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  1. I believe it was George who said Magoo was KNOT wearing pants! But I may be wrong--I often am!
  2. We is home!! Mutter had a great time in Florida, met Miss Carol Ann and Misser Dan, and also, TWO peeple evaluated MOI and said, "Why is this dog not entered in this show? He's beautiful!" Wee Hamish, Traveling Dog
  3. Greetings from Brooksville, FL. It was sunny and mid 70s today. I showed one of Laze's dogs today, and because we were the only "class bitch" naturally we won! Then I had to go back in for the best of breed class, and we came in second so Diana got another point toward her championship. It's MUCH more fun getting a ribbon than not! Looking forward to meeting Carol Ann and Dan tomorrow. FYI, we are in camper space 313 down a little "road" called Terrier (that's just a row of RVs). We went out for dinner with a bunch of people tonight and good lord those folks all made noise! It was fun. I got a sunburn today. I almost feel guilty about that reading about all the cold elsewhere! Tomorrow I won't have to show a dog so that will be more fun. Hmmmmm, not much else! I am pooped. I am sharing the tiny bed with Hamish--who FINALLY ate after a two day hunger strike of sorts. He would eat, just not his meals. But tonight we gave all the dogs tripe with their kibble, and Hamish could not resist. I just noticed all the other lights in the camper are off, so I should shut off the lights so the ladies can properly sleep. See you tomorrow Carol Ann!!
  4. Oh Molly, I know for a fact the Magoos won't love you any less if you are spotless or not. I'm sorry you can't come to the show, but you're not supposed to bring non-entered dogs to a show. Hamish is sneaking in as Fletcher's "emotional support puppy." Hahahaha, just kidding. Hamish will be in the camper or leash walked, but he cannot go to the ring area, technically, but no one would do anything. There are people at the shows all the time with their pets from home. Ok so Carol Ann, just let me know when you're approaching and we'll arrange somewhere to meet up! The camper is all stocked up and ready to go. Tomorrow morning we're all (four deerhounds, me, Laze and Robin) to take Robin to a doctor visit at 8:30 and then we're going to leave from there. It's about 8.5 hours to Brooksville. Jennie, I hope your Daddiman is home soon and feeling better. Hamish did not eat his breakfast and he will not eat his dinner. Dammit. Sigh. Laze warned me deerhounds do this. They go on little fasts.
  5. But Molly, you have that lovely POOL in a giant cage! They don't have those in Oh! Canada! Pools in cages I mean. I'm sure they have pools. Where else would the beavers swim when the rivers, lakes, and streams are frozen solid? Hmmm??? Didja ever think of that? LOL! So the dog show (apparently it is a HUGE "cluster" of 10 shows running all week) is outside! The first one I've been to with Laze that is outside. When I was a kid and we were showing our English Setter, many of the shows were outside. Anyway, it will be fun, and I am so excited to think that Carol Ann and Dan are going to come say howdy! OMG, wait until you meet Hamish and Junior. They are so stinking cute. But enormous. They both seem to be having a growth spurt right now. Big news! Hamish lifted his leg for the first time last night!! 8 months old. Laze and I had a casual bet--which boy would do it first. I thought hers since he has so many other boy dogs who lift their legs living with him, but nope. Hamish for the win!
  6. Yes Carol Ann, that sounds right. I think we're driving down on Thursday and leaving Sunday. Hamish is coming too!
  7. Boy howdy! Hamish and I are going to Brookfield, FL this weekend with Laze and Robin. Miss Carol Ann, it's about 1.5 hours from you, if you're interested...
  8. Thanks for all the great ideas! The Carolina Wren is on the list. It's not a colorful bird, but very pretty and I love the sassy little tail that points up. For the spot I have planned out, it MIGHT be a better fit for a Blue Jay. I know, no one loves the blue jay, but they ARE beautiful. I love the hummingbirds, but that's sort of a cliche thing for tattoos (lots of women have hummingbird tattoos). It's hard to put into words, but way back in the day when I decided the cardinal had to be my "higher power" for AA purposes, it occurred to me that it CAN'T be just happenstance that on our earth we have a jillion brown/gray birds, and then birds like the cardinal, the blue jay, the oriole, the goldfinch. Somehow, somewhy, SOMETHING made those birds colorful and beautiful just because. The universe is like that, eh? I have always found that fascinating. Also, my parents used to us an expression "the older the bird, the brighter the feathers" all the time. Mostly as it applied to Dad and his infamous collection of preppy pants and ties he wore to parties. Welcome to another Sue! Your town is adorable! Pugs are welcome here too you know!
  9. It's a glorious sunny 70 degree day here in South Carolina! Wow. The Chiefs are getting their helmets handed to them. 21 to 0 in the first quarter! OMG. So, what bird should I have tattooed on my arms next????
  10. For my fellow Potter fans, SYFY channel is running all the movies, in order, this weekend! Ah, Patrick Mahomes! Yes, he is a great young QB. Just the other day when I was at Dairy Queen with Robin (Laze was in the van with the dogs) there was a very cute young man with the Mahomes haircut. I told him I thought it looked great and he was mortified, I'm sure. Turns out he was only 15 years old! Very sweet young southern fellow. I rarely open my back gate, and I keep it padlocked almost obsessively. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. I keep my doors all locked all the time. I lock my car sitting in the garage. I lock the door from the house to the garage even though there isn't even an outside handle on my garage door and I have no idea how you open it if the power goes out. Something must have distracted me between putting my weed whacked/blower/and hedge trimmers in the shed and re-locking the gate. I must have gone into the house through the patio door instead of going back to the garage. I don't know, but I doubt I'll ever do it again! Good thoughts for darling Sam, if you can spare them. Poor guy. He's only been at this job for 7 months, but now he's found out they are lying about what they are doing with their grant money, and it's all illegal stuff, and they have a financial audit coming up. I told him run, run fast and get out while you can! They also promised him health insurance (it's a start up company) by the new year, but in December they told him nope, no health insurance for anyone. He is paying for crappy cut rate insurance now with a $9000 deductible. His spinal surgeon doesn't take his insurance, so he has to pay out of pocket for his check ups, $400 a trip (he has 36 screws in his upper spine where they broke it 16 times to rid him of his hump). So I told him that gives him a good "out" (he was worried about what to say to a new potential employer about leaving this job after 7 months, so I told him that if they hired you with promises and have not honored them, you are well within your rights and SMART to bail out now. Don't be an idiot like me and stick around 'cause loyalty is D-E-D in the working world. So he's buffing up his resume. I told him if he ever considered this area he could live with me for free for as long as he likes. He is a plastics engineer (or something like that) if any of you have any connections with plastic!
  11. I'm sure many of you are overjoyed that the Patriots are out of the playoffs. I myownself don't have a preference who wins now. I do enjoy them Packers AND the Seahawks. Don't care for either of the other teams. We are expecting high winds and thunderstorms tonight. I learned the last time it is imperative to put away all my little patio chairs and my outdoor rug, or everything will go flying across the yard!! Hamish got out of the yard yesterday and I nearly had a stroke. Luckily for me we have been working on recall, so when I opened the gate and started calling him, he came home!! All I could do is hug him and cry a little. Something is going on with me--I left the cat room gate open, I left the back yard gate open, and just now I found the door to my garage was ajar!!!! Ack!! If anything happened to Hamish I would never, ever forgive myself. I NEVER leave the padlock off the gate, but I was moving things from the garage to the shed (that is in the back yard) so I had room to work on my furniture project. I remember putting my little lawn mower in the shed, then I THINK I remember shutting the gate, but...I never put the lock back on. Then I put him in the yard later, and then went to check on him in about 10 minutes. I looked left, I looked right--he was gone. I quickly checked the house, then checked the yard again and saw the gate was not latched, so I RAN outside and flung the gate open and started calling HAMISH, HAMISH and I see a shadow move, and he came slowly out of the woods that are next to my house. He looked scared, so I didn't yell or anything, I squatted down and smiled, and said, "Hi baby! Come over here please" and THANK THE LORD he trotted over to me and came back in the yard and I just hugged and hugged him and cried a wee bit. Hoping today is less of an adventure!! I know what I would want from Oregon if we had a bet!
  12. Whot a day for Wee Hamish, who is ME. Mutter sweetly offer me a piece of chikken jerky, and I ate it up. Den she show me ANOTHER peace, so I come a runnin'. That tricksy old girl close the door and I realize we are in da baff room. And guess who happened negst?? SHE BAFFED ME! Me, a sweet baby deerhound who nebber bodders no won, who juss grow a lubberly tang of earthy gudness. First she grab up ma frontal paws and hurl dem over the edge of the wet and wild bowl. Den she lift me up (and she TUCHED MA BAWLS!) and heave me over the edge and climb on in. Den the worst part--the water, pooring down all over me, and stinky soap! She scrub and rub and coo at me, "Yur alright, yur gonna be fine, it will only take a cupple minits, I'm not gonna hurt yu" ed setera. It was HORRIBLE. I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried, but she had NO MERCY. After da rubbing, der was more water bording of the sweet, innocent puppy until all da soap swirled down da drain along wiff my pounds of fur dirt. Oh lordy lord lord, it was awful! Oh shore, she told me she lubbed me, and she rubbed me reel good after, but I stink to hi hebben and I am pretty shore I saw THE LIGHT. Dis sort of trauma has got to make me eligible for an emoshunal support dog of some sort, don'tchathink?
  13. Miss Cherry, do KNOT eat da toy guts! Dats gonna make yu sick. Uhm, Dr. Miss Robin? Dat cat had another name too, didn't it? Or did you get another cat? And Irwin never came home? That makes me sad and I never met him. Welp, I went to bed at 9:28, and it's ow 7:52 and I am tiping this from da comfort of Da Beeg Bed. I like to sleep in. Sometimes I won't een eat my brekkie! Miss Andi, why so early now that Miss Chris has joined the joyful ranks of retirees?? It is raining here today. Fooey!
  14. I have survived!!!! Not a stomach bug, and honest to God migraine. But it's passed. I was truly scared, it hurt that much. I was seconds away from asking Laze to take me to urgent care, but I've had these before, and they always pass. Hamish was an incredibly good boy all day. Just quietly chewed his buffalo antler, then noisily played with his giant snake, but all in all was as patient as a saint (considering his age) and just wonderful. Plus also, I'm never going to feel scared again living here--not with gigantor in the house!!
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