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  1. I want to adopt one so bad. Most of my greyhounds have made it to teenagers and I stop doing dentals (as well as vaccines except rabies) . As long as they are eating & drinking well. No signs of an abscess. I just want them to enjoy life. Not miss a few days due to a dental cleaning.
  2. So happy to read this. My vaccine will be completed by this time!! Now for the Matchbox twenty to reschedule & I'm a happy girl.
  3. When I was sick many years ago & needed to sit in the tub Pathces would lay down outside the bathroom door every single time and wait for me. Zim & Maya not so much
  4. Another vote for Houndtime light weight coats. They are pefect.
  5. Does not sound like you have done anything wrong. It takes time to have their personality show. I would never allow a pet on the bed or furniture. Google Nothing in life is free. I used this for my 1st who was very bossy & it helped a lot. Diarrhea is common in greyhounds. You should have pumpkin & Imodium on hand. The dog just needs more time.
  6. Have his xrays sent to Dr Coutou. I don't recall his contact information. Put his name in the search button and you will find lots of posts about him. I would not do an MRI until I heard his opinion.
  7. OMG why do they do this? Patches & the new GS puppy do this all the time. Jack has already moved on. Next time you will know. A stern no and if that does not work redirect some place else with a small treat.
  8. Excellent news. Diarrhea is the pits. I did 3 loads on laundry last Friday; Maya was not feeling well.
  9. Can you bring some enticing treats? Bill Jacks liver treats come to mind.
  10. First off take a deep breath. I was the same over 10 years ago and now I am on #4. Take the new pup out for frequent walks preferably in a martingale collar or harness to avoid slipping out. They will pee & poop when they need to. You can't force it. 2nd they will sleep where they want to but in my house no furniture or bed. Too many privilege's too soon. I had 3 that were independent & slept in a different room. Then Patches (my 3rd) had to be near me at all times. Do you have a crate? Most like them to hang out in. Lots of treats for good behavior helps also.
  11. Make sure he is in a harness or martingale color something he cannot slip out of.
  12. Although my grey is 13 so pee is to be expected I started putting her in my bedroom at night (she used to be in the kitchen) When I hear her stand up we are up & out the door. I was cleaning up urine huge amounts every morning. This has helped.
  13. I'm worse. I don't any dog near Maya when walking her. She was attacked once by an off leash dog. My first was badly attacked by a dog that escaped the house. I just say hi and move along. So sorry I would be upset too. But not your fault.
  14. So sorry to read this. I'm hoping for GIG again in 2021.
  15. Have you called the adoption group? This would make me very nervous that he may bite... Muzzle as mentioned above. So sorry.
  16. If she is that timid outdoors be sure she is in a secure harness or some other way to keep her from escaping. My Patches would jump, bolt try to run with lots of noises outside. She was in a harness until it got better
  17. For me its just a look in their eyes that says "I am done"
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