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  1. Oh Em Gee. Everyone we no who has or is a deerhound has been told 6lebbenty times that Claire won at the dog show in Filly. Guess whot? That show was LAST WEEK and we all already no! Yu see that is Claire's third best in show in the past month. But also, a big secret, even though it's called "the national dog show" it's actually a relatively small show. Momma has met Claire and even showed Diana in the same class as Claire. Diana did KNOT win... Today was a great day! I beat boff of my litter mates, Isolde and Fey, that are here with us. And I got something called "best of winners
  2. Hi!! Guess where I am? Guess?!?!? I am in Jorja! At some place called the Jorja Fairgrounds! Tomorrow morning my noo good friend Victor is gonna show me! I been practicing up real hard so I am ready. I did KNOT get ENNYTHING for this Thanksgiving. Not a darn thing. I didn't even get any dog food for brekkie! Momma says, "Not on a travel day buddy." Enny way, I got to play wiff my sister Isolde for hours and hours so that was fun. Then we got in the wobble box and drove for about an hour and now we are here! Ready for the show. I hope everyone who was lucky enuff to get some o
  3. Ohhh, nice tree Miss Isabelle! And Molly too! Fanks for recognizing ma certificate! I am done with "puppy shows" and get to go in da beeg boy shows now! Da national dog show in Filly? Iffen dat is the one, we believe a deerhoundie won best in show, and Momma has me her. Her name is Claire. She is named after the Outlander lady, Claire Fraser. Momma is gonna make a chocklit cake for the Thanksgiving. She been asking the hostess "what can I bring" and finally she said, "How about a dessert?" So Momma used the innerwebs to look for a ressipee and it sounds pretty easy. She ha
  4. Miss Ducky, 8 gigs of RAM is diddly squat. That is the absolute bare minimum required to run Windows. So it could be an easy fix because RAM is not expensive. So if you go to Best Buy, ask them about jacking you up to the maximum. Momma has 32 gigs of that stuff! So even iffen yur pooter is relatively new, if it was special deal, or on sale, or whatever, they tend to be very basic, which is OK, but Windows is a beast whose needs increase with every build. Ennyhooooooo, I see none of yu are impressed wiff ma Puppy of Achievement sertificate. Fooey! I was pretty tickled. Dats OK.
  5. You don't need to do anything special on a computer for it to have insufficient RAM just to run Windows. I'm just sayin...
  6. Miss Ducky, Momma says you have more computer problems than you shud and MAYBE yur machine just isn't up to the tasks of the modern Windows. Yu shud find out iffen yu can jack up the amount of RAM. Wee Battle, who uses his front paws as two rams!
  7. Hey and helllo!!! It's me, Wee Battle. I got MAIL in the mailbox!!!! It was from da AKC and it was a Puppy Certificate of Achievement!! For going in those practice shows and not losing every time!!! I am so proud...
  8. Ohh, happy burfdey Miss Mistress!!!! Lubs, Wee Battle and Wee Hamish and Big Fat Albus, and Nekkid Nikita, and Hermione from under the couch, very shyly
  9. Stuff getting lost in the mail is frustamating. Momma uses auto payments for most of her bills. Specially for a regular monthly amount. She juss sets hers up in her banking and BAM, dey send out the payment right on time every months right into the payees account and nothing ever gets lost, or late, or nuffin. No wasted paper either! Been doing it that way for years and years and years, and not any problems yet. Da money gets put in our account that way too. Every first of the month, a deposit. Den payments for thinks like health insurance go out. Water bill, cable bill, electric bill
  10. Hahah, Andipants is wasted! Gorgeous day here, Momma is in shorts! She mowed Auntie Laze's lawn and got paid wiff a cheezeburger from The King. We had eight juvenile goldfinches at our feeder! Sooper special! ow we are watching golf and resting. I am growing again and it's zausting. Wee Battle
  11. It is raining reel hard here too, and Momma has been trying to get the CBS Sports app installed on da beeg teebee so she can watch The Masters from beginning to end. So far it has been a lot of salty talk and frustration. Now der is a graphic frozen on our teebee but nothing is playing. So maddening. I mean dey invent The Golf Channel but where is golf these days?? Streaming!!! Happy belated burfdey Miss Patsy.
  12. Hey yu rule brakers! NO POLLYTICKS! Pleeze don't forget dat whatever yur affiliation in a groop like the WFUBCC, like it or not, there are people on both sides. Dis is a wide, sweeping, boff sides ban on pollyticks. Thank yu, and DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!!! George
  13. Hello, dis is George. Yes, all of da hoomans may make pasties as long as they are not going to be about polly ticks! Cause I forgot dat some of the long time club chatters do KNOT habs enny pets!! Slammer smiles from hebben, George
  14. Oh, Momma nos how hard it can be to make friends that yur comforbull asking for help. She says dat is why we libs HERE in da Greenville area instead of some other place. We are berry lucky to now also habs a cuzin and Miss Linda. Hahahaha, da last time Momma and me went to a dog show and Hamsammich went to Miss Linda's, Momma had gotten an envelope from The Bank that had papers to sign and return. She didn't habs time to return 'em to the UPS box, so she left $10 extra dollars for the cat sitter and asked her if she could please drop it off and keep the $10. And she did!! I am shor
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