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  1. Nancy, I don't know if you're referring to ME as "flaunting the rules" because I've doing some travel for dog shows. Please remember your rules in Canada are not our rules i'm South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, etc. I complied with the stay at home order--when one was in effect. I follow all the rules wherever I go, and so do Laze and Robin and my friend Lynne. We stick together in the camper--the dog shows are mostly "show and go" now. You're supposed to leave the building when your turn is over. I expect when our new president takes office he will shut down the whole country for
  2. I suppose we can lift the "no peeple" rule now. Although I'm very sad we've lost a long time member--but it's her choice. I'm sorry if it seemed harsh, but it seemed like the club was about to just slip away on a sour note, and George was livid! Livid I tell you! The ONLY place I go that has everyone wearing a mask it the dog shows. People have been really good, and it's NO FUN AT ALL running your dog for the judge in a mask with fogged up glasses! There is one professional handler that I shall henceforth and forevermore think of as "that arrogant @$$hole that refuses to wear a mas
  3. Oh I'm so, so sorry about Saint. My mother threw away all of our most precious Christmas ornaments because...they were my father's. Just like she chucked the Christmas tree stand of death before talking to anyone, and his mysterious candle holder that looked suspiciously like a menorah (which is only mysterious because we have no Jewish folks in our family tree).
  4. Momma has KNOT put up this thing callt a Chrisp Mix Tree yet. She wasn't going to at all (two kittens and a puppy) but then she said, "Darn it all, they're just baubles. If I don't put any that are precious to me on the tree, the VERY WORST THING that could happen is they'll knock it over, and I'll have to pick it up. Is it really worth NOT seeing it's shining Chrisp MIx beauty because of something that might or might not even happen?" She's gonna wait until we come back from Ore Land Oh though. No sense in giving them a week alone in the house to get really creative!! Boy howd
  5. Toooo doooooo tooooooo TOOOOOOOOOOO! (Dats trumpets) Dis is Hebbenly George, very worn out 'cause we had a YUGE party last night. All the gang was there to welcome owr deer Lila. Gracie Rose and Jilly helped her go order her wings in da wing workshop. Dude helped her pick out a very fluffy cloud right near his for her sleepy time. And owr own Banjo played his Yukelaylee and we all danced and played juss like the old days. But Lila's favorite thing so far is the digging park! You can dig dig dig to yur hearts content and nebber ebber get told to stop. Lila was ready. She tri
  6. Lila, dis is Hebbenly George. I have been waiting for you for a while now deer friend. Come see me as soon as you arrive. Do KNOT be afraid. You have been and will be loved, and you will know nothing but peace when you get here. Chopper tail, George, your deer friend for many years now
  7. Oh Miss Nancy, I am sorry yur friend went d-e-d. May his wife continue to improve and hopefully be surrounded by friends and fambly. We kinda feel like we are libbin in a parallel universe. Shore, Momma wears a mask when she goes out and about, and of course at da dog show, but day dog shows is happening, and Momma Lynne says our motto is "We ride at dawn bi%*(ches!"
  8. Hey, hi, hello, hola! It's me, Wee Battle!!! Well, Momma and I thought we were going to stay in Perry, Jorjah tonight and leave early in the morning, but we didn't! We came to Momma Lynne's house, and Momma did KNOT want to make the three hour drive in the dark, so we are staying over. I am to be roodly imprisioned with my sister Isolde while Momma lives it up on a mattress on the floor in their office with a 4-week old calico kitten who was rescued from a wall like Albus that Momma Lynne is rehabbing. I didn't know kittens got habbed or why this one needs to have it done agin? M
  9. Oh ma GAWD der was a huge windy windstorm last night!! Battle, not aerodynamic
  10. Misser Spiritus Santum, dis is from the Google: "A dog becomes a champion after it gains at least 15 points from three different judges and gains at least two major wins from separate judges. A major win is one in which the dog earns three, four or five points. Reaching the level of champion offers the dog the privilege of attaching the prefix "ch." to its name." Some shows pass out prizes to the winners. Momma Lynne has gotten two sets of glasses so far this week. KNOT spectacles, but glasses that prolly say the name of the kennel club that provided them. In Ocala, the prizes wer
  11. Hi guys!! Guess what, guess what??? Today I got to be Winners Dog again, and also BEST OF WINNERS!! I got another point! That means I got three so far!!!!! Momma is so pleased. Nothing all that inneresting happened today, but right now it is POURING rain again. Momma and Momma Lynne are in their jimjams watching The Hobbit while I tic tick this. Oh! I got to run by the golfing cart again and it was toadally awesome!!! And, bonus, we got to eat owr dinner already!! Momma tried to kill me by making me go tinkle in the rain, but I held fast buddies and did KNOT go! BOL, BO
  12. Hi!! Today at fancy prancing I won Winners Dog, but my sister Isolde won the coveted Best of Winners prize. She got the point, I didn't. That's OK, Momma Lynne says we are likely to go back and forth a lot since we are both kwality pups! It was a sooper long day and I did KNOT get won skrap of fuds until 9 of pee emm! I nearly died. I kept going toward the lites but it turns out it was juss the LED under cabinet lighting Momma Lynne's camper has! BOL, BOL! It's really sleepy making being a show dog. Butt I got to do the MOST FUN thing today! Run besides a golfing cart!
  13. Oh Em Gee. Everyone we no who has or is a deerhound has been told 6lebbenty times that Claire won at the dog show in Filly. Guess whot? That show was LAST WEEK and we all already no! Yu see that is Claire's third best in show in the past month. But also, a big secret, even though it's called "the national dog show" it's actually a relatively small show. Momma has met Claire and even showed Diana in the same class as Claire. Diana did KNOT win... Today was a great day! I beat boff of my litter mates, Isolde and Fey, that are here with us. And I got something called "best of winners
  14. Hi!! Guess where I am? Guess?!?!? I am in Jorja! At some place called the Jorja Fairgrounds! Tomorrow morning my noo good friend Victor is gonna show me! I been practicing up real hard so I am ready. I did KNOT get ENNYTHING for this Thanksgiving. Not a darn thing. I didn't even get any dog food for brekkie! Momma says, "Not on a travel day buddy." Enny way, I got to play wiff my sister Isolde for hours and hours so that was fun. Then we got in the wobble box and drove for about an hour and now we are here! Ready for the show. I hope everyone who was lucky enuff to get some o
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