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  1. Kerry it must be a sign of age, but I despise “the cloud.”. Although all of my pictures DO back up to both iCloud and OneDrive...the stuff I imported was on a removable drive, and now they will all also go to the cloud. I find it very confusing what is saving where and when. I only trust my own hard drive! And it is pretty hard to trash a hard drive—you MAY recall years ago I accidentally reformatted my hard drive, “losing” everything. A simple $30 software program was purchased and run, and it restored virtually every file I had “wiped out.” Deerhound babies are apparently immune to the VOG. They just don’t give a poo when they’re fired up! Luckily they’re mostly being very good, but Junior did chase Nikita this morning and scared me half to death. Happy birthday Canada Nancy. I don’t understand what happened to Zorro’s ear, but I think he needs a jaunty pirate hat to cover the stump. Plus he’d look really cute! Miss Chris, someone (the seller?) had updated everything on my new PC the day they shipped it out. It’s a refurb. No updating was necessary. It’s also extremely fast. Turns out having two hooligans in the house makes it impossible to even begin to learn Photoshop Elements 2019. I’ll have to wait for nap time or, more likely, until Junior goes home
  2. My new PC spent last night importing and indexing over 55,000 photos, including every siggy I have ever made for anyone. Phew! To be clear, MY puppy has all his shots and all his boosters and is sporting a cute green rabies tag!
  3. Vanessa, I am well aware of the need for boosters, which is why Hamish got his. No need to worm a dog without worms, and Hamish had no parasites of any kind. They aren’t making excuses—they just don’t seem terribly concerned about it one way or the other, which I find very odd given the combined years of dog experience they both have. Anyhoooooooo, I got my new computer—it is a humdinger!! Now I just have to start using it. Had to pay $99 for a new version of Photoshop Elements because the old version wouldn’t load, dang nabbit! Gotta go. Puppies are barking.
  4. I believe Parvo is covered by the early shots the breeder gave Junior (and Hamish) and kennel cough is NOT a puppy vaccine and I myself never opt for it because kennel cough is more of an annoyance than a serious illness and is easily cured if caught. They aren’t DELIBERATELY not doing it—the fact is that with nine dogs and a lot of travel, I guess they simply haven’t done it because they haven’t thought about it. I don’t believe he is getting a balanced diet, but he does get liver, chicken gizzards and hearts in addition to raw meat. This weeks packets also included hamburger in addition to the chicken parts. WAY too much bone I think—lots of drumsticks. Oh, they occasionally give him tripe. I told them SC state law requires rabies by 16 weeks but...they say they’ll take him in after they get back from Scotland, but Laze plans to show him not long after that. Would you believe you do not have to provide proof of vaccines to enter.a dog show?? I couldn’t even rent an apartment here before I provided the rabies certificates for all my critters! Hamish is getting his adult teeth while his baby teeth are still in! One of them is about to fall out. So cute!!
  5. Miss Kerry and Pippin!! So good to see you even on this sad day where we live without JJ in our universe. I am outside with the puppies and my iPad. They are growing right before my eyes, and their fur is taking on that Deerhound coarseness. They are playing keep away (with a leaf) and beating each other up, which is pretty much what they do, when they aren’t asleep.Hamish gets his final booster shot today (Junior has not even been to the vet yet). Hamish got one extra since his mother died during the delivery and he never got her ammunity. I appreciate a more casual lifestyle down here, but vaccines are not something to just ignore, IMHO, and I’m not crazy about having a puppy who isn’t getting his shots on schedule with MY puppy, but I guess since Hamish is protected, it’s ok. Yesterday Junior pooped out a sharp chicken bone. I think the bones he can’t chew through (with baby teeth) he is just swallowing whole. And clearly not digesting them all that well based on his runny poo and a BONE in his poop. But the bags of food are significantly smaller this time, and Robin DID weigh them. There is a huge cardinal sitting on the peak of the neighbor’s roof right now, just watching us. Hi Dad! So, and I am simply bemused by this, I applied for a job at the local supermarket and didn’t even get a call. And there are signs on the doors saying help is wanted. What can you do but shake your head??
  6. Tears and few words—I met JJ several times, and he is a big, sweet fellow. I know you will miss him terribly Robin. Run free JJ.
  7. Gud morning, dis Hamish. I yam sorry Misser JJ is KNOT feeling his youf full self. Me and ma brudder Junior been playing and playing and playing and playing and barking and playing...whot does “Shut da f$#* up mean”? Mummy told me a beeg peace of noos—she ordered a noo pooter and she shud be able to get back to fotochopping! Stay tooned for noo developments. She order a Microsoft Surface Studio. It is a ginormous tablet/PC clone thing wiff oodles of brain power and a YUGE hard drive so she doesn’t get forced to save everything to “the cloud.” We are gonna be home waiting for that today. Den dat pesky lawn needs ANOTHER haircut! Dis what happens when yu get hot and sunny weather EVERY DAY. Today is actually clowdy and “cool” at around 75 petigrees. Dat bad kitteh Nikita was so sassy last nite Mummy had to close him in the cat room. He was taunting me and Junior and “asking for trubble.’ Oh! I gotta go. Junior is tuching my stuff!
  8. So sorry Robin, but you’ll know the right thing to do, and everyone will support whatever that is. Poor Junior is worn out. I had to have a talk with Hamish about pacing himself and not trying to play every second, because poor Junior doesn’t even get a chance to pee!
  9. You oldsters do your party anyway you like, but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say you’re more than welcome to use the club for that! Cause you’re OUR oldsters!!
  10. Fall hiking? It’s still in the 90s every day here! Oh Jen, how awful. I hope he is doing ok.
  11. Gud morning, dis is me, wee Hamish! Why yu laff Mummy? I yam juss a baby! So I am wee! Last night a man called Santos came and Mummy let him dig in the yard! I am KNOT allowed to dig. So unfair! Den Santos plopped three crepe myrtle trees (the variety is Twilight if anyone wants to check them out) in dem holes and buried em up and poured lots a water on dem from this thing called a hoze. I am KNOT allowed to choo da hoze. So unfair! Dis morning I investimagted dem trees and got nice red dirt on maself, and den jumped on da IKEA sofa and got nice red dirt on it. Mummy wasn’t mad, she said it was her own fault for KNOT covering the cowch, and dat is now done. Da cover is washed and clean too. Den we took a walk all around da nayburhood (boy there are some really untidy yards at the end of the road that I can’t see from my house!) and den we practice sit and come. Mummy says I am a jenius now that she found something I really want her to gibs me! Den Mummy figure out how to get a football game on da teebee cause owr team is playing Dr. Frootypie’s team, and it’s no fun if yu can’t watch it! For reezins no one can assplain, da local game today is the Jaguars. Why??? Dey are a Florida team and as far as we no, not even da peeple of Floryda care about them! Most of Souf Carolina is getting the Patriots/Dolphins, but Greenville is stuck wiff Jaguars! CBS All Access to da rescue!! Mummy watered da trees, and I helped by shouting at the hoze! Witch I am KNOT allowed to choo. So unfair! I sleep in ma hotel from 10 PM to 7:30 am. Now I am thinking about a nap! Oh, lots of trabbling in da groop! Granny so wanted to take that Alaska cruise, but it never happened. PopPop got sick afore they went, and then Unca Rob refused to go on any trip if Unca Bill was going...whot a pair of doody heads they sound like! Mummy says I might never meet dem, but I have sumpin called Neffews who are gonna come see me!!! Dat sounds pawsome! Oh, for da record, Mummy finks mutts or mongrels are great, unless dey been breeded up on purpose and sold to doodlebugs who actual believe it’s cool to pay lots of money for a mutt if it has a cutsie name while thousands of mutts are put to sleep because no one wants dem.
  12. Ewww, a squirrel pizza? That does KNOT sound good. Hamish and Junior did indeed venture downtown today, and they had a blast. Turns out not a soul recognizes a baby Deerhound. We heard everything from Greyhound to Great Dane, and a lot of “oh, did you rescue them...”. Apparently it’s equivalent to being a bank robber if you admit to BUYING a dog. And the whole doodle craze has glorified the mongrel to the extent that everyone assumes the puppies are mixed breeds! “Oooooh, what mix are these!?” And you say “Scottish Deerhounds” and are met with blank stares! And I say, “Have you seen the Harry Potter movies?” And if they have, you can tell them Padfoot is a Deerhound and they get it. Why the FF does Apple think it is mandatory to capitalize the word after a question mark and quotation??? So annoying.
  13. Dis Hamish! I gotted to go out in da middle of the night and see the big moon and leave a dubble potty pile! Mummy cud KNOT sleep so she was up and I was crying cause I wanted to be up too. Den she hollered at me! Hollered! And den in a few minutes I realized I hadda POO in da chute so I made the BIG CRY and she cud tell the difference and she took me out WIFFOUT CUDDLES FIRST and watched me poo and den PUT ME BACK IN DA CAGE (wiff a cookie) and said I was a reel gud boy but had to go back to sleep cause I yam a baby but she is KNOT a baby so she gets to stay up as late as she wants. So unfair. Now we are up early cause our friend Laze and ma brudder Junior as apposed to come pick us up and take us to Greenville for “socializing” and cawfee. But it is raining, so Mummy is thinkin maybe Laze will roll over and go back to sleep...but Mummy is dressed and ready just in case. OMG, der is da BESTED food dat comes in a can. It’s called Pro Plan Puppy and it is soooo good I would do a back flip off da cowch for it! See if yu can nom some!! Bye for noo! Hamsammich
  14. Hello! Dis Hamish. I am noo here. I am only 16 weeks old and I yam a Scottish Deerhound! Mummy said I cud start the noo club! So da rulez I am learning are yu gotta go to make yur business OUTSIDE even if its raining. That’s the rulez!! Also, yu can speak houndish, or KNOT. Dat is up to yu or yur hooman. Uhm, lets see, dis is hard wiff des hoog paws...Oh yeah! Everybuddy is welcome here, dogs, catz, hedgemahogs, stuffies, and even peeple! And that’s all I can bemember, so habs a gud time, be kind, and GO TO DA BAFFROOM OUTSIDE. Ta, Hamish
  15. Lila is sweet Snow looks like sugar Merc is a Dude Striped like a tigger It that was a glacier I think It’d Be Bigger A Poem by Nikita
  16. I have Apple products and I have no idea what you're talking about! There are tons of ways to monitor your home these days. You need a camera of some sort, and some way to stream to broadcast. Most cameras have their own apps--for example I use Arlo cameras. I have determined after years of monitoring that my dog sleeps all day, every day, and knowing this makes me feel 100% comfortable NOT paying a dog walker to wake him up and walk him mid day!
  17. Neither of my greyhounds has had even faint interest in "meeting" other dogs that aren't greyhounds. Eating maybe. Don't assume your dog wants to be social with other dogs just because her pack mate is gone. If she didn't like other dogs before, no reason to think she will now.
  18. All day in the crate and all night? It's most likely the crate causing her anxiety.
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