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  1. Beka we will miss you. Daphne , Bitzi & their mom
  2. Thanks for the retelling Miss Carol. it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't hear of Specky's encounter with Santa Claus.
  3. OOOPs we are so late with our birthday wishes for your 14th birthday. We will be better next year on your 15th , we will be on time. Daphne & Bitzi .
  4. Sid we hope you captured a verrrry large box of treats. Daphne & Bitzi
  5. sabrina


    I am sorry , so very sorry this has happened
  6. sabrina


    I am sorry that evil C has stolen another from us. HUGS to you on this sad day.
  7. sabrina


    I just read Lexie has new job as a bridge model. I am so sorry I will miss her fashion advice. She certainly gave me many a smile.I am sorry for your loss.
  8. Lila 13, a teenager, now you can really be a pesto . HUGS & LOVE to you
  9. Oh how right you are, It is hard to lose them at any age but when they are young you feel like they have been torn from you. HUGS to you .
  10. How sad her life was way to short . I am sorry you.
  11. 12 is indeed swell , 13 comes next & that will start your teen years.
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