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    I'm so sorry, Robin.
  2. Cancer isn't a symptom, it's a disease. The symptom is pain. With osteosarcoma, it's excruciating pain, which our dogs will do their very best to hide from us.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss. As always, you gave him the very best possible life. The others must be so happy to see him, and you know they're all waiting together for you to join them on some (very) distant day. Sending love.
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  6. Sounds like more a people problem than a dog problem. Consistency i really key in a situation like this. I've owned and fostered many very food motivated dogs. and all have learned not to beg for food. (Goodies left unattended may be another story, but that's on me.) Like Robin, I have the HUGE advantage of being the only human here. I think it can be much harder to change the people's behavior than the dogs! As for her barking if she' baby-gated out of the room, if you could endure ignoring her for long enough, she would likely stop, but she would no doubt escalate first, and, again, you
  7. I am so sorry, Jey, for your huge loss. She had a wonderful home with you, and you always do what is right for you dogs. Hugs to you and Grammy, and may Gidget rest in peace.
  8. Tonya, you and your family gave Chase the best home that anyone could have given him, From the moment he laid eyes on you, he knew he was supposed to be with you. Thank you for loving him and making him happy. I'm so sorry he had to leave.
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