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  1. not Hi but by Miss Nancy, safe travels, enjoy & POST PICTURES, please We got nothing , so we will say good night & Dustbin we send you hugs &hugs & hugs. Daphne & Bitzi
  2. We got nothin, just stopping to give Dr Robin & Dustbin some hugs. Susan sorry about not getting the job. Do you think it would work if you ask them why you didn't get the job ? Lulu how are things going for you ? Daphne & Bitzi with no plans to do anything.
  3. Daphne, Bitzi & Caroline here & very sad to hear our friend JJ is making his journey across the bridge tonight. Robin it is hard thing you have faced, I am sorry but I am sure you made the best decision. My thoughts will be with you, Kevin & Dustbin.
  4. Lulu we are glad your long journey to your forever home is over. Mom says she bets Miss Ducky is glad it is over. Miss Jen we hope your brother makes a full recover. Nancy no microwave, how would I eat ? I am glad your new one is here. Daphne & Bitzi with mom watching the E A G L E S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Miss Patsy, Mr Patsy, Miss Kathy & Mr Jim enjoy your vacations Daphne & Bitzi
  6. Lila 13, a teenager, now you can really be a pesto . HUGS & LOVE to you
  7. Oh how right you are, It is hard to lose them at any age but when they are young you feel like they have been torn from you. HUGS to you .
  8. How sad her life was way to short . I am sorry you.
  9. 12 is indeed swell , 13 comes next & that will start your teen years.
  10. I am sorry that Lola has earned her wings.
  11. Lila congratulations on 9 Gotcha days & ice cream sounds like a perfect way to do it. HUGs Daphne & Bitzi
  12. Petunia these greetings are for you, happy birthday Daphne & BItzi
  13. I am sorry you Kitty has passed
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