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  1. 800 Words is great. I am so, so, so tired today. Fortunately so are the animals so we are all laying about being quiet. All this onion stuff--I finally looked it up. Andi, read this to your human: A 45 pound dog would have to eat an ENTIRE "medium to large" onion to get sick. I think it's highly unlikely that any dish your human cooks up is going to have anywhere near that much onion in it per serving.
  2. I never know what day it is. But I have three Amazon "Alexa" devices and a Google assistant. I just ask them (often many times in one day). Paying to have a phone protector put on isn't the issue, the issue is finding a store, and going there! This morning we played with a wee lure coursing toy Laze owns. Of Junior, Tolkien, and Hamish, only Hamish chased the lure. Laze is trying to push me into lure coursing him. I'm sure he'd enjoy it, but...traveling all over the place with Battle for dog shows is one thing. Traveling all over the place so Hamish can essential play for pa
  3. Happy birthday Lila, and thanks for the screen protector tip Miss Carol Ann. I don't use one since I find them impossible to get on without a piece of cat hair trapped inside and I refuse to go to the phone store to have it done.
  4. So sorry about your Mom Cindy. Battle came in second again on the last day of the show, but they can choose to withhold the ribbon if they want. He was good, but he was too interested in sniffing the grass "ring". The big news is that my friend asked me to swap dogs of hers that I was helping her show. I won the first two phases of the process toward the best of breed class with her girl on Saturday. I think she thought she could have taken her all the way to best of breed, so she gave me her boy instead. Well, she didn't even get past phase two with her, but her boy and I made i
  5. Hi ya, it's me, Wee Battle. Today I got a ribbon thingy dat says "Best of Opposite Sex" on it! Dat translates to second place. My sister Reign won. Maybe I will win tomorrow?? Honestly, we think maybe da judge went eeny meeny miney moe cause it was a monsoon and he was all wet and tired, and we had to fancy prance not in a ring but just under a tent and it was too small. But Momma was so proud of me onaccounta I was a gud boy all day and KNOT afraid of nothing! There is weird stuff here like noisy generators and YUGE dryers and dogs wiff poofy hair and dogs the size of cars and dogs the
  6. We are off at 6 AM tomorrow heading for Smithfield, Ohio for three days of showing for Battle and two for everyone else. Hamish will stay home with my friend Linda and Hamish's sister, Tolkien. And the cats of course!! Hope you survive unscathed Sherrie. I don't think anyone else is in the way of the storm? Paws crossed that all of my work and time invested in prepping him pay off, or at least that he has fun! Behave all y'all!!
  7. Ohhhh, Hamish's daddy, Fletcher, does FastCat. In fact he is the #1 Deerhound in the whole country!!
  8. Gud day frens! This is Wee Battle opening up a noo club for the chatty members and any lurkers still lurking! Dis is OWR time guys! Da "dog days" of summer. Time for watermelons and burgers on da grill. What are YU doing this summer? Tell us everything!! All are welcome here, and we been over the "rulz" so many times I suspect y'all know them. Chat on frens, chat on! Wee Battle, baby Deerhound
  9. OK, I have ONE DVD! All the rest are Blu Ray. And, uhm, this was never ever used!
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