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Beau Update. Right Direction

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It's been 2 weeks today since the beginning of something that we still don't know what it was.

The left side lameness, the sudden stopping of eating.


We had no choice but to stop the budesonide and restart the pred as a appetite increaser and in the event he was flaring from the IBD- a anti-inflammatory.


He is back to eating. As much as I hate pred, it does do it's joob.


Hopefully, we will be able to wean him off of it in another week or so and put him back on the budesonide.


We also found out that he can have solid white tuna with water which is like chocolate candy for us!!! This dog has not had anything but prescription dog food and tilapia for 18 months. It's nice to know he can have this as a add in to his kibble. It makes him happy and of course when Beau is happy, mommy is happy! :)


He has his 2nd acupunture tonight, but he is walking so much better. A wonderful update for my Beau Beau. :blush

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that's great news, robin.

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Good news!


You've probably already addressed this at some point, but have you ever done a full TBD panel? Or did you do a snap test with this new round of stuff started?


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