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  1. Bombs away & this will go on until well after midnight. July 4th is the one day I wish for rain . Hamish dont let Battle fall thru the cracks after all you are his big bro. Charlie thanks for the pictures of you stay at Mam's house. You all look like a handsome group of fellows. We hope you all have a good night we know we wont Daphne & Bitzi
  2. Battle to your new home, new bros canine & feline. We wish much happiness Velvet we are sorry you lost a friend . all, Daphne & Bitzi
  3. Well not only is CANADA celebrating it's birthday today but Miss Lucy is celebrating retirement day. Well sort of as she is doing it phases. Merc how are things going in your house ? How is Mr Richard ? Miss Elizabeth ? While we are on how are you doings, Mam we hope you son gOt a negative result. Typical summer weather expected for today & the weekend . U G H ! Daphne & Bitzi enjoying the chilly boxes of delight
  4. Miss Ducky we hope granddaughter recovers & the rest of you are negative. Mr Richard we hope today brings you good news & you are feeling better. Miss Nancy & Mr Doug the same to you. Mam 500 tested all because of one. We hope your son gets a negative report. Brett we dont know but hiding from a virus isnt a great thing to do on your birthday. We hope the rest of the year makes it up to you. 12 is swell. Daphne & Bitzi hiding inside on this humid day.
  5. Night night all , just stopping by to wish AndiPants good luck racing tomorrow Daphne & Bitzi
  6. Miss Elizabeth we bet you sleep better tonight knowing Mr R doesnt have 19. Sounds good for you too. We hope the doctors put Mr R on the recovery road at home. Dustbin Happy Gotcha day to you. Charlie looks like he is having a good time at Mam's Daphne & Bitzi saying good night all
  7. Elizabeth what a day you have had. I am glad Richard is getting a scope tonight & by tomorrow you have the results . I hope by then the 19 results are in. Charlie you have made a wonderful adjust & seem to like Mam's house just fine. FanciPants so you got screwed out of walk this am . Better luck tomorrow am AndiPants will you use your real name while racing or will you get a racing name. Good luck & we hope you win. What else, we forget so we will say goodnight to al Daphne & Bitzi
  8. We are so late to wish everyone Happy Summer Solstice, Happy Father's day but we hope you had or have a good one. Miss Patsy mom's rents were old when they had her. She only knew 1 of her grands the rest were dead when she came along. Her dad has been dead since she was 8 & her mother has been dead for 26 years . Her brother has been dead for 31 years. Kind of sounds like you doesn't it. the one grandmother lived with her parents so she remembers her very well. Well last night was day 3 of night fireworks. This will go on until well after 4th of July. Daphne was never bothered by them before but Penna loosened restrictions on fireworks & the power they can be. Ever since then Daphne has been bothered. Poor baby & damn those people. Miss Ducky how is the ankle. Sorry you unwillingly played Alice in Wonderland & hope what you did fixes the hole. We have Miss Carol Ann's weather, Hazy , Hot, & Humid with afternoon showers & it is suppose to go on all weekend & week. NOT mom's favorite weather. Be safe everyone, your friends Daphne & Bitzi
  9. Just popped in to catch up & say good night but not before Miss Elizabeth we hope neither Mr Richard or you have the C. We will keep our paws crossed & say prays for you both Daphne , Bitzi & their mom
  10. Miss Sherrie sorry to hear you made a return trip to the hospital. We will keep you in our thoughts & keep our paws crossed. Daphne , Bitzi & Caroline
  11. Clarke maybe Miss Halise could start you day with a egg McMuffin from McD's, at night you could have a double hamburger followed with whip cream shots. Do you like toys ? If so suggest she get you a giant one to snuggle with now that Dammit isn't there to keep you company Daphne & Bitzi 's suggestions but most of all HAPPY GOTCHA DAY & we wish you many more.
  12. From out of the Spain came a galgo named Charlie . Tomorrow is his birthday. Miss Nancy do go to the hospital.. When I had my emergency I didn't want to go either because of Covid 19. It got so bad I had no choice. As it turned out the Covid 19 patients were in a different building & the staff was separate from where I was. So if this is your concern it should be safe because I am sure other hospitals are working along those lines. we had another beautiful day. We had a backyard grass nap. Miss Elizabeth & Mr Richard 18 years , hooray Daphne & Bitzi saying night night
  13. Happy FLag day but for mom it is a sad day. Today is the day Sabrina made her bridge journey. On the other paw congrats & Happy Anniversary Miss Elizabeth & Mr Richard. Daphne & Bitzi
  14. Well today is definitely one of those days you learn something.
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