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  1. Battle has recovered nicely from his rough housing injury. It did not shut down his puppy school! I don't want to take him all the way to Ohio and have him act like a goober! We have so many distractions I think it will serve him well! I doubt there will be any kittens in the show pulling on his lead, or Hamish in the other room whining and carrying on!
  2. Oh dear, my baby deerhound is injured! I'm sure it isn't serious, but deerhounds are just as dramatic as greyhounds about injury (real or perceived) so there has been a LOT of crying (from the puppy, not me!). It seems that his big brother knocked him down one too many times and his shoulder/leg is sore. I had to go to his crate three times in the night just to give him cuddles and tell him it was going to be ok. Lila, I cannot imagine what that green thing was. It wasn't an undigested pill pocket was it??
  3. Hello. We are here! Nothing much to report. Battle has show class every day, and he's doing well. Something bit/stung me yesterday in many places and I have huge, itchy bites. It's going to be a sleepy day 'cause I had to take Benadryl this morning because the itch is so bad. I also put up metal gates! One blocking off the front door/dining room, and two blocking off the kitchen since deerhounds don't even have to try to counter surf. My bluebird couple successfully raised a second clutch! It's so weird--they go from babies chirping in the box to...just gone! The babies fledge and move out all in one day, and I never even got to see them!
  4. Happy birthday Nancy!! Ice cream does sound like a wonderful birthday. Jerilyn, I think you will know when Lila is done. I know I did with Kramer 'cause he told me. He laid down in front of his food, sighed, and looked at me. It was as clear as could be--"Mom, I've tried, but I'm SOOOOO tired," so I took him in that morning. Remember, they say that if you stress about food, the animal feels that. If she doesn't want to eat--that's OK. Perhaps, like with old people with dementia, somehow she knows the end is gradually approaching and she knows eating isn't that important? Canned cat food was all we could get our dogs to eat when we moved from CA to MA! They love that stuff.
  5. I saw on Facebook that our old pal Tripp fell and broke his hip, and they let him go since he only has the one hind leg these days. Run free Tripp. Miss Susan P.S. LILA! Don't scare us like that. I thought you were leading up to "so I'm..." never mind. Nothing to see here. Keep eating good girl. Tell Mistress to feed you anything you want!
  6. Dis me, Wee Battle! I yam street legal now onaccounta I got my rain bees shot! Da vet lady says I way 47 pounds. Mom gasped onaccount when Ham Bone was my age, he wayed about 28 pounds! Hahahahahahaha! Watch out skwirt, da Battle is coming for you!
  7. I think that very bright star is actually either Saturn or Jupiter! Because I can see it too!
  8. Awww Sherrie, how sad. But you'll always have Jim in your heart and memories. I'm sure you have photos, maybe letters or cards, gifts he gave you. Those are links to him! I'm so sorry you've had to say goodbye to your girl. We all know how painful it is to say goodbye.
  9. Oh, cornstarch is good in a pinch, but this stuff is the bomb: https://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Care-Kwik-Styptic-Powder/dp/B0002H3RBU/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=quick+stop&qid=1596394245&sr=8-5 My father used to use his styptic pencil from his shaving kit on the dogs, but now you can buy it in a handy dandy little plastic container. That's one of my must-have items for my doggy first aid kit. Oh Lucy, I'm sorry about your diarrhea issue, but YEAH EASY TO CLEAN FLOORING!!!
  10. Yes, Rob and Sarah live in Wilmington right near Wrightsville beach. Good idea, buy a house in hurricane alley! So glad I chose a place called "the upstate." I'm so sorry about Abby Sherrie. I hope she has a peaceful crossing.
  11. Oh Hai! Dis Battle! Da game is callt "stand." It's kinda boring. Like, yu line up your front pawsies, and den yur a reel gud boy while da hooman lady moves yur back pawsies so yur all stretched out funny, and den yu DONT MOVE. Iffen yu play it reel gud yu get callt "GUD BOY!" and yu get a chikken jerky!! Battle
  12. HI ITS ME BATTLE. Yam learning a game. It's borink but I getta nom nom! BATTLE
  13. Rob and Sarah DID look at some lakes, including Lake Anna. It seems that many large lakes are in fact man made and of course in very close proximity to power plants. That's why they eliminated Lake Anna. The nuclear power plant. As I told them, if you're within 150 miles of a plant and they have a melt down, you're toast anyway, so there is no reason not to live NEAR one. And MOST of the nuclear plants in our country seem to be dotted up and down the eastern seaboard! Meaning we're all dead if there is a major accident or a terrorist attack anyway, so why not enjoy the lake? Rob is in the same position as me tax wise--no income. So what we really need to be careful about is capital gains on investments since we have to pay tax as our assets are doled out to us based on the capital gain in the account. In Massachusetts, that tax is almost 13%. In SC it's around 4%. Score!!!
  14. Auntie Jennie, my sister in law also FELL OFF A LADDER and broke her arm! I swear she has brittle bones. She broke her hand two years ago. Did I tell y'all that they are going to start looking for a new place to live, having tried Wilmington, NC for a couple of years now and still not liking it? They've decided to look at LAKE towns now, since they've already ruled out all the ocean side places in the south. Oy! Have I mentioned Battle is 12 weeks old? I think the occasional accident is to be expected. The poo the other day was actually his very first indoor poo. We are working hard on our dog show training. We have about a month to get ready, and I'd like to dazzle his breeder. I have a paw-by-paw plan for a week-by-week lesson schedule culminating in the show in Ohio. He will be prancing around with, at minimum, two of his litter mates. There may be other 4-6 month deerhounds entered--not sure--but it sure will be a cute class with all those clobber paws smashing their way around the ring! Our routine includes: weekly baths, weekly Dremeling, twice daily stacking lessons, and of course socialization. Waiting to hear from my cousin if I can bring him over to hear tiny home community this afternoon to meet someone people.
  15. SIGH. Shouldn't Battle be housebroken by now? I just found a deerhound poop in my bathroom!
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