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  1. Oh goodbye Sherman. We will miss you sweet boy. Cindy & David, we're so sorry.
  2. Ms Susan - Congrats!!! And Hamish - good job big fella!! Ms Cindy, we're so sorry that Sherman's time is running out. Oh Sherman, enjoy every day you get. Ms Jen, Happy Birthday!
  3. Tin & Michael, I'm so sorry for your loss. He knew you'd do the best for him. My gosh, those eyes --- so like my Tick had. His sister from another mother. I hope he & Tick and Nixon are getting to know one another. Oh Ambi, we will miss you so.
  4. Happy Birthday Lila!!! We're so glad you had a good time.
  5. We were so sorry to see him go. He really accomplished a lot here on earth. I bet he's still busy "up there". Relax Nixon. Enjoy yourself! Tick here: I really miss you, big guy. I'll see you sometime - Mama hopes it's not too soon! Tick & Bikini & Mama
  6. Oh Kerry, I'm so sorry you're still hurting so bad. He was marvelous, wasn't he? I hope with all my heart that you are wrong about meeting them again. Won't that be a fine day!
  7. Welcome home big guy! We think you're gonna like it here.
  8. Ms Jennie, we see them - we see them! They're adorable!! We think the shaggy one is Luna, and the prickly one is Neville. ?? Happy Birthday Charlie!! You're silly! Well we like the Cubs, and we love the Blackhawks!! But that's all. No football or basketball or soccer. But watching these 2 keeps us busy year around!
  9. OMG, Dottie! Your poor house. We're not surprised your Mama got hauled off to the hospital agin. You 2 are sure under sum bad clouds! Please, take care of yur Mama. And please get that house in order reel kwik. Merc, we heard bout all that smoke you guys got. It's just awful. But what great pictures of you guys! Luv em!!! We're watching the Cubs. Take care everybody. Tick & Bikini
  10. Hi Lila! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!! It's been so nice & cool here all week! But tomorrow it's supposed to be a little warmer, and then Monday will be about 90. After that it's supposed to be around 70. Aawww! Luv it!!!! Ms Susan, we luv yur red couch. Or we will once it comes. We too hope Ms Sherry & Dottie are OK. We'll be bak Tick & Bikini
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