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    I'm so sorry, Robin.
  2. Cancer isn't a symptom, it's a disease. The symptom is pain. With osteosarcoma, it's excruciating pain, which our dogs will do their very best to hide from us.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss. As always, you gave him the very best possible life. The others must be so happy to see him, and you know they're all waiting together for you to join them on some (very) distant day. Sending love.
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    Pretty Ulla (2)

    From the album: Ulla

  5. Ullaluv

    Should I Try It?

    From the album: Ulla

  6. Ullaluv

    Seniors, resized

    From the album: MO dogs

  7. Ullaluv

    Nala, reduced

    From the album: MO dogs

  8. Ullaluv

    sally, reduced

    From the album: MO dogs

  9. Ullaluv

    jeffrey, reduced

    From the album: MO dogs

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    Niven 3r

    From the album: Deceased

  11. Ullaluv

    Niven 2r

    From the album: Deceased

  12. Ullaluv

    Niven 1r

    From the album: Deceased

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    Dianna pictures
  14. Ullaluv

    Dianna emerging

    From the album: Dianna

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