one who has the most? Who got the best art. The most art. Bill didn’t complain. I didn’t complain. Greedy doodyhead.
  18. Thanks gang! The tattoo too guy was awesome. Told me straight up that what I was thinking about just wasn’t his bag, so I changed it up because someone recently posted an amazing picture of a cardinal, and so now it’s going to be just a big bold cardinal and a ittybitty lady bug, and he will work something in as a background, and I am suggesting poison ivy. Not our Ivy of course. He told me he couldn’t see me u til August, but I was sure I already had booked time, and sure enough, they had me in for June 12 for six hours. I experienced my first traffic today. It was fine, but I did make a few wrong turns and it was hellahard “make a legal u-turn as soon as possible” but I did it. Ironically, a pious looking woman with a Jesus fish on her car refused to let me into traffic. I guess she only “loves thy neighbor” on Sunday!
  19. Uhm, all you nurses, isn’t an IV very useful for preventing dehydration? So Uncle Rob called. Started out nice enough until he got to asking me why I am getting money from the trust. Once again I told him it was my share so he didn’t need to worry about it. He hung up on me. Then texted me (I assume it was Sarah as Rob does not text) that I was never to speak to him like that again. Told him I absolutely promise not to—(read into that as much as you like). And that he should try to enjoy his life and stop thinking about mine. So I didn’t tell him about the car, and he didn’t ask if I like it here. I hope he will just leave me alone. Off I go to Main Street Tattoo for my consult!
  20. What are dogs for if not for cleaning up after cats? Nikita
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