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  1. Oh deer! A lost fone. Apparently KNOT an iPhone or you could use "find my fone." And of course all your stuff wood be in the cloud and so easy to get back. Dis me, Battle. Sorry I missed da worrying about toofers and such. I got a BAFF today. It was ok, actually, and now I smell so clean! Momma scrubbed at my face wiff soap and everything. I didn't like dat part. Momma Lynne is gonna groom me before da shows, and she is taking me in something called "Breeder Showcase." She gets to show off me, and my sister Isolde! Der is a money prize too. Momma Lynne has a big fancy no
  2. Dis here Wee Battle! Cud won of yu nice ladies go on Momma's Facial Book page and postie da picture of me doing ma dog show stretch???? Fanks!!! FREEDOM!!!! Battle
  3. Oh yeah Miss Isabelle, Brudder is here! Momma juss gave up showing him onaccounta his front pawsies are splayed, his neck is too short, his head is too small, and he has no return of shoulder (don't even ask!). He is waying 96 pounds at a year and a haff! BOL! I am gonna catch him reel quik in the size and weight department. Also, I don't habs enny of those faults!
  4. Hi Isabella!! I'm Battle, da very wee Scottish Deerhound. We habs KNOT met, but Momma says yur Momma is a lubberly woman and yur Pops is a top secret spy!!!!! I am juss a baby, only six months of age! I am waying 80 pounds!
  5. Hello my noo frens! Guess whot?? It's SOO upsiting! I am going to Orlando! Isn't that right near you Miss Carol Ann? December 11-13 I will be in da Royal Canin National Championship show, and I am going in the puppy sweepstakes! Ma frend, Unca Junior, won that last year and got $53!!! That's a lot of bikkies! And ma other fren, Fletcher (dats Brudder's papaman) is going to the Fast Cats Invitational at the very same show (that would be fun to watch for anyone in the area). He is the #1 deerhound in the HOLE COUNTRY at Fast Cats (dat is straight line running after a lure). He is gonna
  6. Gud morning! Dis morning, rightofffirstthing, Brudder stole ma chooey bone that I worked on and got all nice and soft and chooable! So rood! That doofus tried to hide it in the cowch but Momma saw ware he put it, and when he went outside, she gave it back to me. Momma says the weird thing about her neck is dat it does KNOT hurt, but now dat she sees how smashed her spinal column is, it explains a few things like all the times she fell down. And for shore why her hand has been going numb for two years. Oh yeah, and those shooting pains that knock her to her nees... Hey, do yur Mo
  7. Hello all yu grey houndies! And poodles! Momma went to see the doctor today about her MRI of her neck. He said, and I qwote, "It doesn't look good." He is sending her to a spine surgeon for follow up. She did talk him into ordering up an MRI of her née! So that's on Friday. Phew. And Monday will be the follow up visit for that so if she needs, as she suspects, surgery on her née, hopefully she can get that riteawayqwik. Juss a little nip here, a stitch or two there, and all better!
  8. A bulldog? That's so sad. The bulldogs at the dog shows couldn't run fast enough to catch a geriatric turtle! Poor dog. Miss Chris, we have this auger: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B083K5RV3P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it does KNOT work in our soil. Maybe the thinner one would work better? I got my 25 daffodils planted by brute force, using my fattest drill bit and my long pokey weed remover stick thingy. Now I am watching football. Ironically I always hated the Carolina Panthers because I think Cam Newton is just ... well let's just s
  9. Hahahaha, so many people waiting in line for hours to vote early! Momma thinks she'll be the only one voting on voting day!! So, thank you all who are doing so! Momma is reading everything and thinking how glad she is that she has doggehs who do KNOT need coats any more, and wondering what to do wiff her beeg stash of coats and sweaters. It is chilly here this morning--even some frost on the grass--me and Brudder juss love it! We ran and ran and ran and played "kill the deer" using each and other as da deer! OK, so I scream a few times--Brudder is a bit ruff. Poor Momma's né
  10. Miss Scooter's Mom, we have to be Facebook friends, so please to send a friend request to Susan Scheide and I will accept right away quick!
  11. Momma had no plans for vacations onaccounta they are KNOT in her budget but she feels badly for all y'all who didn't get to go places you wanted to go. We are, of course, going to do shows and so far we habs KNOT heard of a single person catching the Covid at a dog show. Poor Momma. Her née hurts really, really bad. She is still furious at the doctor who dismissed her wiffout checking out her née. Da shot from her regular doctor didn't do ennything at all. She can't really do much of anything and the list of stuff she wants to do is long. Fooey!
  12. My Momma is awake too! My brudder Hamsammich wakes her up wiff his whining! I cudda slept a few more hours my own self. Today Momma is meeting her cuzzin for breaking. Didja all no dat? Dat cuzzin Sally, from Dallas, of all the places in the hole whirled she cudda gone, wanted a tiny house, so she used Mr. Google, and found a tiny house place she liked about a mile away from owr house! And now she lives there forever and ever (amen). They had KNOT seen each other in about 30 years, and now they see each other about once a week. Momma never really knew Sally very well, but she likes
  13. Dis is Wee Battle reporting in! OK, y'all said very nice things about my Best of Opposite sex ribbons, but...the troof is...it was only me and sister in the class!!! Momma is trying to be upbeat and says this, "Isolde is a very special puppy--she was pick of the litter, and just about perfect, so I don't feel badly coming in second to her. If there had been four or five puppies, and I came in last, I would be very sad as Battle was the pick of the MALE puppies and was only sold to be because, and I quote, "You care for your dogs the way I care for mine--I wouldn't trust anyone else wit
  14. Hello! I am HOME!!! Negst stop, Ocala, Florida. Going der for Halloweenie weekend. And after that, Perry, GA just after Fanksgibbing!! Real tired, will postie more later! Wee Battle
  15. Well ma showing dooty is over (I said DOOTY!) and I came in second AGAIN. Fooey!!!
  16. Hello, dis is me, Wee Battle. Guess who came in SECOND again today? Yup. It was me. Ma sister was Best in Show again! (Beginner puppies) Three times best in show and not even six months old? Are yu kidding me? Whot am I, chopped libber? No one else did well today in owr group essept Miss Lynn who won best of breed owner handled and she also won best of breed with a whippet. Auntie Laze's dogs didn't do well today. Junior won his class, but he was the only one in it. Momma's knee hurt so bad after we fancy pranced she really cud KNOT to ennything for the rest of the day.
  17. Hi, hello, welcome! Dis is the two hundredth edition of this little "club"! Wowzer!! Dis club was founded in the olden days for houndies who had a problem holding their pee. It was discovered that all of the founding houndies had the great Unruly in their petigree, hence the name Unruly Boys! Didja no that? We meet here to discuss the ins and outs of libbing wiff hooomans, life after racing, things we like to eat, things we weren't sposed to eat, how owr poo is looking (bouncy, thanks for asking!), and other such important topics. All our welcome to join in or juss read alon
  18. OK, I have ONE DVD! All the rest are Blu Ray. And, uhm, this was never ever used!
  19. Lila is sweet Snow looks like sugar Merc is a Dude Striped like a tigger It that was a glacier I think It’d Be Bigger A Poem by Nikita
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