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  1. Molly, if you cut your hair too short, it will make you less able to remain cool. Its insulation against heat and cold. Hamish and his brothers and sisters are old enough to go home, but most breeders of show dogs keep them longer so they can decide who is actually a show prospect, and who is not. Since Laze gets pick of litter, and she wants a boy, she gets to pick first. The breeder gets second best, and she wants a female. It is POSSIBLE that when Laze visits them in a week or so, the breeder will let her take her choice with her. I have authorized Laze to pick for me and bring my puppy home too, saving me an 8 hour drive (each way). I figure if she takes the best pup, and his best buddy, its all good.
  2. Here you go Lucy. Lucy, you clearly said “mow the lawn early before it gets too hot.” But eceryone says “Wait for the grass to dry.” So which one is it??? File on Amazon
  3. The painters are kicking butt! There are so many people in my house I am sitting outside under my giant patio umbrella. The birds have quickly discovered my feeder. This morning three goldfinches were there, and then two male cardinals had a turf war. I got groceries at the closest market which is much nicer than where I have been shopping. It has a Starbucks, a pharmacy, and a gas station! it is called Ingles. Came home and put together my new adirondack chairs. I have never sweat so much in my life. The painters took a lunch break—they brought their own microwave and connected it in my front porch, nuked their lunches, and then were sitting in the garage. I begged them to come inside where it is cool, nut they just smiled and nodded. Then I went on an adventure finding the FedEx drop off and the UPS dropoff to return the FUGLY dining chairs I didn’t even bother to assemble and the defective killer weed whacker. Got home and aside from the cat room, ever room has the first coat, and he was painting my front door a lovely shade of cranberry red (and homage to Mom and Dad—their door was cranberry red). These guys are amazing! So, anyone have any recently acquired dining chairs they like?
  4. Oh Saint! Waiting for the cable guy and painters, and my trash people who skipped me yesterday, my first official trash pickup day.
  5. Oh, it hurts when they forget your name, doesn’t it MEC? I am all moved in. The move went smoothly but my goodness, who knew Two Men and a Truck had so many rules! No live plants—which I sort of get, but I have moved plants before with no issue. No chemicals or liquids including cleaning products, shampoo, laundry detergent. Seriously? And they arrived with no tools! I could not get my cable disconnected from the wall, and they had nothing. Luckily my neighbor brought her dogs out to crap on the lawn, and she leant me a wrench. They managed to move my metal platform style bed without taking it apart, which amazed me. Not as much as movers with no tools... My painter did not show up, but he did text. He promises to send his crew tomorrow. Just as well. Because of the painting most of my boxes are in the garage, so Clifford is in the driveway. I could fit him in the garage but only if they boxed in Mr. Deere, and that is unacceptable. You never know when you're going to want to mow, am I right? I am thrilled to be here—still sad that Rob and Sarah didn’t even reply to my email, but I guess there is no point in continuing to worry about those doody heads. Oh, nail files! Dennis McKeon, who was a dog trainer at Raynham, recommended a weird triangular file that I found easily on Amazon. The shape goes under the hook part of the nail and gives a good shape. The cable guy comes tomorrow early. I am using my unlimited data plan to make my iPhone a wifi hotspot for my iPad. I was able to find some over the air channels using an antenna so at least I have some TV.
  6. Oh Nancy, how terrifying! Please don’t worry about your pet sitting clients! Some things cannot be helped and even I know your husband needing you is WAY more important than someone’s pet sitting needs. And Spain is t going anywhere, and since I gather the people of Spain have no interest in taking care of their galgo problem, they will still need people like you when Doug is all well.I imagine his severe back pain is really this scary monster! Poor man... I won’t have internet until tomorrow, so I will probably just post a status on Facebook if anyone cares how my move goes! The kittehs are very anxious right now.
  7. Oh dear, I am so sorry about Ruby. Run free Ruby, straight to the bacon bar.
  8. Isabelle, I am here!! Loosy, I am sorry you got lost. Next time I am in Twyla, we will finish our “this is how you use the in-car nav system” lesson! Oh, I love Thai food and haven't had it in years. Rob and Sarah don’t like it, so they would never let me pick Thai for our dinners out when they came to see Mom. I just sent my deposit for my puppy! It’s getting real! I haven’t had a puppy since Kramer. That was 1995. Nikita has gone wild! The cats know something is up, and Mister B. is fine, but Nikita is acting like a wild thing. Running, jumping, jumping on Mr. B’s back and biting his neck... I have everything that was hanging in my lovely walk-in closet in the back of the car, ready to be rehung in my house. That closet is a tiny bit smaller, but more than adequate. The alternate painter did not call as promised. Sigh. Back to the drawing board!
  9. I could not fix my gate myself, so in desperation I called one of the maintenance men who works at this apartment complex because he gave me his number and said he does work on the side. I was expecting him to say one night this week, or next weekend. Instead he said he would be right over. I was a little scared when he showed up with his brother, who didn’t speak any english. But he was very nice, fixed my gate latch, a d installed the new faucet I bought. I know how to do it, but there is a stupid double sink and I didn’t want to try it with the extra pipes. When it was tome to pay him, he said “Whatever you think is fair.” I hate that! He tried to talk me into giving him the painting job, but I think its too risky. He said he has insurance, but he has a full time job here at the complex. He wanted to do it nights. I can just picture it going on and on and on and on. Lucy was my first visitor! It was fun. But the house is echoey when you talk. Next little project is replacing the screen door on the patio slider. They have em at Home Depot but I wasn't sure if I needed 30 or 36 inches and didn’t want to guess.
  10. Happy burfdey Miss Chris! Will you get a subway dubble meat sammich?
  11. I want to thank you all for getting me through yesterday. Today was better, except the painter cancelled on me. Amazon sent me a weed whacker and blower and hose. I got the locks changed, now one key opens everything. Miss Loosy, I had a key made for you for emergencies. I also hid a key in the yard. A lovely fellow came out and determined the garage remote was simply non functional, and he sold me a nice new one, programmed it, programmed the car, and replaced the missing nut on the thingy that holds the opener up on the ceiling. The red grill came. The adorable boys were beside themselves that I tipped them. The John Deere came, and the sweet man drove it in and out of the gate for me so I know it fits. They did not fill the gas tank though. When Amazon sends me the gas can I ordered he told me where to go and what to buy (non ethanol gas at Spinx). I filled all the holes in the walls, took down all the curtains and rods (very crooked, and she did not use wall anchors), removed all the switch covers and door stops, and that is when I got the email that the painter was cancelling. I made an appointment for next week for a different painter. Then a heck of a storm rolled in, so I came back to the apartment to rest. Meeting Lucy for breakfast tomorrow and the having her over to see the house. Little does she know my plan is to pick her brain over what to plant. Met a few neighbors—all super nice, and all men! There were two black dogs peering at me through the shared fence today. I decided where I want to plant my crepe myrtles—to obscure the view of the neighbor’s pool. How funny is this—the dishwasher and microwave are identical to the ones in my condo other than color.
  12. Yeah, well, I am a homeowner now! My day didn’t go great, bit it will be ok. I found a new garage door opener on Amazon, hopefully I can get it properly programmed. The fridge is going away on Monday. My lawyer knew someone whose husband actually sells used appliances, so he is going to pay me a little for it and resell it. I will get Home Depot to put it in the garage. The curtain rod is just stupid and annoying. I don’t know what my nephew, having all that stuff shipped here, was thinking, but that too will be ok. At least my bed was shipped to the correct place! It was hot today, and very humid, and when I got to the house after the closing, excited to make my grand entrance AND SHE WAS STILL MOVING OUT I nearly lost it. She beat it out pretty quick, so I pulled into the driveway, hit the garage door remote, and...it doesn’t work. I got inside and sat on the floor and cried. Of course she wasn't home for the inspection so there was no way to test it. And she wasn't using the garage....it was full of her stuff. She must have known it doesn’t work because she made a point of saying she put a new battery in it. All small things, but it was sooooo lonely. I guess I let myself get too excited, and it was just a huge let down to be there alone with my boxes. And, finally, the painter says he needs all week, but my movers are coming Thursday...painter says he can worl around the furniture, but what a pain in the but its going to be. Ill habe tomove everything where I want it later. Oh, the locksmith just called. Wanted to do the job NOW. I said no. I am too wiped out to drive back there again. Diet be damned, I need ice cream. Thanks for your support guys!
  13. Is today the big day ichelle? Yes it is, and it is my big day too! And Miss Reel England Carol called me on the Jetson’s spacefone, so now I can’t get sad and mopey that no one cares. Time to leave for my walk through!
  14. Unca Dumbass has outdone hisownself. He decided to biy a new car with some of his Grandmother money. That’s cool, he needed one. But he offered his old car to his oldest, Phil. And then traded it in and didn’t tell Phil.
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