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  1. Dirty house with no stove? Sounds like a great reason to go out to eat! You're a good sister, and I'm sorry Richard is being a pill. That's an expression from his generation, so...;) Today I am attempting to make stew! Yes, I know this is no big deal to those who cook, but it is to me! I hope it's good...cause I have no one to share it with! Laze and Robin are away again. I'm going to freeze what I don't eat today for the next time I hanker a hot tasty meal! If, in fact, it is tasty!! Hamsammich is going to check in later.
  2. Dis Wee Hamish! I made a brake for it! I trot trot trot right out onto the front lawn and try to go find Junior, but then Mutter needed me reel bad (I noo dis cause she RAN away from me yelling, "Hey Hamish!") so I chase her into da house and den she hug and skweeze me and gibs me a treet! She also said I shud nebber, ebber do it again! Well, get Junior over here! (Junior and Diana are now also sick--so whatever Hamish has, they also got but later?).
  3. Miss Elizabeth, how about you have YOUR BROTHER make the supper since it's his house and apparently he eats on a daily basis with no stove! Just because you have boobies doesn't mean you have to cook by default. Welcome back Misser Tony!!!!!! Happy belated birthday Jerilyn! My mother's medicare supplement was United Healthcare, and I found them wonderful, and they covered everything and anything with no questions asked (right up until the stupid memory care failed to call hospice and sent her to the ER, twice--no one covered that and in fact her estate still owes $3000 for a totally pointless trip the the hospital after I told them NOT TO SEND HER TO THE HOSPITAL. But I've told the hospital she is dead, and that if they want the money they need to make a claim against her estate. So we will see! For the first six weeks I had him, I put Hamish in his crate promptly at 9 PM, his bedtime. Now that he doesn't sleep in the crate (he sleeps with me with the bedroom door closed) he has started putting himself to bed at 8:30-9 every night! This worried me at first, and I was dragging him outside at 10, but...he can actually make it from about 8 PM until 7 AM without batting an eyelash! Happy birthday to you too Miss McPoodlepants! Don't you look nice in the traditional Mekker birthday hat! OK, I know I am a dinosaur, a fuddy duddy, an old fart--but our local news traffic girl is extremely pregnant, and she wears knit dresses every day, and you can see her belly button, and I'm sorry--no one needs to see all that!! Bring back the empire waist maternity dress, PLEASE!
  4. Miss Kerry, my Mutter had that same phone call EVERY.SINGLE.TIME (until this year, which actually makes her more nerbuss than KNOT being called back!) and it's never been nuthing! Oh groan. Deval Patrick is running for President now. Ugh. Mutter got very sick of listening to his voice when he was da gubbenor of Massachewsitts. Mutter says I am the BEST BABY EVAH. Why? Well, onaccounta I putmyownself to bed (around 8:45-9) and I don't get until around 7 in da morning. I don't beg for ma brekkie (I am pashent) and I eat it up real good! Now, if I wood only stop da digging... Dr. Mrs. Robin, how come dat baby cow isn't still wiff his mama? Don't cows need a herd? Are yu gonna be a cow herder? We all needa no more about dis spotty bovine baby. Oh deer. We see a Massachoosits fireman has died in the line of duty. So sad. In Miss Amber's town (unless she really did move like she was sayin she was gonna). OK, I gotta send Mutter outside now to fetch our now-empty trash can! Didja no it only costs $22 bucks to habs men come take away my poop every week?
  5. Elizabeth, that reminds me of my Mom who insisted we eat hot cereal when it was cold. Can I tell you how much I hate Cream of Wheat? Lord have mercy. But Wheateena is pretty good, and who doesn't love grits? Of course I don't mean Southern style; Gerry fixed grits with butter and maple syrup! Mmmmm. Carbs and sugar for breakfast! Nom nom nom. So I thought Hamish was all better, but when he plays, he coughs. So we are having more forced resting today, although we did do our .83 miles walk around the subdivision (I think our motto should be "Welcome to Ridgedale! Please avert your eyes when your neighbors are outside, for they may assume you wish to speak to them if you don't!").
  6. Oh Mutter is rolling on da floor laffing. It is cold here, and so he busses and stuff are running 2-3 hours later due to ice. Whot ice???? Do they KNOT no yu need water to make ice, KNOT juss cold?? When Mutter went to Tar-Jay yesterday to look for mud soaking up matts that I cud KNOT destroy in five minutes, she saw a lady in a down vest, wooly hat, huge mittens, and a wool scarf that she had clutched over her face and mouf like you do in New England when it's around 20 below zero. It was 55!!! That poor lady is prolly laid up in her bed this morning cause it is below freezing (der is even ice on my outdoor water dish!). I did so enjoy having Miss Ducky here! Essept for some reezin she didn't like me chompin' on her? I'm BAYBEE! I only no how to essplore by chomping! Speeking of baybees, I am nearly six munths old now, a grown up boy! I wonder iffen I will get a car or something for my half burfdey?
  7. Good morning. Mutter spent a hole hour cursing and plugging and unplugging things. We habs innerwebs back now!! For some reezin she hollered at me just onaccounta I went outside and dug in he wet, red mud. Whot's da problem?? Mud is very soothing on da paw paws. And when yur paw paws are as big as mine... Miss Beka, did yu see a fairy over yur left showder? Cats see fairies all the time! Tell yur Mamma to check yur earsies maybe? Miss Nancy of Canada, a blizzard? Boy howdy! I habs KNOT seen snow yet. I hope everybuddy stays warm today since I heard dat is is gonna be polar cold almost everywhere soon.
  8. I have not even looked at the Miss Nellie offerings. Someone did post the Jim Shore cardinal birdbath figuring on my Facebook page.
  9. Miss Myka, my Mutter says yu gotta BEEG job cuddling iffen yur Mutter is dealing wiff her Mutter! Oh no! Der is a big highway fire in Miss Loosy's town! Eeee gads!! Ahhahahahahahahah, Mutter's sides are splitting because it is prolly 55 degrees American, and da little news lady in the field is wearing a down jacket and HUGE down mittens!! Mutter took me out in a fleece jacket! Oh winter here is gonna be fun! Ma dog show disease is not as bad today. Most of the green slime coming out ma snooter has stopped. Mummy left a message at the vet and will follow up today. And she has to get her second shingles shot (witch she didn't know about) today. Then we are gonna watch Band of Brothers as out salute to Veterans.
  10. Awww Ivy, yu sound like a good sissy to me. I got rivers of booger coming out of my snooter. Mutter keeps saying "Poor Hamish!" And wiping it off wiff a nice warm cloth.
  11. Misser Pippin, ma face is fuzzy!! We been having a reel nice time wiff Auntie Ducky. Da old girls went to dinner wiff Miss Loosy and her sissy Ann. A gud burger was had by all! Mutter tried to go to bed at 10, but she wasn't sleepin so she got up to catch up on her Words wiff Friends and Candy Crushin' I seem to habs caught a bug at the dog show. I gotta a sorta little cough. But Mutter thinks I am gonna be OK. I lost another toofer! One of my baby fangs. I still habs a two for one going on on one side. Two toofers sticking out of da same hole! I am getting reel beeg! Wee Hamish (fuzzy, KNOT blurry)
  12. Good morning! I gotta noo friend called Ducky! She really qwacks me up! Hahahahahahahahahahaha (yu gotta be six munths old to appreciate dat jowk). Today sometime dey gonna see Miss Lucy and Miss Ann too!! More reportin later!
  13. I was choking once at the office, sitting around the lunch room table. Finally someone realized I wasn't fooling around and Heimliched me. The piece of hot dog came flying out, and I was embarassed, but not dead. Take your time Ducky, and enjoy the beautiful mountain views when you get near Greenville! I feel like I need to go buy snacks but I don't know what to buy. I got you bread for your toast, I have Jif, and I have some bacon and eggs. What do normal people eat at home?? I don't even remember!
  14. Misser Merc, is yur Daddy going away too? Yu will figger sumpin out Miss Lizabeff!! I got a spankin today. All I did was choo a hole in sumpin dat I was already told five times to leave alone. So unfair!! (It was one tap on the rump, FYI). To make maownself feel bedder, I went outside and dug a hole. I got busted. But all Mutter did was bring me inside and clean dat nice red clay outta ma breaving holes. Wee Hamish
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