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  1. Good cold morning everyone. We eat Purina lamb & rice for sensitive stomach. It seems to work well for us & we like it. That is up to a week ago when Bitzi decided she didnt want to ear breakfast. She eats it later but doesnt always finish it. She will eat it for dinner w/o delay. When honky pigs came out mom bought us some but Penny could kill one in a second. That made mom nervous & so she gave them away. Ms Ducky any updates of the shed disaster ? Daphne & Bitzi looking forward to warmer days.
  2. Good Morning et Al Miss Lucy we have fleece coats with a detachable snoods. Miss Kris of Kris Coats makes them & she donates her profits to greyhound adoption. Because of Bitzi's sleep aggression she cant sleep in bed with us. she has one on at night. They also make nice transitional coats like late spring or early fall. Ducky good luck with the shed. Dont you think they should take that thing away & start again from the bottom up ? Nothing happening here , Daphne & Bitzi
  3. Good morning Ducky that shed is a mess . Lowe's should be a shamed. Post the picture on FB & call out what a lousy job it is. Sounds like you are in for a long fight & Lowe's wont be getting paid anytime soon. GOOD LUCK. Once again no plans, just another boring day in January but at least sunset is after 5pm. Daphne & Bitzi
  4. Ducky what has to be done on the new shed. How about some pictures of it. Daphne & Bitzi glad this Saturday is only gloomy & not snowing or raining.
  5. I think anonymous is the way it should be. Can you imagine if you won & they published your name there would be no peace for you.
  6. Daphne & BItzi enjoyed listening to the Hounds of Gettysburg sing the song of the their people; however, they didnt join in but did a trot about the house looking for the singers. Bitzi is a whinner/barker & Daphne is a talker rrrr, howlish,, ruff ruff in your face all the while looking at you & tilting her head. Did anyone buy lottery tickets ? What would you do if you won one of those lotteries ? In Pa they say who the winner is & take pictures. She doesnt know if the picture taking is compulsory or not but just in case she would go in disguise to claim the prize.
  7. We are just coming on so we didnt even know you were at the vet Glad to hear they didnt find anything wrong with you. Merc your werent buying any more ladders at Lowe's were you? Daphne & Bitzi who had quiet day.
  8. Oh my Merc we were wondering when Mr Richard would be pulling out the ladder. We are on standby with our paws crossed. Daphne & Bitzi
  9. Sherrie I saw that Princess Buffy, an old club member, has made her journey across the bridge. That must have hit Donna & Klaus like a ton of bricks. Charlie , mom is so excited that Cap'n Jack will be able to post on the club while he is visiting you. He is one of mom's all time favorites. Spirit we wished you Happy 14th on your other post but we cant say it enough Happy 14th birthday to you. Have a great day. Daphne & Bitz
  10. Happy Birthday Spirit or should we say Happy Birthday Spirit 14 is a greyt number, keep going Hugs & snuggles Daphne & Bitzi
  11. Clarkie glad you are feeling better. We hope soon you will be all better Summer, snax just in time for dinner ,thanks Daphne & Bitzi
  12. all the houndies on the injured reserved list. Clarke, Roman, Sid how are things going for you today. Merc have you been in the pool? Daphne & Bitzi who are not going in the pool,even if we had one, on this cold day.
  13. Thnks for the info Carol, it is the woman in the bottom row, far right who I think will be the Miss Marple Correction it might be Joan Hicksman We are remiss 1st in not mailing cards this Christmas & 2nd for not thinking those who sent cards to us. We enjoyed your cards. Daphne & BItzi off to bed
  14. Rita we have to confess our mom thinks you are so cute. She just loves those ears. Andipants so with that metal leg will you be stopped going thru secuity checks?We hope your injury fades away ever dayl Besides Miss Marple, Hercules Poirot showed up last night on 1 of our PBS stations & it wasnt one mom had seen before. Looks like something old is new again. Merc you must be home by now, right ? Is it warm enough to take a dip in the pool & relax those muscles that were not used driving from NY? Congratulations Grimm's on your new addition. Miss R E Carol
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