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  1. Good morning al Nothing , just nothing going on with us. Lila is mistress better ? Guest sorry about the cold . Inspite of it we hope you have a good visit. All of you northern folks & hounds we hope the polar weather goes back to were it belongs, the Pole Daphne & Bitzi
  2. Miss Jennie sorry to hear you had take your dad to the hospital but glad the snow didn't stop you. Where you able to go home or has the snow buried your house ? A nice day today but the snow cometh Saturday, followed by several really cold days. Daphne & Bitzi going out to check the yard out while we still can.
  3. Miss Chris to you . Mom says a day like that no one can nice talk away. Daphne & Bitzi
  4. Good spring morning all. It is spring in January. Hooray & may it continue but it wont. Hamish whatagoodboy not to wander far away. I Bitzi have had the opportunity a couple of times when the driveway gates were left open. I visit about & luckily each time I stopped to say hi to folks. They called mom or took me home while mom was frantically looking for me. Now mom has a check each & every time before I go outside. She says she wouldn't trust her memory no more. Some of the gate openings were not her fault but if anything happened she would never forgive herself. Mom will watch the football games but doesn't have one favorite to win. Packers win OK, Chiefs win OK. Miss Lucy glad you survived the "Know It All" but I hope for your sake he doesn't get to be your boss. Mom thinks some of those types know little or nothing & by challenging you they learn how to do the task & how things work. Ever time mom reads about someone going thru it she thinks thank doG I don't have to do that anymore. DA we hope your visit to the vet is just a waste of Miss Halise's money & nothing is wrong with you. Speaking or rather writing of those who recently went to the vet how are things at your house Miss Ducky ? To all of our friends living in the northern tundra stay warm & hope for an early spring. Dr Robin we are sorry your uncle has died. HUGS Daphne & Bitzi
  5. Andi Pants tell your mom when Wentz left the game with a concussion she knew it was all over. She is quite down in the dumps . Not only about the Eagles loss but only 2 games next weekend, one 2 weeks after that & than NO football until August. We are watching Pride & Prejudice , one on mom's favorite books NIght all Daphne & Bitzi
  6. Brrr Mr Winter has returned. Chancey you have had 6 Gotchas. Where does the time go ? Spirit we are sorry we missed your birthday. We hope you got a lot of & & Merc are you in some kind of religious trance or did you just fall asleep ? Daphne & Bitzi inside because it is too cold for yard romps
  7. We hope by now Miss Jen has been up in the air & down at SFO . Perhaps even by now almost home. Velvet you did well on your 1st report. I( Daphne) don't like getting up either. Mom brings me breakfast in bed & by the time she & Bitzi are back from walkies I am downstairs. Daphne & Bitzi who stayed inside on this rainy day.
  8. Molly McFluffy how exciting. What do you plan to serve for dinner? Are the Wards going to take houndies all the way home to O' Canada? When are they coming ? Pictures , please lots of pictures for us to see. Take care Mam & Miss Nancy Night night Daphne & Bitzi Beka
  9. Good morning, well no snow is forecast just rain off & more on. Mom says for January that is good weather. Beka glad to hear you are eating. Miss Kathy mom wouldn't worry about a rabies vaccination right now. Even if there is only a chance of it messing her up she wouldn't give her one. See how things go in a couple of months when her chemo treatments are over & than decided. After all of these years her immunity to rabies must be pretty good. Oh Charlie every time you see Cap'n Jack mom has mixed emotions. She is glad to hear about him but sad he isn't living with you. Ivy tell you Dad we are glad he passed his PET test. Molly are Magoo & Mr Ward your mysterious guests ? Miss Nancy & Mam we hope you are feeling even better that yesterday. Daphne & Bitzi doing nothing today. for Beka
  10. Daphne here, I survived the bombs last night. Happy New Year everyone. When folks had unmarried girls , per folk superstition if a man came thru the door1st the girls would find husbands. Miss Ducky we are sorry today brings you sad memories . Miss Nancy ? feeling better ? did you go to 1st care or something like that ? Picasso, we saw on FB today is your 10th birthday. Now starts your 2nd decade. Daphne & Bitzi just napping inside
  11. Glad to hear Miss Patsy & Mam arent frozen & can get out & about. Miss Nancy that flu sounds like it really has you; so please go to an Urgent Care. Kimber we hope tonight finds you better . Well fireworks & thunder never bothered Daphne UNTIL this year. It wont end until after midnight. My poor girl is beside herself. Carol Ann & Miss Susan thanks for the memory lane photos. Remember the year we all went to real England for Molleigh Morris & Sir Snowy wedding. George & Susan didn't go because they were spending time with her rents. They were able to make a virtual appearance on the giant TV in Trafalgar Square. NOw most if not all of those houndies are celebrating New Year at the bridge's bacon bar. Daphne, Bitzi & I wish one & all a Happy, Health & Prosperous New Year
  12. Happy Christmas day to all. We hope Santa brought you all that you wanted. We have to rat out mom. The Christmas card writing never got finished. So no cards will be send this year but mom is way ahead for next year. Miss Chris & Mr Dennis Happy Anniversary . For your Beka Daphne & Bitzi Edited to add our PBS station is airing a "Call the Midwife" Christmas special . Maybe yours is too,
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE & ALL Bikini we remember you & our mom sends special thoughts to your mom at this Christmas time. for Ivy Daphne & Bitzi whose mom is about to leave us for the evening.
  14. Thanks for the retelling Miss Carol. it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't hear of Specky's encounter with Santa Claus.
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