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  1. Good morning Shhh we need our toes chopped too. Mam we hope your mom soon finds peace. I know how hard this times can be on the whole family & I am sorry you are experiencing it. Merc did you have a comfy night in your NY bed? It is nice out so we are going to take sun naps. Daphne & Bitzi
  2. Pippin it is your Gotcha Day ? 4years of Gotchas already , hard to believe that much time has past. Today was my birthday. I am 12. I got a Wendy's hamburger for lunch that I shared with Bitzi. After dinner I got dessert , it was whip cream shots. What did you get for your Gotcha Day ? Nei no splint, hurray for you. Miss Chris good luck with you eye surgery tomorrow. Sweet dreams all, Daphne & me too Bitzi
  3. we are late, sorry Miss Kerry we hope it went well for YOU. Roman glad the vet gave you a good report. Rita we hope you get a good report too. Wiki now lets talk considerations to you for being a cover girl. We hope Mistress is rewarding you . Welcome FancyToo Cloudy but not cold or raining so off to the yard for awhile Daphne & Bitzin
  4. Rainy day greetings et al Charlie mom was most sad when she read about Cap'n Jack. He is one of her all time favorite club members. Pippin look at you , interviewing for a job with the USPS. Sure looks like you passed . AndiPants like Miss Chris mom is sad that not only is Miss Karen not getting another houndie but doesnt want to be part of the WFUBCC. Speaking of chill do the weather peeps say why spring is hiding from you. Wiki glad you didnt hurt your metal leg now be a good girl & do what the Mistress says for you to do. Ever body keep posting your flower p
  5. Just stopping in to check to see how Merc is. Neizan how did your operation go ? We are thinking of you & wish you a peaceful night Mam sorry about your mom & glad your brothers can visit with her. Speaking of how is, how is Hada doing ? We had a beautiful day, 2 sun baths & now to bed Daphne & Bitzi
  6. Merc are you awake ? We are glad you are safe & at home. Molly we wished you Happy Gotcha Day on FB but a girl can never have too many good wishes come their way so we say again Happy Gotcha Day Daphne & Bitzi enjoying nice weather days.
  7. Merc as we post you are probably under the spell of the fairy dust . Or better yet the dental is over & you are coming to. Miss Elizabeth you have a lot explaining to do to our friend. Niezan those squirrels are tricksters for sure. So they made you leap & break your leg. The good news is the vet can fix you right. Daphne & Bitzi thinking of Dr Fruitcake
  8. Just coming on & I see my 1st question of how is Dustin this am has been answered. Robin & Kevin not the answer you wanted. Dustin you were a good boy & saw Dr Fruitcake thru a lot of difficulties. How hard it had to be not to be allowed to be with him when he passed. (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) I come back later for now that is all I can think of Daphne & Bitzi sorry to hear their pal, Dustbin has crossed the bridge
  9. Good evening et al Miss Ducky poor you, we hope your ouchies arent as ouchie today. Misser Chris you too fell down ? How are you feeling today ? You better be careful or Miss Chris will make you wear one of those beeper things. Now lets see who else has health problems . Charlie we see your eye problem is going away. Like Wiki asked how did you get the problem in the 1st place. Dustbin we hope the old leg lets you sleep in bed with your rents tonight. AndiPants & crew styling in your Easter finery, very nice collars We had another warm day. We did nothing but lie nak
  10. I am sorry for your loss of Marvin but now he is at the bridge where the bacon bar never closes. HUGs to you.
  11. back at you Wiki Daphne & Bitzi
  12. Mam such a sad day for you. Your uncle is ill, your mom isnt any better & you had to say goodbye to Sterling. Sterling we wish you Happy Trails, Daphne & Bitzi
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