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  1. You have been on my mind. So glad to hear from you. Please stop in more.
  2. Another foggy warm morning for us today but it ends today per the weather peeps. Miss Halise such a sad week this is for you. You are so right, different doesnt make it easier. ((((((hugs))))))) Miss Susan we hope the doctor can help with your pain. Daphne & BItzi whose mom says getting old isnt for sissies
  3. Hi we are doing the same old, same old. We are sorry Charlie that misser is a miss. Good thing momma bear can count on your love. Miss Nancy, a shooting that is scary. Miss Susan sorry to hear about your aches & pains. Getting old is tough. We are enjoying 70 degrees days while poor Lila, Mistress & Miss Patsy have snow. Daphne & Bitzi off to spend sometime in the yard.
  4. Avry we didnt know you but you sound like a fine Lab. We wish you many happy hours at the bacon bar in the sky. Laila glad your Dad's beans doctor got back to him with good news. Let us hope the bladder doctor will have good news too. Daphne & Bitzi saying goodnight all.
  5. Exactly, was the man a ranger or just someone making up rules ? Battle glad you are home. Please give hugs to the kitties & Hamish Daphne & Bitzi about to go to bed after a very rainy day. Lailla we just read your mom's post. How upsetting & a bad way to treat a paitient. We will hope for more info tomorrow. PAWS CROSSED.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in Canada Daphne & Bitzi
  7. Molly tell Miss Carol thanks for the pictures of the original crew. Mom remembers them Battle by now you showed. How did you do ? Good we hope. Daphne & Bitzi
  8. Lila hugs coming your way for your 14th birthday. Your friends Daphne & Bitzi
  9. Lila congrats on10 years . Daphne & Bitzi
  10. late but we had to stop & wish you Happy Birthday Daphne & BItzi
  11. Sorry you had a boring 11th birthday but so glad you had one
  12. Beka we will miss you. Daphne , Bitzi & their mom
  13. Thanks for the retelling Miss Carol. it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't hear of Specky's encounter with Santa Claus.
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