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  1. Flizzie glad that extra pill didnt get to hurt you. Miss Chris we are sure you were just overbusy. Wiki we hope tomorrow is a nice day where you live. We want a full report , ok ? Everbody stay safe & have a comfy night Daphne & Bitzi
  2. Flizzie glad to hear you made it thru the dental. Daphne & Bitzi
  3. Happy O'Canada to all of our north of border friends.. Isnt this the day you get to eat turkey ? Flizzie good luck with your dental thanks for all the Dewey pictures. Daphne & Bitzi
  4. Caught up . Miss R E Carol sorry about the eye ball doctor getting sick & you not getting your operation. So does this mean you have to isolate again ? Did they give you a date for their next try Daphne & Bitzi with no plans
  5. Just got caught up. Happy Birthday Flizzie Daphne & Bitzi
  6. Ducky I remember the story about Fr Al & was told it was true.
  7. Andipants mom knows & so does everyone else our baseball team sucks Wiki thanks for the offer to collect that TP but mom thinks we have enough Daphne & Bitzi more interested in squirrel & bunny catching.
  8. Wiki you toilet paper trees explain why Costco & others have said they are having a hard time getting it & started to rationing it . We suggest instead of a lemon aid stand you put up a stand & sell it. Think of all the biscuit money you could make. Ducky I saw that video a long time ago & it is still funny. Merc what course are you going to teach this year ? Daphne & Bitzi thinking of Miss Halise & her family .
  9. Laila we read about your good news on FB, hurray for you.
  10. Miss Nancy Harley stopped having us over a few years ago. I dont know why but maybe new management of the company
  11. Mam & Miss Chris at GIG you can tour, walk or horseback ride the battlefield which is huge. In the town itself there are historic buildings all over the place & lots of folks dress as they did back in the 1860's. Mom cant think of the really nice restaurant they go to that is a very old building. It was used as a hospital during the battle. it has a row of 1st story windows all along it's length & the story is when the doctors would operate they just threw the cut off parts out the window until the stack was too high & than they would go on to the next window. The place is full of ghost stories & there are nightly ghost tours. From time to time they still find the remains of some dead soldier. Gettysburg is surrounded by wineries so beside GIG there are other things to do. GIG also has good lectures/speakers or so mom thinks. Mom's great grandfather fought in the battle . Daphne & BItzi enjoying a beautiful day.
  12. Miss Nancy such a tough decision to make. Think it over & think it over again, best of luck. Mam Brett must be a most happy fellow yesterday. Tell him we wish him best of luck. Gino it is your birthday ? I is my sister Bitzi's birthday too. She is 8 years old. Daphne older sisiter
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