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  1. Kibo happy 2nd Gotcha day , we hope there are many more in the buck, Zorro we bet that guy is still talking about you & not in a good way. We are having a beautiful day sorry that your arent Andipants Daphne & Bitzi doing nothing this Saturday.
  2. Good morning well it is now early mom had the suck of death vac out . Henry glad to hear the vet could see you plus you got a bonus a new good home. Nate you are a snarky one but dont push the envelopt too far. Our PBS station has been binging Dontown Abby on Sundays. Guess who is watching it for the umpteenth time. Daphne & Bitzi not watching TV
  3. Miss Jennie glad the tube is out, sleep well tonight Ivy glad you are back, almost to your old self. Rita we hope you arent in pain & that boo boo heals Daphne & Bitzi just hanging out with mom
  4. Ivy we hope by now your teeth are all clean & you are coming out of the sleepy juice. Miss Jennie good luck with your doctor visit today. Well did we have a blast yesterday but not the good kind. 1st it got dark, next the winds blew, rain & hail came & last but not least we lost power. The electric came back on about 5am this morning. When we did our walks this am there were branches & some trees down . We also lost Verizon but it is back this am. Daphne & Bitzi hoping today is quiet in the weather dept.
  5. Good not as hot today to all Well last night the WFUBCC's hebbenly kids had a real wing ding at the bacon bar. All kinds of crashes & they even had fireworks. We stayed up to watch it. Miss Lucy so glad Spirit stopped by to let you know he is going well. Merc we have been wondering if your Florida condo has been inspected for safety ? Daphne & Bitzi with no plans to do anything.
  6. Nate thanks for stopping by & letting us know how your roll Daphne & Bitzi
  7. Misses Lucy & Ann we send you as you adjust to life without Spirit Daphne & Bitzi not enjoying another HHH day
  8. Spirit we will miss you & your messages. to you Miss Lucy. Daphne & Bitzi sad of the heart on hearing their friend Spirit has made his journey across the bridge.
  9. Well Miss Lucy & Spirit must be at the vet's now. Spirit we send you , you too Miss Lucyl Daphne & Bitzi thinking of their friend.
  10. Miss Jenny Wednesday was Natl French Fries day we are sorry you missed it Recover & celebrate it later. Happy Anniversary Miss Elizabeth & Mr Richard. THe man is here to unclog the powder room & stationery tub drains. We are inside with the chilly boxes . It is too hot to play in the yard Spirit we are thinking of you & MIss Lucy Take care, Daphne & Bitzi
  11. Birthday greetings coming your way Miss Chris. We hope it a great, greyt year for you. Just another summer day for us, Daphne & Bitzi
  12. Miss Jen thanks for the snacks Daphne & Bitzi off to dreamland
  13. my condolences to you on Miram's crossing
  14. Well this has been a crappy day for various reasons but Spirit you saved the day for our mom. We hope the new pills do the trick & you can pull a 15th birthday Lulu you have a wise mommy . So now they can fix you all up Daphne & Bitzi off to dreamland.
  15. Stopping by to send our best wishes, finger crossings, hugs , prays & love to Spirit & Miss Lucy with their 4:30 appointment. Andipants your mom' sure has a bumper crop of veggies this year. We are glad all of her efforts haver paid off for her. HHH today, tomorrow & for the rest of the week. Daphne & Bitzi staying inside with the chilly boxes.
  16. Merc for you suggestions we have one reply Rita we are sorry for your upsets, we hope the vet can help you. Daphne & Bitzi have another doing nothing day
  17. Good morning to all especially you Spirit. Just another summer day here, Daphne & Bitzin
  18. Who is going to start a new club ? Soon ? In the meantime, stay safe & good night Daphne & Bitzi
  19. Just catching up with everyone. Miss Lucy & Spirit we know the 2 of you will sort it out & do what is best. We send you hugs Daphne & Bitzi thinking of there buddy Spirit
  20. Molly sorry about your palm tree but glad it was hurt & not you all. Mario it seem you like o" Canada Another hot day coming our way. Daphne & Bitzi
  21. Daphne & Bitzi recovering from yesterday. The boomers started around 4pm & kept going until 11 ish. Bitzi was ok but poor Daphne was shaking .. We got dinner in ok but potties not so much. The heat is back, UGH
  22. Mario , what a great way for Mam & et al to celebrate OH CANADA DAY Daphne & BItzi waiting for the rains that are suppose to end this heat.
  23. Miss Elizabeth for you to use on this sad day Daphne & Bitzi
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