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  1. Oh Miss Patsy, that's sad. Angel fish were always the hardest to keep alive when we had a fish tank. No idea why. We had weird weather yesterday. It rained almost 2 inches in just minutes, and then it was hot and sunny five minutes later. On our way to buy a new router for Laze and Robin, we saw a box turtle crossing the road and had to stop the car and go backwards to help it, but just as we got to him, he made it off the road. He was so cute. Little Hermione had her first vet visit. She weighs 2 pounds and appears to be exceptionally healthy. Albus is great, but he is still biting me. I'm supposed to get my next tattoo on June 30 but they won't do it if I have cat bites on my arm! More rain and thunderstorms today. It's been like the tropics here.
  2. Ma burfdey got reskedjooled to yesterday, and ma best brudder and best friend Junior (it's his burfdey too!) came over wiff his Moms, and we had a bee bee kue. Junior and Me we got our very own grilled cheezeburgers (hold the bun--empty carbs!) and then we each got a little cupcake and THEN we had libber cake!! We went in ma noo swimming pool, and did zoomings and it was a grand old time! For fotos, see the fotos on Mutter's page! Now dat I am nearly grown up (Mutter is laffing!) Mutter has measured me. My shoulders are 32 intches tall. Mutter made a mark on the wall and everything to cummemerate my one year height. Miss Patsy, once in a while it is a-ok to just be still. Be all hip and call it "mindfulness." Wee Hamish
  3. Fanks for all da burfdey wishes! Ma party got cancelled doo to thunderstorms and heavy rain. Spare a good thought today for all da soldiers cause Memorial Day isn't about cookouts after all! Wee Hamish, who knows how to scream out FREEDOM!!!!
  4. How are they planning on doing Bingo? I'm sure there must be rules about how many people can gather in one room. I'm sure you'll be excellent at calling Bingo Ducky. Today is Hamish's first birthday! I got him a XXL swimming pool. Hopefully he'll use it. I got to meet a litter of deerhound puppies yesterday on their way from their home to where they're going to finish being raised. Their Mom and Dad were both best of breed winners at Westminster, so they're pretty special pups. Four weeks old. What a good Momma! Although it was upsetting to see she is loaded with roundworms. The co-breeder is livid about that because they are SO easy to prevent. She'll be fine--she's in excellent hands now. Gosh the puppies are adorable! Oh Miss Sherrie, I am so sorry you're still fighting with the builder. It does make me glad I opted not to do with new construction because I hear this sort of thing happens way more frequently than it should. There is a large and very attractive "village" near me, and apparently any house not on top of the grading scheme floods anytime we have hard rain. Brand new houses! Time to go water the flowers!
  5. If I might be so bold as to offer a suggestion: scan one of Ducky's cards, and make it available on the Greyhound Friends website? That way anyone who wants one can just print it up, fold it, and put it in their wallet or hand it to their vet. Miss Caroline! I'm so sorry for your troubles. Miss Hermione, the new (feral) kitten, is very pretty, but terrified. She'll be in the bathroom for a while. I have a soft crate in their with her little litter box and a bed, and I put a heated bed in the bathroom. I've let her loose in their, but she finds a place to hide and stays there. I've never had a feral before, so I'm taking it slow. Hamish is still on his hunger strike. He has an iron will I tell you, iron!!!
  6. Ducky, Vanessa, and Sherry are going to Mt. Hounds. Lucy and I both decided to pass this year. MUTTER! You nebber let me tick tick!!! Hello! It's Wee Hamish here. Tomorrow we are getting Her-my-a-knee! And possibly, just possibly, baby sitting a baby raccoon for the day! And we get to meet a baby possum too!! Albus is all upsited to be getting a sister. He finks that Nikita is an OK guy, but Nikita does KNOT want to wrassle and tussle wiff a wee baby cat, so Albus is hoping Miss Hermione is going to be interested in that. It is pouring rain again today. We cud get up to five intches today!!! Yesterday Mutter and Anty Laze nearly went d-e-d. They were going down the road in Anty's truck towing a small landscaping trailer wiff a BEEG chain link gate (a 6 x 10 foot section of fencing with a door, and THERE WAS NOTHING HOLDING IT ON. There were two cars in front of them, an older Mustang and another truck. They got to a place where water was running across the road--danger danger danger! But the truck and the Mustang both made it, so they thought, "We can too," and they did. But 100 yards up the road there was as LOT of water on the road. The other truck decided to go. Stupid choice--the water came up above the bottom of his doors! The Mustang turned around and went back, but Anty was on a bridge, with the trailer. It took FOREVER to get turned around. Mutter said, "Let's unhook the trailer and just turn it ourselves" but alas, Anty had padlocked the hitch pin, and didn't have the key! After about 10 minutes of very tense work, she got turned around and away they went through the water. There was a fire truck setting up cones at this point and the firemen SCREAMED at the ladies for driving through the water, but Mutter said, "We're sorry, but it's TOTALLY impassable another 100 yards away. What were we supposed to do, just sit on the bridge for three days waiting for it to go down?" And Anty Laze had some less cordial things to say...but they went on their way and a short 1 long errand turned into about a four hour trip. I myownself was safe at home. Miss Loosy, not a single word on how much you enjoy seeing Wee Hamish?? I has a pout now.
  7. Hard to believe so many of you haven't watched even one Harry Potter movie. In the movies it is pronounced Her-maya-knee And Albus is pronounced exactly how it's spelled, Al bus
  8. Getting a second kitten makes perfect sense to me! If Albus has a sister to play with, he will (I hope) leave Nikita alone a bit more. Nikita doesn't dislike Albus--he just doesn't want to play rough like Albus does! Wow, Brett is such a big guy now! We are expecting rain and thunderstorms all week, and then another gorgeous weekend. This is actually good news for me since I have all these new plantings. Miss Bandana Carol sent me a bag of transplants--black eyed Susans--and I dutifully planted them minutes after I got them, and all but one died, But the one that lived looks great! I planted it, and a bunch of day lilies and something called blanket flower on my little hard-to-mow hillside. I also planted a knockout rose (very popular down here) in yellow, and some purple asters near my foundation (which is an exposed concrete slab and not pretty). I just saw on the news the only two states not opening up are CT and MA, where Sam and Philip (my nephews) live. They've been holed up in their grandparents beach house in RI. Both are unemployed--Phil was let go because of the virus, and Sam has had many interviews for jobs, but all have told him they're not hiring until things settle down. Bad news for him as he's not eligible for unemployment because he quit his job. They're handing in though. Every day when I watch the "traffic" report here, I giggle. These folks have no idea what "traffic" looks like!
  9. Miss Chris, I bet that myrtle would be much happier in the ground. The three I bought and had planted by a lovely man name Santos last year when I moved in are growing and growing and looking strong and healthy. Miss Loosy and Miss Ann came for dinner last night with Laze and Robin. We had burgers, dogs, potato salad, and beans. And strawberry shortcake with freshly picked strawberries! I did not make any of it, just provided the burgers, dogs, and buns. Laze was kind enough to cook it for me as I mowed her whole yard yesterday and got two massive blisters (one on each thumb, from gripping the steering wheel too tightly!). We sat far apart from each other and had a very nice time! Nikita is not thrilled being a big brother, so when another orphan kitten became available (for zero cost!), I decided to ask for her, and yes, she is coming to live with us. She is a tiny grey tabby, short haired, and I've named her Hermione Jean Granger. Three female kittens and their dead mother were found at a construction site. Not sure how Mom died, but the babies were already weaned. She will be coming up from Atlanta next week.
  10. Deer Miss Lila, I am a very dark deerhound wiff very "crisp" brinkles. My breeder lady is cuckoo for ma furs! I still habs ma baby coat...witch is SOO embarassing. Like I said, I still have a hole year of growing to do. Dooring the year, I shud be growing ma long furs witch should be gray. But it is asseptable iffen I stay black brinkle, witch is whot the AKC has on file. Junior and me are bigger than Daddy already! Ma chesty has KNOT "dropped" yet. Hopefully it will so I will look like Daddy, only bigger!! Yur friend, Wee Hamish
  11. My burfdey is coming soon. Whot shud I ask Mutter for? She told me I could have a prezzie to sellabrate turning a hole year old! I won't be full growned until I am 2. She says she ordered me ma very own fwimming pool!!! It's an eggstra eggstra large. Sorry my intro was so short. Dis hunger strike has been gibbin me da moody swingers. Wee Hamish Pee Yes: Wood someone be so very kind as to post some of my pictures from da Facebook here cause someone asked for pictures. Thanks!
  12. Whoa boy, these are some strange times, but life goes on for the WFUBCC same as it has for lo these many years! Everybuddy nos whot to do, so have at it! And congrats to owr deer Miss Kaffy for finishing working for ever and ever!! Wee Hamish
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